What Bikini?

if you have an hourglass? hmm... triangle top maybe with some bottoms that do not side tie and are not very low

1. Are these "Cheeky" bikini shorts inappropriate?

I think they are really nice (: not sure about the pink one though

2. GIRLS-what age did you start doing these things?

bikini age- 12 shaving-12 eyemakeup-13 other makeup- _eyeshaow lipgloss 12 dating-15 shorts- 12 web- 15

3. Is this considered a bikini? ?

the top is a bikini top, but the bottom is just boardshorts you can find those things at like macys, roxy store, pacsun

4. Is this bikini really ugly?

I really like it! Yeah you should buy it. Bandeau tops are my favorite :)

5. bikini line tanning?

are u going to a tanning salon?? if so, your face will be in the booth, but use a sunscreen on your face to minimize the tanning. You can always go bottomless to, so there wont be tan lines! But if you choose to wear bottoms, get the string bikini kind

6. Bikini wax or regular wax?!?

Guys usually like the hair ALL off. ALL

7. Briefs or Hip Briefs or Bikinis, which type do you prefer ?

Bikini or string bikini when i want a fuller panty-otherwise thong or even nothing at all (on warm days with shortshort skirts)

8. What size of bikini top?

i would get a size ten i have the same problem actually, im a size 10 though, and 32f lol, so i get a 12, because otherwise there seems to be no point in having the bikini on! but it also depends on the shape of the bikini, just like bras, some fit, and some dont, even in the right size good luck! x

9. A cute bikini for little boobs? :/?

Probably a one-piece with dark colors

10. Hunt for A Cute Bikini!?

old navy had really cute bathing suits online and in their stores... i dont know if they have hello kitty but i think they have cute ones that arent that expensive

11. Swimsuit Advice – Bikini or not?

work on losing 15 lbs or so and then go with a string bikini, with just losing a few lbs you def have the body for it. p.s. with our cold winter the water is going to be pretty chilly in april...if you could push it back to may or even better june I think you would like the beach weather much better.

12. why is it ok to wear a bikini but not ....?

Tankini. Covers up like a one-peice, but more comfortable. And not showy like bikinis. (Its like grannypanties and tanktop turned into swimwear). In the water, usually only head is showing, and out of water a towel. so yeah... And i totally agree with what youre saying! Maybe it was the guys idea.... to trick girls like that..

13. this girl in a bikini?

no, who ever that is is beautiful :D

14. Poll: Best color for a bikini?

For me light blue or aqua. Although I have a white Christian Audigier with a blue design that looks great

15. In the song abou the bikini?

Sorry, Love. I do not understand the question. ;-)

16. Ladies - hair removal question(s)?

I got laser hair removal, at Sona .. a brazillian. I am a natural blonde so it was not totally effective, but it did make the hairs thinner. A - Its expensive. Wait til they run a 2 for 1 package special and do legs and bikini for the best deal B - Its painful. Buy the additional numbing cream ($35 a tube) and use it... religiously. C - It is not instant. It takes about 5 sessions, 1 every couple of months to accomidate the growth cycles. So plan on it taking a while and do not expect instant results. D - You can not wax while you are having it done, but you can shave. E - Schedule around your monthly time, because it hurts FAR worse then. F - You can not tan before you get it done because your skin tone affects the hair removal. The laser finds the hair by its color, dark skin makes it more difficult... as does light hair. It works, but its not the permanant smooth that you are hoping for. You will still have to get touchups once you are done and you will never be "eternally hair free". Unfortunately there is no magic solution.

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Am I too Fat for a Bikini?
No you are not too fat for a bikini you are a normal size1. Is my stomach good enough for a bikini (picture)?Outies arent exactly what i consider bikini material sorry you asked for honesty i suppose2. Too fat to wear a bikini (pics)?i do not think your fat and if u want to wear a bikini then go for it : ) good luck3. Can I wear a bikini? pics!?I think you should lose like 10-15 more pounds first but I think it would still be okay for you to wear a bikini =)4. Your thoughts on children wearing a bikini?I do not see what the fuss is. A bikini is cute. Geez. People act like pedophiles are everywhere. I really do not think they are5. What do people think of me in a bikini (picture)?atleast it's firm- but i would work out a little before summer- when you look your best you feel your best6. honestly is my tummy too big for a bikini?No you look good but look better with it off7. why is this chick wearing a bikini (not kelly clarkson)?Kelly stole all her clothes8. I don't feel comfortable in a bikini?? (pictures)?I am a guy and I think you look great in that bikini! Think of all of the positive comments you have received here!9. Would I still look okay in a bikini?I am a guy so idk jean sizes But age would help And does your stomach stick out?10. Toning up??(Pictures included) Bikini body!?God, looking at your pics you just made me feel extreamly fat... I just popped out a second kid in May. Oh well. You look good though, to be honest, I would not worry about losing any more. There does not look like there's much else to be lost!! The only thing I have to comment on, is that you are kinda pale. .. nothing wrong with that, I love being pale myself... but you already have the perfect bikini body11. How to make small breasts look good in a bikini?You do not have to do anything to really look good. Just be confidant in your self and stand up straight12. have an idea where i could find this bikini?i saw a similar one at "roxy"...but they have even better ones there . "roxy" is my favorite shop for bikinis, its just awesome!! :) hope i helped 13. Which bikini do you like better?I think the first one is better than the second one14. Am I too FAT for a BIKINI? [Pictures]?Your only fat in the right places, i say you look good in all of them especially the second one15. Am I too young to wear a bikini?Yeah ! In my opinion , It's too young for you wear a bikini , even if a simple bikini ,waiting for you to grow up a little better to wear a bikini16. How to take care of the bikini area?Honestly, I hate bikinis! They are obscene. I very much prefer boyshorts. they hide the hair, plus, makes your legs looks sexier!17. At fiesta TX can you wear a bikini?I would find it kind of stange if you could not but then again it's Texas so anything is possible18. am i too fat to wear a bikini?Ahh niceee curves. You will look great :) & If your a little self conscious do some crunches for the stomach & Leg Lifts for your thighs. But personally u sound womenly & gorgeous!19. Am I too big to wear a bikini?No, you look good in your pictures20. which bikini do you like better?i think the floral one is better if you want if you want your chest to appear bigger21. Veet hair removal for bikini line?i like veet for my legs when i dont have time to shave, but im sure its ok for bikini line. Hope this helps *NatLuver*22. How to get in bikini shape in a month?It looks bloated when you eat because since there's no fat when you eat it actually shows ^^ idk if that made sense, but you get me
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