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St Etheldreda's Church is a Roman Catholic church in Ely Place, off Charterhouse Street in Holborn, London. The building is one of only two surviving in London from the reign of Edward I, and dates from between 1250-1290. It is dedicated to thelthryth, or Etheldreda, the Anglo-Saxon saint who founded the monastery at Ely in 673. It was the chapel of the London residence of the Bishops of Ely.

In the early 17th century it served briefly as an embassy chapel for the Spanish Ambassador, and a haven for English Catholics.

The chapel was purchased by the Catholic Church in 1874 and opened in 1878 and is one of the oldest churches in England to be in current use by the Catholic Church.

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St Etheldreda's, Ely Place: A Pitkin Guide, by Fr Kit Cunningham with Rosemary Nibbs (Norwich: Jarrold Publishing, 2003)

A notice of Ely chapel, Holborn: with some account of Ely palace by Thomas Boyles Murray (1840)

History of point of purchase

13th centurySt Etheldreda's was built some time between 1250 and 1290 as the town chapel for the Bishops of Ely. It was part of Ely Palace or Ely House, their London residence.

14th centuryIn 1302, John, Earl of Warenne, swore his loyalty to Edward II in the chapel.

In 1381 John of Gaunt moved to the palace, after the Savoy Palace was destroyed during the Peasants' Revolt.

16th centuryIn 1534, Catholic Masses were outlawed in England. The Bishops of Ely continued to oversee the chapel which was used for Anglican worship after the English Reformation.

In 1576 a lease on a portion of the house and lands surrounding the chapel was granted by Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely, to Sir Christopher Hatton, a favourite of Elizabeth I. The rent was 10, ten loads of hay and one red rose per year, a small enough sum to give rise to suspicion that Elizabeth had put pressure on the bishop. Hatton borrowed extensively from the crown to pay for refurbishment and upkeep of the property. During his tenancy, the crypt was used as a tavern.

Ely Palace is mentioned in two of Shakespeare's plays, Richard II and Richard III.

17th centuryIn 1620, the upper church was granted to Count Gondomar, the Spanish ambassador, to use as a private chapel and considered to be on Spanish soil. Catholic worship, still illegal in England, was allowed in the church. Two years later, during a diplomatic dispute between England and Spain, Gondomar was recalled to Spain and use of the chapel was not given to his successor.

Matthew Wren, Bishop of Ely from 1638 (and uncle of Christopher Wren), worshipped at St Etheldreda's chapel before his imprisonment in 1641.

In 1642, the palace and church was requisitioned by Parliament for use as a prison and hospital during the English Civil War. During Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth (16491660) most of the palace was demolished and the gardens were destroyed.

18th centuryIn 1772, an Act of Parliament allowed the Bishops of Ely to sell the property to the Crown. The site, including the chapel, was sold on to Charles Cole, a surveyor and architect. He demolished all the buildings on the site apart from the chapel and built Ely Place. The chapel was extensively refurbished in the Georgian style before it re-opened in 1786.

19th centuryIn 1820 the chapel was taken over by the National Society for the Education of the Poor who hoped to convert the Irish Catholic immigrants then settling in the area. A short time later the church closed.

In 1836, Ely Chapel was reopened by the Reverend Alexander D'Arblay (son of Fanny Burney) as a place of Anglican worship but he died the following year. In 1843, the church was leased by Welsh Anglicans with services celebrated in the Welsh language. The chapel was put up for auction in 1874 and purchased for 5,400 by the Catholic convert Father William Lockhart of the Rosminian order.

Under Lockhart's direction, the crypt and upper church were restored by George Gilbert Scott to their original 13th-century designs. John Francis Bentley designed a choir screen incorporating a confessional, an organ and a choir gallery. The royal coat of arms, added during the reign of Charles I, was removed to the cloister. The church received a relic from the Duke of Norfolk: a piece of St Etheldreda's hand which is kept in a jewel cask to the right of the high altar.

The restoration was completed in 1878 and a Catholic Mass was celebrated in St Ethelreda's for the first time in over 200 years. The upper church was reopened in 1879 on the Feast of St Etheldreda (23 June).

For many years, St Etheldreda's church was the oldest Catholic church building in England, but since 1971 it has been surpassed by the 12th century church of Ss Leonard & Mary in Malton, North Yorkshire.

20th centuryIn 1925, the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments scheduled the chapel as an ancient monument.

In May 1941, during the Blitz, the church was hit by a bomb that tore a hole in the roof and destroyed the Victorian stained glass windows. It took seven years to repair the structural damage.

In 1952, new stained glass by Joseph Nuttgens was installed in the east window. It features the Trinity, the evangelists Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, as well as the Virgin Mary, St Joseph, St Bridget of Kildare and St Etheldreda. The stained glass windows in the south wall depict scenes from the Old Testament, and the ones in the north wall show scenes from the New Testament.

In the 1960s, two groups of four statues of English Catholic martyrs from the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I were installed along the north and south walls. They include St Edmund Gennings, St Swithun Wells, St Margaret Ward, Blessed John Forest, Blessed Edward Jones, Blessed John Roche, St Anne Line, and St John Houghton.

21st centuryIn 2011, the Catholic Church proposed that St Anne's Church, Laxton Place, be used as the principal church of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. The journalist Damian Thompson, a prominent supporter of the ordinariate, called for St Etheldreda's to be used by the ordinariate, asserting that the church suffered a decline, both liturgically and as a parish community, in the early years of the 21st century.

Father Kit Cunningham, for some 30 years the rector of St Etheldredas, was awarded the MBE in 1998. Cunningham returned the MBE before his death in 2010. It was subsequently revealed in June 2011 that Cunningham had sexually abused young boys at a school in Tanzania.

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Cheerleading Fundraisers for Middle School?
Have a bake sale or a snack bar stand (soda, chips, water, etc) at different community events such as street fairs, carnivals, etc1. Cooking Party--what would you make?--?ummmmm u could make personal pizzas u could make cupcakes u could crack green bans to put in a cassorelle ooooh u could make smmothies or milkshakes u could churn some ice crem in a barrel ooooh u could chop up all sorts of vegatables and boil some water and toss the vegatables in for a hearty soup u could make a toss salad u could slice some potatoes real thin and then boil them to make chips u could make a bean dip or a salsa for the chips2. Will I survive without a car in Vancouver?You will manage fine without a car, especially where you will be staying which is close to bus routes. Lynn Canyon was a good suggestion as was Science World. Go to Lynn Canyon via the Seabus which crosses the harbour so you get a boat ride as part of your bus fare. 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If your friends are big eaters delivery pizza: 10 pizzas root beer: 10-15 liter bottles, less if serving with ice cream 4 gallons vanilla ice cream if desired 6 bags of chips big cake double the cake listed above( so do 4 sheet cakes instead of 2) Have extra candy on the side to add to the cake; extra gummy worms especially! also maybe some m&m's and crushed cookies on the side.5. What to give to a deploying soldier?I do not know if he's religious or not, but they are allowed to wear a religious charm on their dog tags. When I was deployed peanuts(nuts in general), gum and favorite kind of chips seemed popular6. Qualcomm's Quad-core Chips to Counter Intel's UltrabooksQualcomm is preparing a quad-core version of its Snapdragon S4 chip for thin and light Windows 8 laptops, which the chip maker hopes will steal some thunder from Intel's second wave of ultrabooks due later this year. The S4 chips will go into laptops that are thinner and lighter than Apple's MacBook Air or today's ultrabooks, according to Rob Chandhok, senior vice president at Qualcomm. Ultrabooks are being promoted by Intel as a new category of thin and light laptops. "We think much lighter than what Intel calls an ultrabook," Chandhok said. The lines between high-end smartphones, where Qualcomm's chips are normally found, and laptops has started to blur, Chandhok said. The S4 chips will enable smaller laptops with high-resolution screens, longer battery life and always-on connectivity, he said. The chips are based on a core from U.K. chip design company ARM, and include an integrated modem and a graphics core capable of handling 3D graphics. Just as Intel hopes to make microprocessors for smartphones, Qualcomm is trying to expand out of the smartphone market and into PCs. It has already shipped some prototype Windows 8 PCs with Snapdragon chips to developers. But Intel is moving against the ARM-based vendors by pouring millions of dollars into developing ultrabooks. Qualcomm hopes Snapdragon laptops will be differentiated by their 4G connectivity and strong multimedia qualities, Chandhok said. The S4 will be manufactured with a 28-nanometer process, improving power efficiency and performance compared to earlier Snapdragon chips, Chandhok said. While ARM chips often provide longer battery life, they generally pack less performance than Intel's Core processors. Qualcomm is also thinking about 64-bit support on Snapdragon, but Chandhok could not reveal when such a chip would be released. Windows 8 will be a 64-bit OS, and ARM has already announced 64-bit support with its upcoming ARMv8 architecture. Having a powerful Snapdragon chip with four CPU cores and multiple graphics cores will make a difference for Windows 8 devices, especially for applications like games, Chandhok said. Windows 8 can improve application performance by executing programs in parallel across multiple cores, and Qualcomm is working on compilers to parallelize program execution for everyday applications like browsers. "There will be maturation on the software," Chandhok said. Aside from makers of x86 chips, Qualcomm will compete with ARM-based chip makers Nvidia and Texas Instruments, which are also supplying chips for Windows 8 tablets. While many basic features will be similar, Qualcomm will try to differentiate its chips by developing software that plays to unique multimedia and cellular connectivity features on Snapdragon. "In this day and age, the instruction set matters," Chandhok said. Agam Shah covers PCs, tablets, servers, chips and semiconductors for IDG News Service. Agam's e-mail address is
Where Can I Buy Indoor Soccer Shoes?
Where can I buy Indoor Soccer Shoes?my friend got his at sports authority— — — — — —What are some healthy snacks i can bring to indoor soccer tournament?Peanut butter crackers the salt will store protien and the peanutbutter gives you protien— — — — — —Which is better for playing Indoor soccer?nike, it basically a basketball court your playing on. what ever is cofertable really— — — — — —(indoor soccer) My coach put me to play goalie this year. But I'm having some trouble...?Always come out and challenge. They will probably try to deke around you or place it in the bottom corner so be on your toes, ready to pounce. A good thing to do is come out and slide but in most indoor leagues, slide tackling is a foul— — — — — —what is a good indoor soccer team name?Heat Blizzards Rangers Falcons Impacts Jedi Knights Strikers Flaming Hot Cheetos Sabre Tooth Tigers Avenger The Silver Bullets Sprinters— — — — — —My team plays indoor soccer(5v5goalkeeper) at the u-12 level. What is better man to man or zone defense.?I personally prefer man 2 man, as long as the people stick with there man and dont get lazy— — — — — —1988–89 Major Indoor Soccer League seasonThe 1988-89 Major Indoor Soccer League season was the eleventh in league history and would end with the San Diego Sockers repeating as MISL champions. It was the Sockers' seventh indoor title in eight NASL and MISL seasons. The Sockers would win seventh games in both the semifinals and championship series.— — — — — —ladies does your feet sweat/smell more playing indoor soccer or outdoor? would you accept a foot rub afterwardare you that dude that always asks foot questions? you need a real hobby— — — — — —which indoor soccer shoe would be most comfortable? 10 pts?A great trainer for indoor football are the Adidas Samba's. I recommend them. Good for casual wear aswell— — — — — —Which is better? indoor soccer/ futsal shoes/boots: nike victory futsal vs nike t-5 fs vs nike t-7 fs?The T-7s are much better i have both pairs i have the neon green T-7s and the Blue and neon green T-5s and the t_7s are much more comfortable and have a better touch— — — — — —Western Indoor Soccer LeagueThe Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) is an American semi-professional indoor soccer league. It was formed on June 20, 2014 by a group of arena/team owners in the Pacific Northwest. The WISL began its first season on November 15, 2014 with five teams. Many of the founding clubs previously competed in the Premier Arena Soccer League.— — — — — —What should we name our indoor soccer team?the vikings dare devils the reds the blues the tigers— — — — — —I don t have indoor soccer cleats. What is a substitue?queen running shoes will do just fine. Soccerref— — — — — —Futsal and indoor soccerFutsal and indoor soccer have become popular sports in Western Australia since the 1990s, with games occurring between men, women, mixed teams and juniors. In Perth, weeknight and weekend competitions run at a number of sports centres such as Lords Subiaco, Loftus and Shenton Park. Top level competition is run by the WA State Futsal League. .— — — — — —1988–89 American Indoor Soccer Association seasonStatistics of the American Indoor Soccer Association in season 1988-89— — — — — —What shoes should I get for Indoor Soccer?Adidas Samba are good but I really have liked the Puma King Indoor Turf (IT). I really do not like shoes with the shiny looking plastic like material. I do not feel like I have good touches on the ball. The thing is that you have to try the shoes and get comfortable with them. I have tried Adidas, Nike, Lotto and my favorite are the Puma King IT. A friend of mine hates them. It is all a personal preferance. Good luck searching— — — — — —Are Adidas Sambas still used for indoor soccer play anymore??I wear them as regular shoes. I used to play indoor and thought that they were really comfortable— — — — — —Does anyone here play indoor soccer? Tips?Do not wear cleats? I would rather wear running shoes than cleats if I had no indoor shoes. Many people get injured playing indoors because the turf is sticky. I would warm up with a lot of short quick steps until I felt comfortable with my footing. Strategy wise you can make runs out of the back a lot because the field is so small. Like you win the ball in the back, play it to the midfielder, get it back, then play into the forward. BOOM an attacking defender!
How Many of You Girls Look at a Mans Body When He Wears a Tight Bikini Swimwear?
Ewwww! Look away! Look away!1. sewing tips? tips for working with swimwear fabric?Here is a link to help2. Any stores with cute teen swimwear?A&F Hco Aeropostle Delias*3. Where Can I Get 0-3 Month Swimwear For Petite Baby?value village has everything!!!4. Hey is a guy allowed to wear bikini Swimwear at a public pool or at an Apartment pool or is it not allowed?It would depend on stated rules for each pool obviously5. Married woman and her swimwear?1 sure she can 2 I do not see why he can not protest, does not mean she has to change her mind. It sounds like there's an awful lot of swimwear in question (I have one bathing suit and replace it every several years) so I imagine her wearing it was one of the things that originally attracted him to her. 3 seems a little odd, frankly6. Can i become a swimwear model? How do I get started?get pictures taken of yourself with and without make up and put it together that is your portfolio then take it to a modeling agency and see what they say about you7. Speedo vs. Women's swimwear?Cause guys do not wear shorter things on a regular basis, if you do, it's a bigger deal8. what is the best place to buy swimwear in melbourne?Melbourne in Australia, well if so here it is. At the Outlet shops in Cheltenham, there is a Speedo store there. Prices are on discount. Been there twice from America. Natalie is the manager, she will take care of you. Tell her the Yank from Kansas sent you. Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) Address - Cnr. Centre Dandenong & Grange Rds., Cheltenham, 3192 Otherwise, there are Swimwear Galore stores I know of. Been to the one on Brunswick Street Fitzroy. Fitzroy Store 430 Brunswick Street 03 9417 2222 St Kilda Store 320 St Kilda Rd 03 9534 6222 Good luck.9. Swimwear? Cute swimsuits for 15 year old?Go to aerie.com 10. Honeymoon swimwear for the future Mrs Shelly?Ok, Ok, no need to go on about it11. Proper Swimwear?if you are large chested it might not be right for you. I do not know ask someone at the store you go to. if there's a swimwear store near you there might be someone who knows a bit more about it.12. Husband and his wife's swimwear?I assume that's you in the first picture. It sounds to me like he does not want unwanted attention from other guys at the beach. As your husband, he has a right to his opinion, but his opinions should not control you. How would he feel if you told him he could not talk to other women or look at porn. Would your opinion control his actions? I doubt it. j0e13. Help me with a swimwear dilemma please?i think your silly to let your husban look at you14. Why do girls wear tight swimwear?i understand your logic but at the same time there are guys that wear tight swimwear/clothes not many but there out there - its just preference if you open your eyes and look around there are guys who wear tight swimwear and clothing and girls who wear baggy and loose15. Wich are some girly and good swimwear brands?Most places do have girly bikinis, I think it's more finding them and choosing them, not which shops sell them, as most do16. What type of swimwear should I get?Wear a one piece any type17. Why is mens swimwear in america so long and baggy?I am personally SICK of all the baggy, long board shorts everywhere....especially the beach! It makes NO sense, takes forever to dry, not sexy to see only a guys calf...hello what is wrong with the thigh? Come on America. ..get with Europe and South America! Enough of your double standard...The music's and media is all about sex, and you cover everything up? If you've got it show it!...Damn, the girls sure do! What is there to hide, we already know what is under the frickin' suit!.18. Where can I get men used underwear and swimwear?LOL try Ebay?
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