What Is a Great Tent, to Fit Someone Like My Size?

Walmart $30 Northwest Territory, Sierra Dome. I am 6'-02. Plenty of room for you and your gear.

1. how can i hook up a trailer to pull my motorcycle behind my pop up tent trailer ??

most places require the trailer in front to be a tandem axle trailer.... i doubt your tent trailer has 2 axles, so no, you would not be legal. if you are up for swapping trailers, they do make tent trailer toy haulers with a utility trailer type front to them, you have to unload the cargo before the trailer can be unfolded though.

2. Do I need to worry about snow covering up my tent?

If the tent is not designed for snow then you will need to make sure it does not get weighted down by the snow on top. The edges with a low gradient get covered in snow and this stretches the tent. You will need to keep pushing it off the tent. If it has a flat top you will have to push it off there as well

3. Why did the hospital in Newark think it was a good idea to put an Ebola patient in a tent without running water?

Ebola is a severe test of the US medical and legal system for 2 reasons:n1.Extreme individualismn2.A Cowboy capitalist for-profit medical industryThe patient in question had what she wanted, which was an attorney, a cell-phone to call the media, and take-out food.As a business, the Dallas hospital ended up with 600 empty hospital beds because of fear of contagion. nIsolating the patient in a tent outside serves the interest of the hospital and the public more than the patient-which is how it should be.Why did the hospital in Newark think it was a good idea to put an Ebola patient in a tent without running water?

4. I need a chemistry answer to" Why must you never smoke or cause a spark near a patient in an oxygen tent?

because second hand smoke is dangerous do a combustion equation

5. Under what conditions does heating a tent artificially make objective sense?

Never in place of sleeping bags and pads, or even extra dry clothes, but maybe as a backup.If it's a weather situation where you need the heat to avoid hypothermia, reliability might be your critical determinant. So one answer to "the conditions under which an artificial device to heat a tent makes objective sense" might be "when the reliability of your heater exceeds the reliability of your other methods" a circumstance which would not usually happen at the outset but might somehow develop in the field. Insulating layers plus body heat are a pretty reliable system: The insulation has no moving parts, no fuel, few opportunities to break catastrophicallly etc. And under normal conditions the body generates heat. But I can imagine a situation in which:1)the bulky lightweight insulators get soaked with water, catch fire, or are simply lost to wind/current/animals etc. while some of your heavier more compact gear is not. And/or 2) the human is already so severely hypothermic they are not generating heat. In that situation the true redundancy provided by a totally independent warming system which functions by completely independent principles might be valuable.So my sense is you would never choose a heater over a sleeping bag/clothes/good tent as your "Plan A" but you might choose a heater as a backup system (especially if you can for all intents and purposes build it out of field-proven things you have with you like stove-heated hot water bottles).

6. We just purchased a used starcraft tent trailer that does not have a heater. Can a heater be installed later?

Unless your tent is an old canvas trapper's tent, do not bother trying to heat it. All the new tents (except the arctic-rated -- and do not confuse 4-season with arctic) only provide a windbreak, not much else. Also, there is so much ventilation flaps and mesh that a heater would be wasted. The best, lightest, and cheapest way to heat a tent is to make a canvas teepee and put a small wood stove (of hobo stove can) in the middle. Leave the top open for smoke exhaust and seal the bottom edges with packed snow or guy lines

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Get a Beach Shelter Tent and Stay Out of the Sun
Getting a beach shelter tent is one of the best ways to keep the sun and the wind off of you while you are enjoying yourself outdoors.If you are heading to the beach for vacation or just for the day and it is wide open with very few shady areas, then you may be asking for some serious sunburn and windburn. These quick popup shelters are designed to keep the sun off of you as well as the wind while you enjoy your day.We all know to wear sunscreen, but leaping in and out of the water can be hard to keep enough of it on your skin. During rest breaks or snack breaks it can be nice to have a place to go, to rest or to apply more sunscreen out of the direct sunlight. By using one of these, you can keep everything in this tent, and still sit under its shade and enjoy the view of the beach and the water.I personally love the idea of these, as a way to coral all the towels and toys from the kids. It is also a great beacon for the kids to know exactly where you are based on the color or the style of the tent. This is especially true if it turns out to be a busy day and kids or even adults can get easily disoriented as to where they are exactly when coming out of the water.My son always had to wear pretty strong glasses, so when he went into the water for a swim at the beach, we always had to make sure that the beach bag or towels were really bold and bright so he could see them and know where we were. By having one of these, it will be a great beacon for everyone.Portable 8' Beach Shelter You still have to be careful of valuables, just like any other day at the beach, but at least this way you have a protected place for the kids or yourself to rest in, out of the sun's harmful rays and a great place to keep the cooler full of drinks and snacks.These shelters pop up quickly and they come down just as quickly as shaking out towels. You may want to make sure the sand is out of them first! Then they just quickly fold down and take up very little room in the car.So, rather than having to sit very far back from the water's edge because you need the shelter of shrubs and trees to give you some relief from the sun, you can get closer with a shelter tent.These are very lightweight, and you can get them in different sizes. They are a great way to keep all the toys and towels and coolers in one spot.You can get these in most camping supply stores, but you can also get a variety of sizes and styles online at such sites as Amazon.If you are heading to the beach this summer, or while on vacation, consider getting a tent shelter, and get some protection from the wind and the sun while enjoying the beach.One Touch Push Up Easy Setup Beach Shelter 8 Feet Tent Better than Pop Up Easier when Fold UpAmazon Price: $49.99 Buy Now(price as of Aug 19, 2016)these are great for kids to nap in too.
Can You Live in a Tent in Canada in Winter?
It's possible for people with winter camping experience1. Is it safe to camp in the desert without a tent?I would call it a reasonable risk to camp in the desert without a tent (but with a tarp available if it was to rain!). I've "cowboy" camped 40 or 50 nights in the desert and never had any company try to join me in my sleeping bag :) That being said, I would heartily recommend shaking out your clothes and shoes before putting them on in the morning.In the desert setting, just be careful where you setup camp - anthills can make your campsite miserable, as can popping your inflatable mat on dried spiky things strewn about canyon floors.2. Will the GOP ever be a big tent party ever again?They just nominated a centrist as their presidential candidate. What the heck do you want? I think you are watching too much MSNBC3. What options do I have for heating a tent?oil burning heater? just get some sleeping bags rated for the temp its gonna be, and bring a few blankets4. Sex in a tent VS. sex in a car?How about sex with me? ;)5. How do I clean my small tent?just let it air out you should be fine... just hang it out to dry before you put it away6. How to set up a tent in deep snowLast weekend after a snow storm in Quebec I camped in the conditions you describe. Around 1 meter of snow, -12C/10F during the day -24C/-11F during the night. Make a layer of spruce branches 15 cm/6 inch or more. Also, use a closed-cell foam pad plus an inflatable pad. I slept in US Army bivy sack, US Army cold-weather sleeping bag. This set-up will keep you reasonably warm. To keep you comfortably warm, sleep dressed in many layers, wear balaclava and a lot of socks, otherwise your feet will get really cold. Exercise before going to bed. You might want to put some heat packs in your socks.Use a snow shovel to dig a hole for your fire about 2. 5 meters/8 feet in diameter, plus a place to sit and sleep. Otherwise your fire will melt a hole and all the warmth will radiate up. Bring a pee bottle. It's not fun to go in the dark cold forest and then try to get back to a cold bed. Do not underestimate the amount of wood you will need and time it takes to gather it. Chop a couple of big dead trees and split a few logs to make a nice fire. Bring an axe and a foldable saw. Put a bright lanyard on every piece of equipment. Also use large snow shoes, you will have to carry a lot of weight, if you do not , you will not get far. Do not go alone. Bring some medical supplies to treat small wounds. If you bring alcohol, do not bother with beer, bring something stronger. Otherwise bring some hot chocolate, it is easer to clean then tea.Winter camping is easy and fun once you find the way to do it7. How is to sleep in a tent?Join the Cub Scouts8. What is the biggest camping tent available?20 Person Camping Tent9. Will an animal with rabies try to get into a tent if people are sleeping in it?wow. how old are you, 5?10. Ian designed a child's tent in the shape of a cube. The volume of the tent in cubic feet can be modeled by the?cube of the length of one of the sides11. how much does a big white tent cost?Hi. It really depends on where you live. All rental companies set their own prices. I live in Michigan and I rented a 20 x 40 tent and paid $16012. Why does my tent have two grommets?Where are the grommets located on the tent? It could be to add a vestibule. Which tent do you have? There are multiple Alps Mountaineering 2 tents. Whats the model name? 2.0 just means 2 person tent13. What's an ez up pop up tent?it's just a type of tent14. How can I sleep outside without a tent?When I was a kid we used to sleep outside in the yard all the time and we never used a tent. Dad would throw down a tarp to keep the sleeping bags from being right on the ground. It was great! I remember falling asleep looking up at the stars. Good times!.
Wedding Advice: Banquet Tent at a Park?
I've been to a banquet tent before and it's not bad, but depending on how you lay it out, the floor is important and if you can decorate it and make sure it does not look like there's only pavement then it's fine. They do get hot so you have to do something about that. The park is great, but then it's up to you!1. Could you live in a tent indefinitely?We all probably share a basic need to make cozy, private spaces where we are free to be ourselves, and can get away from the driver behind our car, that really wants to be in our trunk? When we were kids, we set up forts in the backyard, and started enjoying hiding out in our tents. Whoever made the best shelter for themselves became a leader of the pack.As we grew older, the desire for a private shelter remained but it developed into a search for a camper, motor home, or trailer where we could enjoy more of the amenities of home but still find a private place. Our bones needed a cushion besides the hard ground, and we needed a better shelter from the elements.We worked harder and harder at making our "fort" campsite be original, with lighting, and quite a "cool site" in the campground. Some people even stepped up to the "Glamping lifestyle- glamorous camping, with all the frills. Tent camping in these instances can be a refreshing and wonderful adventure in nature, well deserving of tenting indefinitely. Today's camping tents are innovative and give you the possibility of indefinite camping. Check out this XL family innovative tent on video:Outwell Corvette XL Tent | Innovative Family CampingWhen we think back from our childhood, many of us have been faithfully sleeping in tents and "tent like structures" and living in them our whole life. It becomes very difficult to choose a tent when you get older, but if you're in shape and willing to try, it can be done. It is a blessing to know that we have a choice to sleep in a tent indefinitely, and not a mandatory indefinite living situation that many people today face. If their "fighting" spirit is there, they will survive. Camper Coachwww. refreshthecampingspirit. comCould you live in a tent indefinitely?2. Who knows some tips about caring for a tent?Biggest and best advice I could give is to use a tarp or a ground under your tent to prevent sharp rocks or twigs ripping through the floor. Also when I get it home I always set it up in my basement or garage so that it dries out completely so it wo not mold. Other than that my tent gets used and abuse.3. Looking for a single person tent?The Kelty Zen is an inexpensive tent that looks sturdy4. How can we get power to a tent?Run an AC extension cable from one of the AC outlets from your house to the tent. But make sure it is waterproofed. Check with an electrician. Otherwise for outside use and using an independant power source, you can use a rechargeable DC battery with either a solar panel or hand crank electricity generator to generate and store power. The battery can run a battery charger to power up re-chargeable batteries e.g. AA, AAA sizes, or run off to an inverter (DC to AC converter), to power AC plug appliances. You can find plenty of solar panel devices, that are advertised to charge cell/mobile phones for cheap. They are usually advertised to have an output of 6-volts. Hand crank generators can be expensive from military surplus to the dedicated K-TOR pocket socket (hand and foot pump generated) or a cheap hand crank radio/flashlight. With the military surplus and radio/flashlight hand crank, you might need to buy some adapters to fit any power inputs that you require, which are cheap anyway. A DC portable battery built for camping/hiking use including an inverter are a little expensive, but worth it in an outdoor scenario where you are miles away from the AC grid. Goal-To-Zero products are popular and sell all these devices as a package (minus hand crank dynamo generator), check the Nomad product range. If you are really pioneering, you could build yourself a Tesla radiant energy power generator! Obtain zero point energy from nothing e.g. scalar waves. Or build yourself a mechanical perpetual energy generator e.g. check out overunity devices. One example is to use a dynamo generator propelled by a spinning disk using the repulsion of neodynium magnets, if you can visualise that...its simple. There are plenty of tutorials on how to do this.
There are many tents that fit your description. You are likely looking for a cabin-type base tent. You did not mention capacity, but you are probably looking for capacity of six or more. Better quality tents will cost more than $200. Big Agnes Wyoming Trail, $550, includes two side sleeping rooms on either side of a larger activity room. Ozark Trail 12-person, 3-room tent, $150. Swiss Gear 12-person, 3-room tent, $300.1. I need some great tent advice?Eureka makes tents for a reasonable price, I've been using them for several years2. What kind of tent should we get?Hi! I recommend getting something with a good rain fly which is the part that hangs over the tent after you put it up. I agree with 'simple is best' and our family just does simple, Girl Scout camping so I did not spend a fortune on a tent and bought one at Kmart that has worked out to be really good. It is a one piece dome-style tent that has all the pieces attached so you just lay it out and pop it up in about 10 secs. Same for take down, even faster. Also, get a tarp for under it.3. Eastern Tent Caterpillars and Coccoons?There does not seem to be much info about them being poisonous to frogs but if you have ever smashed one, you would know, that they are full of leaves being digested. Now if eating leaves was how frogs like to be fed, it would be a different story. Forest caterpillars are essentially a belly full of leaves with a skin on the outside. The frogs would do much better if they were fed crickets or grasshoppers or worms or moths. They need the protein. Most any adult bug would be preferable to caterpillars. Just take off their wings and put them in the vivarium.4. Can anyone recommend a dome tent for Scout troops?You do have a big problem. First, I suggest that you find out why your tent poles have such a high failure rate. If your troop members are not given training on how to assemble and care for tents, then buying better equipment is not going to solve your problems. Second, I suggest that you move up to a tent with aluminum components. Third, you should probably purchase, rent, or borrow tent models that you are considering as major replacements. Fourth, purchase the new model gradually, especially since the technology of tent design will probably change over time. Fifth, you can find many tents constructed by different companies that are actually almost identical in set-up. Sixth, you may want to have a separate tent for rain activities and meetings large enough for a groups. Seventh, you may want to consider lightweight, more expensive, backpacking tents to expand the type of activities and range of your troop activities. Eighth, you will find great design similarities among the best tents from different companies, so picking the exact same model for use by every member of the troop is probably not necessary. I think that you will be better-served by a tent that will cost approximately $100-$200 each, since that is the only way to get better components. You are a 501(c)(3) organization as far as I know, so check with your local council for the tax benefit number and whether any tent company offers a good deal for troops or whether a local retailer provides deep discounts for troops. Seek sponsors for gear within your local community. Start fundraising for good quality tents. If troop members must help raise money for equipment, they will probably take better care of the equipment. If price narrows your search, then the REI Camp Dome and Kelty Salida may be your best options. From years of personal experience, I can tell you that the MSR Hubba Hubba is a strong workhorse. REI Camp Dome 2, 5 pounds, $100. Kelty Salida 2, 4.5 pounds, $160. Kelty Gunnison Pro, 5 pounds, $250. MSR Hubba Hubba, 4 pounds, $300. Big Agnes Fly Creek, UL-2, 2 pounds, $350.5. What options do I have for heating a tent?Warming a tent. These are the ways I have done it for years camping. 1. (If you can) dig a ditch the length of your tent, about 2 feet down. Find all the rocks you can and fill the bottom of your ditch with them. Find fire wood, and start a fire in top of those rocks the full length. Get the fire good and hot. Add more rocks. When the fire dies down, lay the dirt from the dig back over the whole ditch and rocks. Put your tint over it, you will be nice and warm (maybe) even hot all night for a good week. 2. Make a fire pit next to the tint opening (not to close). Get yourself some cheap metal vent ducking for a drier. (If it has a zinc coating, burn it off with the fire first, it can kill you. You can tell when the zinc is gone). On the fire pit, load it with rocks and start a fire. When the fire dies down, put the vent tube with at least 1 foot hanging off the other side of the pit, and enough to fit in the opening bottom of the tent. Cover the fire pit with dirt so no smoke is coming out (even from the tube). The natural wind draft will bring in the heat to your tent. I have made both type of heating system. Number one last longer, but takes more time. Number two is the easies and will last 2-3 nights, Remember, zinc coating can kill, it's the fumes while burning it off with an open fire with open space will be ok. Make sure it's all burned off. Remember, these vent tubes are thin sheet metal and can melt fast if not moved around when burning the zinc. Once the zinc is gone, you will be safe. Safer yet, invest in a steal pipe
Ramadan: Is Faith a Tent with a Center Pillar ?
Salam We have the 5 pillars of Islam shahadah,praying,fasting,paying zakat and going to hajj Yes praying is the most important center pillar of the tent which it will be broken without this pillar We parents especially the father must give good example for his children He must bring his kids to visit mosque at least once during Friday for praying in congregation1. How to Pick Your Next Camping Tent?Are you backpacking or car camping? The former stresses compact packed-size and light weight, while the latter favors extra floor space and stand-up height. Are you a fair-weather camper or all-weather camper? If the latter, make sure your tent has a full-coverage rain fly, one-piece bathtub floor, and lots of guy-down points. Pay attention to reviewer's reports of performance during rain. Ignore the capacity ratings for tents, there are no true standards. Instead, figure out how much space you and your tent-mates need to layout and sleep comfortably, leaving a little extra room to maneuver. Then get a tent that provides least that much floor space. Remember that sloping walls take away as much as 12" from each dimension unless you want to be pressed against the wall.2. Tenting 101: A Guide to Choosing a Tent for Your WeddingHaving a tented wedding reception is one of the most popular choices in the Lowcountry. Offering flexibility for location, weather and style, they allow your guests to see the beauty the Lowcountry is known for while also protecting against pop up rainstorms and coastal winds. Tents can be placed in just about any of our favorite venues- from historic homes to a private backyard they can be setup the day of your event and taken down just as quickly. Tents allow you to create a space that is uniquely yours and unlike any other wedding at your venue. From the type of tent, to the flooring, lighting and dcor- they are completely customizable. Although tents offer endless dcor possibilities, there are logistics that need to be considered when picking the right tent for you. A few important things to think about before planning a tented reception. Make sure you check with your venue before you make any tenting decisions. Venues can have guidelines in order to protect the integrity of their space which could impact your choices. Some of our local venues allow you to only use a specific tent company or they may dictate the size, location or even how the tent is secured on their property. You might need to consider other location-based necessities for your event. For instance - you may need a generator, air conditioning or heat cannons, restroom trailer, or catering kitchen tent. Making sure you have enough room under your tent can be tricky and largely depends on your style of food service. We like to use a square footage guide through one of our local rental companies as a starting point for selecting the right tent size. Served Dinner with Band, Dance Floor and Lounge Area 21-25 square feet per person Once you have the logistics figured out the fun begins! You can select which tent style captures your vision. Explore our favorite options below. These tents add a majestic feel to your reception. True to its name the tent is held up by wooden poles in the center. These poles add great height for hanging chandeliers or floral installations but can hinder your guest flow if you have a specific layout in mind. The most popular choice- this option is the most cost effective and dresses up nicely with draping and a few chandeliers. This tent is set on a steel perimeter frame. Use just the frame for your event to create a dedicated reception space or throw on a clear top for a rain safe tent that allows you to dance under the stars! Of course, walls and traditional vinyl roofing are always an option. These tents are structurally the same as pole tents. However, these tents offer a softer look with a sewn fabric roofing instead of traditional vinyl. Though they tend to be more costly, they are the perfect focal point to any event space! There are other times that you may need a tent at your wedding even if it's not being used for the wedding itself. In many cases, your caterer will require a separate, more discreet place for their kitchen, so they may require a kitchen tent in order to execute dinner service. You may also be planning to have a DJ or band for your big day! In order to make sure they can play without any hindrance; they may require a small tent to be under so they can ensure their equipment is kept dry in the case of inclement weather. Not quite sure where to start? That's what our Duvall Catering & Event experts are here for!3. tent camping in walmart parking lot?A lot of the night stockers are retired persons that use their RV's as a home. I do not think that there actually camping, but Mama may b inside waiting for Paw to bring in the vittles so they can drive on to the next Wally world
Folding Tent at Best Price in India
None With the valuable assistance of skilled team of professionals, we are offering an extensive range of high quality Outdoor Gazebo Folding Tent. Used for activities like picnics, outdoor parties, functions & camps, offered folding tent is manufactured using superior quality raw material and ultra-modern technology by our read more... None A tent About this sound pronunciation (helpinfo) is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or ... a more modern tent called the deployable rapid assembly shelter or DRASH. It is a collapsible tent with provisions A tent About this sound pronunciation (helpinfo) is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or ... a more modern tent called the deployable rapid assembly shelter or DRASH. It is a collapsible tent with provisions read more... None Adham Exhibition and Entertainment are among the top supplier and dealer for temporary Aluminium German Hanger structure for Events and Exhibitions. German Hanger are also known as Super Structure. We provide Adham Exhibition and Entertainment are among the top supplier and dealer for temporary Aluminium German Hanger structure for Events and Exhibitions.German Hanger are also known as Super Structure. We provide read more... Brochure None Specifications: A sturdy steel frame is topped by a qualitative waterproof canopy Rust-proof MS frame stands Customized design We are offering Folding Tents which are very easy to carry from one place to other. These tents are highly suitable to carried with while going for picnic and jungle safari. Owing read more... None One of the major problems that exist today is inadequate health care. This is due to various factors including inadequate transportation, lack of medical facilities and high cost of permanent medical facilities. The realization that 1/5 of the world's population lives on or beside waterways gave rise to the idea of a mobile read more...1. Has anyone had an outside reception with a tent?We actually set up and decorated for my grandmothers wedding and had a tent for the whole wedding it started to rain but we were covered and it was beautiful, I believe tents add a nice atmosphere especially if the weather is beautiful2. Can tent be sealed completely from sand?No a tent cannot be sealed completely from sand. Sand follows from where ever you track sand from, in your shoes, on your clothing, in the items you set in it. The winds can blow sand thru an open door and fine sand can get blown thru bug screens. You can reduce how much sand by not camping on the sand as stated already, adding a door mat to wipe off feet and shaking stuff out before going into the tent3. Why use a tent filter in path tracing?The theoretical ideal antialiasing filter for discretely sampled data is a sinc filter, because it perfectly removes all frequencies higher than the Nyquist frequency, while leaving alone all the lower ones. So, to some extent, we can expect antialiasing filters that more closely resemble the sinc filter to produce better-quality images.The tent filter (triangle filter) certainly resembles the central peak of the sinc filter more closely than does the box filter:A bicubic filter (e. g. Mitchell-Netravali) could capture the shape of the sinc even more precisely, including its first two negative lobes.The reality of filter selection is a bit more subtle than "approximate sinc as well as possible", since there are different kinds of artifacts that can be generated by "non-ideal" antialiasing filters, such as aliasing, overblurring, and ringing. Also, different filters may be more or less computationally expensive. So it's a game of trying to trade off the different artifacts against each other and against performance. Different scenes/images may favor one choice or another, and it's also partly an aesthetic judgement.As for why smallpt uses a tent filter in particular, I would guess for a combination of performance (it's a quick filter to evaluate) and brevity-it can be done in a couple lines of code, while a bicubic filter would take a bunch more code. Incidentally, smallpt actually uses a 2x2 subpixel grid and places a tent filter at each subpixel, then averages together the results of the four subpixels. So the overall effect is, curiously, that of the sum of four tents, which ends up looking like a pyramid with a flat top:I am not sure if this was intentional, or just happened to be the way it worked out. My guess is this results in a somewhat sharper image than if a single tent filter per pixel were used (because of the narrower support), but probably also more visible aliasing.
Applications of Integral Calculus - Find Volume of Tent
The tent must touch the ground at all boundaries of the square.Therefore, the square's side length is $displaystyle 2sqrtfrac32$.We have the parabolic slice area as $displaystyle int_-sqrtfrac32^sqrtfrac32left(frac32-x^2ight),dx=sqrt6$. The slice has the same area for all $x$ in the square.Therefore, the tent has volume $sqrt6 times 2sqrtfrac32=2sqrt9=boxed6$$m^3$1. What is a conical tent?I guess those are the tents some call bell-shaped. There are many canvas tents nowadays on the market built in that style.Those are non-freestanding tents usually with one single pole which supports the whole structure after you stake it down properly. Some have also a pole that supports the entrance. One person can easily set this tent up.So they are very tall but there is less headroom as compared with cabin tents that are with nearly vertical walls. But some of them have a vertical section above the ground where you can have windows. The conical roof continues above, so in such a design you have far more volume inside.What is a conical tent?2. Does your child have a play tent?Yes my son got a pop up play tent when he was 2 we throw it behind the couch when he is done playing 2 yrs later he still gets it out and plays with it and my 1 yr old daughter loves to play in it also..Get one you can fold and hide behind ur couch3. Compact Tent to fit into Backpack on a Budget?Check Kelty Gunnison 1. It's small tent for single person and costs less than $200. The cheaper option is only Eureka solitare tent4. what's your tent of choice?big and comfy5. Should I get a tent? If so, which kind?Agreed go for the coleman at 20 bucks its better than those more expensive play tents at like toyrus6. Where does God extend his tent? Will God spread his tent in the heavens or on earth?Gods true church/tent, is in the mind and heart of his people who follow him and not men or religions of the world. His new Jerusalem, consists of the descendants of all 12 tribes of Israel, which are scattered throughout the world and are covenanted in Hebrews 8, 10-12. 10. For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts; and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people; 11. And they shall not teach every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord; for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. Show me a man who believes in God, the Father and pushes no set church beliefs, or belongs to no religion on earth, and I will show you a person who is a member of Gods true church/tent which is in their heart and mind as stated in the Covenant above.7. My tent was broken, can anyone help me??Look around your area for a shoe repair shop. The equipment they have is strong enough to go thru the tent material. They might be able to mend it or patch it up.8. How to use a tent...?REI.com and most commercial mover firms can sell or give you cardboard big enough to camp within.9. What is your opinion on Lysol spray and your tent?Use nothing on the tent that is not made for use on tents, or recommended by the manufacturer of the tent. Lysol in particular, like many sprays, is largely alcohols which will harm both the water proofing and it's resistance to burning. Like others have said, properly dried and packed you should not have any problems. Even in an unheated shed or garage it should store just fine. If you are concerned the tent is not quite dry, a couple hooks in a garage, basement, or even a closet will let you hand the tent out of the way until dried. Back in college, My tent was often set up in the living room to dry!10. Fun things do in backyard tent?Do paintings! seek for stuff on your backyard, and use them as paintings factors. Sticks would nicely be utilized like popcicle sticks, bark is a distinctive texture, sand would nicely be utilized as glitter, pine cones are an astonishing start to a tiny tree, or the around ones would nicely be an animal physique...you will nevertheless choose some interior factors, like glue and paper. yet see what you additionally could make with stumbled on-outdoors supplies!
Output an Upside-down Tent
I feel like this is not a great score for Haskell, so any ideas for improvement are welcome.Ungolfed1. Coleman Montana 8 Tent Questions?I could fit six people inside with all of the gear. However, the Coleman Montana 8 is probably not a tent that I will ever own. The electrical port seems to be able to sustain a lantern. Do not use a fuel lantern inside a tent. Headlamps or battery-powered lanterns should be plenty of light for camping. Check for consumer reviews and demonstrations on YouTube before you buy.2. Where in the world do I pitch my tent?Try wehaveweneed.org you can find where to donate just about anything on there3. AC in my pop up tent trailer?First of all "portable" ac units take up floor space where floor space is needed, secondly they have very poor ratings in actual BTUs for amount of power demand. Third if you are talking a window mount than you have no place to for it. Most tent trailer owners therefore choose the roof mount ac units with a combined heat pump that way they save on propane not using that for heating at full hook up sites. A common roof top AC/heat pump unit can be found for around $1000 installed4. Is there such a thing as a welding tent?Welding wont throw sparks that far . Grinding might if your really hooking in , it can spit when welding sometimes , 35ft though??? bit of a stretch . Generally you just need to keep your leads and anything flammable away , welding sparks can be pea size bits of molten metal bouncing around , starts fires real easy . Also starts you dancing if they go down your boot or back , so cover up , especially you hands after a hour of welding your hands/skin can get 2nd degree sunburn . What do you mean fall is coming , the season or do you need to stop your garage collapsing? Just jokes.5. How to scare my friend in a tent?FInd a website that has scary sounds and have your dad stand near your tent and play the sounds on his phone6. Can this tent really withstand rain & wind?The wind gusts somewhere in the Canyon may have hit 75, but not there. Properly pitched and guyed it may do a little better than 20, but not much7. Would you rather sleep in a tent or a trailer?Depends on the movie. I wouldnt sleep in just any trailer8. i need a replacement part for a coleman tent?No. But good 'hydros' in a hollowed out old barge are something. They are like occupy protests. Shut one down two more will happen and you can move them. Hang on a PATIO in Salford ?? One of my sisters has got a patio they self built You can stage unplugged gigs on it next to a pool. And I am welcome any time of year to go and LIVE on it. With the climate she has and the way it is built. I can LIVE on her patio for months if and when I want to. Do not even need to bathe just swim in the morning or moonlite. She has a jacuzzi bath too. And you do not need to invade the house or their privacy. You can access staright it off the patio or from inside. I've languished and smoke grams on end out there. It goes dark blue and not black at night and really warm. And there's a little apartment chalet she has too. A converted garage with pool table and pinball machine. And a futon crash area cooker fridge and audio rig up in it. Her son and a daughter have both fledged now. Four bedroom bungalow and this chalet annexe gizmo. Her husband runs a computers business obsessively. She works in occupational health and is always socialising. I can crash there for months no rent and she wo not take money. I have to go and stack up a load of swag from a supermarket. And then she says she has no room to store it. She wo not take a bean off me and I stayed 10 weeks once. It's about 15 minutes by pushbike to a quite rugged beach. And 38 degrees on Christmas Eve
Rent Or Buy a Party Tent?
I would rent. You do not have to deal with storing it, and putting it up.. replacing if needed..... But if you plan on throwing parties all the time, then of course buy one. But if you plan parties once a year, you need to have space to store it, and store it correctly, if not, then you ruin it, and now you are out $$$ .1. What makes a tent good?tents are cheap these days check walmart easy tent2. How to surive sleeping in a tent alone?Most people do not die in tents, but the only way to guarantee this is not to go3. How to clean a sticky, heat-damaged tent?mmmh well I heard once that toothpaste gets poplar stuff off your car. Not sure if it will work for you but its worth a try4. What is the point of having a Tarp under a tent?All the answers are correct - basically to protect the tent. But the trick is to not make the tarp under the tent any larger than the actual foot print of the tent. If you just lay out a huge blue tarp to put your tent on then it rains, all the water that lands on the tarp will run under the tent...not a good thing. If you do not buy the actual tent footprint which are usually available for most good quality tents, you can set it up on a tarp and trace the base then cut the piece out and you are all set.5. How do I make an easy homemade tent?!?You can easily rig a tarp as a lean-to style tent or even a pup-tent. Do not have to 'make it', per se. Or go to a store with camping supplies and buy a very cheap 'tube tent', which is just a plastic tube. You can just string a clothes line or cord between two trees or two poles for either the tube tent or a tarp/pup-tent. Weight or stake-down the four corners, and hey, its a tent! Get yourself a 'Boy Scout Handbook', you can find this kind of information there and it will be illustrated, too!6. can hamsters live outside in a tent?I think it's stupid to leave an animal in a tent like that. It's not even a pet anymore. It's like livestock. You should have just got it a nice secure cage and put it where the dog could not get to it7. What is the best brand of tents or one tent in general?Camp-Mor sells tents by Kelty and North Face -- two very high quality brands. I would browse their online cartalog to see if you find something that suits you8. tent camping in walmart parking lot?I am sure it's one of those things where it's not allowed, but not exactly enforced. I am sure if you do it the walmart staff wont bother you. The question is why would you want to camp at walmart?.9. How to make tent more comfortable?air mattress10. Suggestions for a good tent for $200?I have a number of hike tents , 1, 1.5 & 3 man. All using alloy poles across the tent at top & bottom.. The two smaller ones are around the 2kg mark after you leave the bag at home & buy better lightweight pegs. (the 1.5 is an Outer Limits Crossbike - they call it 2 man but not with gear) Brands & factories change regularly as do importers. Only way really is to keep on looking at what is available until you find what you want. A tent bought last year that is fantastic will either not be available this year, will come from a different factory, be sold by a different supplier or all 3. Dont buy a tent with f/glass poles & with the alloy check how stiff & springy they are - some tents are now coming in with alloy poles that bend like an old toothpaste tube The DMH Huon was a good tent some years ago but I have not used a current one & I know they are made by a different factory now.11. Do you know how to pitch a tent?I am not so bad at it. My boyfriend often needs help pitching his tent, but I am pretty good at it so the tent is up in a minute or so
What to Do in a Tent?
Bring some cards and suggest games you know how to play. That's the best thing for people to do in a tent. Everyone's close together anyways so you might as well do something that requires proximity. Also an Ipod is a good idea if it is not too wet. Bring your earbuds and some speakers if you can fit it. Good times!1. What could be the cause of condensation on the tent floor?You have some answers on condensation in general. Your breath adds moisture to the air. As the air cools the amount of water vapor it can hold drops. When you get to the dew point the moisture drops out of the air. The moisture will also collect on surfaces with a temperature under the dew point.Even at the lower side walls of the inner tent, we did not have any condensation last night because the temperature was not that bad (15C), however we had humidity in some spots under us.I think you mean moisture - humidity is still in the air.What is interesting is the moisture collected only on the floor so it is probably the coolest spot in the tent. Try thicker wood over the pallets or skip the pallets as they let cool air circulate under the tent. The ground holds heat pretty well.2. I would like to pitch a tent on the beach?Camping at San Elijo State Beach in Cardiff can feel like a pleasant step back into the sunny past. Campers get comfortable in sites along the bluffs overlooking the state beach in a long, narrow campground that holds 171 campsites, including sites for smaller RVs--under 35 feet--and tent camping. Basic amenities include a dump station, showers and restrooms, a small camp store, picnic tables and cooking grills. The real attraction is the campground's relaxed and kooky nature; look for young hippie surf families ambling straight from the waves to their battered motorhomes and veteran surf dogs headed for "dawn patrol" with a mug of coffee. The state beach offers enjoyable surf almost year-round for travelers and locals alike. Sites cost between $35 and $65, depending on time of year and proximity to the ocean. ============================= San Diego County Park information: call (877) 565-3600 San Diego County Parks and Recreation Department 5500 Overland Avenue, Ste. of Parks and Recreation 1416 9th Street Sacramento, CA 95814 P.O. Box 942896 Sacramento, CA 942963. Why is it prohibited to sleep in a tent?This is basically the same answer as living in a car; i.e., there is nothing illegal about residing in a tent in and of itself, but some of what you do will almost certainly be illegal at some point.Firstly, in all of the US, you are not generally allowed to rent space to someone to live in a tent except as part of a licensed business that also provides water, toilet facilities and possibly other utilities, depending on state and local laws. So in other words, you have to either live in a legally licensed campground or own the property on which your tent sits.Cities obviously have ordinances like right of way laws and anti-structure building regulation, as well as anti-loitering laws (and many tents are put up on non-public land anyway, such as highway medians and underpasses), so you can't set up a tent in any city to begin with under the law. Almost inevitably, being in a tent anywhere as your primary location for sleeping, eating, etc. , means you are going to break numerous laws like loitering, trespassing, or at the very least illegal dumping and littering type laws (so owners of Hipcamp type- Airbnb places are also likely breaking these laws if they don't provide water, toilets, and garbage service at the very least).Likewise, when you are homeless, there are countless sort of 'optionally enforced laws' of which you will likely run afoul, such as anti sit/lie ordinances, 'disturbing the peace' type offenses, or the catch all 'loitering' which is universally deployable against people with nowhere to go.TL:DR; it's not illegal per se, but sooner or later, you're virtually bound to run afoul of one of more laws by living in a tent. All legal advice non binding and not to be relied upon. I am not your attorney. YMMV.Why is it prohibited to sleep in a tent?Can I legally live in a tent?
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