What Do You Believe Is the Best Value in a 1 Ton Residential Central Air Conditioning Unit?

a unit that cools efficiently and at a lower cost than other units. seriously, air conditioning is one of the largest energy expenses for a house/apartment. it's worth doing some homework to save money for years to come.

1. Besides insulation and air conditioning unit, what else is there to check if my A/C isn't keeping me cool?

First, I feel your pain. I am in Houston at my girlfriend's place; we live in a single family house, and the A/C is running all day even with the thermostat at 84 degrees. I work from home, so I can not let it go up higher than that. Our outside thermometer recorded 106 degrees today. The things that we've added to the house to help keep cool, besides new insulation and having the A/C unit checked, include a bunch of things. First, a little theory. Your apartment heats up because of the sun heating the building primarily, and secondarily because of infiltration from the outside of warm air. I am going to just assume that your landlord is not willing to replace your windows and doors with low-E dual-paned units. I've done this to my house in Bryan, TX and it literally cut my utility bill in half. The first thing we did with her place, where the landlord is also not willing to rip out a ton of windows and replace them, was to get blinds with reflective shades in all of the windows, and external solar shades or screens where possible. Remember: Black stuff is OK on the outside of the structure, because black absorbs heat (and you do not care about the heat if it's on the outside) -- and white things on the inside of the structure, because you want the heat to not be absorbed and to just be reflected back out. The second thing we did was to get a better thermostat for the house. The old one was a manual one with mercury in it; the new one has a digital timer and a bunch of other features that include breaks for things like the compressor coils to defrost.The third thing we did was start replacing the A/C filter frequently. .. at least once a month. It might help to suggest more if we knew what kind of A/C unit you have (is it one of those high-rise below-window units, or a are al' one with a compressor and air exchanger in a closet or attic?), and what kind of structure (concrete or wood frame) you are in

2. What is better, an r22 Air conditioning unit or a r410?

when did the r410 come out about what year ??

3. How do you fix an old cieling mounted ductless air conditioning unit leaking water?

You need to do both, fix the hole in the side, and clean the clogged drain pan. The best way to fix the hole, is to clean up or remove all the rusted metal sides, and try to make it square or round in size. But a small sheet of aluminum, just large enough to cover the hole. Get a sheet of rubber gasket, or use some silicon sealant, around the edges to make it leak tight. You can use self tapping screws or pop rivets to mount the new cover with the gasket or sealant, to attach it to the side of the A/C. Doing both of those, will prevent the leaking. You can check your local hardware store, for nippers, or a small hand held hacksaw, to cut away the rusted material. And also buy the small sheet you need to seal up the hole.

4. How do we convince our landlord we need a new air conditioning unit since our OGE bills are sky high?

No law requires that any supplied amenity be energy efficient. She is not required to do anything with it unless it is malfunctioning. Even then it is legal to fix it. You cannot make her get a new one. If the AC was included in the lease she is required to maintain it. If it was not then she does not have to fix it at all in most states

5. What would make a brand new (3 months old) central Air Conditioning unit freeze up?

You should check the circuit breakers first. There are two. One for the air handler (inside unit) and the other for the comdensor (outside unit) . Try flipping them OFF then back to ON. Sounds like you have a leak. You really should get a competant AC contractor to come out and check the system. Freezing up is usually a symptom of not having enough freon in the system. If you lose more freon, the unit will usually detect the condition and shut itself down.

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Why Won't My Central Air Conditioning Unit Turn On?
Jump the incoming power supply wire to the outgoing power wire to the unit. Thermostats operate off 24 volts and this can be done safely. If the AC unit comes on then you have a bad thermostat. Also check for loose wire connections. You can also run direct power to the fan to see if its good with an old extension cord. Remember Black and Red Power - White Common - Green Ground1. Car air conditioning leaking?that water you see is condensation dripping from the air conditioner after it's been run, all air conditioners do that, unless your not getting cold air your system is working fine2. What are the differences in portable air conditioning units?Generally speaking, air conditioners fall into four different categories: window air conditioners, through-the-wall air conditioners, central air conditioners, and lastly, portable air conditioners. Window air conditioners are installed into the window of a room and designed to cool that room. Through-the-wall air conditioners are mounted into a wall and provide a cooling effect by exchanging inside air with outside air, while central air conditioners cool entire homes and buildings. Portable air conditioners, on the other hand, do not require permanent installation such as reconfiguring a window or breaking into a wall and can be moved from one room to the next.Because of their easy maneuverability, relatively small size, and portability, portable ACs are ideal for a variety of settings, including apartments, rooms, workplaces, computer server rooms, or anywhere else where installing a traditional AC may not be feasible. Although easy to maintain, portable air conditioners do need to be vented out a window, but this is easily performed by positioning a flexible hose from the unit to the outside. Nonetheless, portable air conditioners are still great for supplemental or spot cooling, and many of today's models such as the NewAir ACP-1400H also come with built-in heaters and/or air purifiers. Moreover, because portable room air conditioners utilize a refrigeration cycle to lower temperatures, humidity levels are reduced, therefore making them especially useful for humid climates.Most portable air conditioners work similarly to traditional air conditioners in that they produce a cooling effect utilizing the refrigeration cycle and a coolant such as Freon. The unit itself consists of a boxed frame that holds the cold and hot sides of the AC, and an exhaust hose expels the air. Once a portable air conditioner cools the air, water is removed, and most of the water is thus used to cool the actual unit.When it comes to removing this water, there are two methods: a bucket or tray located within the unit collects the condensate, and this needs to be emptied periodically. The second method, called "auto-evaporative," actually involves evaporating the water and exhausting it through a main venting hose and through a window, drop ceiling, or wall.As one of the best portable air conditioners, I would recommendThe Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air ConditionerThe Whynter ARC-14S portable air conditioner is designed to provide quiet and efficient cooling to any room, with no permanent installation.It features CFC free R-410A refrigerant, lead-free RoHS compliant components and patented advance auto drain technology which uses and recycles moisture collected during the cooling process to produce cool air. Dual hose operation provides fast cooling for up to a 500 sq. ft. space (ambient temperature and humidity may influence optimum performance).Here you can check the price and find more info: Best Portable Air Conditioner.3. air conditioning repairs?1200 to replace the coil is a reasonable cost. If your only problem is that there is a leak in the coil then you would not need to replace the condenser. It is not all that common to have leaks in the evaporater coil but it is not unheard of. Do you know the efficiency of the equipment. If it is 10 SEER then you will probably be upgrading to a higher efficiency coil that operates with a thermostatic expansion valve which is a good thing, it will make your system operate more efficiently and more accuratly. Make sure you ask what coil they are giving you. Is it used or brand new. They may have a used 10 SEER coil they want to put in. 10 SEER equipment is no longer manufactered so companies have used ones laying around they are always trying to get rid of. You can use a higer SEER coil with a lower SEER condenser but not the other way around. 1200 sounds like a used coil, which will work just fine with your system
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