What Are the Disadvanatages of Baby Led Weaning?

Messy is the word!

One of the few disadvantages of BLW is related to the mess it leads to. But wait! Spoon-feeding can be messy, too! Plus, all babies need to learn to feed themselves sooner or later. With baby-led weaning the mess comes earlier, thats all. And the messy period is quite short because the baby develops his motor skills and thus the mess becomes minimal. The baby will practice feeding himself and will quickly become an expert in doing this.

Food waste

Another downside of baby-led weaning is that lots of food will end up on the floor, on your baby, on the table and on the high chair. In this case, try to prevent food waste by giving your baby small amounts of food at a time.

Choking hazards

This is a common disadvantage when it comes to feeding your baby. BLW is not any different than other ways of feeding your little one. So, this means that youll have to cut the food in small pieces and avoid those foods that pose a choking hazard. Give your baby the appropriate size of food he is ready to eat. Moreover, make sure you dont leave your baby alone with the food.

Feedings can take longer

Allowing your baby to feed himself means he will have all the time in the world to explore the new food and to learn more about it. This means that meals can take longer with baby-led weaning. So, make sure you go for a schedule that will allow your baby to take all the time he needs in order to fully feed himself.

Other peoples attitude and worries

Although this may not be really a disadvantage, it is a problem you may have to deal with when it comes to BLW. Since there hasnt been too much talk about BLW, many people dont know too much about this method of weaning and thats why theyre skeptical. Still, once they see how this works and they understand and see this process in action, they will most probably change their attitude.

The tool for introducing solids:• Suggested Reading

Does the USA need a Republican to solve the war in the Middle East? Is Obama too "soft"?

The problem in the middle east is that the outside world wants its resources which are oil. The west and in the US made a deal with many of these so called attrocious allies: give us your oul, we will protect and arm you. We will ignore the attrocious things u do to your people. When the British ruled the middle east after beating the ottoman empire they divided these regions as countries. The middle east with the exception of Egypt and iran which were not tribal societies, were divided. They ruled over Egypt. They controlled iran. They ruled Palestinian areas including what is now jordan. Because these areas are tribal, various tribes that agreed to do their bidding, were supported with money and arms. In 1945, FDR needed oil. So he made a deal with the ruling SAUDI king. We will protect you. Just give us your oil.

We have the largest air force base in the world, khobar towers. So we arm and protect the saudi family even as though saudi Arabia does attrocious things.When the British beat the ottomans, they picked a leading tribe in the Arabian peninsula. The Saudis family were elevated to rulers. It happened to many countries they countries.We have 5th fleet in bahrain. We have bases in saudia arabia and kuwait. A friend of mine is in the air force and he will be stationed in Kuwait.We over threw the first democratically elected govt in iran in 1952 at the request of the British government. The British controlled the largest oil terminal in the middle east. The new Iranian government told the British this is our oil and terminal. We will pay u full market value. The British said no. Because the CIA had agents in iran, we overthrew the first democratically elected govt there. We installed an 18 year old, the SHAH of iran. We trained his secret police that terrorized the Iranian society. The shah of iran was overthrown in 1979 by a religious leader with a PhD. This was Khomeini. He was exiled in paris. So as long as the west and the US wants oil from, we will ignore dictators and monarchies with what they do to their people. We just want the oil.


Why did J.R.R. Tolkien not like Frank Herbert's Dune?

Tolkien lovingly crafted a complex and beautiful world and then wrote interesting stories that took place there. Herbert looked at what makes humans tick and created a universe that would push them to extremes, in both good and bad (mostly bad) ways.I think Tolkien felt Herbert's universe was sparse and bleak and his characters flawed and unappealing.

The Dune series as a whole is a story about terrible villains and heroes that need to become just as terrible in order to defeat them. The difference between the good guys and the bad ones is not their behavior but rather their goals and motivations. Pure utilitarianism in a sense of horrible things are justified if the outcome is overall good for society. Paul starts a war that leads to billions of people dying because he knows that he must do so in order to give humanity a chance to succeed. In the end, his biggest failure is his inability to become even more of a monster. Leto II takes his place to become an absolute tyrant, hated by the entire Galaxy, in order to ultimately save human kind. Its a cynical world full of bad choices and grey areas.Tolkiens heroes are intrinsically moral. The bad guys are evil and ugly and the good guys are good and beautiful. The story is simple, Good must defeat Evil. The heroes are tempted by evil and when succumb to it they are punished. If they hold on to their values (loyalty, friendship, honor..) they will ultimately prevail even if the villains are much more powerful. The characters are highly unrealistic but infinitely more likable.Literature is highly subjective and they are both fantastic writers. Also, Tolkiens religious beliefs influenced his writings and most likely his opinion of other peoples works. That being said, while his religious views definitely had an obvious impact on his books, I can appreciate that he managed to keep most of it in check unlike other fantasy authors like C.S. Lewis who filled his books with so much religious drivel that I could barely manage to slog through a few of his books at the age of 13. I would rather set myself on fire than read one of his books again. Wish Aslan got eaten by a sandworm.


What was the former Alcatraz prison really like?

Alcatraz was quite harsh by US standards at the time. It was what is now known as a Super Max. Basically you had to have done something really bad while in the Federal system, and/or been determined to be a very high escape risk.High profile individuals like Al Capone were also housed there. Big Al posed a definite threat to security in a different way. Big Al had the money and connections to bribe and threaten C/O's. In fact it has ben argued that he decision to build/modify Alcatraz was influenced by how Capone lived in the Atlanta prison.

A reproduction (Alleged) of Al Capone's cell-Doing something stupid at Alcatraz got you a trip to the "Hole." That is the real "Hole." Not some former inmates definition of Solitary, real Solitary.You see the grill gate inside? On the other side was a bare walled concrete cell. No toilet. Just a drain hole in the floor. When the outer door was closed and the light turned off it was pitch black inside. (I know because you could be locked in the cell when the place first became a National Park.) Now they will not do that because of the lawsuits filed.

)You could scream and no one would hear you. You couldn't hear anything outside.My take was in one way Alcatraz was particularly cruel. In fact in this one respect I would say its crueler than Devils Island (Isle de Salir) and the French Penal system in French Guiana.

The French prison complex on both the Islands off shore and the camps inland were designed TO punish the offender. Living conditions were harsh far worse than any US prison. Escape was actually getting yourself exhausted on the way to your suicide.

Even IF you survived and were released, you stayed in the Colony until you died.But there was one aspect of Alcatraz which IMHO, was worse.Unlike the French system on a warm summers night with no wind you could hear San Francisco. You could smell the food at the restaurants, hear women talking, listen to the noise of the city. So close you could reach out and touch it.Then you remembered you couldn't.Life was passing you by and you were missing it-That is pretty cruel mentally.


Why did Japan surrender in World War II?

Many People think of the Bombs that forced them to surrender. But actually years before the airplane left the landing grounds, they tried multiple times to surrender. They tried to do it through the Soviets. The Japanese even had an embassy in Moscow. They wanted things like war crimes such as the Nanking massacre war trials to be done by Japan, they wanted to retain their empire, and emperor.The Bombs were a big factor, but they were FARRRRRRR more scared of Russia than America. Through the War, the Soviets and Japanese never fought each other. (Except for some skirmishes like the highly important battles of Khalkhin Gol.In 1945 when the Japanese were losing too the American island hopping strategy, they called to defend the home islands, and other small colonies. Seeing the chance, the Soviets broke the peace they had with Japan, and invaded ALL of Manchuria, and Korea. This invasion happened the day of Nagasaki.This wasnt a small border skirmish either. It was a FULL scale invasion of the Dwindling Japanese forces. It was 1.

5 Million Russian soldiers, vs the rest of the occupational force. This was all in the PERIOD OF 2 WEEKS.This put in the minds of Japan, that prolonging the war would just place Japan in the hand of the Communists.And if theres anything the Communists hated more than anything, it was a religiously divine autocratic leader. (hint hint Emperor) The Japanese knew what the Soviets did to the Tsar, they killed him, and his entire family.The Emperor in Japanese society was classed as a LIVING god. The Emperor was basically the Japanese Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and Moses in One Person. In fact saying that is an understatement. Nothing was as important as the emperor, because the emperor was Japanese society.In our timeline, Japan negotiated with a tolerant U.

S, and not a authoritarian soviets.

The Japanese surrendered because of RUSSIA, not the U.S. They feared, if they didnt surrender from the bombs, it would mean the Communists would erase Japanese culture, and history. That threat of a bomb was nothing compared to the threat of the Soviets burning Japanese art, and lifestyle.

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