What Does It Mean When You Kitchen Faucet Shakes and Rumbles If You Leave It on too Long?

bad installation,a tee and extra pipe would be the cure

1. Is it okay to run the kitchen faucet excessively and otherwise waste water in Alaska, USA, where there is plenty of water? Why, or why not?

WHY would anyone want to do such a thing? Aside from wasting water, what would be the purpose? In some places in Alaska, if the water pipes are not properly insulated or too close to the surface, they may freeze during a really cold winter. I recall decades ago when it was -20 having a very slow trickle (just enough to keep water flowing) in pipes so they wouldn't freeze.Is it okay to run the kitchen faucet excessively and otherwise waste water in Alaska, USA, where there is plenty of water? Why, or why not?.

2. Do I need to turn the water off to my house to replace my kitchen faucet?

No, just the valves under the sink. It may be the sprayer is actually the failure point, they seem to get gunked up, and wo not release, they sell a $5 kit to just replace the head on the sprayer, but they rarely work, save yourself the trouble and buy the $15 hose and sprayer kit to replace the whole thing altogether.

3. low pressure on hot side of new kitchen faucet?

The Soltura. I would have to blame the cartridge, unless there's any screen in the incoming hot side of the faucet that could be clogged. Sounds like you already found the solution from the last one. Maybe just get your money back and buy a different faucet, that one seems to be troublesome. Nah, could not be the water heater, if you switch the cold supply to the hot port on the faucet its still low pressure. I think its the faucet.

4. Delta Kitchen Faucet hose came off sprayer and fell down the faucet hose hole.?

sounds like you have a pullout, probably a delta 470. if so, it was designed to install hose from the top. you will need to remove other end of hose ( plastic clip) and remove hose weight ( 2 screws). screw hose back on pullout spout and install hose from top ( moving spout body side to side helps when doing this) re-install bottom of hose and weight and this should do it

5. Is there a way to adjust hot water on price pfister kitchen faucet?

You adjust the temp. at the water heater

6. Need a higher flow rate kitchen faucet?

My Kohler single handle (K-690 model) kitchen faucet flow is half the incoming lines (each line provides 2.7 gpm). The valve reduces the flow to 2.0 gpm and the drop-down wand hose reduces the flow to 1.3 gpm. Have you tried blowing the wand hose out from the discharge end to remove any obstructions?.

7. is there a difference between drinking kitchen faucet water and bathroom facet water? is one better 4 u?

Nope..it all comes into your house in one pipe

8. How to choose a kitchen faucet compatible with old sink and new counter top?

Faucets are standardized, and should be able to be installed in either situation. Anything you buy will almost certainly work with your new counter top

9. What would cause a person to feel an electric shock whenever they touch the water from the kitchen faucet?

Whenever i post a question, even if it is the simplest one, they cannot offer me a good informed answer . What happened to people that really make the effort to write an answer

10. Any one know why a kitchen faucet would stop working?

Without knowing the specific make and model of the faucet it is a question that I can not answer. Some have rubber gaskets, some have ball fittings, etc. Try going to the website of the maker of your faucet and ask the question to them there.

11. how do you fix a kitchen faucet when you turn it on absoutly no pressure?

pipe is clogged ,,have you taken the screen out of the faucet and cleaned it?

12. Black particles coming from kitchen faucet?

I had the same problem. I removed the sprayer head ( called wand assembly) and soaked it in hot water. Black specks came pouring out when shaking the water out. Water coming out of the hose was clear. I ordered a replacement wand assembly on Amazon. Problem solved.

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