What Boots Or Shoes Can I Wear with Sweatpants That Aren't Uggs?

You DO NOT wear boots with sweatpants!! that's just not right

1. Do any of you ladies have a great pair of boots/shoes?

yes - you will find most women do have at least one pair like that

2. What kind of stylish boots/shoes for bootcut jeans?

uggs are hot right now

3. What (soccer/football) boots(shoes) should I get?

nike mercurial vapor superfly (preferably). nike t90. nike ctr maestri 360. or adidas f50 (sky blue)

4. What motorcycle riding boots/shoes should I buy?

You spent way more than you wanted to on gear, until your first crash, that is! THEN you will know how much more valuable the gear is! Trust me. I went down on Saturday morning in the canyon, washed out in a corner pretty fast. The bike is a total loss (sadly!), but other than a little soreness, two days later I am good as new. How did this happen? Shoei RF-1000 helmet: $430 Sidi Vertebra 2 race boots: $200 Teknic Speedstar race gloves: $150 Alpinestars Octane leather suit: $600 Surviving a 60mph lowside in a mountain canyon with NO sprains, dislocations, broken bones, road rash or even a concussion: PRICELESS!!!!! Alpinestars make some nice riding shoes, and I am a believer in A-stars and Sidi for boots (for good reason). Keep wearing your gear, because you never know...

5. Religion: Is it a sin if vegetarians by religion wear leather boots or shoes?

Vegitarian is not a religon, although it may be against some ones beliefs. No religon = no sin, just a hipocrit

6. How many Soccer boots, shoes or cleats should one have?

i got about 4 nice pairs of cleats.. been playin soccer all my life, one pair of those are indoor though

7. Each tights should I wear to make my legs slimmer with a black dress ? Boots or shoes?

Black tights stress the upper part of your body. These make your legs look slimmer

8. What kind of boots or shoes to wear with knee high length dress skirt in cold weather? (for short gals)?

What you need are over the knee (OTK) socks or thigh high socks when it's cold. So you can look good. And I am not talking about sheer thigh high stockings. I am talkin' Thick cotton and/or wool thigh high SOCKS

9. Are there any size 11 boots and shoes that look good?

Well Paris Hilton wears size 11 and she has a ton of cute shoes. I know she's rich and gets whatever she wants but anywaysss any boots by ugg are cute and comfy. Or you could try eBay

10. dilemma (hooves; dumb farrier; boots; shoes)?

How many hooves did he mess up one? All of them? I would wait until last resort for shoes and invest in some easy boots. Poor boy, he has been limping around for so long! I hope it works out without having to get shoes. Good luck. Edit----- I dont think you are a horrible owner. Get a new farrier! LOL But I would definitely get some easy boots on him or try wrapping his hooves. Then all you can do is wait. Let them grow out.

11. Can boys wear some type of girl shoes that looks like boys not the boots the shoes please answer?

I've seen plenty of guys wear moccasins like this! They are SUPER comfy, and a lot of guys wear them too, so do not worry about it.

12. Should I wear knee high boots or shoes to my

I think the dress is fine- you do not see diamantes at work too much, right?! it will be gorgeous :) And I would wear the heels, wearing both tights AND boots that are black AND a balck dress is going a little overkill. plus you can not go wrong with silver heels! For tights you can do a skin-coloured or black, but not really dark. And silver jewellry and a bold red bag will go pefect! Rock those heels at that party!

13. Should I Purchase Boots/Shoes For My Dog????

If you are frequently going for walk where they put salt onto the sidewalks, it would be a good idea to get your dog some boots. Salt can burn their paws. If need to use any type of ice melting substance at your own place, look at a store like PetSmart for their paw friendly ice melter

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