What Are the Differences Between Political Parties and Interest Parties?

I'm not really liking the other answers thus far, so I'll put this framework up for your consideration.In your context, an interest group would exist for two reasons -Some people have an interest worth spending some time and resources on to protect or advance.There is oppositionAdd the political structure in the US - which is really a two party system, and the logical and obvious will happen - the group will align with the party best matching their goals and most likely to help (or be contracted to assist). Occasionally, the group may have a goal that straddles the parties or a goal that includes being useful to both. Lawyers come to mind. They are generous to both parties.To laymen, it's tough to tell where those in the Democrat camp sit, relative to the party tent, and there is quite a lot of cross-entity action - but the Democratic party is well defined - and hackable apparently - as is the GOP. Entities that represent police, educators and so on may be closely associated with or endorse one party or the other, but they are not part of those organizations. What are the differences between political parties and interest parties?Why is it sometimes difficult to distinguish between interest groups and political parties?

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What is your best argument to Bernie supporters, disillusioned democrats, independents and millennials to vote for Clinton?

I will try and sum up in 4 pointsPlatform/policies. In the end its not about the party or person. Bernie is absolutely right about this. Its not about the DNC, Clinton or even Trump. Its about the platform/policies that they are running on. For example if the Democratic party is still supporting slavery and disenfranchisement of minorities like they use to then liberals/progressives should consider not voting for them.Following from 2. I believe that the democratic party platform is the best platform for the future of the US and will also benefit the whole world. We need to combat income equality, invest in our Children's education, the middle class, enshrine equal rights for all and combat global warming that is the biggest threat to our existence.For progressives. The momentum will shift further left if another Democrat wins the White House that started under Obama. We have seen liberal judges appointed and many hard fought progressive legislation has been passed. The best platform for progressives to build on is the Democratic party. Up and coming democrats like Corey and Tulisi are fairly progressive and the future is even brighter for progressives under the democratic platform. It can be reformed and build on and it only requires young progressives to get more involved like they have started with Bernie. Even if you still hate the DNC and Clinton. Remember that the Democratic party tent is a big tent. If we have learned anything from the Brixexit. Minorities will be the hardest hit if someone like Trump wins and implement his policies.Trump is a complete asshole but that alone should not be the main reason why anyone should not vote for him. Just like Clinton I don't care if she is a lovely person that I can have a beer with. For personal quality in a candidate I just want someone that can do the job.One can say that the president does not need much experience in governance which is true as Obama did a wonderful job but the difference is Obama was smart enough to surround himself with really smart people, listen and then made his decisions.However personal character and qualifications aside. The biggest factor as I mentioned before is the platform these candidates are running on. If the RNC platform calls for measures to combat climate change, income inequality, immigration reform, measure to fund college, uphold roe vs wade etc I would vote for their candidate even if the candidate is as vile as Trump.However the DNC has all these policies that I care about that I believe they are also important to progressives, millennials and will be better for the US and everyone else. It would not matter to me if their candidate is Trump, Clinton, Jill or Gary. Its the platform/polices that matter.What is your best argument to Bernie supporters, disillusioned democrats, independents and millennials to vote for Clinton?


What are some realistic ways to get money online?

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Would Rand Paul have done better in the Democratic party running a Classical Liberal banner?

Rand Paul under the classical liberal banner? I don't think so. Under the Democratic Party as a libertarian, then Yes. I believe that Rand Paul and Donald Trump could both do well under the Democratic party tent. I think that even though Trump is currently doing well under the Republican ticket, I think he may have done even better under the Democratic ticket; after all Trump has been financially very friendly to democratic candidates, has been a popular TV personality on NBC and I believe he is pro-abortion. The main reason why Rand or Donald would do well under the Democratic ticket is because of the lack of competition. For starters, we have a former secretary of State with some very serious skeletons in her closet and she is being investigated by the FBI for very serious felony violations. Currently, the only other democratic party candidate competing for the top seat in US government is a self acknowledged Socialist, who, you could say is a very seasoned citizen. That's it, those are the only two candidates fighting for the almighty seat on the democratic party side.Rand is a fiscal conservative, above all else in his views, which at this point may be a big negative to run on in the democratic party, after all the big tax & spender plan of a certain Socialist candidate is doing very well on the democratic ticket. While Rand is a Libertarian, I believe he is pro-life. Democratic voters are not as forgiving on this issue as republican voters have been with past presidential candidates, such as Reagan.Rand has a pretty faithful following of hippies and college students and would likely draw off voters from either party. I think he could run as a conservative, libertarian democrat; if there is such a thing. Although it's hard to compete on a ticket where new, uneducated voters are promised loads of "free" things.The Donald is a great salesman, above all else. Trump could sell you a home in a mine field, and you would happily pay too much for it. I believe that the Trumpster is more versatile and fitting candidate for this hypothetical.


If Hillary Clinton is nominated, will Bernie Sanders bring his followers into the Democratic party tent? What will it take?

He'll try. I expect he won't change November much (assuming he loses): people who always vote Democrat, even those who'd love to see Sanders and are holding their noses for another Clinton, will hold their noses in November. He has temporarily revitalized the party, bringing in vast enthusiasm and new young voters -- they are not his to control, and Hillary Clinton is stunningly unpopular among young people. When current Bernie fans are wavering in November, their "bust" friends and general cynicism will be louder than Sanders. The new votes won't follow the DNC. They could have -- it's pretty small issues around voter irregularities and the weirdness around the not sharing the transcripts that feels very personal to idealistic voters. Bigger issues like the Iraq war or trade deals or Honduras infuriate serious activists ... but those people are paying enough attention to know that Trump is worse. Less active people watch Clinton lying to you and me about whether she'll share the transcripts, watch a weird non-democratic super-delegate elitist election, or listen to piles of anecdotes and a few actually suspicious cases of voter irregularities and they feel betrayed. What will it take: Clinton has to give something to voters who don't trust her, and who live in a world of friends none of whom trust her. They won't trust her on things like trade deals, no matter what she says. The single easiest thing her team could do is let Sanders people re-write the rules for the next primary to remove superdelegates, so Sanders can say we won something to his supporters (as he asks them to vote for Clinton), and so the Democratic Party won't be the same in 2020. That is a victory the Sanders movement can have before November, which will let people disgusted by the machine vote the lesser evil without feeling like their activism was completely useless and only revolt can work.

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