What Are Some Silliest Incidents That Led to Wars?

Mahabharata war:This is an epic war in Indian mythology that happened between the Good and the bad which witnessed concepts like "stopping the time", a war which involved God (Lord Krishna) but in a role of a charioteer, where shishyas (students) murdered their own Gurus (their teachers). In that time, shishyas respected Gurus more than their parents. It also witnessed one of the greatest war strategies, Chakravyuaha. This strategy was learned by Abhimanyu in his mother's womb when his father was telling his mother about it. The war's teachings gave arguably the most magical book ever "Gita".All of this started because of a game of dice between 105 cousins (5 on one side and 100 on other). 5 cousins known as Pandavas lost to 100 cousins known as Kauravas (yeah, I do not know how the parents managed to get exactly 100 sons and 1 daughter). In this game, Pandavas not only lost their property and all but also lost their one and only wife Draupadi (yes, one wife to rule them all!) in that game owing to their eldest brother's sporting spirit of never breaking promises and always speaking truth.This defeat in the game of dice and revenge for their wife's honor lead to a eighteen day long Mahabharata war in which finally Pandavas won over Kauravas.

1. What circumstances led the Metis to rebel in 1885?

The Canadian government's lack of recognition of Metis and Native tradition. The Metis had lands divided in one way, but had no system of land title. The Canadian gov't came to the region and would not recognize Metis lands. When the gov't offered land to the Metis and Natives they placed provisions on the land that were very difficult of the Metis and Natives to meet. The Canadian government was more interested in having Protestant settlers from Ontario move into the region and farm than having the Metis and Natives remain there. These, and a few other factors led to Metis discontent, and they sought Louis Riel out in the US to come back and form a provisional government and get some of the rights of the Metis and Natives recognized. The government was opposed to the provisional government and became agitated. It was more the Natives who were militant in the rebellion than the Metis, but John A. Macdonald was out to get Louis Riel for a murder in the late 1860's of a Canadian (Thomas Scott I think). In short, the gov't did would not recognize Metis and Native land claims and traditional rights, leading to an uprising and installment of a provisional government, and backlash from the Canadian government.

2. What led to a political outsider like Trump being elected?

Clinton WAS AN OUTSIDER bush 2 Obama were all outsiders the world is getting awfully sick of inbred insiders some where along the line were going to get an honest President CURRENTLY TRUMP IS OUR ONLY HOPE god knows what we'r going to get in 2024

3. What are 5 events that led to the US becoming a superpower?

The answers here do not go back far enough.It is generally recognized that the United States started on the road to becoming a superpower after the Spanish-American War in 1898.This was the first time the United States demonstrated the ability to fight and defeat other global powers, and project power globally. Following the war, the United States, the former colony, found the tables turned as itself became an empire with the acquisition of numerous Pacific and Caribbean territories including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines

4. what led to Ali no longer being caliph?

Seems like an important question, but it's a petty your is english poor

5. What was the missing piece that led to WW II?

Strangely if we compare the failed period of the League of Nations to the succesfull period of the United Nations with Oil as a line of analysis, the missing part is the Marshall PlanQ : What were doing the major powers of the Concert of Europe ( British, France, Prussia, Russia, Austria ) just before WW I?R: Depeacing the gigantic ottoman empire in order to integrate it chunk by chunk in others european empires ( Concert of Europe extended with Italy and Belgium ), to achieve that, either the lite was relying on direct annexion like Austrians did in 1908 Bosnie Herzegovine and Serbie 1914, or competing to install a puppet state like the Bourbon/Napoleon and Hohenzollern competed to lead Spain or the various German Princes who lead Greece, Bulgaria, Romania...Prussia's Hohenzollern tried to extend the conflict upto the other main providers of oil, the Zimmermann Telegram tried to have Mexico on the side of "Germany Austria Bulgaria Ottomans" should America align with "Britain France Russia". In 1910 Italy was invading the Libyan territory Italian colonization of Libya part of the Ottoman Empire, Austria was annexing part of the Balkan, another part of the Ottoman Empire, and Japan got enough oil from America.But after 1918, the Wilsonian organisation dissolved empires, created Nations and tried to pump up international economy...The result of this politic was seen in the 1930s, with the FDR's new Deal, the Soviet's NEP, the Wiemar's Germany "Car of the People" on Autobahn, and the Japanese Bullet train...The problem is that the international trading system broke with the american banking system in 1931, no meaningful oil were found in the Balkans, austrian and romanian oil fields were limited, main resources of oil in the world were present in Mexico, in America, in Baku under soviet supervision, in Mesopotamia under a Franco/British sharing agreement ( the Sykes Picot agreement ) and into the aging empire of Dutch in Indonesia. We can argue whether the infamous Ribbentrop Molotov Pact was a prefiguration of the Molotov Plan, itself a soviet version of the Marshall Plan. Since the american banking system desintegrated in 1931, and the new deal failed to pump up the global economy and no Marshall Plan was available, Hitler's Germany tried to establish a "common market" with USSR ( the infamous Ribbentrop Molotov Pact ) but obviously something went wrong. So the resources limited powers Germany, Italy and Japan resumed the old strategy of annexions with the Return of Geopolitics, Germany rebuilt the Hohenzollern/Hapsburg empire with annexion of Austria, Sudetenland/Bohemia and Prussia ( at the moment in Polish territory ) and tried to seize the caucassian oil fields, Italy carried on with Libya annexion ( this time with the oil in Erythrea ) and Jpan resumed the annexion of Mandchuria. This led to the oil sanctions of America against Japan for bad behavior against the Chinese, and then to the sinking of the american pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor and to the subsequent Japanese invasion of south east asia heading towards the Dutch oil field.So the missing part seems to be the Marshall Plan

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