What Basketball Shoes Should I Get?

8 Pairs Of Starbury's

1. which basketball shoes should i get for guard position?

depends on how much do weigh and whether you are a Nash/Stockton kind of player vs. a Kobe/Lebron/Jordan kind of player. does not always have to be brand-based. if you rely on lateral movement, get a shoe with excellent ankle & pronation support (e.g., huarache), soles with both tapered sides and forefoot grooves, and the lightest shoe you can afford. and always make sure the shoe follows the contour & width of your shoe. my friends who've been shoe collectors(50 pairs)/athletes say that the best cushioning in a basketball shoe is zoom air forefoot plus nike air heel. just make sure to keep your shoes in the box & not on your cold floor or in the trunk of a car.

2. What do you think of these basketball shoes?

the first won. much more ankle support

3. what are the best basketball shoes out there right now?

you seem to like jordans a lot, but the kobe IV and Vs are the best performance shoes on the market. but if ur looking for jordans that perform well on the court, the 2010s, the XIVs (14s) and the XX3 (23s) are the best. btw the 14s might not be so durable but perform very well.

4. what are good basketball shoes?

A pair of Nike Jordans Are PERFECT!

5. What type of basketball shoes look good on whiteboys?

O MAN do NOT get the 3rd one the pro model shoes SUCK! my school team has em and they are terrible shoes they have no grip

6. Is this enough for basketball shoes?

yes. nike outlet has great basketball shoes for really cheap

7. What basketball shoes are these? (From the movie Crossover)?

AND 1; Asphalt Mids; they come in different colors too

8. Looking for basketball shoes in size 15 or 16?!?

Try 2bigfeet.com and/or onlineshoes.com. I wear 16s and buy from them (for two)

9. IS there a difference in grip in basketball shoes?

Yes, there is a difference. But you should buy a suitable shoes for your daughter.

10. What are good basketball shoes $90 or less?

Buy a good pair of Reebok shoes

11. I want to buy my boyfriend basketball shoes for valentine, what is the best iverson shoes and where from?

valentines* please* i am *

12. Which basketball shoes should I get?

jordans are beast cheap at topsole.com

13. Can someone please help me? I can't decide witch basketball shoes to get. the Air Max 360 or the Jordan 9.5.

if i was u i would get Air Max 360 it is lighter and will able to run easily done the bball court . And have good support for the foot.But if you want ankel support go with the the jordans

14. Can I get Basketball shoes for a cheaper price online than at a local store such as Champs?

You should get good quality basketball shoes, they are priced a little high for a good reason. Finish line is cheaper than Champs for every shoe I've looked at. It's good to spend money on good basketball shoes - you need em.

15. Best basketball shoes under $140?

Hyperfuse. I never of Jordans with great traction

16. What basketball shoes should I get? 10 points best answer!?

Cut all that nonsense out, you dont want any of those shoes. Get the charles barkleys they are called the cb 94 air max best bball shoe ever in my opinion

17. Do black basketball shoes go well with blue jeans?

no black shoes dont go together with blue jeans that jus looks jacked up unless they r chuck taylors, ur better off with white shorts or somethin. White shoes is the only colour that really suits blue jeans. if u want any other colour with blue jeans get chuckz anycolour suits any jeans.

18. What are some good indoor basketball shoes?

depends what ever works for you, as for me, I still rock the jordans.

19. whats the best material for basketball shoes?

Leather, it's the easiest to clean and it's the most durable material out of the three

20. Where can I get some cheap basketball shoes?

Usually outlet malls if you dont want to travel - winners - shoe company - sportchek has some low priced shoes orrrr you could always go to Wal-Mart lol

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Best Basketball Shoes for Women (May-2021)
Whether an avid player or just a collector of Basketball shoes, the basketball shoe is a comfortable, high-performance, and fashionable shoe for everyone. Deciding on the perfect pair of basketball shoes for your needs, I have a few Pro Tips and listed some of the best models and Brands in Basket Ball shoes today. Why You Need a Good Basketball Shoe So as said before, you may need a good pair of basketball shoes as a player, or maybe just for fashion and comfort. The right pair of Basketball shoes can help to improve your game and provide you with much-needed comfort and support. Basketball shoes can be divided into three categories, a High Top, Mid Top, and Low Top design, each of which has its own benefits and is your own preference. Good Basketball shoes are designed for all the elements and risks that come with the game individually. Therefore no other sneaker or athletic shoe type can perform like a proper BasketBall shoe. To understand why a Basketball Shoe is so unique, you need to look at the Anatomy of a Basketball Shoe in all its Glory; Uppers - In the Upper, you have a choice of High, Low, or Mid-top designs, the High top being more popular because it offers better ankle support. Most basketball shoes have a lace-up closure, although many have an additional or only a Hook and Loop closure or zipper closure. Midsole - The Midsole of a Basketball shoe has ample cushioning in a foam, usually, EVA or compressed EVA, which is the most lightweight. Outsole - Good Basketball shoes come with a flat and wide outsole with no heel-to-toe drop. The outsole mostly consists of thick and durable rubber with high traction tread. Sizing - When it comes to sizing, there is a big difference between Male and Female sizes, usually one and a half sizes larger in men's. Therefore women need to stick to a Basketball shoe that is designed for ladies and not men. Aesthetics - Basketball shoes are used as a fashion statement as well as sports shoes today, so aesthetics are important. A style and color that matches your personality can make a statement, whether on or off the court. Quality - Consider the quality, particularly if the shoe is for Playing and not just fashion wear. You want a durable and high performance shoe with the right features, so stick to a good quality brand. Body Type - Look at the support features according to your body type. If you are taller and heavier in weight, you need better support that is more stable. Cushioning - Cushioning such as EVA in the midsole and a cushioned insole provides shock absorbency and comfort. Additional Heel and Forefoot padding help to protect these areas against impact when landing from a jump. Outsole - A rubber outsole with a Hexagonal or Herringone patterned tread is ideal for better traction. Materails - Leather and Synthetics are mostly used in the upper, with rubber for the outsole and EVA foam cushioning. Flexibility and Firmness - There should be some flexibility in the medial area yet not too much, a stiffer sole is also recommended. Below you will find some of the top brands and models in Basketball shoes designed specifically for women; the uppers are a durable and breathable synthetic rubber. There is a mesh tongue for better airflow. The EVA sock liner provides good underfoot cushioning and support. There are an Engineered quarter panel and additional eyelets for a more comfortable fit. The sole is rubber with multi-directional traction and dual-pivot points. More color options are also available to you. The fifth signature Basketball shoe in this range. It is durable and offers a very comfortable fit. There is cushioning and a shock-absorbing midsole. The Under Armour Miler Pro gives a more boot-like fit and has very lightweight uppers. The uppers are light and breathable with engineered knit material that is form-fitting. There is and External heel Counter for locked-in support and structure. Strategically placed perforations in the upper add even better ventilation properties. The Uppers are synthetic and very breathable. The leather uppers are coated and have mesh for breathability. I highly recommended the Entrap Basketball Mid Boot from Adidas for ankle support and protection if you have weak ankles. A Padded ankle design support and protects your ankles, along with the Mid boot structure of the shoe. The upper consists of coated synthetic leather and mesh materials for breathability. There is a durable rubber outsole for traction and a shock-absorbing EVA midsole. The design offers a more regular and comfortable fit. You can likewise choose from a few neutral color options in the Adidas Entrap. The leather uppers are smooth and quilted in design. There is a thick and durable rubber outsole. The multidirectional herringbone patterns on the tread improve traction. The shoes have a stunning retro design that is very fashionable. The uppers are synthetic with a higher top. The rubber outsole has an elastic concave-convex texture.1. 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As long as I was able to produce a drop, even without a latch I would hand express since no pump worked on me, but I never produced more than a few oz in a full day (my first, I did not get above 1/2 an oz, and I am being generous, but with my second I would produce about 1oz when hand expressing and he latched on a lot more so I assume I made more, y'know?) My niece chose to formula feed because she could not figure out how to deal with the over-supply and her baby would not latch on, and while she had support and people helping her it was extremely painful and was hurting her to where it was hurting with her bonding. One of my friends chose to formula feed because she was sexually molested and had flashbacks when breastfeeding. Another niece fought for months upon months pumping and trying so hard to breastfeed her babies, but one just would not latch on and would not take the milk she pumped unless she had eaten a lot of spices (jalapeno's) for some bizarre reason. Eventually, after several infections, she had to give it up. She was under a lot of stress too and I think that made her more infection prone as well. For the most part though, my family breastfeeds, it's just expected. My mom donated milk and I have a big portrait of me that was done because I was a big donating baby... and my grandma wet-nursed according to my mom and our family history book. Note, my mom donated milk and breastfed through the 50's-60's when a lot of people say that breastfeeding was put down hard, grandma would have been in the 30's-40's. Before I gave birth, I got all the paperwork for donating. I had it all lined up and asked the procedures as soon as she was born, and was ready to not only breastfeed her but to give even 1/2oz a day more to the babies who's moms could not . Can you imagine how hurt I was to find out that I would have to be on the receiving side this time? That of my family, I am the only one in generations who could not produce enough for my own baby? I grew up watching my SIL's and sisters breastfeed, seeing how it's done, and I never saw a formula bottle made until after I gave birth. But I thank God for formula. If you are really curious, you should check out the fearless formula feeders blog. Among other things, she has links to the actual studies about breastmilk benefits, and honestly... it's really not as strong as a lot of people believe. Not saying that breastmilk is not best, in my opinion it is for natural behaviors, it's natural, you can control what is in it, you do not have to spend money on it, you do not have to search or run out if there's an emergency, it's definitely green (pro-environment, uses less water, makes less waste, etc) as well as some gut-benefits. But some of the things like 'they are just healthier' are a little bit more propaganda than fact, and are said to try and force mothers to breastfeed by making them fear formula feeding. The first lady even this last week put a spotlight on formula feeding being bad, and it's honestly getting tiresome. So a lot of formula feeders are getting inundated and may be overly sensitive. Today even I got to read about 15 pro-breastfeeding posters at a few places. You never, NEVER, see one supporting formula. You just do not , for fear it might dissuade a woman from breastfeeding. So while breastfeeders do get a lot of support these days, formula feeders actually have people condemning them or comparing it to cigarette smoking in magazines and the like.
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