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An overview of water pitcher

Rio Mesa High School (RMHS) is located northeast of Oxnard, California in the unincorporated community of Strickland. This campus of the Oxnard Union High School District serves the communities of northern Oxnard including nearby RiverPark and unincorporated El Rio, as well as the western portion of the city of Camarillo and unincorporated Nyeland Acres. The school is surrounded by strawberry fields and other crops growing on the Oxnard Plain.

Rio Mesa's primary rival is Camarillo High School. The school is one of two International Baccalaureate schools in Ventura County, the other being Newbury Park High School. The name "Rio Mesa", conceived by OUHSD board member Bob Matthews at the time of the school's founding, is derived from the two original school districts that fed the school in 1965 - Rio and Mesa Union - though it also receives students from the Pleasant Valley and Oxnard Elementary districts.

my cat eats a lot but wont hardly touch water. And she sneezes all the time.? of water pitcher

This is going to sound weird - but have you ever thought of leaving a small drip going in the faucet of a bathroom and showing your cat that fresh water comes from it? Cupid - my male cat - is just as picky about water. He'll drink from a dish, but not very often - UNLESS it's fresh from the purified water pitcher or cold. But he'll spend all kinds of time lapping water right from the stream in the faucet if turned on and left going for a bit.

WilyBeth, my first cat, used to ONLY like fresh water and after about 5-6 hours would not drink it either. So I added ice cubes one day and she liked it. After that she always drank from a faucet, the tub (rinsed down with NO chemicals in it) or the sink (again - no chemicals) or would lick ice cubes we left in a bowl or on a plate. And on rare occasions, my wife could pour water from a Dasani bottle into the cap and WilyBeth would drink right from the cap!

Try any or all of these methods - one will catch on and work. Sometimes cats are just too finicky for their own good about the condition of their water or even the taste. Just don't give up!

BTW - if none of this works, go back to moist food and buy her "Greenies" and use them as treats from time to time for her breath. My three cats all eat moist food (1/4 small can twice a day) and all have Greenies at bedtime to help combat their stink-o-breath. They also have dry food left out most of the day. Maybe use the moist as a treat - at least they'll get the moisture and you can still use the dry as the main meal they get.

Why does a continuous water stream form ripples when colliding with a surface? [duplicate] of water pitcher

I reckon I'm going to get lit up like RoboCop because of this post but here we go:I think the apparent separation of the water into droplets the higher up you go is caused because of two reasons: gravity and the cohesion/adhesion of water (also see Van der Waal forces).Essentially, the cohesive/adhesive forces are responsible for keeping the water droplets stuck together as droplets, and even sticking to other things like the underside of your finger or (rather annoyingly) the side of a water pitcher when a waiter is trying to refill your glass.Because these forces are really weak, we only see them at very short distances, and even a force as weak as gravity can easily disrupt them:When your finger is far from the source, the falling water droplets have a greater potential energy (PE= Gravity x Mass x Height), and thus far too much energy to survive the impact on your finger, and get torn up and splashed about with little care for the cohesive force.

Gravity wins.

However, when you raise your finger toward the source, the distance that the water droplets fall is reduced, and the thus the water has a lower potential energy. Because of this shorter distance, the droplets don't have enough energy to completely splash off your finger, and instead they have to compete against the cohesive/adhesive forces keeping them bound together. As you bring your finger higher and higher, we start to see the effects of surface tension more and more clearly.

When you get pretty high up the stream starts to form almost complete droplets due to LaPlace's Law, and they seem to be able to even stack up on on top of one another. I also believe the kind of odd separation of the droplets is due to a pressure wave (At least it looks that way after watching "Surface Tension Droplets at 2500fps - The Slow Mo Guys" on Youtube and seeing the exact same pattern you described!).Cohesion wins.EDIT This might have been too simple an answer (if I even answered your question) for what you're going for, sorry for my noobery.

I do believe the separation of the drops themselves is due to a pressure wave resultant from the water droplet's impact, they just don't separate completely because there's another drop crashing down on them before they can split up

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