Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Pilgrims

We usually think of the Pilgrims as British exiles who sailed to the North America and settled in Massachusetts. But the truth is a bit more complicated than that; the original Pilgrims were 35 members of the radical Puritan faction of the Church of England called the English Separatist Church, which illegally broke away from the rest of the Church in 1607. The group originally settled in the Netherlands, where the laws were much more lenient.There, the Separatists suffered economic difficulties and feared the loss of their English language and culture. This inspired their voyage to the New World, a new home where they would be free to practice their religion and way of life. In September of 1620, they joined a London stock company to finance their trip aboard the Mayflower, a three-masted merchant ship headed across the Atlantic. They intended to settle in an area near the Hudson River, part of the Virginia colony, but because of stormy seas, the Mayflower eventually anchored over two months later in what would soon be called Plymouth Harbor, in what is now Massachusetts.That first winter was extremely harsh, but., things began looking up for them with the aid of Squanto (also known as Tisquantum), a Native American of the Pawtuxet tribe who had been captured by early explorers in 1605 and taken to England, where he learned the language. Captain John Smith brought him back to New England in 1614, and it was Squanto who taught the Pilgrims about the land, where to hunt, and how to plant corn, which became an essential crop.The Pilgrims are perhaps best known for the celebration of the harvest that shared with their Native American neighbors: Thanksgiving. But there is more to the Pilgrims than the Mayflower, religious persecution, and that first Thanksgiving. Here are some little-known facts about the Pilgrims that you might want to dish out at the Thanksgiving table this year.Thanksgiving is a holiday for which old, traditional recipes make an appearance, and cookbooks are out in full force. The Pilgrims also used cookbooks, as evidenced by several "recipe books" from the period. These books provide insight into cooking at that time. The most famous may be Gervase Markham's The English Housewife, which was first published in 1615.Thanks to Squanto, the Pilgrims were successfully able to plant corn and it became an extremely important crop for the settlers. However, they probably called it "Indian corn" or "turkey wheat." In the English of the period, the word corn meant, rye, barley, oats, or other grains.It's interesting to note that in a Pilgrim household, while the adults sat down to dinner, the children waited on them. We are sure parents would love to go back to that arrangement.The Pilgrims may have originally been Puritans, but they weren't puritanical when it came to alcohol. Their primary beverage was beer, even for the kids. The Pilgrims believed that water was contaminated and often made people sick, which was probably true in a time before reliable water filtration or purification. Beer's distillation process killed most parasites and bacteria, making the brew safer to sip.That initial Thanksgiving, in 1621, was a three-day celebration of the first successful harvest, bringing together Pilgrims, Native Americans, and a bounty of food. The meal included venison, a large number of turkeys and waterfowl, cod, and bass - plus the harvest, which consisted of wheat, corn, barley, and perhaps peas. On top of that, there were foods native to the area, like clams, mussels, lobster, eel, ground nuts, acorns, black walnuts, chestnuts, squashes, and beans, along with fruits and berries such as strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and gooseberries that were growing wild. Now that's a feast!Sickness was a constant threat to the Pilgrims. Scurvy, a nasty disease caused by a lack of vitamin C, was high on the list. Lemon juice was taken to help prevent scurvy. Talk about an immune boost.Before their departure, the Pilgrims were hoping to sail for the mouth of the Hudson River, just north of present-day New York City. Unfortunately, bad weather did not allow this. After 65 difficult days at sea, the Mayflower first landed at the tip of Cape Cod, in what is now Provincetown. The rapidly approaching winter and dwindling supplies stymied their second attempt for the Hudson, and eventually forced the Pilgrims to continue across Cape Cod Bay. They finally stopped at Plymouth, which became their new home.Find out what other interesting facts you didn't know about the pilgrims.More from The Daily Meal9 Fun Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Facts Thanksgiving: A Brief History of an American Tradition 5 Destinations Celebrating the History of Thanksgiving From the Eaten Side: The History of the Thanksgiving Turkey

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Salt Water Filtration for Hiking at the Beach?
The only way to get rid of salt is through distillation. It;s not complicated or particularly expensive on a small scale, but requires a lot of equipment. Your best bet is to find out where you can get fresh water along the way.1. Hiking with a mule or two?I upvoted their answers and your question.Many trails are serviced by a packer, and you can hire the packer to haul in your stuff on a mule and also haul you in on mule or horse, and then haul your stuff and you out at a predetermined time. This is much, much, much less effort than handling the mules yourself, and probably less expensive than owning your own mules.As we got older, my husband and I resorted to packers more (although not exclusively). The packer would haul our stuff to our chosen "base camp", we would hike in, and then we would go on from there (without equines). With this strategy, we avoided carrying the packs on the steepest, longest day of the trip, gained some acclimatization without the burden of packs, and could get to a point where there was ample running water. (Sierras, Rockies.) We did not regress to the point where we had to be hauled in ourselves; at that point, I know that we would have been utterly incapable of managing all the tasks attendant on two mules.Caveat: If you are experienced with horses and mules, the answer could be different, but it does not sound as though you are. And if you are taking a long trip (say, as an estimate, 50 miles or more), the answer could be different. So my advice is: (1) See your doc for a complete physical and get advice on how to get in much better shape, and stay in shape.(2) Get a highly recommended personal trainer and religiously do the exercises your doc and PT recommend. The upkeep of a personal trainer (PT) until you learn how to do the exercises properly is less than the indefinite upkeep of a mule. Return to the PT at intervals to make sure your form is remaining correct. (3) Go on several mule packing trips with a packer -- a packer who will teach you the essentials of mule packing. You may change your mind after wrangling a mule yourself.(4) Consider a llama. See this question and answerFinally, 65 or 70 is not really old, if you are in good health. You can, with religious effort, take years off your effective "hiking age", provided you do not have underlying health issues.2. In spanish, how do you say Trekking or Hiking? - Thanks!!?the phrase: 'Trekking or Hiking' is this: El emigrar o el ir de excursin3. Yosemite early December hiking, need clothing game plan?It relies upon on what island you are vacationing. specifically, shorts and t-shirts are each and all of the clothing you will want as Hawaii is heat & humid all 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. in basic terms purchase a sweatshirt in case you get chilly. you will likely purchase touristy stuff besides, why not a sweatshirt? have relaxing!4. What is the best diet for a teenage girl?You did not say how much you weigh. Are you sure you need to lose any? Do not compare yourself to others. If you want to be at your ideal weight, all you have to do is eat right, lots of whole grains, veggies, lean meats and proteins (nuts, eggs, etc) and fruits. Also make sure you are getting lots of calcium-very important for a teenage girl-by eating dairy and green leafy veggies. Then, exercise of course. Do fun things like swimming, biking, hiking, and going for long walks after you eat. By the way, the best way to get whole grains if you do not like wheat bread and brown rice is to eat lots of whole grain cold cereals and oatmeal. Good luck!5. Splitting up weight hiking as a couple/mixed gender groupSomeone who has overweight is not normally able to carry more, so weight is not as important. The height would be more adequate... Muscle strength is not much important when you go on long hikes... Strength does not translate directly to endurance, often it's the opposite - people with smaller muscles are more endure and are actually able to carry more on greater distances. The most practical solution is not to care about fairness, but of outcome for the group. If someone is doing poorly that day, stays behind etc., take some things from them and give it to the best performing members of the group. As the result, the fastest will go a bit slower, the slowest will go a bit faster and the group as the whole will perform much better
Multi-Pure Water Filters - Revealing the Truth About Multi Pure Water Filtration Systems
Honestly, how much do you really know about the multi pure water filtration system? That my friend is the reason why this review was created. So that you can take this information with you and arm yourself with better decision making steps.1) A Little Background Check As you probably know, Multi-Pure water filtration system was started in December 1970. Their mission was to become the leading manufacturer for a broad range of water treatment devices. By 1974, multi pure was able to achieve a technology level to manufacture solid carbon block filters.It is said that Multi-Pure was the pioneer for the " solid carbon filtration system " over 35 years ago. Today, they claim to serve over 2 million consumers. Also, their main factory is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.2) Something About The Product There's is always something about the multi pure water filtration system which I felt that you should know. For one, Multi-Pure does boast a lot about its flagship product which is the solid carbon block filter.In actual fact besides having the capability of treating contaminants in water such as lead, TCE, chlorine, benzene, it is said to treat PCBs as well. However, it would be best for you to check if there are similar filters out there who can do the job.New contaminants like MTBE, chloramines and PCBs is the main thing that you should look out for.3) Your Compensation Plan There's just one more thing. Your long awaited review on the Multi Pure water filtration system distributor compensation. Of course, by now you know that multi-pure operates as a network marketing company. So, your earnings increase as you sponsor more distributors and sell more drinking water systems Don't get me wrong. You have the potential to earn $194.45 per sale but what we mean is that your greatest leverage is to build a team. You will start out as a "Junior Builder" but your leverage really starts out as an "Executive Builder". All other bonuses will count in based on your Personal Sales Volume.Fact Of Becoming A Multi-Pure Distributor If you believe in good water and health then multi water filtration system provides good products. However, you will go far if you learn the essence of marketing online effectively. Only then will you be able to really harness the power of working from home.
Does Your Home Have Unsightly Foundation Cracks?
At Foundation Fix in Grimsby we love to repair foundation cracks. Specializing in basement waterproofing and stabilization systems, we know how to effectively resolve cracks. When cracks are making you see red, choose an experienced company that delivers great results. With over 40 years experience in the Niagara Region, trust us at Foundation Fix to provide cost-effective options.How did the crack get there in the first place? Cracks in poured concrete foundations may be caused by water filtration, but this is usually not a structural flaw. Trust our expert team to diagnose the cause for the crack and quickly resolve them.Crack injection uses a high pressure injection system to fill the cracks. This procedure involves drilling small holes 2/3 of wall thickness deep at 3" intervals along the entire length of crack. Ports are glued and hammered into the drilled holes and a special fitting is screwed into the port.Once the cracks are professionally inspected, our technicians will determine which of the two types of materials should be used. Polyurethane provides 10 times the strength to the wall surrounding the crack. Polyurethane epoxy is used when a crack or cracks are determined to compromise the structural integrity of a poured concrete foundation wall.We are a second generation family owned and operated company. We provide honest, professional service. Rest assured that you're getting the pros. We are not a franchise and we do not employ inexperienced sub-contractors. Our team is fully licensed, insured and trained.Visit us online to see our full list of services . In addition to crack repairs, we offer exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing, sinking and settling foundations, chimney repairs, concrete crack repair, bowing basement walls and water infiltration and drainage.Call us today at905-961-7747 for Hamilton and 905-931-0303 for Niagara or send us an email . We look forward to providing a free no obligation consultation and quote. We offer a 20-year straight-forward hassle-free warranty.
Easy, Affordable Diy Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home
Looking to sell your home soon -- or even a few years from now? Whether or not you're planning on moving, there are several ways to increase the value of your home. In fact, the earlier you take on these projects, the better, so that you're not rushed in the busy months before a sale.[See: 10 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast.]Here are a few inexpensive updates that will give your home a major wow factor to potential buyers:KitchenThe heart of a home is in the kitchen, which is why it's one of the first places people look when they are checking out a potential new home. Updating a kitchen can be daunting if you think you need to replace your cabinets or swap out expensive appliances; instead, try these smaller changes that have a big impact:Instead of replacing dated or tired-looking kitchen cabinets, paint them. Don't go for something trendy that might go out of style before you sell; instead, do a classic white or another neutral color, like light gray.Updating hardware can also freshen up your kitchen. Try replacing cabinet door handles and drawer pulls to bring the room into a new era. You can also replace sink hardware and the faucet, or just give yours a good cleaning to make it shine.Add a water filtration system. It's an upgrade that always impresses, plus you no longer have to buy filters or bottled water.[See: 10 Ways Millennials Are Changing Homebuying.]BathroomGive your bathroom some TLC and you'll see major improvements with only a few changes. It's a small room, so it doesn't take much to affect the overall look. Work on removing rust stains and cleaning the grout to brighten up your bathroom's appearance. If it's in your budget, update the hardware and even install a new toilet seat.Total Home UpgradesPainting your walls is one of the most straightforward ways to update your home. When painting, keep the wall colors neutral, which will appeal to the majority of potential buyers.You know how lighting can completely make or break a great photo? It's the same in your home. Update the lighting for an instant upgrade. Softer lighting will bring a warm, inviting feel to a room. Brighter lighting will make your home seem more open and airy, a major selling point. You can also add interesting light fixtures, such as pendant lights over a kitchen table or island. At the very least, thoroughly cleaning all your windows can brighten things up at no cost.Storage is an important consideration for future homebuyers. If you can increase the closet space in your home, or add a closet organizer, it will go far to impress. If you have any dens or playrooms in your home, consider adding a closet to increase the number of bedrooms listed in your home.If your carpet is looking dull or tired, get a good professional cleaning service rather than replacing it. The next owners would likely rather choose their own flooring, so as long as yours is in good condition, replacing it is an unnecessary expense.[See: 10 Oddly Practical Things You Can Rent.]Curb AppealThe first thing potential buyers will see is the front of your home. To attract their interest, take extra care in the front lawn and make your home look welcoming. Keep your shrubs trimmed, your walkway clean and maybe add a few hanging baskets or a wreath on the door.In the yard, prune your trees and clean up any tangled branches to keep everything looking neat and maintained.You could even give your front door a fresh coat of brightly colored paint to draw attention to your home.Lastly, you can always schedule a consultation with a real estate agent or designer for professional suggestions about changes that will increase the value of your home. They may advise a new paint color or other relatively quick fixes that can make a world of difference.Jon Lal is the founder and CEO of coupons and cash back website, which saves shoppers an average of $27 per order thanks to coupons plus an average of 7 percent cash back at more than 5,000 stores.
Kids May Howl with Glee at Great Wolf Lodge
The sky was cloudy and the weather forecast included a chance of rain, but that didn't stop Jackson Parkin of Anaheim from riding some waves on a boogie board on a recent weekend.In land-locked Garden Grove, no less.The boogie board ride is one of more than a dozen attractions at the always-84-degrees-Fahrenheit indoor water park at Great Wolf Lodge, a resort that opened down the street from Disneyland in February.The resort, the 13th in the Great Wolf franchise and the first in California, features attractions for all ages."Great Wolf Lodge is all about family, spending time with your families and enjoying everything that families do," said Phil Cunningham, general manager at Great Wolf Lodge Southern California, during a media event March 5. "We create family traditions one family at a time. Great Wolf Lodge is a total family experience." Arguably, the 105,000-square-foot waterpark is the resort's main attraction. It's the only element of the multi-faceted resort that is exclusive to hotel guests. A limited number of extra tickets per room for friends and family not staying at the hotel are available for $40 each.The waterpark features multiple water slides - some geared toward kids and others toward adults - as well as a lazy river for floating and relaxing; a wave pool, which offers the occasional simulated wave to mimic the ocean; and the Fort Mackenzie play structure, a multistory, interactive treehouse with suspension bridges, swinging cargo nets and multiple water effects.Cunningham said about 565,000 gallons of water gets recirculated daily in a special water filtration system in a nod to California's persistent drought.He said the company had been eyeing California as a resort location for years and began talking with Garden Grove city officials in 2009. He said it doesn't aim to compete with Disneyland, which is less than a mile away in Anaheim."Southern California is a great area to be in," he said. "This is a family mecca already. We believe we can be a great complement to this area with our unique offerings that we have." Indeed, the two may end up being allies more than adversaries. Great Wolf spokeswoman Kristen Olson said company officials are even considering offering special discounted Disneyland tickets in the future.The Garden Grove lodge features a number of family attractions that are open to the public, including a motion theater, miniature golf, an arcade, a kids spa and a bowling alley.In addition, the MagiQuest game sends players on a journey through six levels of the hotel to rescue a princess from a dragon. Participants can purchase wands that can be aimed at TV-like screens in order to access clues. Imagine a giant multi-room adventure that is part video game and part scavenger hunt.The hotel also offers seven restaurants, including a pizza place, a bar and grill, a Dunkin Donuts and a sweets shop.Chris Hammond, executive chef for the Great Wolf Resort franchise, said he aims to serve his customers tasty dishes.He said all of the produce comes from local farms, and meats and other products are purchased from high-quality vendors.Each restaurant also has gluten-free options and allergens like peanuts are taken into account. Many dishes can be accommodated to fit customer needs, he said."It's important for us that we serve something real," Hammond said. "We aim to have a balance between healthy eating and organic." Guests also have the option of seven types of rooms to stay in, with prices starting around $350.While each room is its own unique experience, families with children are likely to favor the Wolf Den, a kids-themed room with a bunk bed, queen bed and full sofa sleeper. Company officials said children will have fun using the MagiQuest wands to control animatronics in the room.Meanwhile, the Grizzly Bear and Grand Bear suites, which can accommodate up to eight guests, make them ideal for large families, company officials said. These suites feature at least one private bedroom, two bathrooms and multiple beds.Lindsey Cruz of San Pablo and her daughter Laylani recently stayed at the resort for Laylani's 8th birthday."One morning [Laylani] saw a commercial for this place and got really excited, so we decided to go," Cruz said as she and the girl got strawberry-scented manicures while dressed in pink robes at the Scooops Kid Spa."It's been really nice and a lot of fun. She can't wait to go to the waterpark. This is just a really cool place."
Home Water Filters - Pros and Cons of Different Types of Home Water Filtration
There are many different types of home water filters - water filter pitchers, whole house water purifiers, counter-top water filters, under-sink water filters and faucet-mounted water filters. There is no such thing as the best filter - they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which type, or which combinations you buy for your home, depends on your needs.Whole House Water Filters Let's start our analysis with whole house filtration. Devices of this type are technically called point-of-entry devices because they intercept the water supply when it enters your home and then purifies it before distributing the water to the rest of your house.Cons: These units are large, bulky and heavy. They are expensive. They do not help you if your water is contaminated inside your home, for example from lead water pipes. They need professional installation. Replacement of water filter cartridges for some models may need to be done by a technician from the manufacturer's local agent.Pros: They are the most effective type of filtration system and produce the cleanest drinking water. They purify all the water that enters your home, even what you use for your shower and baths, which is good for those people with a sensitivity to the chlorine used in municipal-level disinfection.For many families, installing a whole house purifier is sheer overkill.Water Filter Pitchers The most famous (and arguably the best) pitchers are made by PUR and Brita.Cons: They need to be regularly refilled. They work rather slowly.Pros: They are quite effective. They are reasonably affordable. They are portable and ideal for personal use in the office, when camping and when visiting less-developed countries.Faucet-Mounted Water Filters These are small devices that are mounted on your faucet. The main brands are Culligan, Brita and PUR.Cons: Not very effective. Except for Culligan, the other brands tend to be rather fragile.Pros: Cheap. Compact. Usually quite fast. Easy to replace the filter cartridge. Culligan's faucet-mounted purifiers are quite robust.Drinking water purifiers of this type are best used together with Brita's purification jugs. Customers who live in places where their water supply has a lot of coarse sediment find that their Brita jugs last much longer if they first pass their water through a Culligan filter.Counter-Top Water Filters These filters are placed on the counter top. Their actual capability and effectiveness varies by brand. Before purchase, you should check their performance claims against the NSF's database.Cons: More expensive than faucet-mounted types. Takes up valuable space on the kitchen counter.Pros: Easy to replace the filter cartridge. More effective than faucet-mounted types.Under-Sink Water Purifiers Some top-of-the-line brands are Everpure and Aquasana.Cons: Difficult to replace the filter cartridge. More expensive than faucet-mounted types.Pros: Saves space on the kitchen counter. More effective than faucet-mounted types.Apart from their specific pros and cons, these types of filtration devices are comparable to counter-top systems.Conclusion When people go shopping for home water filtration devices, a question that is commonly asked is: "Which is the best?" The answer comes in two parts:
Why Is My Local Water Filtration Company (Culligan) Recommending a BIRM Water Filter for My Well Wat
Becouse it is what they deal with, they buy x amount of certain types from distributors, and they get an excellent reduction in price. They have so many on hand, it is what they try to push out. I get most of my info from the clean water store. I have used their info many times, cross referenced it, and found them to be accurate. Although I can often find what I am looking for cheaper elsewhere. I would either sit down and have them answer exactly why they wish to go this route. They may have reasons you are unaware of. Or find another company to deal with. Installation and maintenance of this stuff is not difficult, you may want to research, buy your own, and install yourself1. Berkey Water Filter Quick-Start Guide: Assembly, Set-up & InstallationRemove all washers and the hex nut from your spigot. Place the white washer with the beveled edge towards the outside of the lower chamber. Insert the threaded nipple of the Berkey Spigot into the hole in the lower chamber. Install the black washer and then the hex nut onto the threaded nipple of the spigot. Turn the spigot until it is upside down. Hand tighten the hex nut. Hold the spigot from the outside and turn it clockwise 1/2 turn to the upright position, while holding the hex nut on the inside to prevent it from spinning. Learn More2. Do you use a water filter for your sink????Yes I use one and I love it. I actually use the Britta pitcher filter, you fill it up with water and it filters the water and you set it in the fridge and can drink it when it is cold. I love it!3. can some tell me with Brita water filter ?Try throwing a couple slices of lemon in there, you might be sensitive enough to taste the filter. The lemon will cover it up with a bright flavor until the filter gets worn-in4. Design an experiment to test drinking water filter cartridge?I regarded up what they are made up of: the prevalent pitcher replace clear out is made up of ion replace resin and granular activated carbon. The PUR Plus Pitcher replace clear out includes ion replace resin and granular activated carbon enclosed interior a pleated microfilter. The microfilter helps the removal of microbiological cysts including Cryptosporidium and Giardi. The clear out includes an antimicrobial agent to extend the existence of the clear out. The contaminants or different components bumped off or decreased by using this unit at the instant are not inevitably in all consumers' water. In great scale structures, activated carbon could be rejuvenated by using heating and ion replace (the little plastic beads) could be rejuvenated by using salt suggestions. case in point, my mum and dad have an ion replace unit that treats their properly water and that they should upload salt to a rejuvenating answer that backflushes (elutes) the column periodically. The microfilters at the instant are not extremely unquestionably wiped sparkling and could ought to be replaced, in spite of if pressurized lower back-flushing ought to boost the existence of those filters in a great gadget. The economics of scale with pitcher-sized contraptions makes it uneconomical to accomplish any recycling so disposal looks with reference to the only selection. (i've got labored on commercial and institutional sized water treatment structures over the final 15 years as component to my interest). this could be a style of dilemmas that looks to take place lots once you attempt to do the desirable element. you have ended up paying for and advertising one waste product for yet another. the concern raised by using the above internet link that the filters are poisonous time bombs is deceptive. the point of contaminants captured from filtering some hundred gallons of water is trivial. in actuality, the presence of the adsorbing components will restoration contaminants contemporary interior the landfill leachate and help avert their migrition into the organic ecosystem. the concern with disposing filters is in simple terms which you are tossing away a stable waste that extremely would not ought to be disposed. I doubt that the filters located interior the recycling packing containers extremely get recycled. I extremely have been to quite a few sorting centers (I do extremely some environmental inspections) and non-recyclables are bumped off manually on a sorting line (it is a poor interest i could think of, choosing by using human beings's trash all day long, and it smells). something remote from the line is despatched to landfill
A Guide to Tap Water Filtration Systems
Ever wondered what type of home water filter is best? When it comes to tap water filtration systems, there are many models and methods to choose from. It's important to realize that most products out there are mediocre so you can shop wisely and carefully. Here are some important factors to consider when you shop around for a home water filter.When doing your shopping, you are going to come across three types of tap water filtration systems: distillation, reverse osmosis, and carbon filtration. It's important to compare all of these methods while taking cost, effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience into consideration.When it comes to cost, carbon filtration comes out on top. Carbon filtration costs less than 10 cents per gallon. Comparatively, reverse osmosis costs 18 to 24 cents per gallon and distillation costs 20 to 26 cents per gallon.As for effectiveness, reverse osmosis and distillation take the backseat because they are not effective in removing both organic and synthetic chemicals and must be used in conjunction with a carbon filter. Of all tap water filtration systems, carbon filters are the most effective because used alone they can remove all types of contaminants.Carbon tap water filtration systems are also very fast and efficient. They can produce up to 30 gallons per hour and don't waste any water in the process. On the other hand, distillation and reverse osmosis are very slow and produce less than a gallon per hour. Reverse osmosis is also very wasteful; it wastes 2 to 3 gallons of water for every gallon of clean water it produces.Carbon tap water filtration systems are very convenient. They can be installed easily in a matter of minutes and you can choose from whole house filters, shower head filters, countertop filters, and under-the-sink filters. You can even get a sports water bottle that has a carbon filter built in so you can have clean water anytime, anywhere.Unlike carbon filtration systems, reverse osmosis and distillation systems are very complicated. They have to be installed by a plumber and are high-maintenance. For example, reverse osmosis systems require a diaphragmed storage tank and adequate water pressure in order to function properly.Another reason why carbon tap water filtration systems are the best is the fact that they don't remove the beneficial trace minerals from tap water. Trace minerals in tap water such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium are essential to maintaining good health. Reverse osmosis and distillation produce de-mineralized water. Drinking de-mineralized water can lead to multiple mineral deficiencies and even cancer in the long run.Make no mistake about it. When it comes to tap water filtration systems, carbon block or granular filters are far superior to any other method out there. Carbon filters are affordable, effective, fast, and efficient, and produce healthy water rich in essential minerals. So get out there and get a carbon tap water filter if you want 24/7 access to fresh, clean water, the foundation to good health.
Door-to-door Company in Hot Water Over Sales Tactics
An Ottawa company accused of using misleading door-to-door sales tactics is facing numerous charges under consumer protection laws.Ontario Stars Corporation and its director arefacing a total of 112 charges including unfair practice, failure to deliver a direct agreementand failure to refund payment under Ontario'sConsumer Protection Act."It is alleged that the corporation made false, misleading, or deceptive representations to consumers in their home," the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services toldCBCin an email. "It is also alleged that the corporation used a contract that did not comply with the act and failed to provide refunds to consumers as required."Ontario Stars Corporation operates under the nameOntario Safety Standards, which sells and installs HVAC and water filtration systems.CBCOttawahas reported on customercomplaints involving the companybefore.The charges were laid March 15 against the company and its director, Saeed Torbati. The accusations have not been proven in court.Torbati did not reply to CBC's requests for an interview, nor did he provide a statement.Dozens of complaintsThe charges stem from19 complaints from the Ottawa area, but the ministry said a total of 85 complaints were filed between Jan.1, 2017, and March 15, 2019.A further 77 "incidents" were reported during the same period, the ministry said.Barrhaven residents KhushpritSingh and Rupinder Maloka filed one of those complaints after they signed a contract for a water softener in 2016.The couple saiddoor-to-door salesmen from Ontario Safety Standards led them to believe the equipment was free of charge under a provincial program.They were also told it would improve the quality of their water."I even asked him, the city is providing us very nice water, why we need it? He said, 'No no, Ontario government is giving free, so you can have it,'" said KhushpritSingh Maloka, an accessible taxi driver.The Malokas said they never gavethe sales representatives a credit card or banking details, but they did show them a copy of their hydro bill. A month later, a charge of $59.99 appeared on it.'I couldn't sleep'After several months the Malokas stopped payments, and are now being sued for more than $8,000 for the remainder of the contract by a finance company that purchased their rental agreement."I was extremely upset," Rupinder Maloka said. "I couldn't sleep.I used to wake up, like, what are we going to do? How are we going to handle this situation?"We're not in a situation where we can spend money lavishly. We spend our money very carefully. So it was nerve-racking."The couple has hired a paralegal to fight the lawsuit.Stuck with contractsAnother alleged victim, Cornwall, Ont., resident Robert Payette,saiddoor-to-door salesmen from Ontario Safety Standards promised he could save 40 per centon his hydro bill through a government program if he signed an agreement to lease a water softener. 'I should have done my due diligence at the time.' - Robert Payette Payette said he was promised a further 25 per cent discount if he agreed to rent another piece of water treatment equipment from the company.When the promised savings did not appear, he was stuck with the contracts."I should have done my due diligence at the time, but 40 per cent sounds good, and I'm recently separated, so every per cent is sweet," he said.$6K lienPayette discovered another company called Canadian Safety Standards has registered a security interest, more commonly known as a lien, on his homefor nearly$6,000.A corporate profile search revealed Canadian Safety Standards is the registered name for Safety Standards Group, whose director is also Saeed Torbati.Payette is now suing the company.The Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists a warning about the company on its website, alleging a "pattern of complaints" and agents who employ "aggressive [sales] practices and often misrepresent themselves as being inspectors or affiliates of a government program."The BBB notified the company of its concerns and requested remedial action on Sept. 12, 2017.In a response to the BBB 10 days later, Ontario Safety Standards said it had "a zero tolerance policy for any and all misrepresentations," and said it was taking several steps to prevent such complaints in the future, including financial penalties against agents found to be engaging in misleading sales practices.Sales rep 'lied his way in'In his case, the sales rep "lied his way in," Payette said."We're still people, and there's no reason to get walked on. We're not carpets, saying, 'Welcome, wipe your feet on us.'"The Ontario government banned door-to-door sales of HVAC equipment, water and air filters on March 1, 2018.Both Payette and the Malokas were approached at home before thatlaw came into effect.Saeed Torbati has been summoned to appear in provincial offences court in Ottawa on May 2 to face the Consumer Protection Act charges.Conviction for a single offence under the act could result in a maximum fine of $50,000 and a prison sentence of twoyears less a day.A corporation that is convicted under the act is liable for a maximum fine of $250,000.
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