What Happen to Cartoon Network!!!?

I REALLY miss the 90s stuff from old Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. I have a lot of the old cartoons on DVD lol. Adventure Time and Regular Show are pretty good though not comparing them to the old stuff but still think they are good.

1. What is the joke of this cartoon?

It's a schoolyard, right? And you can see on it that there is a hopscotch grid in the background? And the teacher is telling the students they can remove their hats but stay inside this shaded area where there are too many to have room to run around? The above paragraphs simply enumerates the clues which suggest that this is one of the most ABSURD recesses you can have. They are SO busy trying to keep their children protected from the sun and otherwise safe that they are NOT giving them the chance to run around and have fun, which is what children need. See it now?

2. Whats your favorite cartoon?

The Mighty Bee


rada rada rada rada rada

4. What is your favorite Cartoon?

Home Movies.... greatest show ever on adult swim

5. What is difference between anime and cartoon?

I agree with the user Whatevers about what the difference is between anime and cartoon. :)

6. ideas for a political cartoon?

Do some research. Google "berlin Wall political cartoons" etc. You can not copy exactly, but you should find some ideas

7. Political cartoon ideas for oil prices?

The beverly hillbillies (you know "got rich from oil") mansion getting massive addition built on, while the rest of America looks through the locked gates in shambles??? Interesting question to try and answer anyways.

8. What show is this (shown on Cartoon Network)?

I think it's Robot Chicken

9. What is your favorite cartoon character? ?

Bugs bunny, he is so funny

10. Who are these cartoon/Animé characters?

2. lion king-simba 4. digimon-ty 6. gargoyles-the gargoyles 9. mulan-mulan 10.teenage mutant ninja turtles-michealangelo, leonardo, raphael, donatello 12. pinnochio-pinnochio 13. bambii-bambii 14. sailor moon-mars venus earth mercury jupiter saturn uranus neptune pluto 17. little mermaid-ariel 18. code geass-zero/lelouch 19. full metal alchemist-alphons 20. herclules-hercules

11. whats your favorite cartoon?

Spongebob it cracks me up and him and Patrick Star are cute

12. Cartoon history show in the UK?

Time Squad? That's the only time travelling cartoon I remember as a kid

13. Does anyone know about a cartoon network cartoon from the 90's?

Haha, Freakazoid. I liked that show when I was a kid.

14. Is Cartoon Network going down?

Honestly Cartoon Network does have crappy shows NOW..... The only one that is still on that i seem to find humorous on occasion is Chowder... Cartoon Network's only good ORIGINAL shows these days seem to come from Adult Swim. .. To give them a little credit thier non-original shows such as Total Drama Island, 6teen, and all of Toonami were and still are GREAT! But sadly, those are usually the first ones to go to make room for new more crappy original shows

15. what is wrong with cartoon network?!?

i miss cartoon network :/

16. What the heck happpened to Cartoon Network?

I feel your pain. I was just thinking about this the other day. All the shows nowadays do not have the fun cartoon feel to them. The cartoons I grow up on are not there anymore. The stupidest shows are on there now. Like Jonny Test, Chowder, Flapjack, and I do not even like that cartoon reallity show. Do kids really like watching that? My favorite show was Ed Edd and Eddy. I think that's the only good old show they still show from time to time. Do you remember that show Samuari Jack. That show was bad!!(In a good way) Edit: I agree with Nini. Toonami was great! I still remember Ruroni Kenchen, Yu Yu Hakasho, The old Transformers armada, and Dragon Ball Z. I used to stay up every night to watch them!

17. In "crush" with a cartoon character?

Zero from Vampire Knight was sooooooooo cute, but then I realized that crushes on cartoon characters were dumb so I am not a fangirl anymore. But then I saw Kagamine Len.... ;)

18. Is it a sin to view cartoon porn?

Sin is committed in your heart

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