What If I Am Wearing a White and Black Shirt a Bit Below the Waist and Normal Black Pants and Ballet

i dont think you should wear any jewelry if you are going to be playing. and your what you are wearing sounds cute

1. what should i get my mom for

pj's, cookbooks, books in general, magazine subscription, picture frame with you and siblings in it, throws, dishes, mugs, house coat/robe, slippers, tea or coffe, sweaters, a personalized calendar, gift card, spa day last year i bought my mom a waffle maker

2. why do slippers never last a few months?

I have never wore slippers. HOWEVER --big however here -- HOWEVER there were these two really wonderful old ladies who knitted us booties out of yarn and in the winter I loved wearing them. They are gone now. One in that big knitting basket in the sky and the other got kidnapped to Florida with her spinster daughter. We still got lots of them but the boyfriend keeps running them thru the wash and that ruins them. I have told him a million times not to do this and he still does it. WHY??!! Once these booties are gone THEY ARE GONE!

3. Do you like these slippers?

Nice slippers btw!!! Wear black jeans instead. A grey/white top. And the purple scarf. Thanks for answering mine xxxx

4. What are the warmest slippers in the world?

In Australia, we manufacture / make the warmest slippers. Sheepskin lined, Very Cosy.Ugg boots.I know I am prejudiced, but I always remember the photo of Pamela Anderson of Baywatch with her Ugg boots. As well as the boots we have slippers. Shoes.Check it out on Google.Otherwise I do not know,.Eskimos, Russia, Finland Scadinavia, United kingdom, could all have special warm slipped. It depends on the temperature and what body heat,I have a cold body, cold feet, hands get cold, so I rug up appropriately, whilst all around me people just look, what is with her?

5. First 5 people who wants an outfit?

Age: 14 Style: My own Stores I like: Victoria's Secret (PINK), A&F Kids, A&F, Aeropostale, Tilly's, PacSun, Hollister, Buckle. Colors I like: Yellow, light green, medium green, light blue, periwinkle, sky blue, navy blue, white, pink, orange. Things I like: Jeans and sweaters are my clothing obsession right now! But I also like cute tennis shoes, knitted hats, legwarmers, armwarmers, necklaces, and slippers. Extras: I HATE skirts, dresses, UGGS, babydoll tops, and bracelets. Thanks for the outfit! =] I love my outfit! I left you a comment on Polyvore!

6. What colors should my Seniors gang wear this summer?

Whatever you do make sure you do not get mixed up with the other gangs. I hear the Blud Tranzfushuns are sporting purple jumpers, flat caps, breeches and slippers. They have recently been terrorising the streets in a series of shuffle-by cane proddings. The Gud Ol Day Boyz are geared out in leather knit-wear this year and have spent the winter pimpin out their mobility scooters. These guys can be found in most supermarket car parks popping wheelies, pulling donuts, rocking their hydraulic suspension and blaring Elvis Presley into the late hours of the afternoon.

7. This is a quiz for people who know everything! I found out in a hurry that I didn't.?

1.wrestling, boxing 2.could it be a waterfall??? niagra (how do you spell it?lol!) falls?? 3.tomatos, onions... i just guessed!!! 4.strawberries 5.they cut a whole in the bottom and stuck it in, or they just put the pit in the bottle and let it grow on its own! 6.hold on let me get a dictionary...dwarf dwindle... 7. i will parobably spell them wrong but oh well!!! exclamation point, question mark, period, comma, parentheses, semi-colin, quotations... 8.lettuce? or watermelon??? 9.shoes,socks,slippers,sandals, stockings, stilts,skis,snowshoes...sneakers!! how did i do??? did i fail?

8. How can I teach my cat to fetch me the newspaper, my slippers and my pipe?

Get married ????

9. poll when you are at home do you wear shoes socks slippers flip flops or are you barefoot?

socks or barefoot

10. Do you have animal slippers what animal are they?

Green monkey with dangly string legs and arms

11. We Found Slip-On Sneakers That Aren't Weird To Wear Around The House

You might be using social distancing as an excuse to wear your fanciest pajamas all day, spend the day in fuzzy slippers, and not wear any makeup - but that can get old quick. For many of us, it can be difficult to feel productive and our best when we are out of our regular routine. In fact, there are even studies that prove that when people look good, they feel better. If you are having a harder time than usual feeling productive for the day, you might reconsider your footwear of choice. One of the tips that people who work from home all the time swear by is putting on real shoes during work hours to train your brain that it's time to be productive. In fact, the kind of shoes you wear now might affect your foot health in the future. A pair of sneakers might be your best bet if your feet are screaming for support after a few weeks of wearing nothing but flat sandals and slippers. But you might not want to lace up a pair of clunky sneakers to wear around your home. And you definitely do not want to lace up some kicks you've been wearing outdoors. Instead, there are a lot of lightweight slip-on sneakers - some you can even wear without socks - that are suitable for wearing around the house when you just want to kick your slippers habit. Because slip-on sneakers are the epitome of effortless, and that's what we are all looking for right about now. Below, we've rounded up a few slip-on sneakers that are perfect for wearing around the house while you work from home.

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Which Ballet Slippers Would Best for Me?
I will send you a pair of babouches for kids for $13 Beautiful slippers 100% leather, for kids Slippers highly resistant to any indoor or outdoor use. Origin: Morocco Available color : red, black, orange caramel, yellow, natural, brown.1. Best Slippers For Flat Feet For Men And WomenBest Slippers For Flat Feet For Men And Women If you have flat feet, then you know how standing on your feet all day can make you feel tired and worn out. Having a pair of good slippers that offers sufficient arch and heel support, helping to relieve the pain and tiredness of flat feet can make a world of difference and help you get through those long days. So, here is a look at some of the best slippers for men and women with flat feet. The Orthofeet comfortable Capri moccasins provide relief for flat feet due to the orthotic insole with the anatomical arch and cushioned heel pad. These moccasin slippers alleviate heel, foot, knee and back pain as well as ease stress on the joints. The non-binding upper makes it more comfortable for people who suffer from swelling feet. This footwear not only relieves flat feet but also the pain caused by arthritic feet, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions. Users really like these shoes and review that they look and fit well. They also find them to be well made and comfortable and say that they relieve pain and have nice thick soles. These Orthofeet Asheville Slippers for men feature an anatomical arch support and cushioned heel pad, which is good for flat feet alleviating heel and foot pain and even helping with lower back pain. This is an extra deep slipper which has a wide toe box, interior which is seam free and an air cushioned and lightweight sole. It is especially designed for a wide number of foot problems. This Orthofeet women's slipper is specially designed for different foot problems including flat feet. They feature an orthotic insole with anatomical arch support and an air cushioned insole which is lightweight and conforms to the foot when you walk. This stable footwear is made to alleviate foot and heel pain, ease stress on joints and make your every step more comfortable. Spenco Men's Supreme slide slipper is made from leather and faux fur and has a deep heel cup and Orthotic arch support with a metatarsal dome that alleviates forefoot pressure. It also has a synthetic sole. Users like this footwear and find it to be well made and to have excellent arch support. It is easy to get on and take off, and can be worn for hours without foot pain. In addition, it is comfortable and has soft insides while easing the pain of flat feet. The Acorn Faux Chinchilla collar slipper features a synthetic upper and rubber sole and the inside is fully lined with faux chinchilla. It also has a memory foam midsole and a raised heel and arch with a weather proof outsole. Users like this product because it is warm and comfortable, and it has a nicely cushioned footbed. Several users have found that it holds up great and is easy to break in. They also like the fact that these slippers are not full slippers and not the mule type. One more thing they are pleased about is that they have no stitching around the toes. These Foamtreads slippers are best for swollen feet since they have different Velcro straps for an adjustable fit but we selected them as slippers for flat feet due to the long lasting heel-to-toe cushioning they provide, which makes them very comfortable. In addition, the genuine wool upper makes them pleasantly warm and the material is anti-bacterial and anti-odor. The outsole is non-marking and made of rubber. Finally, you can hand wash and air dry them. Users really like this footwear and it is also a good option if you keep support wraps around your ankle and foot. These Orthaheel Vionic Gemma Slippers are podiatrist designed with a contoured arch support, a heel cup which is deep and an EVA midsole to absorb sock. This is a supportive slipper with a terrycloth upper and an adjustable closure to make them easy to put on and off. The footbed is also anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. Users review this product very positively and say that it is great for flat feet and other foot problems. These Acorn Digby Gore Mule slippers are made from warm Italian wool and a rubber contoured TPR cup sole with built in arch support. They have long wearing cushioning and are easy to put on and take off. Users review that they are a good fit and have good arch support. They are easy to get on and off your feet and are extremely durable. You can hand wash and air dry them to keep them clean and they feel comfortable and warm. The Vionic Adilyn Canvas Slipper features a synthetic upper and rubber sole. It has good arch support and is made to provide comfort. Users like that these canvas slippers are good for people with wider feet. They fit well, and are both cute and comfortable. Several users have actually found that this product eases various foot pains. How To Know If You Have Flat Feet Or Low Arch Feet Flat feet are not difficult to identify. If your foot arch touches the ground, then you have flat feet. Another term used to describe low arch feet is pronation. While pronation is used to describe the inward motion of both feet toward the center line of the body, problems can arise in cases when feet overpronate meaning that the feet roll in more than the standard foot. In the case of feet that overpronate, the arches are flexible and therefore they have a tendency to be flat or low. It is important to know that some people may have flat feet all their lives without any problem while others may experience various and often painful symptoms, depending on the severity of their condition. Here are some of the symptoms related to flat feet: Heel and arch pain is common with people who have flat feet. The pain inside the ankle which is sometimes accompanied by swelling. Pain in the knee, calf, hip and ultimately the lower back. A condition that is commonly associated with flexible low arch feet is Plantar Fasciitis, an inflammation of the band of tissue that stretches along the bottom of the feet which is commonly caused by flexing of the arch and stretching of this band of tissue. Feet may get tired easily and they are more prone to injuries as well as ankle injuries. Flat feet can lead to the development of bunions and hammertoes which is common with people with flat feet. There are various causes that someone may develop flat feet. Here are some of the most common ones: Repetitive trauma can weaken the tendon and cause inflammation and tear which can lead to the flattening of the arch. Certain health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, and arthritis are risk factors for the development of flat feet. How To Choose The Best Slippers For Flat Feet And Low Arch Feet- 5 Important Criteria The most important feature of a good slipper for flat feet is to have sufficient support and offer stability to the area of the arch and the heel. An adequately supportive slipper will control the overpronation and minimize the flexibility of the foot and therefore the turning in as well as the arch flattening. Good support can be achieved with a stiff soled slipper in order to prevent the foot from over rotating into the flat position. In addition, a stiff heel is required to resist the rotation of the heel bone. Some people believe that the only way to keep the arch from flattening and to provide stable support to feet that are flat is by using arch support insoles and orthotics. Nevertheless, today there are companies that create high-quality supportive slippers or orthopedic slippers with orthotic insoles and anatomical arch support. These are specially designed for a number of foot issues such as flat feet, overpronation, Plantar Fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes and a lot more. These products are meant to cover the needs of flat feet, reinforcing the inner part of the foot and providing some relief. A good cushioning effect is another useful feature that adds comfort to a flat foot slipper, but cushion on its own will not be enough to offer flat feet the strong support the arches require. Cushioning can surely provide you with some level of shock absorption but it all depends on the density and the amount of cushion as well as how long it lasts. In a lot of slippers, cushion easily flattens after some uses, so to be on the safe side, do not depend just on cushioning if you are looking for a truly supportive slipper for flat feet. In the case of obesity, people may also find that adding an orthotic insole to their slipper may be a safer option to go for. People with flat feet may often develop bunions or hammer toes and that makes their feet somewhat more sensitive. If you fall in this category or you suffer from health issues that are associated with flat feet such as diabetes, arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, you will need a slipper that is not only supportive to flat feet but has other comfort characteristics such as: Good quality durable materials that protect sensitive feet and are breathable. A toe box that is wide enough so that the pressure on the bunions or hammer toes is eliminated. It is said that nothing is better for flat feet and Plantar Fasciitis than using orthotic insoles. Choosing a slipper that is orthotic friendly means that the footbed of the slipper can be removed so that you can add your custom orthotic if you prefer. If you are planning to use your slipper in and out of the house like in the yard, to pick up mail or for a short visit to your local shop, you will need to choose a supportive slipper that has a strong rubber outsole. An outsole that is good for both indoor and outdoor use will make your slipper more practical to use and therefore more useful. A good pair of supportive orthopedic slippers that are specially designed to help relieve symptoms of various foot problems can make a world of difference to flat feet as well, and in this review we have given you different options of some of the best slippers for flat feet for both men and women.2. Are UGG slippers really worth the money?the knock offs are just as cute and you could buy a pair off those and many other shoes at the same price of one pair of UGGS think about it: it you have 4 cool pairs of shoes when, every one else has 1 pair...who is ahead???3. Did CInderella really wear SLippers?it does not matter cuz you know why?? fairy god mother said that like its the perfect fit for her etc.. etc.. but when she ran at midnight her "slippers with heels.. watever u wanna call it..." got removed!! fairies are liars!!! hehe such hatred?? nah. . i love cindy. .. and fairy. .. >.
Leather Or Cloth Ballet Slippers?
Split and you should get whatever your dance school says. If they do not get canvas ( cloth)1. Really bad shaving spots EVERY time I shave down there!?Relax. Your spot down there is very sensitive. You can try shaving again. Before you shave I recomend maybe taking a towel or wash cloth and putting warm/hot (NOT too hot) water on it. Then let the towel shoke your spot down there for about 5-10 minutes. Before you do this you might want to try putting on lotion around your area to soften it up and make it easier to shave. Make sure when you shave you ALWAYS use shaving cream and try using a different razor the one you are using might be the problem. You can buy a bikini shaving pack at a store like walmart they usaully have a razor, and gel that comes with it most of the time. Use the gel and shaving cream and a new razor and see if this helps. If you still run into these problems I recomend waxing most women say it works better then shaving and the hair doesnt grow back as fast. I wish you nothing but the best! :)2. Why are my cloth diapers useless?You have to use a waterproof diaper cover. That prevents the pee from coming out. The cloth diapers just hold it3. I can't put tampons in?You probably have a low or tilted cervix. Maybe you could try the diva cup? It kinda caps the cervix and collects the blood to be dumped later. Make sure your mom or a friend is home the first couple times you put it in and remove it. Some woman have had problems getting them in or out. Not many, but some. I personally have never tried it. I can not wear tampons either. I usually use a washable cloth pad and ecover stain remover. With cloth you do not feel like your wearing a sweaty diaper and it does not get all stinky. I wash them like any other laundry during my cycle and at the the end I use ecover stain remover to remove any spots left behind.4. Why is the Kaaba covered in black cloth?It does not serve any religious reasons as far as I know, and is basically an act of respect dating to before the Prophet's time. Even the polytheists of Makkah regarded the Ka'aba with great respect, and took great pride in beautifying it. This included draping it with fine cloth, and at one time adorning it with copies of the day's greatest poems (known as Al Mu'alaqat). And it was not always black cloth. At one time it was green. If I remember my history correctly, it was the Fatimids who started the custom of using black cloth, a tradition that is continued on today by the Saudi government5. Opinions about cloth diapers?We tried cloth with our first, but it was too much work and every time we went anywhere we had to store dirty diapers until we got home to clean them. We started using disposables when we went out of town, but eventually switched completely and never went back!6. I found a kitten on the side of the road today but it's a public holiday and 99% of shops and probably 100% of vets are closed. How do I care for it?If it's still suckling you could dip a piece of cloth in milk and let it suck the milk off, then get a kitten kit from a pet shop tomorrow. If it's old enough to eat solids and you can not get cat food till tomorrow, scrambled egg will probably do for tonight.Keep it warm, and if it's a really tiny, suckling kitten, massage its stomach with a warm damp cloth after eating, to help it to defecate. Either way, get a vet check tomorrow if you can7. For those of you who have used cloth diapers, How many do i need to buy....?Buy 10. Nine of them you will end up using as wash cloths. The studies show cloth is not best for the environment. SO live it up8. Disposable or cloth diapers for bedwetting?First I hope you've taken her to the Dr. to see if it's a correctable medical condition. If her Dr. feels she needs incontinence products I recommend Tranquility. They have youth through adult sizes and are available online at Dignity With Diapers. Read the testimonial there from the Father of an 11 yr. old daughter who's a bedwetter also that highly recommends Tranquility Products.
Do You Have Socks Or Slippers On?
nope, bare feet1. anybody want to help me with some gift ideas?I think we may have the same boyfriend! Haha I've bought my boyfriend the walking dead box set for christmas! Just 12, I've bought him some shirts a jumper, I was debating on a Xbox game but i bought a wallet and shoes and chocolates instead. You could buy a watch or aftershave, I've also made him a stocking with little things like shower gels, keyring, sweets and things like that. Depending on your budget they do a day for 2 people maybe for driving about in racing cars an things For your mam you could buy candles/candle burner. My mother loves Yankee candles and so do I! You could get her a dressing gown, slippers or pjs, chocolates, jewellery, perfume. My mum has turned stylish all of a sudden! So ill probably buy her some makeup items, straighteners and maybe a scarf or something. Wine and alcohol is always a good option! It depends what she likes. A spa day if you can afford it? its usually 2 people so ask her to take a friend or go with her. You can do this for anyone... Making it personal with a hamper is always good, use a basket and cellophane from your local florist, its cheap! you can put in any you want, gardening hamper with tools and seeds, spa hamper with bath bombs and soaps and slippers, chocolate hamper explains itself, a movie hamper! I like to make these sometimes since my bf works a lot. Put in some popcorn, hot chocolate, a movie etc...2. Do you walk in a house with shoes or slippers?I go barefoot around my apartment, and I ask guests to remove their shoes if they are going to enter past the front hallway. But I am not strict about it; if someone is wearing hard to remove footwear I do not force the issue. I picked up this custom when I lived in Hawaii in the late '90s. In most homes in Hawaii, you are expected to remove your shoes and leave them on the front porch (lanai) or just inside the front door. It's a very hygienic practice and also cuts down on carpet cleaning bills. So people also tend to wear shoes that are easily removed and put back on. Probably the Hawaii custom comes from Japanese immigrants. In Japan I think you do not wear shoes in the house. This is because the house floor is considered to be an extension of the bed (you sleep on tatami mats on the floor), and you do not wear your shoes to bed, do you? Whereas, in European custom, the house floor is considered to be more an extension of the front garden or porch, and your bed is a separate piece of furniture raised up off the floor. So it's not such a big deal wearing shoes (which have been stepping in who knows what in the street) into the house. And of course there are clever devices to help you clean your shoes before you enter the house (e.g. boot scrapers and welcome mats).3. do you have shoes on? slippers? socks? bare feet?I have on a pair of Italian loafers. No socks . . . . . . no slacks, no shirt. So, I get a kick outa playin' on here this way, OK?4. Looking all over for slippers for my daughter - any idea where I can get them this time of year?maybe limited too or old navy5. cute ballet flats? ballerina slippers?they have cute flats at forever 21, and charlotte russe. :6. Do you know how to make slippers?Now that is funny! Do you Know how to make a rubber glove out of condoms? You need 6. Five imported from france and one American version. Unroll the five french ones onto your fingers ---Polk five holes in the end of the American condom and slip it over your hand and wrist. Wallah--- rubber glove.7. Bedroom slippers in a dorm?No that's not weird at all. Think of your dorm room as exactly like your room at home, just with a roommate. Usually colleges will send out a questionairre to make sure that you are paired up with someone of a similar nature (early riser, neat freak, etc), and oftentimes they will let you know who your dorm mate is before you move in. Bring the essentials like you mentioned, as well as anything else that will help you make it feel like home. My dorm had loft beds, so I brought a small beanbag, and used it in a study nook that I created in the corner of the room. I brought a couple of posters, and a collage of my family so that I had pictures of them to help keep me from getting homesick. My roommate and I went out the week we moved into the dorm and bought string lights and other stuff to hang up to make the place seem more personable; we also pooled our money and rented a small refrigerator from the housing office. I even got a houseplant (and my roomie bought a venus flytrap as a joke). :-) Pretty much anything you used at home is fine to bring, as long as it does not take up too much space. If you want a favorite stuffed animal, go for it. Plenty of people bring them. Throw blanket that you just can not live without? By all means, bring that along too. 47 pairs of heels that you desperately need to have with you at all times? Pack 'em up and bring 'em along - just make sure they stay with YOUR stuff, and do not start infiltrating your roomies space. Dorms are pretty tight quarters usually, so you will need to be very aware of making sure not to crowd each other. Have fun with the packing! :D
Will Rahm Emanuel Wear His Ballet Slippers and His Tutu in the White House?
He's a guy - guys in ballet tend to not wear tutus and what makes you think he would be performing ballet in the white house anyway? Now I know you will probably call me a fun sucker who can not take a joke, but I struggle to laugh at a bunch of text clearly copied and pasted from another site. Could you not have at least bothered to remove the numbers in brackets? And this question has a distinct whiff of desperacy when you see that so many of your questions are just weak attempts at insulting Emanuel. I have no problem with you disliking him but please next time use real evidence instead of dance qualifications to prove your point.1. how do they make toe shoes and ballet slippers?Pointe shoes were the easy ones to find a video for (linked below). Ballet slippers are generally sewn from canvas or leather with a suede sole. A drawstring is also sewn into the opening border to make it adjustable (often like the pointe shoe).2. Should I buy my teenage daughters footsy pajamas for extra cold nights?I do not think so I mean do they really keep you that much warmer than regular pajamas and slippers? You could ask her if she would like them though3. in the original Cinderella story, what material was Cinderella's slippers made of?Actually, they were originally fur; it can be traced to a Russian folk tale4. How do I sew elastic straps onto Ballet slippers?Ask your teacher! She's supposed to tell you how to sew them in. :)5. Don't U just hate it when during sex your mom calls U to ask if you've seen her slippers?Especially when I am in the middle of spanking someone with them6. What do you like to wear on your feet at home? Socks, slippers, flip flops, or barefoot?Barefoot or sandals :)7. Is anyone wearing ballet slippers at work?Hmmm. That's interesting. I've never heard of that before =.= sounds comfey.... Im too embarrased to wear them to my school though.... Country middle schoolers are EVIL8. Where can I buy Havaianas Slippers and Flip-Flops in Manila?Rustans for the havanna9. I think my ruby slippers are possessed and i don't know what to do?Ok, do not panic. I think you've been cast a Charm. Just let me check the Hogwarts library for the way to remove it. You are not a witch; I can tell you are just a typical Muggle girl who fantasises about Cinderella10. What type of slippers do you own?I used to have pink and white booties, but I lost them, besides they prolly do not even fit anymore11. How can I teach my cat to fetch me the newspaper, my slippers and my pipe?dogs do that kinda stuff.. not cats. so u have two choices. 1. have a dog 2. keep your goods close to you12. Do you walk in a house with shoes or slippers?i know my floor is clean... barefoot!13. I cant find shoes for a 6 month old?We LOVE baby shoes. Yes they are just for looks but they are so much FUN. Well.... I always get shoes that I try onto my babys feed. Places like Childrens Place, Gymboree, Sears, JC Penney, Payless Footwear, Wal-mart and Target all carry infant shoes. In the shoe section you can ushually find sizes 1, 2, 3 or 4 infant. My daughter has some Nikes, Pooh and Dora sneakers. She also has dress shoes, slippers and boots. Good luck14. Is it weird to wear slippers to school? ?yes it is. and so is wearing pajamas when its not pajama day at school. the only people you see wearing stuff like that is white trash folks15. What do you think is the most uncomfortable footwear ever invented?High-heeled shoes are the worst! I have to disagree with flip-flops though. Here in Hawaii, we wear them all year around! Maybe you should try another pair. They are actually comfortable. Try some Roxy-brand flip-flops (slippers). Very comfortable and soft! Hmmmm.....for guys, I suppose Quiksilver might be comfortable since Roxy and Quiksilver are related. Aloha!16. In the wizard of oz why are the ruby slippers called slippers?because ruby slippers sounds more magical
Why Do Grandchildren Hate Knitted Sweaters, Mittens, Scarfs, and Slippers As Gifts?
why dont you try knitting XBOXes and cell phones? Maybe they will like that1. which has been the most original costume ever worn for halloween?sleeping beauty: go to this party in your pyjamas and slippers, holding a teddy bear and have your hair in pig tails with an eye mask on your head. I did that last year and everyone loved it. :)2. in the original Cinderella story, what material was Cinderella's slippers made of?Gold. Do you go to BMMS? What grade are you in if you do? because in BMMS this is a question from our stupid trivia in gym.3. WHAT WAS SOMETHING YOU WISHED YOU PACKED IN YOUR LABOR BAG? or 1 Thing you were most glad you packed?slippers with rubber bottoms so you can disinfect them before you put them in your bag to go home. bathroom floors are nasty in the hospital. I wish we brought cute newborn outfits for our baby ( dad had to go buy some for the hospital stay). some newborn pictures are of her wearing cheap hospital clothes and those ugly blankets. bring your own and make your baby look special4. Which is better? Split sole or full sole ballet slippers?i would reccomend u getthe leather full sole. a good type is the bloch dansoft. also it will make ur foot work a little harder5. Is it still considered streaking, if I wear nothing but my pink bunny slippers on my midnight stroll?Yeah.. LOL !! I got aressted6. How do I destinkify my fuzzy, furry house slippers?Freeze em'. Or use some baking soda, it absorbs odors. Just sticking them in the freezer for a couple days will do the trick too though. Thats what I usually do.7. Do you know who took Smutty's pink fluffy bunny slippers?i am not cheap i will do it for 10 points Toushka :D8. Can u tell me the best way to kill roaches? no fly swatter or slippers?Call a pest control company out to spray for them. We've had plenty of them ourselves, but we signed a contract with a local company and they come every 3 months9. Philippines in December (2 weeks), what kind of clothes should I pack? Slippers or Shoes? Will it be cold?Pack insect repellent!!! -- the ones that you apply on your body :) (It may be wet in december and mosquitoes are gonna be out to get you) For clothes, your regular shirts. Pack a raincoat or a hooded jacket, just in case you experience some torrential rains.10. Is anyone wearing ruby slippers with their halloween costume?I am wearing the slippers this year because im going as the wicked witch of the east11. Should you wear shoes or go barefoot in your home, and why?One should always wear at least flip flops or slippers inside because feet secret oils which can path out carpets and dull tile, not to mention being a magnet for dirt12. What do your slippers look like?Mine has Mickey Mouse13. my puppy/dog has a major problem =/?I have the same problem my springer spaniel will eat anything and everything when we got him within a week he had managed to eat some coins a 20p and a 10p! he has since had rocks, paper, bus passes, bank cards, phones, slippers, trousers a couple of shirts........thank god he has not realized he can get into the bin in the kitchen but he once managed to get into his food cupboard and at about 7-8kg of dog food he did not eat for a day because he was that full. I have tried to stop my dog i try not to let him eat things off the floor so if food drops on the floor his biscuits i put it in my hand and try and let him know eating off the ground is bad because he loves to eat stones and rocks. When he has tried eating something that is not his in the house i shout OI! and that stops him and he knows he's done bad. I hope this helps in some way but i do sympathize with you. I hope it gets better. P.S. try asking your vet next time you go.
Can Walking Around the House Shoeless All the Time, Damage Your Feet? How?
How old are you? If you're in your 40's or so, my guess is that the tendons on the bottom of your feet are getting old and losing their elasticity. If that's the case, you're getting flat feet. I hit the same thing about that time. The cure was to put a pair of arch supporting insoles in my shoes. My guess is that your tennis shoes have decent arch support, but you're not getting that when you go barefoot. You could find a pair of house slippers and try to put the arch supports in them. I don't know if that would work well to help with the aches, but as long as you didn't wear them outside, it would help keep the carpets clean. And it's not difficult to clean the carpets yourself. Get a rental carpet cleaner like a Rug Doctor, a jug of the shampoo that they sell with it, and go to town. You will be amazed at the dirt in the water when you finish.1. What to wear in Japan for men & women? We're going to Japan this July. Is it OK wearing shorts with sneakers?Since you are tourists, just dress like tourists. Do not try to dress like the people who live in Japan, or try to wear the latest japanese fashions, Or go out in a full formal kimono, that wo not work and you could look foolish. At worst, some might be offended. T-shirts, shorts, jeans, comfortable shoes are all acceptable, do take something nice for evenings and restaurants. Do not worry about fancy shoes. Oh, one important thing: In Japan it is traditional to take off one's shoes before dinner and when entering people's homes. Wear white socks when indoors, some places will provide you with house slippers, (very different from our slippers) or with guest socks. In Japan many will always wear socks, even with sandals, probably because of the tradition of removing shoes. Also, it's traditional to sit on the floor for formal dining. So no super tight mini dresses or shors that leave things hanging out. But most important, you will be doing a lot of walking so comfy shoes are a must.2. Can You Analyze This Poem (Sorting)?You all are from Arkansas, Pop passed. He was in the service, lost a leg or foot. House slippers might need to be thrown away or separated. You think that the shoes are now practically worthless (but they are not), pop loved shoes, gardening and his gun collection. You are tempted to wear the Cordovan's but are afraid of what other people might say, they look pretty old but very fashionable at the same time. You might very well have use for the socks but the casual sweaters will have to also, secretly go to Saint Pat's as well3. Tattoo quote do you like it?70 years from now when you are in a rocking chair wearing house slippers that might quote might give you a chuckle or two. Quotes like that would look better framed and hanging on your closet door. No need to put it on your body. /4. What shoes is the man wearing in this photo?maybe vans or toms or house slippers! Lmao5. Don't you think Mothers who go up to their kids school should dress appropriately?ABSOLUTELY - I agree. I also hate to see them walk up in their friggin pajamas and house slippers!! WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?????6. How to make the perfect old lady costume?clothes that are atleast 1-2 sizes too big. things with large buttons. fakey glasses (horn rims are best with neck chain). Red lipstick (a must for any woman over 45...lol) sounds weird but use a toothpick after applying and use it to make little lines (old women usually have wrinkle lines around the mouth that bleed out a bit with lipstick color)some how try and put a small pillow on your back under your clothes. old women have a tendancy to be stoop shouldered. No high heels, get a pair of dull looking loafer shoes (or house slippers), walk with a slight shuffle. no jewelry. a pair of calf high nylon stockings but let one or both pool around the ankle. put a wad of klennex in the sleeve at the wrist and let it hang out a bit. if you can...no purse or huge purse (cloth no leather) and of course a wig..grey is nice but if you get a white one brush a bit of blue hair dye through it very lightly. make up...already spoke of the lipstick. however if you have a brown blush take a bit and use a wet make up brush and using a finger stroke over it let the blush slap a bit in speckles to give you 'liver spots' (and apply some to the back of your hands too) and if you can get away with it....bring a cat! lol he's optional.
Why My Siamese Cat Is Scared of My Tiger Printed Slippers?
Sounds like your cat is very observant and those slippers look like a two scary critters. How long has your cat been afraid of the slipper?. I wonder if it will pass. Most cats would not even notice. Be happy you have a smart cat. My silly dog is afraid of the dog door and just wo not use it.1. i'm wearing pink fuzzy slippers...what kind of shoes are you wearing??Desert Combat Boots2. Where can i buy ruby red slippers?I bought my granddaughters on ebay. Search under red shoes with your size -sneakers etc. Also try combinations searches like shoes red dorothy etc3. I wanna give her a cool Sweet 16 Present ! ?Body spray or perfume good book nail polish shirt sandals slippers cool ipod case some candy picture frame of friends face mask sunglasses magazine movie hope i helped.4. The Best Cozy Slippers for WinterThe Best Cozy Slippers for Winter Call me a #Grandmillenial, but there's nothing I love more than pulling on my cozy slippers and having a wild night innnn. (Yes, even before Covid lockdowns made such goings on a necessity). The trouble is, not all slippers are created equal. Some are not fluffy enough (the horror!); others are too slippery for comfort. So I did a deep dive on SwearBy to cull together the very best of the best for happy feet. I may buy every single pair here. When they call them Madewell, they are not joking. "I do not think a day has gone by in months that I have not worn these slippers," raves Madeleine Letellier of these sherpa-lined suede beauties. "They are the perfect winter addition to my WFH uniform - comfy and cozy, made for indoors, but also perfect for running outside to check the mail real quick." I especially love that they are backless-i.e. Practically guaranteed to be comfy for years to come, with no blisters in sight. I long to be the type of woman that swans around the house in maribou-topped high heels...but hold the heels. These faux fur pom-topped charmers get the glam job done without giving me any back pain. "I love these slippers!" says Lauren Manthripragada. "The faux fur keeps my feet cozy, the colorful pom poms add a fashionable flair and who does not love to buy Toms? These days, 1/3 of Toms profits go to COVID-19 support. So they warm the toes and the heart." Did we mention they are adorbs?? "I came across these incredible indoor/outdoor kicks at Outdoor Retailer and have never looked back," says Sasha Wallinger of these 100% wool shoes that can handle alfresco pursuits, thanks to their sturdy rubber soles. "Every other pair of slippers have taken a backseat to these, and I am writing this during the COVID-19 pandemic so there's never been a time that I've spent so much time in 'lounge shoes.' My favorite part about these boots are they just feel so incredibly comfortable every single time I put them on. They wear so well and I never feel too warm in them, plus they are super cute and pair well just about everything I am rocking these days." When slippers are called "Oh Yeah"-you know they are good. "I have always walked around the house barefoot instead of using slippers...Then I saw Gigi Hadid wearing a fluffy pair by Ugg not just in her house but out in public, with an actually cute outfit on. It instantly gave me Miu Miu vibes except the slippers were just under $100. I instantly went home and bought a pair in pink and purple," says slipper convert and style writer Tara Gonzales. "They feel like little clouds on my feet. I even keep one pair outside my door for running errands - they are so cute I do not mind being seen in them during my dog walks or runs to the grocery stores. And sometimes, I will even pair them with a going out outfit when I need a little extra fluff." No less than three SwearBy editors as of press time have ballyhooed these slippers, which comes as no surprise: L.L. Bean claims to sell a pair every 7 seconds in the month of December. "These are the comfiest, coziest slippers!" says Katherine Kitfield of the premium shearling numbers. "I've had them for 2 years, and they have not worn down at all." Kim McNabb has worn them for a decade, literally. "Looking for a slipper that keeps your feet warm and has enough traction to prevent slipping while taking out the trash in the dead of Winter? This is that slipper. Made to last - I've had these moccasins for 10 years and only had to replace them ONCE." *Adds to cart.*
Whats the Best Wedding Gift..?
My favorite gift was one our best man and his wife got us. It is a wooden box with a picture of us enameled on the top. They got it as snapfish.com. It's really pretty and sentimental. If they had engagement photos done that would be something neat to put on there. Something else fun might be a basket with his and her robes, slippers, wine, wine glasses, and chocolates1. What shoes is Usher (singer) wearing in his Love in this Club & Moving Mountains music videos?camel shaped slippers, with soft goatskin soles... for his soulful feet2. going as a ballerina for halloween. I have my old ballets slippers. how do I make them look like pointe shoes?Maybe try putting paper in the toe?? to appear that it has a hard toe. I would put ribbon laced up on your shoes so that the ribbon goes up you leg!3. Why do I get so hot and bothered over seeing other guys feet in scuff slippers? Is this a gay attraction?Yes my friend, you are having gay attractions4. Wear Slippers, Talk to Strangers, Take Notes: TheWritten by a returning GAP year seminary student (if you are the author, please tell us so we can give you credit) we are happy to share the ultimate handbook for your GAP year in Israel. Filled with amazing practical tips and tricks about everything from navigating the Israeli transport system to surviving your moldy dorm bathrooms, this is a must read for any GAP year student boarding a plane to Israel. We are also constantly updating this blog with new feedback we get from GAP year students and their parents. Even if you get lucky enough to have AC in your room, have a fan! It gets very hot in the dorms AND it acts as a white noise machine to help you sleep even when everyone is talking loudly right outside your room. Have a shower bin (and storage bins in general)! It keeps your toiletries together and prevents your (normal) dormmates from using your things accidentally. Keep your toothbrush inside a toothbrush cover. Your bathroom will likely be moldy and gross. You do not want your toothbrush touching that. Always wear slippers around the dorm (you will end up wearing them to class too) and flip flops in the shower. Otherwise, ew. with you to Israel for the first week so that you do not have to spend your first few days stressing out about buying them. Exchange a little bit of money (around $100-$200) at your local bank before you leave. It will be more expensive than doing it in Israel, but it will also save you the stress of having to find an exchange place near your dorm while you are still adjusting. Your school will also probably exchange $100 for you on your first day. You can also exchange money at the airport if you do not do it before you leave. They are not the best rates, but not so bad either. If you have a credit card, you do not need much cash (be sure to bring one with no extra fees for foreign transactions!). Bring at least 1 notebook and 1 pen with you so that you can take notes during your sample classes for your first week. They are real classes and are awesome! Download the Moovit app before attempting to take public transportation! It gives you all the bus info you will need and will help you avoid getting lost (you will get lost A LOT at first). The Gett taxi app is also great. Gett is Uber's Israeli brother. It's good to have in case you get stuck somewhere or just do not feel like taking a bus. The Central Bus Station is like an airport for buses. There are buses going to almost every city in the country from or near the station. Get a Rav Kav. A Rav Kav is basically a smart travel card that you use to get around on buses and trains. (In most big cities, you cant actually buy single tickets on the bus anymore). You can pick up the Rav Kav card in lots of service points around the country including the central bus station and that's also where you recharge the card. You can either get an anonymous card or you can get a personalized one with your name and picture (you will need your passport for this). The advantage of the personalized one is that if the card gets lost, you can recover the money from the lost card. There is also an app where you can check your balance and recharge your card but your phone has to be NFC enabled for the app to work. A nesher is an airport carpool van service. It will bring you to your dorm from the airport for a low price if you do not take the group flight. When going to the Kotel/Old City, get off the train at the stop called "City Hall". Do NOT get off at "Damascus Gate", even if it may seem closer - it's less safe. Be mindful of the volume of your voice on public transportation. Israelis hate loud American teens. Do not try to be cool and go hands-free on a bus if you are standing. There's nothing cool about falling on a stranger. Be ready for hikes and tiyulim. You will need a sports (or any) backpack, sneakers, water shoes (ie crocks, etc.- not flip flops), a hat of some sort, big water bottle, a portable phone charger. Anyone who receives a Masa scholarship will also receive an awesome Masa backpack sometime around October. Bring your yearly supply of makeup, tights, razors, and deodorant with you to Israel. These things will be much harder to buy there. Bring your favorite pain reliever medicine with you. Do not count on buying it there. Read the labels on everything you buy!Google translate will save you lots of money and pain (ex. means softener, not detergent. It's also the word for hair conditioner.) Label your things! Detergents, water bottles, dish sponges, food, etc. can often seem like they are for public use if you do not put your name on it, at least in the beginning. Unless you plan to order from one of the online services for direct Israel delivery, bring at least 1 set of linen and 1 body towel with you. You can buy more later. It's good to have an extra set of linen for Shabbos, you will often need to bring your own linen to wherever you go. Lice is a serious issue in Israel. Do not try on random hats in random stores. It's not worth it. Do not be afraid to talk to strangers. Most people are nice and will help you get around. Just be careful with who you approach. Do not be afraid to ask for help from your madrichot and shana bet girls. They did exactly what you are doing and can help you out. Do not be embarrassed to speak broken Hebrew. You will catch the language much faster if you try speaking it. Most people understand English though The shuk is meant for bargaining. Do not pay full price for anything. Bring a sewing kit. You will need it, even if you do not know how to sew. Being a backup phone. You never know what can happen and do not want to be phone-less. Keep a journal. You will appreciate it later. Do NOT assume that everything is kosher just because you are in Israel. You will probably get a list of reliable hechsherim from your school. Follow it. Do not be afraid to speak up if your roommates/dormmates do something that bothers you intensely. You are just as entitled to your comforts as they are. If you are afraid that you wo not make friends, so is everyone else in your school! Be friendly, introduce yourself, and relationships will form naturally. Do not let the brats intimidate you. They are not worth your mental energy. Learn the difference between the 10 shekel coin and the 10 agorot coin before paying for anything to avoid looking like an idiot tourist. Print pictures to hang on your wall! They will help you when you are feeling down and will add a nice personal touch to your room. Katsefet (Israeli version of Zoyo but better) has great WiFi! The password is katsefet.co.il. Know that you are not alone in your confusion. There are 100 other girls feeling the same way. You will get through it together. Wear sunscreen and drink lots of water! Dehydration is a serious issue among seminary girls. Record your classes!!! You will want them. The emergency numbers in Israel are 100 for police, 101 for ambulance and 102 for fire department You will hate the taste of Israeli water at first. You will get used to it. Your plastic and paper goods are gonna be thin and flimsy and cheap. Deal with it. Milk is much thicker and more fatty. The 3% is especially intense. It helps to add water to it if you have no option of buying the 1%. Random children may ask you to help them cross a street. It's cute and normal. You might not feel anything when you first go to the Kotel. It's normal. Do not worry, it will become your second home. You might be miserable on your first day. Keep your expectations low to avoid disappointment and know that it gets better. You will cry harder when you are leaving. Jerusalem is full of hills and stairs. Be prepared for your walk to the bus stop to be a workout. Jerusalem gets very cold during the winter and Poland especially, if you go. Come prepared. If your birthday is before November-ish, nobody will know about it. Make sure you do something with some friends to make it special. Toilet paper will become your printing paper, drawing paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, decorations, your everything. Toilet paper will become your best friend. Pizza is served on cardboard, not plates. There are stray cats everywhere. Do not touch them. You might accidentally be buying a graph notebook instead of a lined notebook. Check carefully before you buy. It is sometimes socially unacceptable (especially in Jerusalem) for religious guys and girls to sit next to each other on buses. You've been warned. You will spend lots of money and gain lots of weight. It's all part of the experience. This will be the best year of your life so far. We hope you enjoyed this article. At Pack for Camp - Israel we provide everything you need for your gap year in Israel. You can order bedding and towels, small appliances, toiletries, storage accessories, and more that will ship directly to your school in Israel.
Best Toddler and Kids Slippers
These cute slippers are fun and quirky. They come in seven designs, including sharks, dogs, dinosaurs, unicorns, and glittery black or silver. Their designs are cute and they are reasonably priced, with the cheapest pair at just a little over $16. Although these slippers boast an average rating of 4.7 stars out of five on Amazon, some customers complained that they are made out of cheap material that started to fall apart soon after purchasing. It should be noted that these negative reviews are very much the minority, though! These slippers are ideal for all children and come in toddler sizes and sizes 8-12 for bigger kids. These fuzzy slippers are the perfect combination of glamour and comfort. They come in mint, leopard print, pink, purple, and even tie-dye, suiting almost all tastes! These slip-on house shoes are designed to last with durable soles. They are also machine washable for those who are prone to the occasional spillage! The sling-back style means they wo not go flying off their feet as they play, either. These slippers run small so Amazon advises buyers to choose a size larger than they would usually go for. These slippers are adorable, comfy, and affordable! Does your kid love big, furry animals? These slippers are perfect for them! These slippers are great for active kids as they are made with padded grip soles. Plus, you can choose from eight animal designs to bring out your little one's inner grizzly bear! Customers love these, so if the oversized animal claw style is your thing, there are not any obvious drawbacks. These slippers are adorable and will make anyone who sees your kids in them smile. These moccasin slippers are the first of their kind on this list. This classic look from UGG is built to last and is well-suited to the kids who will wear them every day. Like all UGG products, you will struggle to find other slippers that can compare on comfort and heat retention, without making your child's feet sweat. Made with real suede, these slippers come in five designs and buyers rave about how comfy they are. Prices range from $69.95 - $79.95, which may be a little pricey, given that kids grow out of shoes quickly. Suede is also fairly unforgiving, so may not be ideal if your child loves doing art projects at home. These slippers come from a well-known, well-respected brand. And while they are on the expensive side, most reviewers believe they are worth the money. What is the best material for kids' slippers? Most slippers are made with cotton as it's breathable and comfortable without being too flimsy. Cotton is hypoallergenic and easy to maintain and clean. Cotton slippers allow the feet to breathe more than most other materials. How do you pick good slippers? The slippers you pick for your kids will be based on your intended use. When choosing your kids' slippers, think about your kids' body types. Do they have cold or dry skin? Do they sweat a lot? Also consider if they are typically messy kids or are likely to head outside in them, as you may be better off going cheap-and-cheerful if there's a good chance you will need to replace them in the near future. Which slippers are good for kids' feet? Any of the slippers on the list are great for kids, but in terms of physical design, slip-on shoes are often more convenient if you are trying to wrestle them onto an active toddler! The typical age for a size 9 is around three years old. It depends on the girl's age - if they are a toddler, then no, size 9 is not big. If they are 10 years old or older, then it's not uncommon for a girl over 5ft tall to fit a size 9. Children of about 5-6 years old will typically fit into a size 12 shoe. What are the best cute slippers for toddlers from this list? That depends on the type of design your kids like and your budget. While the UGG slippers at number nine are super well-reviewed, they are a little expensive considering how quickly kids' feet grow. Overall, the best-reviewed slippers with the fewest obvious drawbacks are these Millffy grizzly bear slippers. They are whimsy, comfortable, and super affordable. They come in a whole bunch of colors and designs to suit children of all tastes! Choosing the right pair of slippers for your kids comes down to comfort, durability, and price. While it may be tempting to splash out on the most expensive pair you find, it's worth remembering that children grow out of their clothes and shoes so quickly. While you may keep the same pair of slippers for up to five years, the same does not go for children, so their needs are different from yours. Every child is different, and no single pair of slippers will be perfectly suited to everyone. In the end, all that matters is that your children are comfortable and warm in a cute pair of slippers that make them happy!1. how do you get your guests to wear socks or slippers in your home to keep your carpets clean when they visit?I've had friends ask me to remove my shoes, and I have no trouble with this because I prefer going shoeless. However, what would you do if a guest has mobility problems, and needs shoes to balance themselves properly? I hope that you make allowances for that. Also, in the religion that I grew up in (which I do not follow), going barefoot means that someone has died. Therefore, one does not go barefoot at other times. Most likely you wo not run into that, but there could be other legitimate reasons. I would hate to think that a friendship is broken over a conflict over shoes.2. which UGG slippers do you prefer ?first off, i think the cozy II are a lot more attractive than the coquette. also, if you compare the soles, the cozy II's look a lot more durable and in it's description on the ugg website it even says it can be for outdoor use. i have a pair myself and i think they are very comfy and are great to go to school in.3. Can u tell me the best way to kill roaches? no fly swatter or slippers?Boric acid, It sticks to the hairs on their leggs, and it kills them when they clean it off. Since roaches eat other dead roaches it can quickly wipe out a colony. If it has grown too large then you may still need to hire an exterminator, but if you only see 1 or two now and again then hurry you already have hundreds living with you.
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