What Events Led to the Construction of the Berlin Wall? What Led to the Fall of the Berlin Wall?

IMHO it was interest driven and not event driven:We are all liars from the very beginning, this includes especially the politicians."nobody wants to build a wall" means "all want to build a wall"It was in the interest of both East AND! West to keep Germany in 2 parts.The East wanted to stop the brain drain, the West to keep (West-)Germany small. Since socialism does not work IRL, East-Germany was bankrupt 1981.West-Germany (Strauss) financed East-Germany behind the scenes, to absorb the future shock.They had 8 years time to organize, and they found Gorbachev who has both brain and heart.

1. How easily could I put together 2 green LED lights in a series and make it battery operated?

A volt meter is a intense impedance so it wont load the battery down, subsequently the intense examining. the only thank you to purpose the battery with a voltmeter is to examine the voltage at an identical time as utilizing a load. it particularly is positive in case you are finding out dry cells, you in simple terms connect it a to a lamp or placed a resistor throughout it. that is harder to do it with a lead acid battery. the main suitable way is try it with a hydrometer, you are able to substitute the acid (it particularly is somewhat drastic) and of direction you ought to cost it up over night and look at out it with the hydrometer back. you are able to in simple terms bypass through the specs as to what the battery is able to handing over. Sorry.

2. Are there any examples where psychic advice led to real world results?

Ronald Reagan did not make any political decisions without consulting Joan Quigley....his astrologer. Those were some real world results right there.I just read a story about a psychic who, this year, predicted that there will be a mass melting of the polar ice caps by 2050. I imagine they would have been fine if they had not made that particular prediction.Do a google search for "psychic wastes police time" if you want some more insight into how psychics make the world a safer, better place

3. using cree led without led driver and heat?

Cree Led Driver

4. What led to the fall of Argentina in the 20th century?

The other answers here are spot on. Socialism is what you can have until you run out of someone elses money. So after Peron came in, in the 1950s they ran through the countries own reserves in 10 years, then started getting loans and ran through that. Then the military took over, then after that more Peronist goverments came in and got more international loans, then defaulted, then 10 years later there was a crisis and they defaulted, then got more loans and then defaulted. Any industry that works is taxed to the limit until they either fold or stop working, or barely work.Argentina is a petrie dish of failed economic policies that havent worked anywhere else over the last 100 years that they all try again, and again, and again. Apart from that I like the place

5. is adding led lights to a motorcycle illegal in california?

not sure about laws but usually in all states i know blue and red are illegal to be on, blue and red can only be on emergency vehicles, so yes i think thats illegal

6. Horse just stops while being led?

carry a short jumping bat and next time she trys this crap, look ahead and give her a tap on her flank. If she does not respond crack her ***, hard one time with your left hand while you are looking forward. She should spring forward so dont be suprised. reward and walk on. any forward movement even if it is too much for you must be rewarded not with food stuffed in her face but a little pat and good girl is enough. make sure she is getting plenty of hay to eat and never allow her to snatch her head down again...ever. she can graze on her own time

7. Are blue LED lights on headlights legal?

Very I hope you have money to pay a large fee lol :)

8. what is this led zeppelin song?

Going To San Francisco Lyrics

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This Site Might Help You. RE: Where can I find individual LED lights? I can not find just Individual led lights. Im wanting them for a project, Ive looked online but I can only find strips and not just "one" to where i can buy them in bulk in different colors. I know radio shack carries them but Im trying to avoid them since they are high priced.1. Is it true that the Sony Ericsson P1i cannot record video with the LED lights on?Yes, this is due to it's energy management codec2. How long will a 9v battery power 4 led lights ?Depends how much current you run through them. If they are bright LED's and you drive them hard, you may only get 15 minutes of decent life. If they are low current indicator types, they could go for a week.3. Can you put led lights in place of standard tail light bulbs?The load resister goes from the hot wire to ground on each of the turn signal bulbs. You can get a pair of them on eBay for under $5. You can get the bulbs on eBay too if you look around. -- I have found bulbs sold on sites, got the description and found them on auctions. They even use the same pictures.4. No boot, no beep codes. MB LED lights up and fans come on.?Probably the power supply. I know that sounds odd,, but fans can spin, but the powersupply is still bad. If not the PS, then alas it is probably the MB5. Need kit of LED lights with electric board for assembling stairway lights that operate by motion made in CanadDo not know if this will help, but--- allelectronics.com has the stuff to build it yourself.6. are blue led lights on your sideview mirror legal in ca????HELP PLEASE!!!?When it does not matter. The fact that they are blue can go under as impersonating a police vehicle. But most people do it. That is only if an officer really hates you and wants to push the law to its full extent. If you are talking about those lights that are an arrow when you turn... no it is not illegal. have fun...7. Is it illegal to have solid blue led lights on your motorcycle in Florida?YES blue is the Polices color.. "flash the blue lights read them their rights.... Drama"8. Do i will get pull over if i put LED lights on my rims?you have no idea my friend ,why would you want to do that .i would think its a crazy idea .ok.get real9. LED lights interior in a vehicle. is it legal?What you do to the inside of your car does not really matter.. It is usually legal10. LED Lights: What part of my car do these go on?what in the hell? it just looks like someone's junk. they are ugly and they do not even look like LEDs. looks like there is a huge bulb inside of there or something.11. What's the real Pros of using LED lights?They last a long time and are very durable12. I have led lights in my ford ranger they blink fast which i think is cool?It's a good choice.You can use it.Do not worry13. how do i put led lights in xbox 360 controller buttons?Why the F*ck would you want to do that? Just use it as it is. It would probs screw up your controller anyway. Just leave it14. how many volts does it take to light 4 white LED lights?you like the i/v stats on the led. usually, you does not use a 9V battery to easy an led for terribly long in non-provide up operation, because of the fact the battery will die. For smaller led's, you have gotten 20ma at .6v. For the extra contemporary extreme intensity leds, maybe 700ma at 2. 5V. In the two case, you are able to discover you like a contemporary proscribing resistor to drop voltage so which you do no longer burn the led up. you pick the resistor understanding you are able to desire to drop X volts at a anticipated working contemporary; For this 20ma led, you prefer to drop 8.4 v and function a 20ma contemporary. to that end, a 8.4/.02 = 420 ohm resistor could be used
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