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Gas Water Heater Dallas TX installation carrier is some other famous alternative for customers. Do you have a couple of housemates or a lot of kids that will need hot waters? If so, this should be a top notch healthy for your needs. These gadgets are a little on the hefty side, but they are very powerful. You will by no means have to worry about restart or refresh instances due to the fact you will never run out of hot water with this terrible boy in your attic.Water Heater Dallas TX 2820 Anode Ln , Dallas TX 75220 (972) 559-4113 - www.waterheaterdallastx.com Store Hours: Mon to Fri from 8AM to 7PM - Sat to Sun from 9AM to 6PM.

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why aren't you supposed to use a space heater with a power strip/surge protector?

Never ever use anything that is even close to being an extension cord on a space heater. More fires are started that way. Space heaters or anything that has a large amp draw should be plugged directly in to the wall out let. We almost had a fire in my building. I got a call that a burning smell was coming from the air conditioner. (It always got blamed for any smells) In checking, I found a clerk had a space heater under her desk to keep her feet warm. And where was it plug in to ? The power strip for her pc, screen and calculator. Fortunately it was just getting very warm and I removed the space heater and had a memo sent around that space heaters were not allowed.

Which uses less electricity, a space heater or your house's heater?

Check on your utility providers website. Ours has a handy cost estimator for most electric appliances room by room and household. We pay one of the highest rates per kilowatt hour in the country and it is 3 times more expensive to run a whole house heater than it is to run a space heater

"how long before the water 'evaporates' if you turn the gas off on a gas water heater?".?

It wo not evaporate... it's enclosed. Also, it wo not burn up, either - hot water is stored until someone opens the hot water faucet or tap, so with no one taking baths, showers or doing laundry it should be a moot point. Please be careful with natural gas appliances, especially hot water heaters. A gas hot water heater changed my life about two decades ago... it leaked carbon monoxide (CO) and the gas got into the ventilation system return duct, on which the hot water heater was situated, going straight to my bedroom. After a prolonged three month exposure, I nearly died, got brain damage and get headaches constantly to this day from it. Natural gas is very dangerous when used indoors... make sure you have a CO detector (something they did not have when my accident occurred) installed near any indoor gas appliance you have. CO gas is odorless/colorless. CO Detector Alarms only cost about thirty bucks and could very well save your life or at least keep you from having to let go of your career and rebuild your entire life and personality.

Our propane gas heater isnt working, help!?

Most commonly that symptom is caused by a bad thermocouple. You did not say what type of heater this is. Water heater? Wall furnace or free standing heater? Furnace? A failed thermocouple is rather common. It is suppose to heat up, which generates a voltage that holds a coil open that keeps the gas valve open. This is a safety so if the flame goes out the gas shuts off. But it is also possible the gas valve itself is bad but that is much more rare. And at times it is as simple as the connection, the fitting, where the thermocouple screws in to the gas valve is loose. There are a number of places online that describe, with photos, replacement of the part. Find something similar to the type of item you are working on. The couplers are cheap, and generic except for length, but too long is not a problem. They often cost less than $10. But a service call to replace it could cost ya $150 or more.

Car heater only works when pressing gas?

Many people forget about that the heater core is indeed part of the cooling / heating systems. Your heater core may ether need flushing or replacing , changing your coolant every two years can prevent your heater core from corroding in the future.

My water heater is leaking from the bottom where it's seal at but from both sides should I replace it?

Replace it. The heater will get worse over time due to rust. Never wait or you run the risk of not only water damage from water leaking, but steam will start to build up in the basement or where ever you have the heater installed. I have had some bad experiences with people ignoring their hot water heaters and having to pay more for repairs.

How would having crossed hot/cold inputs on my electric water heater affect my bill. Has an on/off peak timer.?

I consider you, the chilly climate outdoors could actual make your water heater run longer. From adventure, i comprehend that protecting the water heater with a specifically designed blanket will enable it maintain extra warmth and run much less even interior the iciness. The blanket is fiberglass coated with a foil outdoors. you may get them at any ironmongery shop... Ace Hardware, domicile Depot, Lowes, and so on. i do not understand if it fairly is windy the place you are , yet construction a small shed around the water heater will help, too if wind is stealing away a number of the warmth.

Help! Think we need to replace electric water heater - tankless vs. regular? Brands you recommend?

Forget the electric tankless water heater unless you like keeping your blood pressure up. Install a Rheem Marathon water heater. It has a plastic tank and a lifetime warranty. Costs a little more but well worth it. Also, the most effecient heater you can buy. Best of luck.

Does heat pump water heater save money over natural gas water heater in colder climates?

A heat pump only uses energy to move hear. The refrigerator moves heat from inside to outside. An Air Source Heat Pump moves heat from a 40° F outside to the inside just like a refrigerator does. Actually uses a lot less energy than gas.Where do you intend to locate your HPWH? It the basement with the furnace? In the garage? On an open back porch. What is the weather outside? What is the ambient temperature where you will install it?I've seen several installed in cellars, and they work great. In warmer climates in the unheated garage or even the back porch is a good choice. Colder climates put it inside.Does heat pump water heater save money over natural gas water heater in colder climates?

just got a new wall heater installed will my gas bill sky rocket from using it?

When you say wall heater, I assume you mean a space heater that hangs on the wall, and not a gas furnace that is installed in the wall. Your gas bill will depend on several variables. How cold it is outside, how warm you keep the apt inside, what rate the gas company in your area charges, etc. Modern gas space heaters are very energy efficient, so I would not expect the bill to increase dramatically. In my area, N.E. Texas, the weather in winter time can vary from 60 degrees to the mid teens. Most gas bills for winter months run from $40-$100 per month, depending on the house, the person, and the heating equipment. Modern gas space heaters are usually at the lower end.

220v hot water heater 21 years old reset was popped reset it and works should I be concerned for another issue?

Have you regularly changed drained the water to remove rust from the tank. It popped circuit is likely the heating rod which wears out, This would be noticeable in taking longer to reheat a water heater after a lot of use. These rods are replaceable, but if you have not been draining the rust away it may not be worth repairing. If it pops again you should reset and then look for a new heater. The new heaters are also more energy efficient so you will save money with lower heating cost. Mine lasted 25 years and I notices about a $10 a month electric saving with a new heater.

What causes a bathtub to become backed up when a water heater is replaced?

omg there could be many reasons why this happened yet sooo many odd answers. First off water heater replacement should have NOTHING to do with you tub drain, unless your heater is IN the tub! cold water goes into the heater and hot comes out. nothing from the heater would possibly connect to your tub. your tub drains usually into your basement into the main stack which goes out to your sewer. unless your plumbing is very home made, yours is this way. Being said, you simply have a coincidence and your tub is clogged.. If the stack was clogged all your sinks would be clogged also

Why douuble pole switch must be used for water heater? [closed]

Most water heaters are 240v, this voltage is created by using 2 hot legs, for a local disconnect or breaker both hots need to be disconnected. If a single pole was used as the local disconnect the water heater would not heat but there would still be 120v at the control to the elements and this creates a hazard to someone working on the water heater (like when time to change the elements). If it is a 120v water heater a single pole is acceptable (these are usually smaller under sink type where only a small amount of water is needed at a remote location from the main water heater).

Is there a portable heater that runs on regular batteries as its power source?

There is a new heating technology in which a rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.5 V, 10 AH) can be used to power a new-type electrical heater for warmth creation. The heater itself is 250 g in weight, 120 cm2 in total surface area, and 1800 cm3 in volume. When powered by the Li-ion battery, the device starts to generate heat, and a surface temperature up to 60 Degree Celsius is achievable. When the heater is immerged in 150 g water of 20 Degree Celsius, the water can be heated to 45 Degree Celsius. Not sure what the applications of the new electric heating technology would be...... My email address is:

Is it bad if my kitten goes under the water heater?

She will be fine. She will probably like hiding underneath it. I know that water heater has 'heater' in the name, but do not worry. The heater itself is insulated and is not hot to the touch. I have a cat that likes to go behind my water heater, and it will stay there from a few minutes to an hour. It depends on what model it is and how it was set up. It might have some pipes underneath it. That's about it. You might check to make sure there are not any wires coming out of it that she can reach. If there is, just elevate it high enough to where she can not mess with it. Good luck!

My Pressure Relief valve on my gas hot water heater drips very slowly is there a problem?

I agree with Jeff. It is a watts pressure relief valve. You can get one at Lowes or Home Depot. Procedure: 1. Shut off the water supply 2. Shut off the wate heater. 3. drain the water heater to a level below the Watts Valve (usually 1/3 down from the top) 4. Unscrew the valve with a plumbers wrench 5. Install Teflon tape or pipe compound on the threads of the new valve. 6. Install new valve. 7. Turn on the water and check for leaks 8. If no leaks turn on the hot water heater 9. Done.... Estimated Time. 30 minutes with proper tools and access to shutoffs. I hope this helps

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