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Why would you buy shoes that are to big anyway? W/e, yes there are things that you can put on the inside of your shoe that keep your foot from sliding around. Just go into payless shoe source and ask for some

1. Denim Shoes - Buy Denim Shoes online at Best Prices in India

Denim shoes are stylish and very comfortable to wear. They are available in different styles and it is only recently that denim shoes have become popular. Up until a decade ago, denim or jeans as it is alternatively known was just a fabric limited to make pants. With the advent of fashion and art, the nature and use of denim have evolved in the highest order of proportion. Denim footwear ascended in the men's footwear line sooner than the women's line. Apart from footwear, denim is also used in tees, shirts, bags , and jackets. Made from vintage jeans, denim shoes look absolutely classy and are loved by both men and women, all over the world. There are different types of denim shoes that you can invest in to suit your style and preference. Let's look at some of the popular styles out there: Bellies: Usually flat with a closed front and back, denim bellies are quite popular among women. They have been inspired from the ballerinas and look elegant. Bellies for men are nothing but the casual slip-ons. Team a pair of belly shoes with a jeans and a leather jacket for a stylish look. Boat Shoes: Denim boat shoes look really stylish and come with non-marking rubber soles. You can opt for brands like Dailywreck and Adreno. Boat shoes will make you look classy when you team a pair with a white shirt and a pair of casual trousers. Canvas Shoes: Denim canvas shoes are the most common denim shoes online. They are perfect for casual outings with friends and even for dates. Team a pair of washed denim shoes from Kraasa with a pair of chino shorts and a tee for a trendy ensemble. Loafers: If leather loafers are something you do not like, you can opt for denim loafers. Comfortable and stylish, these denim shoes for men are highly popular. Shoe Island has different styles to choose from. Denim shoes are available in different styles and you even have corporate style denim shoes that you can team with your smart-casual outfits. Emosis and RockSoft are well-known brands for corporate casual denim shoes. Denim shoes are comfortable and you can wear them for hours at a stretch without causing any discomfort to your feet. Denim shoes and sneakers have the ability to go with any form of western-styled clothing and matches every dressing style and addresses every kind of occasion. In the world of denim sneakers , you will also find a whole range of colors, textures, and designs. No matter what your taste and preferences are, you are sure to find more than one style to satisfy your sense of fashion. Denim shoes are not only easy to wear but are easy to clean as well. Just like canvas shoes you can wash them to remove all dirt and dust. The monotony of work footwear and casual shoes has been broken by denim shoes. Now, men prefer wearing denims shoes to work because of their simplicity and comfort. Denim, the sturdy and tough indigo colored textile was set as a trend since the mid 19th century. What started as a durable bottom wear for miners, laborers, and other heavy workers gained popularity, gradually making its way into the fashion industry. Once a heavy work clothing is now a style statement. Today, denim is not only a clothing material but also a textile used to make bags, footwear, seating covers, furniture, belts, headgears and other accessories. The garment that was once just a fabric is now widely accepted and embraced by the world. It is only fair to say that denim has conquered the fashion world. The transformation of denim from clothing to primary footwear is not surprising at all. If you are looking for a major investment in your footwear collection, denim shoes are a must. It is for men and women who are young at heart and strong in style.

2. What to Look for When Buying Cycling Shoes

Before You Begin Shopping for Cycling Shoes When selecting a cycling shoe, consider prioritizing fit, purpose, features, price and of course, style. Your intended use will dictate fit and some features: Road cycling shoes are designed to be stiff, light and breathable while providing a secure connection to your bike. Pro Tip: No matter what shoe option you select, get a bike fit to ensure proper cleat positioning, which will prevent injury and optimize power transfer. Do not underestimate the value of cycling shoes that offer a precise fit. You will be more comfortable and are likely to have a smoother pedal stroke if your cycling shoes match the shape of your foot. The Pearl Izumi PRO Leader IV allows for customization of the footbed: You can swap the arch, and varus (ball of your foot) inserts to match your specific anatomy. Plus, the top-mounted placement of the Boa dial closures on the padded tongue of the shoes was a huge hit among testers. Fit Advice: When fitting Pearl Izumi PRO Leader IV cycling shoes, we suggest going up half a size, as they tend to run slightly small in both men's and women's models. Many brands of cycling shoes offer the Boa dial system for securing the shoe to your foot. This retention system offers a precise, adjustable method for securing the shoe, which can be easily adjusted while on the bike. The new Specialized S-Works 7 features micro-adjustable, alloy Boa dials, made exclusively for this shoe. With a low stack height, the S-Works 7 felt light and stiff under our tester's big feet. "It was almost like wearing a high-tech, comfy cycling slipper." Fit Advice: The Specialized S-Works 7 cycling shoe fits true to size, and like other shoes from the California-based brand, feels slightly wider in the toe and narrower in the heel. Cycling Shoes to Help You Keep Your Cool If you are prone to sweaty feet, you will really appreciate shoes that offer superior ventilation. While all shoes in our test group have vents in their soles, the Fizik Infinito R1 Knit took lightweight cooling to the next level. These Italian-made shoes wrapped our feet like they were made just for us and helped us keep cool when riding in hot environments. Despite the airy feel, we were still impressed with the stiffness-we felt our watts going right to our pedals. Fit Advice: The men's Fizik Infinito R1 Knit is a low-volume shoe, which conformed to our tester's feet well. These narrowest-fitting shoes gave us a very secure feel. Triathletes have slightly different cycling shoe needs than do road cyclists: drains to allow excess water to escape, comfort without socks, a large opening for ease of entry and exit and a retention system that's foolproof to operate while on the bike. The Louis Garneau Tri 400 checks all the boxes. The stock footbed and brushed membrane interior were so smooth and comfortable our testers nearly forgot they went sockless when wearing these shoes. Fit Advice: Both men's and women's versions of the Louis Garneau Tri 400 fit true to size. Functionality, comfort and durability do not always have to come with a premium price tag. If you are on a budget and want only one pair of shoes for both triathlon and road cycling, look for shoes which offer features similar to high-end models: ample ventilation, easy-to-work retention systems and firm soles. The women's Bontrager Lohi shoe and the unisex Bontrager Woomera shoe are a great value. The carbon-soled Woomera felt like they transferred power to the pedals well and were roomy with a smooth interior. The large, easy-to-manage retention straps offered a fumble-free experience, even while already in motion. The Lohi felt firm under our tester's feet and were spacious enough to allow for thick socks-great for early- and late-season outdoor riding. Fit Advice: The Bontrager Lohi and the Bontrager Woomera felt roomy. If you have normal to narrow feet, opt for a half size smaller. Your Cycling Shoes Are an Expression of Your Style Whether you opt for a simple colorway, or a scheme that pops, cycling shoe choice is an excellent and fun expression of your style. Although fit should be a priority when selecting a cycling shoe, do not be shy when selecting something that complements your bike and your kit.

3. hey so i have a little problem literally?

i would suggest you made to order a pair of shoes with invisible high heels, not the one we often seen in the shoe store. men can wear this kind of shoes without being obvious of wearing a high heels. i have seen a friend of mine wearing a rubber shoes with invisible high heels which makes him 5-6 cm. taller. we call it invisible because the heels are hidden inside the shoes itself, not expose. there is no medicine to make anyone taller after 26 and the procedure for bone stretching is too painful with no 100% success.

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