What Else Do I Need to Start Salt Water Tank?

Salt. Preferably aquarium salt

1. Putting Fish in Water Tank?

Fish do not help!!! They would make it worse and i dont know how your horses will feel about that it could make them uncomfortable but algae, and bugs, and alot of other things that are disgusting will get in it if they havnt already b/c There are always dead birds in them!!!

2. What would happen if I turn off my goldfish's water tank light?

Gold fish will not have a problem sleeping in the dark. I myself have never had a light on my goldfish tanks. Goldfish Secrects is a great book to read on goldfish.

3. What would cause water to stop running in house even though there is water in water tank?

There might be a blockage in the pipeline

4. My gas hot water tank keeps turning off, and there is no hot water coming out of our taps.?

If you mean the copper cylinder that is heated by the gas boiler, it needs time to heat the water after you have used it all up, takes about 20-30 minutes

5. How do you reset a rheem electric hot water tank?

Is the water heater gas or electric? If is is plugged in to electricity check and see if there is current getting to the plug. If there is no electric connection then your problem is unrelated. Did you reset the breaker after it was tripped. If these solutions dont work you will need to call a plumber

6. Immersion Hot Water Tank keeps tripping Electrics?

In addition to previous answers, if there is no Immersion Heater 'boss' with a 2 and 1/4 inch thread then one can be fitted. It is called an "Essex" flange and is available from all good plumbers' merchants. You will then need to buy an immersion heater of a suitable length to screw into the "Essex" flange. You will need a suitable 15 amp fused spur adjacent to the immersion heater that should be installed by a qualified electrician. Otherwise the suggestion of a single electric heater installed in the hot water system may be more economic but it depends upon the level of use, position of basins, baths and sinks etc

7. How can I make my HOT WATER TANK vent properly?

The heater that you have is made to be vented thru the roof to a point at least 2 feet above the highest point of the roof within 10 feet on the vent. If you cannot vent it out the roof, either on its own or tied into an approved vent of another heater such as a furnace, then you are going to have to have a water heater that uses a power vent that can exit thru a wall. You realize the dangers of the present condition, so this needs your utmost attention to correct the condition.

8. how long should i change water for a tank with an arowana?

This really depends on what is in your tank. If you just have the arowana you could go longer than if you had other fish in their as well. This also really depends on the size of your tank in that larger tanks need to have water changes done less often. This also depends how you feed your arowana. Mine eats mice, rats, lizards, fish, flakes & pellets. If yours is only eating pellets than you would be able to get away with changing it less than if you are putting hundreds of feeder fish in your tank every week like I am. Regardless though, it never hurts to do a 40% water change for your fish every two weeks. I do exactly that on my tanks and recommend that you do the same, and eventually you will have a big and beautiful arowana that will one day jump out of your tank to catch mice upon being trained to do so like mine does.

9. Price and equipment for a ten gallon salt water tank?

alot start with fresh water and then see what happens if anything you have 2 tanks and you got to remeber salt water fish cost $20 and up good luck

10. How do I make a Liquid-level-indicator for an overhead sintex water tank

The float and counterweight are in the tank attached to pulleys. the indicator is attached to the counterweight as well and helps to balance the weights. From the diagram you can complete the project. Some water must be added to the float so as to balance the weight of the counterweight. This is trial and error until you get it right

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Clean Drinking Water on Board - Part 1, Watermakers for Boats
How do watermakers work?Watermakers use Reverse Osmosis to make water. This is the opposite process of osmosis that plants use. Wiki definition of Reverse Osmosis and description; Reverse osmosis (RO) is a separation process that uses pressure to force a solvent through a membrane that retains the solute on one side and allows the pure solvent to pass to the other side. The membrane is designed to allow only water to pass through this dense layer while preventing the passage of solutes (such as salt ions). This process requires that a high pressure be exerted on the high concentration side of the membrane, usually 2 to17 bar 30 to 250 psi, for fresh and brackish water, and 40 to 70 bar 600 to 1000 psi, for seawater, which has around 24 bar 350 psi, natural osmotic pressure which must be overcome.Types of watermaker Modular, Self Contained or Portable units are made for use on boats. For very small boats or even kayaks portable units are the way to go. For most boats however modular systems are best. Modular systems can be mounted in individual parts and do not require one large space, but several much smaller spaces. Most manufactures produce self contained units that house all the parts of the watermaker between the through hull and the water tanks. These setups are easily controlled but require a large amount of space.Components of a typical modular system A typical installation involves a seawater supply, preliminary filtration to remove weeds and large contaminants, a low pressure pump to push the water through the particle filter which remove particles down to 5 microns, a high pressure pump to supply the RO membrane. Fresh water from the membrane is then sent to the water tank. For every gallon of fresh water produced roughly 10 gallons is required to pass through the membrane, the remainder goes overboard in the form of brine. Hose runs should be minimal especially in low energy systems.Power to the pumps, can be supplied by battery, generator or engine driven pumps. Large capacity watermakers generally need an AC power source. Smaller capacity and low energy watermakers can use DC AC or engine driven pumps.How much water are you going to need, what size watermaker do you need? Calculate how much water you need by estimating your daily usage/person/day. Older estimates allowed for a minimum of 1/2 to 1 gallon/person/day. This rate does not include showers, dishes and other extras. Nowadays with modern conveniences its more like 2 1/2 to 3 galls/person/day. Work out how much you want to run the watermaker. You don't want to run it all day, but you may want to run it while the generator is on, while the engine is on and your charging your batteries. So maybe 2-3 hour per day run time is reasonable. Tank size is also an issue. Its no good making 400 gallons if the tanks are not big enough. Normally watermakers give their estimated outputs based on 70 degree F. Colder water temps may produce less water.Maintenance The membrane needs to be flushed regularly to remove the particles and salt that have been built up on the supply side of the membrane during the RO process.Conclusion You now have fresh water, what no, what do you mean no. Water from the membrane goes into the water tank however there maybe contaminants in the tanks and pipes. Read part 2 of the making fresh water series to find out how to keep water fresh in the water tank and water lines before use.
The Boy and the Dyke
I feel like the boy with a hole in the dyke. Sure, the grass was long near the water tank. And yes, I was a bit close with the brush cutter. But I couldn't have been that close. Could IThe thing is, when you've 4000 litres of water held in a corrugated iron water tank - the only source of water for your pigs, for the cow when she spends the night in the barnyard, for sprouting barley and all those other outdoor, essential chores - you feel mightily dumb when two water spouts appear, within centimetres of the bottom of the tank after meandering past with the brush cutter. To be honest, I wasn't even using a blade. Just a plastic bit called a 'weed whacker' that does brilliantly at keeping the bracken and thistles down but not something I thought would carve through metal.All I know now is that I'm in danger of losing all the water in the tank. I press my finger to the largest hole. And it gets bigger. I try to dry the outside of the tank so I can put some gaffer tape over the hole (please, those who understand these things, don't laugh), and another hole appears further along. The reason I've got the problem, a three-hole problem now, is that this tank is rusted through. Because some of the grass is cut from around the base I can see the telltale orange spots. If I look closely, I can see water seeping from some of them. If I hadn't hit the thing with a weed whacker, a mere bump or brush or any external pressure would cause the thing to leak.Which doesn't make it any better. A new tank will be nearly two months in coming. It has to be made to size, to fit under the barn roof. In the meantime, I'll have to extend the water pipe from the pump on the dam across the creek, or continue as I have been, lugging about 120 litres a day.The water tank isn't the only thing that's leaking. So is the septic. And this, in some ways, particularly olfactory ways, is much worse. Luckily it doesn't take long for Mal's Pumping service to arrive, with an attitude not that different to Kenny's in the movie. Even the truck they bring is rather humorous. On the side it says 'yesterday's meals on wheels" and 'your business is our business". The number plate pokes fun at the gruesome task they have to undertake at every single call out: POO 003. Pumping out a septic tank is something that has to be done on occasion. Too much lamb fat down the drain, or too many 'solids", and the quicker it needs to be done, though once every five years is usual. I've become extraordinarily conscious of what I put down the drain since everything ends up in my paddocks. I've always been careful with chemicals and oil (they say 1 litre of oil can pollute 100 000 litres of water) and avoided putting them down the sink even in the city. But here, where all your drinking water flows from your gutters, and all your liquid waste ends up a few metres from the house, you gain a far higher appreciation. Mal tells me to close all the windows and stay inside while they give the tray that leads to the septic a stir and then pump out the tank. You don't have to tell me something like that twice.
Pet Owners Complain As Dog Park Remains Dry
Pet owners are accusing a Toronto councillor of backtracking on a commitment to bring water to what they call a "dustbowl" of a dog park in North York.In late June, Councillor James Pasternak said he hoped to bring a water source to the off-leash area in Earl Bales park by the end of July - even if that meant a temporary solution, such a portable tank.But nothing has been done.Dog owner Paul Sobel blasted Pasternak, saying he has been complaining to the councillor about the lack of water for five years."He's never kept his word to me in five years," insisted Sobel. "He's never come up with a solution or met me at the park - even when he said he would." Sobel, who continues to bring a container of water for his dog when they're in the park, has long wanted a fountain established at the dog run, which also has very little shade.Both Pasternak and parks officials said such a project would be too expensive - $30,000-$35,000 - and would require piping to be installed over a distance.Pasternak in June suggested a portable water tank could be used as a remedy while he and city officials worked on a long-term solution.Turns out, that's a no-go."We did talk about the portable water (tank), but it was concluded that the water would not remain ... cold, or cool, or healthy," said Pasternak. "When it was recognized that the equipment wasn't there, and that it wasn't a healthy solution, it wasn't pursued with vigour ... We need a long-term solution." He said city officials will continue to look at tapping into piping that supplies water to the park's amphitheatre washroom.Pasternak added that he spoke with a park supervisor about alternative solutions and funding sources - a combination of public money and private sponsorship, for example."I've asked ... our parks supervisor to find us some real numbers and a real engineering approach. That should be done by late summer, early fall. As long as we can find a funding source, and it's a reasonable cost, we can make it a 2017 capital project. That's the goal."
Is It Possible to Store Energy for Creating Electricity Like a Ups in an Elevated Water Tank?
Yes, you can, and that is used in many places to store electrical energy for later use. although all the uses I am aware of are large scale, there may well be numerous small scale examples. As to actual design, you are better off hiring a good engineer to determine the proper hardware to use. Items like generator design and pump design have all been done before, use existing hardware wherever possible. Get a good engineer to give you a quote and compare that to the cost of a battery system.1. Pilot light won't stay lit on my house hot water tank?you might need a new one because it could be a cheep one and cheep one break easy2. I need to show a complete solution to this problem: A water tank has an inlet pipe and a drain pipe.?In 30 Min's outlet would of emptied tank but the inlet would need another 15 Min's to fill the tank so every 30 Min's the tank empties leaving the inlet needing an extra 15 minutes to fill 30Min's past, it will take 15 Min's to fill 1h past, it will take 30 Min's to fill 1hr 30Min's, it will take 45 Min's to fill so it's empty cause that's how long it takes inlet to fill i got no idea how that works mathamatically >3. i have a whirlpool hot water tank and i don't have hot water. but i just got the electric on so please help cause i don't know what to do.?If there are 2 elements than you can try replacing them. Prior to that check the line and breaker to make sure the unit is getting electricity. If the line and breaker are good and you have replaced the elements and made sure the unit is wired correctly. . Sorry chum. .. Time for a new water heater : ( good luck!4. After I add salt mix to my salt water tank what do I do next?First of all, let it cycle for another 5 weeks depending on the size of the tank. Then you just have to add the fish. Let the fish sit on top of the water for no less than 15 minutes to let the water temperature accumulate. Then pour the water through a net into a bucket then let the fish into the tank.5. why is my water tank not feeding my pressure washer?water tanks do not "feed" anything,,, the pu,[ in the pressure washer is suppose to suck the water into the valves,, does this give yo a hint??6. Can I change my fish water tank daily if I am too lazy to buy a filter?Actually, bettas as a species are very resilient in terms of water quality. Their native territory is small ponds, puddles, drains and slow moving water. Generally they are kept in a small bowl without filtration and the water is changed maybe once every week or so. As long as you do not overfeed it sounds like you are doing the right stuff for betta care, no filter needed!7. Can i use a filter that was in a satlwater tank in a fresh water tank?it's absolutely fine . .. a few tiny drops of salt wo not do F&^k all to your fish .. they might not even notice it8. getting read of green in a salt water tank??????????????How old is your tank? Hair algae outbreaks are pretty normal in a young system. Also, are you using a protein skimmer? They will help remove the nutrients that fuel micro-algae. Ensure that your light bulbs are not too old, and that you are not over-feeding, as these will also contribute to nuisance algae. I am concerned about your green crabs (Emerald Mithrax?) dieing so fast, as they are generally very hardy. This may be an indication that some of your water parameters are out of whack. You may try some small hermit crabs and Astraea snails in your aquarium. They will help remove what is already in the tank, but you really need to address the source of the problem. Regards
Trenton Water Works Says Potentially Toxic Water Contaminants Have Been Found at Hamilton Company
TRENTON - Excessive levels of potentially toxic water contaminants have been detected at a Hamilton company that is a Trenton Water Works customer, but the incident did not constitute an emergency and customers do not have to boil their water, the city said.In a letter sent to customers last week, Trenton's public works department said that in the second half of 2012, levels of total trihalomethanes or TTHM exceeded allowed levels and the state Department of Environmental Protection notified the city of a drinking water violation.The notice dated April 11 said the city was required to notify water customers of steps being taken to correct the problem."This is not an emergency. If it had been an emergency, you would have been notified within 24 hours," the letter said. "There is nothing you need to do. You do not need to boil your water or take other corrective actions."The DEP had sent a notification to Trenton Water Works on March 14, saying the city-owned utility failed to report the high levels of contaminant to the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water within 48 hours of becoming aware of the violation.Public works director Luis Mollinedo did not return a message seeking comment. People with severely compromised immune systems, who have an infant, are pregnant or are elderly may be at increased risk and should contact their health care provider for more information, the letter said.Trihalomethanes are four volatile organic chemicals that form when disinfectants used to treat the water react with natural organic matter, according to the DEP. One type of trihalomethane is produced during the manufacturing of refrigerants."It's a by-product of chlorination and it does occur in drinking water systems from time to time," DEP spokesman Lawrence Hajna said. "It does not pose a short-term health threat."Some people who drink water containing high levels of TTHM over the course of many years may have liver, kidney or central nervous system problems or an increased risk of cancer, according to the DEP.Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede said she was disappointed she was not notified by Trenton officials directly about the violation."I implore Trenton Water to resolve this issue and to contact me directly whenever an issue such as this arises," Yaede said.She said the incident shows again why the state should take over operation of the water utility "to help restore safety and confidence in the system."In 2010 then-Mayor John Bencivengo asked for a state takeover after an unexpected filtration plant shutdown and drop in water pressure, a report of high bacteria levels in a water tank and the arrests of some utility employees, among other issues.Quarterly water tests at Capital Refrigeration in Hamilton showed increased levels of TTHM between May 2012 and February 2013, the letter said.The levels of the chemicals averaged 95 parts per billion, exceeding the 80 parts per billion standard, the notice said. In early 2013 they were at an acceptable 69 parts per billion. The tests in the final three quarters of 2012 found levels above 100 parts per billion, the DEP said in the notification sent to Trenton Water Works.The DEP directed the city to perform a number of corrective actions, including notifying the public within 30 days, and to submit a report of the actions that have been or will be taken.Trenton Water Works hired a consulting engineer to review steps to reduce the levels of TTHM and is evaluating its options, the letter to customers said.
Goenka College Hosts Control Room to Manage Displaced Locals | Kolkata News - Times of India
KOLKATA: A college in central Kolkata has turned into a war room to serve as the nerve centre for rescue, rehabilitation and reclamation for hundreds who have been displaced after the subsidence caused buildings to cave-in in Bowbazar. Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration, considered one of the finest colleges in the city for commerce, became the hub of all activities on Wednesday. Kolkata Police has set up a control room to co-ordinate with other departments and communicate with the displaced residents waiting on the campus. The families have been put up in various hotels, but they reach BB Ganguly Street every morning. However, the activities on the campus has not disrupted classes inside. "This is a very busy and congested area where getting space for a disaster management and coordination exercise of this magnitude is next to impossible. We requested the college authorities for the space and they extended all possible support unconditionally," said an officer. On Wednesday morning, the cops set up a control room on campus headed by a deputy commissioner. A help desk in the driveway had officers of Muchipara police station jotting down details of residents before allowing them to enter their homes in Bowbazar to bring out valuables and essentials. A proper seating arrangement were made for those waiting for their turn. "We are frequently holding meetings with residents to update them about the plan of action. This would not have been possible on the road," said an officer. Cops have also arranged for a small locker and a machine to count notes as a precautionary measure for unclaimed valuables. The security room of the college has been turned into a barracks of sort for reserve personnel. "We may need people for rescue operations and evacuation," the officer added. An ambulance and a water tank were also stationed on the campus. "There is ample space in the college and our classes are not getting disturbed. The students have been asked to respect the displaced residents and disperse right after classes. The college is always ready to help the community," said a senior official of the college.
Thinking About Have a Salt Water Tank?
you need to find and read a few books,,, lots more to it than a glass box full of saltwater1. Does the type of fish food affect how fast the water in a tank gets dirty?Yes it does but only if your fish do not eat it all quickly. For example, blood worms that are left to rot in a tank can quickly make the water foul as can flake food but if you are worried about that your really should be watching your fish when they feed and only feeding them what they can eat in a couple of minutes or so2. Water conditioner killed my fish? HELP (cold water tank)?Should have left it for a week. Why not? play it safe next time. 'New tank syndrome' refers to the tank not being established for long enough and the water not 'mature' enough - that's what kills fish. While it is true that some hardy fish can be added to help mature the tanks faster, this should be done after the water is somewhat stabilized (no less than a week) You NEVER put fish in normal, untreated tap water. The chlorine kills them. not rocket science. Cloudy water is typical of a new tank and may or may not indicate an algal or fungal bloom. These may or may not harm fish. IT looks like the tank in the water was poisoned, either by chlorine from the tank or an external source. Put a cover on your fish tank next time. It does not seem like shock from temperature, you did the acclimatizing thing well. When fish gasp for air, it usually indicates toxins? any air fresheners around your house, perhaps pesticides or any toxin that may have slipped in? That is the most likely culprit. Hes probably living now because you spent 2 hours cleaning out the toxins that somehow leaked into the tank.3. when can i put fish in my new fresh water tank?Its always good to let them get use to the change in water temperature so u should keep them in their bag with their water and put the whole bag in tank for at least an hour. My brother had fish after fish after fish die once bringing them home. The expert at the aquarium told it was most likely because their bodies were able to adapt to the change of water temperature quick enough..so he suggested we do that. And its worked ever since. :)4. Hot water tank went where i rent?call the owner back & clarify that that's warm yet you are actually not getting any warm water, they might desire to not have opened the valve to launch the nice and cozy water so all you are starting to be is the chilly. they simply did not turn the knob(valve to launch the nice and cozy water)Or the valve is became off decrease than your sink for warm water to circulate into5. a question concerning my well water tank?The discharge (tank) side gauge should be a consistent 38 PSI, the inbound side can read between 36 and 38 PSI to cycle on and off6. How do I start A fresh water tank?You should leave the tank standing for a few weeks with just the water, plants and stones etc, with the filter going and the heater on. If you put the fish in straight away they will die. By the way, tropical fish do not live in salt water.7. Stocking a water tank with minnows?Give it a go. The worst that can happen is failure8. Can I mix and match toilet bowl and water tank?The wax ring at the floor is the problem. Turn off the water supply, flush the toilet, wetvac out the remaining water in the tank. Disconnect the water supply under the tank, and remove the toilet. You will see some foul smelling stuff. Clean it up and remove the wax ring. Replace the wax ring. The toilet flange should be resting on top of the finished floor. If it is not you may get by with doubling the wax ring but the best thing is to redo the toilet flange. Some wax rings come with a funnel attached. Befor doing any plumbing work always know where the water shut off to the house is and how to shut it off. Good luck.
Criss Angel Helps Rescue Trapped Escape Artist Spencer Horsman During Supernaturalists' Rehearsal
Criss Angel can add 'rescuer' to his impressive repertoire after he helped save an escape artist during a rehearsal for his new show 'Supernaturalists' on Wednesday.Spencer Horsman, who first gained national notoriety as an escape artist on the TV show American's Got Talent, was rehearsing for opening night at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut when he became trapped in a water tank with his hands tied behind him-30 feet up in the air. Criss Angel noticed that Horsman appeared to be unconscious.As crew members were heard screaming, "Get him down," Criss Angel ran onto the stage and began climbing up the metal chains that held the tank above the stage. He and the stage hands pried the top of the tank off in their efforts to save Spencer Horsman.The entire incident was caught on film.Spencer Horsman, who hails from Baltimore, is recovering, but the incident caused Criss Angel to reschedule two of the 'Supernaturalists' performances."In an effort to ensure the safety of the cast and crew, we will be moving the opening night of Supernaturalists to June 26th," Criss Angel said in a statement.Escape artists clearly take their lives in their hands every time they create, rehearse, and perform one of their acts. Spencer Horsman is very fortunate that Criss Angel and his stage hands were able to get him out of the tank in time to save his life.Fox News contacted reps for both Criss Angel and Spencer Horsman, but have yet to receive a reply.
Out of No Where, There Is No Water in the Tank of My Toilet.?
If your not getting water into your tank then you need to replace the fill valve,and possible the supply line if its cloged.Also there should be a shut off hooked up to your supply line that will dictate whether or not your fill valve is getting water.....Replacing the fill valve is very simple..first you would turn off your shut off valve . ..then flush the toilet to let the water out...under your toilet there is a cap for the water line to screw onto ,you unscrew that and then there will be a locking nut right above that you unscrew that and just pull the fill vavle straight up.Directions should come with the new fill valve shouldnt cost no more than $13 and you might need some teflon tape to wrap around the pipe thread when you screw your supply line on. Good luck.1. Why do I have pressure on the hot side with no hot water tank in a house?Sounds like the cold water is bleeding over to the hot side somewhere. In new construction often times they will tie the hot and cold together at the future water heater location, also i would check the tub valve like the first guy recommended. Check all fixtures for a bleed over somewhere.2. HERMIT CRAB HELP FAST PLZ! SLIMY WATER IN TANK?a) sponges are not necessary to keep a tank humid. because of their great surface area and the fact they are always moist, they are just huge breeding areas for bacteria. b) you should not keep a crab in a cage, unless you live in the tropical islands. cages do not hold enough humidity for the crabs to breathe properly. you need to keep them in a tank with a good, closed top (no open screens). the humidity MUST stay at about 75-85 on a hygrometer (you can get one in the reptile section of a pet store or in the garden section of walmart). c) you also must keep more than one crab, as they are social animals and will get lonely by themselves. they live in large colonies in the wild. by extension, you have to keep a larger tank, at least 10 gallons for 3-4 small to medium crabs, with enough sand (regular, not calcium) to burrow and molt in. d) you must dechlorinate the water. chlorine and heavy metals will blister the crab's gills and eventually kill it. this will seriously contribute to crab mortality. you also need to provide marine saltwater (so no, you can not just add kitchen or sea salt for cooking in water). e) okay, here's your answer: the slimy water is probably shellwater. hermit crabs keep water in their shells to keep their soft abdomens moist. the water's usually at least slightly salty (which is why you need to give them saltwater, so they can regulate the salinity of their shellwater) and may leak out when you hold them - they pass tiny amounts of uric acid, they do not urinate. what probably has happened is that, if she has not moved in some time, the "thick water" is bacteria-infested shellwater from being soaked in dead crab. depended on how large the crab is, they can hold about half a shell's worth of water (so maybe another tablespoon at most). please, please, PLEASE research hermit crabs before purchasing another one. they can be wonderfully entertaining, sociable pets, but more often than not they are treated as badly as goldfish - stuffed into a tiny area that does not fill their needs and left to die.3. Is it steam coming out of the hot water overflow on a hot water tank?There could be something wrong with the valve. If you do not think the water coming out of the closest hot tap is over 120 deg. fahrenheit or so try replacing the temperature pressure valve. If it is over 120 have the water heater serviced and replace the temperature pressure valve. If someone has been opening the valve using its lever it will fail... Oh, and it is water coming from the valve. Water does not boil until about 300 degrees at 75 psi4. best way to remove a big fish from a salt water tank?If one fish has ich then they will all have it, the best thing to do is turn the temperature up to about 85 degrees for 2-4 weeks then the ich will be dead
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