What Are Your Thoughts Concerning Poltergeists and Air, Fire, Earth, and Water?

Good movie, the midget freaked me out a bit

1. Why do I attract earth and water signs?

Do not believe in the crap, just be yourself and you will attract any men on earth

2. Have you ever met someone with all or almost all earth and water in the left side of their natal/birth chart?

A lot of this sounds pretty accurate from my experience. Basically a person with many planets in the left side of the chart is self-absorbed. They tend to mostly be concerned with their own interests, feelings and goals. A lot of water in this sector makes for a very subjective type, that experiences the world through their emotions. They tend to take everything personally and may have many sudden changes of mood. A lot of earth in this sector makes the native a hard worker and very goal-oriented. They can achieve much because they have excellent discipline, however they do tend to focus on the negative side of life and can put themselves down too often, eroding their own self-esteem

3. What was the 80's or 90's hero cartoon where there were three heroes of earth, water, and air?

You mean Captain Planet? Captain Planet, he's our hero!

4. what is the one game where you only start with earth water fire and air and have to make new elements?

It would be either Doodle God or Little Alchemy

5. Why is most of the earth water salty?

Water is a universal solvent. It also have very high solubility, and seas and ocean water is the result of their solubility since the formation of Planet Earth.

6. Did God create out of nothing the plants, land animals, water animals, and birds? Did God use the matter from the Earth and water (which "brought forth" these things) like when God created Adam?

It sounds to me like you are looking for a mechanical explanation of the story of genesis. You've read the words on those pages and said "ok, but specifically how did that happen?".That's a great first step in a better understanding of the world and your own belief system, because it means you are questioning the information that is placed before you. In fact it's the exact same thought process that lead to most of what we currently understand about the natural history of the world! Early geologists, paleontologists, and biologists (as much as you could call them such, as those terms had not been coined in the early days of the enlightenment) did not set forth to prove things like the great age of the earth, or that all life evolved from an ancient common ancestor. No, what those early scientists actually set out to do was independently prove what everyone in their times already believed - that the stories in the Bible were factually correct while systematically classifying the plants and animals that they believed god had created.They had the same questions you do now back in the 1600's, and everything we currently understand the natural world has followed from that. So here's the best I can do for you - if you are looking for a mechanical, practical explanation for the events in genesis, you are going to come away frustrated. We've spent 400 years trying to figure that one out, and the best answer that any of the thousands of scientists who have dedicated their lives to answering those questions could tell you is that Genesis is not a literal description of historical events. We have mountains (actual, literal, mountains) of independent physical evidence that tells a totally different story about the creation of this world and the life that lives on it. Perhaps not satisfying to the religious, but that is the only correct answer to questions about the mechanics of Genesis.That means the Old Testament account of the creation of our world is purely a religious matter that you will need to interpret through whatever theological lens you apply to the rest of your life. Whether you choose to see it as a non-literal metaphor, or opt to reject the science completely is up to you. In either case you will need to be content with the story as it's written, and only as it's written, because the moment you leave the pages of that bible and go looking for more, you are going to run in to the 4.5 billion years worth of natural history that the Bible does not seem to have known about

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