What Inspires Us to Think and Act Positively?

Humanity will be able to engineer itself out of climate change.All of the doom and gloom of climate change alarmists focuses on "if current trends continue". The optimists focus on "if we reduce our carbon output.

"I focus on "when someone figures out how to remove more carbon from the air than we put into the air, we can actually reverse this to pre-industrial levels."I won't live to see it, but my children and grandchildren might. But that's why I'm not too worried about environmentalism. I do what I can... recycle what I can, drive a fuel-efficient car, buy local food as much as possible, etc... I do the easy stuff that doesn't cramp my lifestyle.But I don't lose any sleep over climate change, like some other people I know. They're paranoid about it. They think the Earth will be uninhabitable in a few generations.

Chill, people. Calm down. It will be ok. Humans are smart. Given the right motivation, they'll figure something out. Have some optimism for the future for a change.What is your most optimistic opinion?

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Who is the first example of Homo sapien?

Q: Who was the first Homo sapiens?I like to describe evolution this way: There was never a day, say a Tuesday, when there wasn't a Homo sapiens and the next day, a Wednesday, when there was. Evolution is far too slow for that distinction.Contrary to Hollywood movies, the environment rarely changes quickly. At least, not without help from a massive volcano eruption or a meteor from outer space. Normal climate change occurs so slow the people don't notice much during one lifetime.Those changes, however, slowly - very slowly - affect living organisms. A single stormy season, for example, or even a few years of storms or drought have little to no effect on evolution. Usually none. If those changes, however, become permanent over several hundred or several thousand generations the organism is going to change to survive the new environment."Who" is a meaningless question since that's a cultural question, not a biological question.

"When" is a meaningless question since we only have fossil remains - sometimes only a couple bones - to determine likely species. Dating estimates are 10,000 or more years.So, there is no answer to your question.Who was the first Homo sapiens?


Why is it so hard for people to forgive?

Have you ever had the feeling that when someone asks you to forgive them for hurting you the plea for forgiveness is genuine? You can see the anguish in their face. Of course there are some who are so good at acting it out that you wont know the difference. Then there are those whose asking for forgiveness is almost like casual or asking you to forgive because someone made them do it?I have encountered these two situations many times and at my age I can most of the time tell the difference through experience. I will forgive in both cases because it gives me peace of mind which is so important for me to move on in life.The first case person I would keep associating but be wary of being hurt again. The second case is obvious that I was hurt intentionally and would keep them at arms length. Forgiving is not easy since we have been hurt but not impossible to do. If you can make the initial effort to forgive knowing it will give you peace of mind then it wont be difficult to do so in the future


Can deep learning be used to forecast weather?

Sure, but your results would depend largely on the granularity of your input vector. Remember that neural networks map inputs to results by uncovering hidden (Deep) relationships between the two. One can imagine a deep learning system that took in barometric readings from distributed weather stations and used that data to learn the direction the wind blows under certain conditions. However, you may soon discover that wind is also a function of temperature, geography and any number of other features.There within lies the challenge of building weather models. Weather is a vastly complex network of inputs and your learning algorithm is only going to be as good as the correct inputs that you've selected to train on. Select a fine enough set of inputs and you are basically attempting to teach your learning algorithm fluid dynamics. Achievable, but computationally demanding. In conclusion, weather isn't one thing, to make the problem tractable, It's advisable to select some subset of weather features you want to make predictions about.


S. Not quite weather, but people have began using deep learning to solve fluid dynamics problems that arise in plasma flows during nuclear fusion.Page on twicaagt.ugent.be


Is private property theft? How?

Is private property theft?Or, as Rob Weir clarifies the question, is private property the result of theft?All societies have private property. At the very least, property owned by (controlled by - ownership is exclusive control) the group, society, state, etc.The proper term is "several property", property owned by the several individuals, individually.

Several property is based on the concept that each person belongs to himself. This is an Individualist assertion, Collectivists disagree but even Collectivists agree that the Collective, however it is delimited, owns certain things (including the people in the Collective) to the exclusion of all other Collectives.Whoever owns the person (which could be the person himself, his slave master, or the collective (but I repeat myself)) owns the person's labor and, hence, owns whatever the labor produces or creates. The product is simply a transformation of the effort itself, the labor.The absence of several property indicates theft - the theft of the people themselves.Only by starting with the Collectivist assumption that all people belong to something other than themselves can several property be considered the result of theft. In the same way liberty is theft, the theft of yourself from your proper owner


Were any of the Founding Fathers bisexual?

Not openly, but many historians suspect Alexander Hamilton was a closeted bi man. He had many relationships with women, but he also had a very intimate friendship with a fellow military officer, John Laurens. They exchanged letters-some parts of which were censored by Hamilton's son when he compiled them for publication-and were said to have shared a bunk at times.

Cold in my professions, warm in my friendships, I wish, my Dear Laurens, it might be in my power, by action rather than words, to convince you that I love you. I shall only tell you that 'till you bade us Adieu, I hardly knew the value you had taught my heart to set upon you....You should not have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent. But as you have done it and as we are generally indulgent to those we love, I shall not scruple to pardon the fraud you have committed...For his part, Laurens had a wife and daughter in London, but historians believe he was probably gay-or at least towards the gay end of bi-and did not want to return to them


What race are Turkic/Altaic people?

The Turkic people, expanding from Turkey to Siberia, and from Crimea to China, cant really be placed into one race or ethnicity. The probable urheimat (homeland) of Proto-Turkic is thought to be somewhere in the area of present-day Xinjiang in northwestern China, expanding from here into Siberia and central Asia, and from there to Anatolia. The ones in Siberia and central Asia look more east Asian. Meanwhile, the ones in Anatolia can look anywhere from very pale to having tanned skin.Genetic tests done on Turkic peoples show that the enormous amounts of ethnic groups that have mixed with separate Turkic peoples have led to many different ethnicities.Despite that, recent findings about the Xiongnu people in northwestern China and Mongolia, who are theorised to be Turkic due to using an ancient Turkic alphabet, have led to theories that the Huns in Europe were Turkic in origin, as they shared many genes with the Xiongnu people.

As more research is done into genetic mapping of Turkic peoples, we may learn more about their urheimat, their spread, and if they belong to any one race. But just by looking at Turkic people, you can see how diverse the peoples are now:SakhaKazakhKyrgyzUzbekAzeriTurkishCrimean TatarChuvash


Has anyone bought or needed Daraprim, the pill that Martin Shkreli raised the price of to $750/pill, after the price hike?

Obviously not, because if time was of the essence, the courts could order the seller to provide the drug first and be paid latter, if there were the possibility that irreversible serious damage could result from the lack of the drug. If the rate hike can be linked to a death, it is also possible for criminal charges to properly lie, particularly with respect to criminal negligence, depending upon the jurisdiction in which the death occurred. (for example, Florida has a felony negligence statute that makes it a crime to recklessly cause serious bodily harm to an individual, but the charge doesn't lie until the damage is actual damage as opposed to potential damage.

) Secondly, drugs loose their patent after a certain amount of time, at which point other companies can put generics in play as competition, so the "rate hike" is only temporary in the U.S., and you can BET that other companies are just itching for the patent to expire. The tact this fool raised is likely to also result in placing heavy regulations on the pricing of drugs in the U.

S. as a matter of public policy.


Why did the Lord prevent Moses from entering the Promised Land?

As appointed leader of the nation of Isreal in their trek through the wilderness prior to entering the Promised Land..Moses had the responsibility to represent the nations true leader. It was not Moses himself he was simply an appointed representative. The nations true leader was Jehovah he was feading the nation manna day by day. He was preventing the wear and tear on their sandles and clothing. He was protecting from enemy attack day and night.

etc. But the nation was a real challenge to leadthey were complainers and it weighed heavily on Moses. Once when the nation was complaining about lack of waterMoses acted rashly and struck the rocks with his staff as he was instructed when providing water for the people but in his frustration with the people neglected to remind the people who was providing the water miraculously. Jehovah was not given the credit..instead Moses said you want water here is your water and struck the rocks water came but the honor to God was not rendered it appeared like Moses was doing this in his own power and was taking the glory. God as a result punished Moses from etering the promised land by holding him back

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