What Is a Good Way to Make a Water Bomb Using Only a Water Bottle and Water?

use dry ice put it in the bottle then put water and get away from it as fast as you can when you put the cap on it but i doubt that water will come out

1. Does spraying cats with a water bottle really help break them of bad habits?

Yes, but its important that they not know that you are doing the spraying. They will just think its a consequence of what they did

2. How do I make a water bottle for my rat with common household items?

Guido is aroused by using right here family contributors contributors products: The canopener The DVD participant Mrs Guido's iPhone Mrs Guido The 17 pounds of chopped rooster liver contained in the compost. *cries*

3. is it safe to use a hot water bottle on my lower abdo during early pregnancy??

No. We use hot water for a shower right, and wash our abdomens. You will be fine! Best of luck!

4. how do i know if my hamster is drinking out of her water bottle?

if she dies in a few days then she wasnt drinking out of it

5. Do pet rabbits have to drink from a water bottle or can they use a bowl?

A dish is better. Rabbits can drink more freely from a bowl, and so drink more. You can more easily clean a dish

6. Does your dog drink Tap Water, Filtered Water, or Bottle Spring Water?

Tap water, though she prefers drinking out of a good muddy puddle

7. where can I go out and buy a nice crystal holy water bottle?

Oh, holy water, does not that cause cancer? Go to a second hand store and look for a brandy bottle , you can put a cheap cross around the neck and voila, super holy water bottle.

8. My hamster's water bottle leaks ALL the water out in one day!?

Crittertrail Water Bottle

9. Do plastic milk gallon containers leach chemicals like water bottle containers?

who cares? everything is a carcinogen these days

10. How can I get tea stains off my metal water bottle?

My mug (porcelein) gets stained with tea/coffee that 's resistant to rubbing off even with detergent and scourer.Two things work.I wet the surface then vigorously rub on bicarbonate of soda with my fingers or sponge. Or (as I did last night) fill it with water and add a capful of chlorine-based baby steriliser liquid (we call it Milton fluid in UK). This morning it was spotless and just needed a rinse

11. what size water bottle should i use for my new guinea pig?

I would get the 16 oz one. I had to convert the ounces into mL to work it out, and 16 oz is roughly 420mL which is the size of the water bottle the girls use. I fill it half full and change it daily, I do not wait until the bottle is empty. The girls bottle is plastic, and I would recommend you get a plastic one too, mainly for saftey reasons.

12. Where can I buy a CHEAP stainless steel water bottle with a screw cap?

The good news is that it is almost anywhere. Try Macy's (a little pricier) or Walmart or Meijer's or Target. Get rid of the aluminum one for your health please.

13. what do u do if u got ur hamster stuck in a water bottle?

Cut open the water bottle before it dies!!!!! If you accidentally cut it its better that it suffocating!!!!! Just do not cut it alot. I ment a scratch not a gash. I DON'T wana kill the hampster!!!

14. can a guinea pig temporarily drink from a bowl of water instead of a water bottle?

ye it will be absolutly fine you just need to change it alot more cause it will get alot messier with their bedding and stuff

15. My rats' water bottle just broke...What should I do?

For tonight it will be fine to just have a dish with water. It is possible that your rat will knock the dish over at some point during the night, but it's better to have something in there than nothing at all. I had to do that before and it worked just fine for a night.

16. how can i get my gerbils water bottle on my glass aquarium?

Garden plant wire is good for wrapping around the bottle so it can be suspended from the lid of the fish tank. Or if you have any wire mesh you could make a cage for the bottle to sit in - with a lip at the top that goes over the edge of the fish tank & a lip at the bottom for the spout to poke through. It's a bit hard to explain but both methods work well.

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