What Are the Led/ink Poisoning Syptoms?

i've written on my hand before and nothings every happened...do not worry about it

1. last week jorge posda led the american league in what?

posada batting average he has been hitting very well

2. Why is the Hong Kong independence movement led by a Vietnamese descendant?

This question is irrelevant when it comes to the issue of Hong Kong, because so many of HK's population have come from outside HK

3. Value of resistor for LED?

TV guy's formula is for a 12V source. The voltage of a car's system with the engine running is nearer to 14. Calculating for 14V gives a value of 525 ohms. I suggest you use 560 ohms, the nearest (higher) preferred value.

4. What observations led to the widespread acceptance of the Big Bang model?

The measured expansion of the universe, the cosmic background radiation and the amount of hydrogen in the universe. And a prevailing view that it came from nothing at all. And there is no creator.The last point is probably the most salient.

5. What led Thomas Edison to his big success as an inventor?

I would like to answer something very elevated and lofty, but unfortunately the answer is very simply 'greed'

6. Use of transistor for switching the led

You should not disconnect your powersupply's ground connection with the transistor. The way you draw it the LED is connected to a closed loop that is not really affected by the state of the transistor. So schematic wise you are probably looking for something like this. Component values give roughly 15 mA LED current. Idrive = (V2 - Vbe_Q1)/R1 = (1.5-0.6)/1000 = 0.9 mA. I_LED = (V1 - V_D1)/R1 = (9-3)/390 = 15 mA. Use lower value of R1 for more current.

7. Unexpected behaviour of blinking LED code

As Abhishek mentioned in his answer is correct, but the better way is to use for loops while dealing with many led's.Let's say you have led's connected from pin 2 to 8

8. Deciding On A Resistor For an LED

200 mA will kill it in short order. That's the Absolute MAX.100 mA and 65 mA are the nominal recommended max currents.Formula for resistor is:( 5V - 3V ) / 0.1A = 2022 gives slightly less than 100 mA (2V / 22 = 0.09A) will really not be noticeably dimmer, and will help ensure the stated life of the led is met. A target of 65mA might be better. 2V / 0. 065A = 30. enclosing the led in a tube, on thin wires, is not the typical application the manufacturer expects (on a pcb board with adequate landing pads/copper sizing, and certain free air/distance).Since you have 2 volts across the resistor at 90mA, that's 2 * 0.09 = 0.18 Watts. You will need a 1/4th Watt resistor. So smd resistors are right out unless you go with two 44 ohm 1206 (1/8th Watt) resistors in parallel. So stick to 1/4th or 1/2 Watt through hole resistors.Keep in mind, the original instructable used a 0805 20mA led. You want a 3535 led, thats normally 5 times bigger light area and 5x more current. It will be particularly bright and blinding in comparison. You will want to play around with one to find out a good brightness. Use a few resistors to test. Between 30 and 200 before finalizing which one. And the more current used, the faster your usb power pack will drain. At 50mA you will have twice the battery life of 100mA, generally speaking

9. Portable battery for LED rope lights?

You can get totable power packs, either with or without inverter. They can be carried in a bicyle basket, and should light them for several hours. If the lights are 12V powered, you do not need the inverter and losses associated with it.

10. Installing LED lights in a mini fridge?

Led Mini Fridge

11. Why is led zeppelin considered metal?

They are not really. They were a mixture of Blues, Hard Rock and a little bit of Folk

12. Which is the lesser evil: a Congress-led UPA or a BJP-led NDA? Why?

NDA is a better option than the UPA

13. Will my LED project work?

No, your project will not work. Yes, 4.5V is enough to run an LED that takes 4.5V (assuming it gets enough current).

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