What Have Been President Obama's Biggest Foreign Policy Mistakes?

Well, I would categorize drone strikes against Americans abroad technically domestic policy. Someone may come along and tell me that would fall under foreign policy, but for now I'll assume that that travesty is technically domestic and not relevant to the question.Realistically, the closing of Gitmo would not have meant anything. Prisoners would have been shuffled into a new secret prison elsewhere- big deal.For me, the decision to let Iran keep the RQ-170 "Beast of Kandahar" drone intact is one of his major failing points. That drone should have been destroyed the second that we knew we had lost control of it. Iran would have been forced to sit on it's collective hands while it claimed to have hacked a US drone- then we blew it to smithereens. We could have almost publicly laughed at them. Claiming to have hacked one of the most classified UAVs of the most technological military in the world? You guys? Jay Leno would have laughed it off.

Second- The decision to put Special Forces "advisors" into Uganda. This is starting to sound a lot like the Vietnam conflict all over again. We sent in advisors one day... The Gulf of Tonkin was a natural progression.

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Are there any Egyptian cities that are now underwater?

The ancient city of Thonis, most commonly known as Thonis-Heracleion. It was believed that Thonis and Heracleion were two different cities but later it was found that they are the name of only one city.The remains were explored by a French underater archeologist- Franck Goddio. A tremor is believed to be the cause of the whole city drowning in the water.In early 2000s, a group of archeologists discovered the sunken city, ruins of temples, pottery, jewelery, coins, oil lamps and personal belongings of the people were also found.The city is believed to be founded around 2700 years ago and was a hub for international trade and commerce.

A well planned network of canals, harbors, ports, temples and tower houses and all joined together by a network of ferries and bridges throws a light on the fact that the city controlled most of it's maritime traffic.The above image is the Steele of Thonis-Heracleion. It is observed that Thonis (egyptian) and Heracleion (greek) are the names of the same city but different in versions of explaination.

Above image shows how tha city was pulled on to the ground.No doubt the excavation of Thonis-Heracleion would have been a tedious task but it stands on the face of the earth again - all thanks to the modern day technology


What is the most important belief that propels your life? Let's share what profound wisdom we have found in our individual lives.

Managing risk by looking at the evidence, and then implementing that evidence.Most people do things which aren't in their own best interest because they are emotional, and I am too, as I am a person too of course!But if you face up to the fact you aren't rational, as I did, I can then put checks and balances on myself to stop me from being irrational as much as humanly possible.For example, I gained a lot of passive income by simple:Looking at the academic evidenceInternalizing it (not reading it just once)Importantly, implementing it.com/2018/06/09/6-steps-to-financial-freedom/Right now I am trying to get fitter and fitter. I am not a medical expert unlike my dad, so I can't read technical academic papers. But what I can do is:Read the simplified evidence that somebody with knowledge has put upRead it again to internalize itImplement it by asking myself if I can put in processes (such as having a personal trainer or gym buddy) to make me do it day in day out. It is easy to give up.

Its very simple but as Richard Branson said, anybody can make something complex. Simple is far more effective


Why were there dead bodies in the marshes that Frodo, Sam, and Sméagol were attempting to cross?

They are the corpses of the fallen Elves, Men and Orcs at the battle of Dagorlad, at the end of the Second Age in the year 3434 (3000 years before the Lord of the Rings). The Last Alliance between Men and Elves, led by Gil-galad for the Elves and Elendil for the Men, marched on Mordor to fight Sauron and met his army there, before the Black Gate.The battle of enormous, involving hundreds of thousands troops and raging for months.

The army of the Last Alliance was made of High-Elves from Eriador led by Gil-galad, High-Elves from Rivendell led by Elrond, High-Elves from Lorien led by Amdir, Sylvan Elves from Mirkwood led by Oropher (father of Thranduil and grand-father of Legolas), Men from Arnor and Gondor led by Elendil and his sons Isildur and Anarion, Dwarves from Moria and some other people.The Last Alliance was victorious and entered Mordor where started the siege of Barad-dur, Saurons fortress. In the movie The fellowship of the Ring, the battle in the introduction is this siege, which lasted 7 years and ended with the defeat of Sauron.

At the aftermath of the battle of Dagorlad, the place was so much filled with corpses that it became known as the Dead Marshes. King Amdir of Lorien and King Oropher of the Sylvan Elves were among the victims


What are some views on the recent death of IAS officer Mukesh Pandey?

If he had a personal problem, he should have taken his time off for a certain period. Well, as mentioned in the video, he loved his wife very much but felt that they were poles apart. Well, in that case, if you are not compatible with each other, then surely you can opt for divorce. Where is shame in it? After all, all this hype around marriage is only a society based rule and the belief that marriages are made in heaven is a pretty fantasy type thinking. Mukesh ji had a fulfilling job, he could have taken a light posting, enjoyed with the people who cared for him instead of living with someone who he felt no happiness with.Men should also learn to be mentally tough when it comes to drawing lines even with their wives and parents. In India, marriage has become more of a social contract with engineers, doctors and govt servants in huge demand. From my own experiences, I can say that marriages based on such factors cannot give complete happiness, after all, they are based on mutually agreed conditions.Again, Indian culture, along with both men and women, has a long way to got to mature.

May his death serve us as a reminder that nothing is worth the suicide


Is Trump justified in saying that he has never respected John Brennan?

It is probably accurate that Trump never respected John Brennan. Probably the first time that Trump met Brennan (and well as Gen. Clapper) is when they briefed him in the summer of 2016 at the direction of President Obama to talk about Russian interference. Trump ignored it then and ignores it to this day. He probably has no respect for anyone saying that Russia interfered in the election.Is he justified? Well, John Brennan isnt everyones cup of tea. He is a pit bull when it comes to issues, never backs down and will stand up for what he believes is right (even if its politically dumb). Brennan has probably had a more senior role in US counter-terrorism issues for longer than anyone else in the IC. He set up and ran the CTC under President Bush, than was an advisor in the WH and CIA Director under President Obama. Im not sure you can find a senior IC individual who has had such a sustained and deep exposure on counter-terrorism policy and decisions. Its Brennan that systemized our drone policy (so it wasnt ad hoc with multiple back and forth discussions every time a possible target popped up unexpectedly


Do you know anyone who didn't vaccinate their kid(s) and came to regret it?

Yes, me.Well, Im a special case.I am 100% in favor of all childhood vaccines. And adult vaccines. And elder vaccines.However, my adult son is 100% anti-needle.So, when he went in for a physical at age 20, and his doctor asked if he wanted a pertussis booster, he said no.

Guess what he came down with?Cmon, youll never get it....Yeah. Pertussis. Whooping cough.He missed weeks of work, and never actually got all the way better.Pertussis led to asthma. Chronic asthma led to nasal polyps. Polyps led to cranial bone loss and a deviated septum. Cranial bone loss and a deviated septum have him scheduled for surgery next Tuesday. Surgery for polyps means a lifetime of sinus care he will have to follow or risk a recurrence and more surgery.In the mean time, my husband and I had just had our pertussis boosters for our trip to India, and our younger son had his full roster of shots, so we were fine.

We dont know exactly where our son picked up his infection, but Colorado did have a Whooping Cough outbreak that year, due largely to unvaccinated children, so he must have come into contact with one of them


Why do people always accuse George W. Bush of causing loss of American lives in Iraq while the same is not applied for Roosevelt who aided the allies in WWII and ultimately led Hitler to declare war on the US?

First of all the reason Hitler declared war on the US was not because of lend-lease, I. E., helping the Brits, it was because he knew he'd have to knock America out of the war if he were to achieve European domination. The invasion of Iraq was a war of choice. US interests and national security weren't threatened. We invaded a sovereign country.In WWII, the Japanese declared on the US after Pearl Harbor and by Germany shortly there after. This was a war for our national security, not for aggrandizement.The outcome of the war often affects how historians view the war. In Iraq, there was the Humpty Dumpty effect. The war ultimately destabilized Iraq , allowing for the fracturing of the country with competing factions of Isis, Kurds, and Iranian backed Shi'ites. The mess from Syria may have been contained if Saddam was still heading Iraq instead of spilling over . Saddam may have also kept Iran in check. "All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn't put Iraq back together again." In WWII, the outcome was a stable and prosperous Europe, with Germany having a solid democratic government. Japan threw off its imperialism and formed a democratic, peaceful and prosperous nation. The US had half the world's GNP after the war and reversed the effects of the depression.


I am a Led Zeppelin fan and until now, I was totally unaware of their plagiarism cases. I feel weird. What are your views on this topic?

The plagiarism cases don't change the music. The songs remain the same.It's perfectly alright to continue enjoying LZ. Personally, I think the STH plagiarism accusation is BS. The only one that, for me, holds water, is the DaC thing. But still: it doesn't change the music.As far as the blues songs, well, black folks invented rock. A LOT of bands were ripping off black music at the time (Rolling Stones, for instance.

) It was par for the course. The Lemon Song was an homage to Robert Johnson, as was Traveling Riverside Blues. Furthermore, a LOT of blues songs are traditional, and there aren't many blues chord progressions.I REALLY don't think LZ meant any harm. And, even if there WAS malicious intent, the music still sounds the same. I've been into LZ since I was about 11 (in 91,) and by the time the plagiarism business came up, it was WAY too late for me to decide I didn't like them because of it.If the plagiarism stuff REALLY bothers you, try to separate art from artist.If you still can't handle it, start listening to Robert Plant's incredible, criminally underrated solo work, both from the 80s and 90s, and the more recent stuff.

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