What Grade in Ballet Can I Use Canvas Ballet Shoes?

you can use canvas when ever. They are better to wear in my opinion

1. Should teen beginers use split sole or full sole ballet shoes?

I've never taken ballet (i am 16) but i am gonna start this summer... I've been wondering the same thing. I like the split-sole better cause it's more flexible but i heard beginners should get full-sole because it make you work harder to get a good arch and the split-sole makes it easy which makes you a lazy dancer..... i still do not know what to go with though.

2. How do I dye a pair of pink ballet shoes?

Iv never heard of dying them but for one of my recitals I Had to spray paint them and it worked out pretty good

3. ballet shoes???? please answer?

first of all i love your name (ha ha ha...) you should wear ballet slippers to your class, but if you are unable to get them in time for your first class then you should probly just go barefooted. when you get your ballet shoes you should buy them at a dance store near where you live (you could get them online but then it is hard to get the right size) good luck with ballet and i hope i helped!!

4. i am looking for new ballet shoes and i don't know what size to get?

it depends what style you would like to use. a bloch leather split sole, which i highly reccomend, you will need like 3.5 a capezio full sole would be about half a size up. canvas usually runs whole sizes, so go up a size from street shoe. you may want to get fit for your first pair starting back.

5. How much do demi pointe ballet shoes cost? (Australia)?

Hey, I would not bother getting demi-pointe on top of your normal technique shoes as this is a little unnessecary if you are only taking one class a week at the moment. Plus, you are essentially paying an extra 20 for something that is essentially just a normal ballet flat with a bit of a hardened toe (which you can not even use!), so I would stick to normal technique flats for now. No, you do not sound too big to pursue Ballet recreationally, you are actually smaller and lighter than I am! There is no ideal body type for recreational Ballet :) Good luck, hope this helps! Edit for additional: You are going to have to jump straight into five lessons a week if you intend to go pro as it is STUPIDLY hard to be a professional dancer and nobody can have the technique and strength required if they just begin on one hour a week, you will have to jump in head first I am afraid, look at what mintchip has written and you will see, her daughter is a professional Ballet dancer, so she knows exactly what she's talking about Vicky xx.

6. white ballerina shoez?!?! (not real ballet shoes)?

Target. Payless. Walmart. Claires. 5.7.9. [ I love their selection of those kinds of shoes. They are really cute. Do not know if they have this store around where you live though] JC Pennys Macys Boscovs Wet Seal Bakers Pac Sun Journeys Zumes Hottopic [Do not underestimate them. I love their shoes.] Charlotte Rouse Their shoes are really cute too] Bare Feet [ They have amaaaazing shoes there .. but ... again .. not sure if you will have this store around where you live .. and if you do not want to spend a whole lot of money you sould always go to TJ Max Ross You would be surprised what kinds of cute shoes they have there. I underestimated them. Well ... anyways .. I hope I helped. Good luck on your shoes search! [:

7. How quickly do point ballet shoes wear out?

That sounds about right for a professional. This is why most companies supply their dancers with pointe shoes. One girl in my class says that when her mom was 15 at SAB, she went through a pair almost each day. Your very first pair of pointe shoes can last up to 6 months, and you may even grow out of them before they die. Of course, this depends entirely on the individual. Yes, you do sew ribbons and elastic on your shoes, but for shows, the dancers have to sew their shoes (I believe just the ribbons) to their tights. Ribbons untying themselves on stage are just terrible, and dancers get yelled at if the ends even peek out from where they have been tucked in. Shoes popping off your heels are equally as terrible (may happen if someone steps on the back of your shoe?) They literally sew themselves into the shoes.

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