What Is Causing My Gas Water Heater to Make a High Pitched Noise?

It sounds like either a dirty pilot light or your the flame may be getting into your air venturi. I would have the burner pulled and clean both the pilot burner and main burner including venturi tube

1. how can you tie in your wood stove,gas water heater and furnace safely into your chimney?

can not wood stoves burn hotter and need double lines stove pipe where gas and oil units do not gas and oil units have single lined flue pipe from the unit to the chimney, where the wood unit needs double line throughout Hey candyman, some gas units do not even need a chimney anymore. They have blowers that blow out of the side of the house. I have wired these units.

2. Natural gas water heater won't light?

When you light the pilot again do this: Turn the gas valve knob to pilot. Then push down the red, gas valve button. While that red button is pressed down, click the igniter until the gas lights. After the pilot has lit, take your finger off the red button and then, turn the gas valve knob to "ON". The burners should fire up then

3. I have a gas water heater that wont keep water hot?

At the bottom of the heater, there is a red dial about 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Turn it to the right to the desired temperature level. If that does not work, call the gas company and have them check the propane line. It may have been crimped somewhere and wo not let the proper amount of gas thru

4. Can I put boxes next to a gas water heater?

The thermocouple is the small metal tube (about 1/16" round). The tube is filled with a gas that expands when heated. There is a button that is pressed that bypasses the thermocouple. Press the button and gas comes out of the pilot. Light the pilot while holding the button. Continue to hold the button for about a minute, the gas must get hot and expand. Let the button go, if the pilot goes out then you probably have a bad thermocouple. Try lighting the pilot again and hold the button for 2 minutes. If it does not light then the thermocouplt needs to be replaced. This is not uncommon and is very easy to replace. The dial is the temperature setting for the heater (how hot you want your water to be). Go to the hardware store and look at some like models to see which was the dial turns or get the pilot lit and turn the dial halfway, then adjust as necessary. You will have to experiment on which way to turn to get hotter water. If you do not get any gas out of the pilot when you push the button then the entire unit is bad. Not as common but it does happen

5. i bought natural gas water heater instead of propane what should i do now?

Many models of water heaters will allow a conversion, but this is not a DIY project. You will need to change (or adjust) several components: the whole gas valve, regulator, pilot assembly, etc. If you bought a very cheap model it is possible you will NOT be able to do a conversion and your best bet is to cut your losses by trying to return the thing or selling it to someone else. Good Luck!

6. The pilot light went out on our Enviro-Temp gas water heater last night. How to relight?


7. My Home Gas water heater is not taking and giving enough water pressure is there anyway to clean it?

The water heater should be drained and flushed at least once per year. You will find a step by step guide at my source

8. How do i re-turn on gas to water heater?

Bunky, It sounds as though you have done everything right except for 1 thing... OK. The gas cock is on & you have turned the gas valve to "Pilot". That's good. Now, there's another "Button" (it's probably red) and it's right next to that gas valve control that you have turned to: Pilot (the one that says on/off/pilot) In order to get the gas to start flowing through the gas valve now towards the pilot, you have to depress that other button and hold it down. As soon as you push that button down, you should start to hear some "flow" coming from the pilot. Remember though, there is no gas in that line between the valve & the pilot right now. The gas from the valve, has to push all the existing air out of that line 1st, before the gas will start coming out from where the pilot is. So, when you are ready to re-light the pilot, push that other button down & wait about 5 seconds before you try to re-light it. Then, continue to keep that button held down until the pilot has been lit, otherwise the gas will stop flowing. Bunky, once you depress that button & the gas starts coming out, the important thing is this: Basically, get that pilot light lit as quickly as possible. DO NOT let an excessive amount of gas build up under the water heater. If that happens, stop & wait 5 minutes to let it clear out before trying again. That is extremely important! Otherwise, you will have a little explosion there. OK? Anyway now that you have got your pilot light lit and you still have that "other button" held down, Continue to keep that button held down for about 30 seconds Then, take your finger off of that button and turn the gas valve control knob from "Pilot" to "ON". Your water heater burner should be firing now and if the water in your tank is totally cold, the burner will continue to fire for about 30 minutes. There ya go!

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