What Else Should You Change When You Replace Your Car's Radiator?

actually you do not have to do anything else as long as your cooling system has been flushed out recently and the thermostat is working good

1. Should I use a purified water when changing my radiator fluid?

When it comes to your car dude think about it like this...what would you want to drink...purified or tap...then decide

2. can i paint a baseboard radiator someone told me if i paint it the heat wont work wright is that true?

You can paint the heater, But do not get paint on the heating coils inside. The same is true for the cast Iron radiators. Paint acts as a insulation & slows down the heat.

3. Does it matter if the radiator hose sucks in any air from the coolant reservoir?

It will only matter in that it will take longer to suck in fluid to cool the engine when the enginge thermostat opens up at operating temperature. Here is the key : When your driving, the coolant gets hot, which will expand, 'pushing' water into the container. When your parked, the coolant will cool, which will 'vacuum' coolant back into the radiator from the container. So, you should not have any worries. Be sure to monitor the coolant leves to ensure that you at least have enough room for both expansion, and Coolant to be drawn in during cooling. -JimR

4. how do i flush out my radiator on my 1990 jeep cherokee laredo?

what you did was plugged it up using that stuff which does not work. Looks like you going to have to replace that heater core which has very small passage ways. Do NOT drain or flush. Instead for the time being you take the hose from the water pump that goes to the firewall,and put it back in the other side of the water pump from the hose that is returning from the firewall. This will keep for a while but you will not have a heater or a defroster. Maybe too cold and will fog up your window a winter time. Or you might go ahead and get another installed. The freeze plug is different story, that you might have to replace them off. It is might as well thing to do when one is bad more then likely to others are not far from behind. I think for now until you get the money and need a car, just disconnect heater and use a wash cloth for your frosty windows. And of course a couple of blankets. A heater that plugs in the cigarette lighter works good too. I always carry one in the winter time, just in case

5. Replaced thermostat in 96' jeep cherokee, coolant overflowing out of radiator with cap off?

The reason that the water shot back out of the radiator is ,because that's when the thermostat opened and the water went into the engine block where it was hot and it caused it to shot back at you. You should have wanted until the water had stop coming out then finished feeling it up. Look at that thermostat housing and see if it has a bleeder valve on it or beside it, so you can remove the air from the engine.

6. Should I worry about the small crack in my Jeep Wrangler radiator?

Your friend is way too optimistic. If the radiator was pressure tested and it leaked - you can bet the farm it's going to leak when you drive it. If it's a small, minor leak, just be sure to check the coolant level often and keep it topped off with a 50/50 antifreeze mix. The price of a radiator is not worth risking the price of an engine - keep the cooling system full.

7. B13 engine w/ radiator problem help me please!!?

You should never run a car without the thermostat. The problem you describe could not come from a thermostat problem. You blew your head gasket, between a cooling passageway and a cylinder and now you get engine compression pumping into the cooling system and filling the cooling system with over 100PSI and the system is designed for about 16PSI. You need to get your head gasket changed.

8. 1995 cadillac gets hot replaced radiator,thermostat,hoses what else could it be?

Blown head gasket, bad gauge

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Have you thought about changing the electrical temperature sensor in the cylinder head?1. How many liquids runs inside a radiator? REF; Nissan Sentra 2002 1.8, at?Its probably rust. At one time someone did not use coolant and used just water. But check you oil to make sure it does not have water in it. You could have a blown intake or head gasket. But thats the worst case. Like i said probably just rusty water. Antifreeze has chemicals that keeps the engine from rusting2. is it expensive to convert from radiator heat to gas or electric heat in a house?electric heat3. Itu2019s winter and 20u00b0F outside. What would cause a car gauge to read all the way hot as soon as I turn on the car, but the engine and radiator are cold to the touch?The temperature sensor has failed. They usually either fail in a manner in which they read full hot (which yours has)not in a manner in which they read full cold4. I have a small leak through one of my rubber hoses, leaking radiator fluid, would electrical tape work for a fix?nope, once it gets hot and wet it wont stick , your only option is to replace the hose5. Why is it my 2000 GMC Jimmy Still leaks & over heats after new Radiator ?I suggest you take it back to where you had the work done as they aint fixed it. It will probably be a hose or hose joint leaking . Did you fit a new radiator pressure cap? Err white smoke = steam.6. i have a 1988 toyota 4 cylinder,22r engine, water in the oil pan & oil in the radiator.?next time take your car to a qualified mechanic to change the oil and flush the radiator7. Can anyone advise how i can stop the radiator pipe from dripping please?Sounds like you made a small crack in the copper tubing or a fitting has came loose. You need to shut the water off to that radiator, if not able to then the water to the whole system will need to shut off. Then dont forget to shut off your boiler first. Best to have a HVAC company come out and inspect it and repair it8. my 240 sx 1995 radiator got so hot tonight i couldnt touch it. i could touch the intake.?A number of things. The thermostat could be stuck in the closed position not allowing any water flow. Less likely is tha water pump gone bad or going bad but that usually leaks when that happens. Check the thermostat first9. Getting a 98 Monte Carlo SS(z34) needs new engine perhaps?You are going to need more than $4000 if you are getting a new engine for it. If the mileage is high, id just keep that 4k to keep it running. No point in dressing up a turd, just an expression. Get the head gasket and cooling problems fixed, do not get a paint job. A new engine costs at least 3500 and another 1500 to get it installed. a good paint job is at least 2000 Head gasket replacement is usually $1000 and up Radiator probably $150labor DO NOT drive it if it overheats. You wont get far and WILL need a new engine.10. OK, I Just changed my thermostat and had my Taurus flushed and filled (radiator)and still no heat from heater?There is a valve on the hoses that supply coolant to the heater. It is probably not working. Usually vacuum operated11. has anyone ever changed a radiator on a 1999 jeep cherokee sport?you may have 2 transmission lines a couples hose and about 10 bolts12. How do I Keep a room from getting overheated, by a Radiator that does not turn off?tell your landlord to have the valve fix,that is his responsibility,and that is why you pay him the rent,simple13. Car Trouble, radiator heats up too quickly lately. Honda Civic 1996?#1. Fill the radiator to the top when the motor is stone cold with Honda Antifreeze. #2. Fill the plastic coolant recovery bottle 3/4 full #3. Take the car to a Honda dealer and ask for an inexpensive *cooling system pressure test which will find any external or internal cooling system leaks. #4. When was the last time that your cooling system was drained, flushed and CLEANED with one part powered acid cooling system cleaner to get the corrosion, rust and clime out of the cooling system? #5. Install a new thermostat and radiator pressure cap from a Honda Dealer.
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