We Have a Gas Water Heater. We Have to Relight It Every 5 Days Or so. Why Does the Pilot Light Keep

The valve may be getting wet or there may be a draft somewhere. Be careful with leaks

1. Need to cut a hole in foundation without hitting gas or water pipes.?

Most states have a centralized service for locating gas, water, electric lines prior to digging for construction/remodeling. If you dig without having the locations marked, you are 100% liable for the cost of damage repair. That alone should be sufficient motivation to call first, dig later

2. Bad fuel (possible gas or water mixed in it) in Diesel truck, is it ruined or vapor locked?

Change the fuel filter, add fuel additive(auto zone, advanced auto, etc....). Fill the fuel filter, or else it wo not run

3. Are all gas water heaters supposed to be equipped with a valve shut-off for when the pilot light goes out?

Your dad knows what he's talking about. The gas valve should have shut off the gas when it did not detect a pilot flame. Just lighting the pilot alone does not seem to me that the problem has been corrected. Next time it could be worse like if no one is home for a long time

4. Physics Pressure Problem: How to find PSI required to get a certain percentage of gas in water?

The answer depends very much on the geometry of the water - air surface. I think this is best solved by experimentation. You could even have the air at 100 psi, holding back the water on the left side, so that only air comes out on the right side. It's not even certain that you need to pump in 4.188 SLM. Once the air and water mix, perhaps the flow rate goes down.

5. gas water heater stay lite for about 3 minutes and than goes out what can the problem be?

thermocouple or flame sensor is a good start, another common problem I run into mostly with A.O smith water heaters is not enough combustion air, the solution would be cleaning it out underneath

6. Last night I changed the thermocoupler on my gas water heater.?

Gas is leaking from a connection. Could be from the thermocouple, or somewhere else. Did you use tape or pipe sealer? If not get it fixed. Vent the gases outside the house for safety.

7. my truck is skipping. I change my fuel filter. also added dry gas and water remover. any more advice. 98 s-10

get a picture of it,, man a skipping truck, never seen one of those,, hope your not in it when it goes skipping around town

8. which is heavier, gas or water?

It's not considered a heavier density. It's greater density. Liquids always have greater density than gasses

9. Combining gas, water, and electric on converted duplex?

You may be able to get each service provider to set up both locations under one account in turn get one bill for each utility. Physically changing the services for each duplex into one is going to be very costly. Electrically it would involve combining both duplexes into one service feed. Either feed there now may not be able to handle the load for both, so an entirely new feed and panel my have to be installed. Gas would involve connecting the too spaces together at the current meter then having the utility company set a new meter. Water would be the easy compared to the others. Just disconnect the line(and cap) coming into the building from one meter and connect that to the other water supply and that would be the one that you would set up service on. The other would just be abandoned. Having the utility's set up both upper and lower on one account would be the best way to go. As you can see the other is going to require a lot of work and be very expensive.

10. Is it legal to generate my own electricity, gas, water, etc.?

There is no real way to "generate water", and you would need an actual natural gas well on your property to do gas, but you can of course get solar panels, or hydroelectric or some such, sure

11. Should you trust tacos , Gas and water from tijuana, Mexico?

I know you can not trust the water in Mexico, because my mom went there and came back home with dysentery. She said she was careful, but when she told me she had soup at Denny's there, I said Mom, soup is made with water. I do not know about gas and tacos.

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