To the Gym and Back

So, what's the most distracting thing in the gym apart from the girl who never looks at you at all? I'm not going to start the debate on that one, but for me, it's clearly what most people are wearing. I know of one girl who insists on wearing the same tee as her older sister, just to annoy her. Today, I go to the gym wearing neon tees with cheeky one-liners. My current favourite is: Shopping is the best cardio. Some women even wear shorts (I haven't dared yet). I remember having started out going to the gym wearing a salwaar-kameez (not that there's anything wrong). But 10 years back, it was probably a little too much to wear fitted cut-offs (my sister sent me those when she knew I had started working out). I was shy, I must confess, because the whole gym culture was rather new and I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. But me just being me, I decided to wear them finally. I got looked at a couple of times and then people got used to it, like all things new. We didn't really have too many options in the stores, but I would wear the husband's track pants once in a while. Today, gym wear comes in all shapes, sizes and colours. But it's not just about the clothing alone. Here are a few tips on what to wear and what not to wear to the gym.l Wear fresh clothes that are odour-free.l Check clothing for any stitches that may have given way or holes to avoid embarrassment.l Clothes should be well-fitted but not a size smaller.l Use a deo if you have body odour.l Wear shoes that are meant for the gym only. Avoid wearing your gym shoes outside the gym.l Cotton may sound like the best option for the weather, but it sticks to you and remains soggy and smelly. Smelly socks are a complete turn off. Use a fresh pair every day.l Change shoes every year. Wash them at least fortnightly.l Wear a well-fitted bra. Sports bras are the best option.l You are bound to bend down for certain exercises; make sure your neckline is appropriate. You do not want to be the centre of everyone's attention.l If you do wear a salwaar, be careful of the dupatta getting entangled in equipment.l Avoid too much make-up. It may run when you sweat and look terrible.l Keep accessories to a minimum, you may lose them.l Flowers on the head are definitely avoidable as you only end up leaving a trail of them.l Do not wear innerwear (read boxers and banians) instead of gym wear.l If you wear shorts, make sure they are not too short.l Avoid wearing baggy shorts on days that you plan to do floor exercises which involve lifting your legs.I'm hoping that your favourite girl does finally look at you after you've followed these little to-dos. Stay fit and stay stylish.(A weekly column in which Sulakshana Badani will answer your queries related to etiquette. Write to her at staystylish24x7@

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