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What could be causing water to come out quickly when radiator cap is taken off? of radiator car

Your cooling system is a pressurized system when the engine is running . Having it under pressure allows the coolant ie antifreeze water not to boil at 212 degrees F boiling point. The pressure extends the boiling . Normal coolant temps run in the range of 200 -240 degrees F . When the engine has been running at normal operating temps the coolant molecules expand (basic chemistry) creating pressure within the system . The radiator cap has a pressure relieving device to maintain safe pressure. Without this function of cap your cooling system will fail . When you remove the radiator cap when the engine is hot ( its a burn hazard) the liquid molecules expand rapidly. The other factor in this is the 240 Degree F liquid that does not boil under pressure not has no pressure . The liquid instantly explodes to the the boiling point ... resulting a mass amount of coolant to escape. Not good .

If the engine is not hot and you have the radiator car off. The displacement of coolant is from the water pump flow and the opening and closing of the thermostat.

Gauge Fluctuates and dont know why? of radiator car

Hi here we come back to a basic lack of knowledge by yourself here. car engines to economic need to get hot. fact is a car cooling system has some components which produces just the effect you have seen.

they are the thermostat and a pressure cap on the system.

now for a description as to what happens the thermostat is closed when the engine is started so the only coolant not circulating is that in the cylinder head. the water in the jacket around the cylinders is moving but as it is a large volume than the coolant takes sometime to heat up it takes it longer to get up to a working temperature. meanwhile the coolant in the head which has a smaller volume does heat up a lot faster. when this reaches a value high enough to open the thermostat then some of the cooler coolant rushes in this cools the coolant in the cylinder head which would cause your gauge to change it's readings. Now as this coolant is cooler than what it was the thermostat can just shut again so the coolant in the head increases in temperature the gauge would increase it's reading.

as the gauge is taken off the head temperature in most cars.

so until the whole system gets to the temperature set by the thermostat the gauge will be seen to flutter between two points until the whole engines has risen in temperature.

If the gauge was on the main cylinder block the same would occur but this time it is hot coolant entering a lower temperature so the effect is exactly the same.

so now we come to the radiator cap this ingenious device applies air pressure to the system.

coolant which is usually a mixture of water and a chemical at normal atmospheric pressure boils at 100 degrees C in the metric system and at about 240 degrees at the Farenheit scale.

so fuel economy is poor and a car drinks fuel. raising the temperature above this makes the consumption of fuel less. so with a radiator pressure cap with say 15 pounds of pressure it raises the boiling point of the coolant by as much as 1.5 degrees C for every 1 pound of extra pressure.

a lot more with the Farenheit scale.

this makes the car run at a higher temperature which is more economical on fuel.

So the fluctuations are the thermostat opening and shutting during the engine getting up to temperature and the radiator car raised the working temperature up to 122.5 degrees C.

I know also this is counter productive for some engines as running cool does produce more power as the air to fuel density when colder is better. so as we are talking a road car and not a ethanol engine here that is how things are done.

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try some silacone sealant squirt it on over the crack let it dry a bet it will hold will save any problem incase u are getting leakage1. The radiator in a car is filled with a solution of 75 per cent antifreeze and 25 per cent water. The manufactu?initially there are 5 x 0.sixty 5 = 3.80 5 l A/F Now you choose 50% or 2.5 l A/F so 2.5 / 3.25 x 5 = 3.80 5 l of combination includes 2.5 l A/F so drain 5 - 3.80 5 = a million.15 l out and replace with water2. how long does it take to replace a radiator in a car ?It looks like a professional is expected to do it in under 1 1/2 hours3. 3 Car Accident, I was in the middle and had no outside damage, but a busted radiator. Is car # 3 at fault?you do no longer in all probability desire a public defender. they are for greater severe offenses, plus you ought to coach you wo not be ready to attend to to pay for a criminal expert. in case you may, the cost of the criminal expert would be lots greater beneficial than your wonderful and coverage cost boost. you are no longer being charged with a criminal or perchance a misdemeanor. you are charged with a civil site visitors offense. you will get a civil wonderful and the two factors against your motive force's license; no penitentiary time, no offender checklist. it is not the tip of the international. 2 factors on your license is not something except you start up gathering further factors on destiny injuries. then you definately've a situation. Your coverage will in all probability disguise the different motive force's scientific themes except something heavily happened which you were not attentive to. A 7-month gestational toddler can survive exterior the womb if the mummy and new child are in any different case healthful. If something severe happened, you will have been notified with the aid of now4. my radiator in the car is all frozen shall i attempt to start the car?i would find a ride or a bicycle, too much is at risk of you do that. if you had the proper mixture of coolant and water in that system, this should not happen, even at the polar ice caps5. please help me i don t know what to do! I installed a new radiator and Car over heats again!?block needs to be flushed6. In extreme cold weather climates, has anyone bypassed the radiator in their car to help the engine get to operating temperature?It really is amazing to read the other answers from people who never lived in cold climates. And I mean -30F cold. To all of you that think a thermostat will keep an engine warm, I have one question. What do you think happens when the thermostat opens and gets hit with -30F coolant ? It closes, duh. And then it takes five minutes for the engine to heat up again and by that time, the 180F water in the radiator is now -0F.Now hopefully, cars have gotten better. But when I lived in North Dakota, you either had a cover over your radiator, or you did not have heat. On the garbage truck I drove, I coved the entire radiator, inside and out in cardboard and plastic. And on a day when the high temp was -25F , my truck still never reached normal operation temps. Which meant I had no heat.7. why need "antifreeze" instead of just water in a radiator in a car engine?It has a lower freezing point so the water wo not freeze. Clues in the name btw8. The radiator in a car is filled with a solution of 75 per cent antifreeze and 25 per cent water. The manufactu?FIRST YOU HAVE TO CALCULATE PERCENTAGE: Lets say were working out 30% of $40. You must understand that 30% is equilivant to 30/100, and also to 0.3. So we multiply $40 * 30/100 = $12 Remember 30% and 30/100 is the same as 0.3 Alternatively, you can simply divide the amount (in this case $40) by 100 to get 1%, and then multiply it by the percentage of the amount you require e.g: $40/100= 0.4 Then multiply 0.4 by 30%: 0.4*30 = $12 Use which ever way is easiest for you to remember, I prefer the second way! And thats it, How to calculate percentages! Calculating a Percentage Increase Now try to solve the problem on your own the answer is very very simple. i just gave you half the information you need to know! now just start calculating.
Garage Fan Selection and Placement
However, I have no idea how to select a placement. Why would I choose ceiling mount vs wall mount? Like is there an "ideal" place to mount the fan? If wall mounted - high or low on the wall? Near a corner or in the middle of the wall? If ceiling mounted, near the center of the room? Corners? Wall centers?The fans you've referenced are fundamentally the same. I.e. the "ceiling" version still is designed to move air horizontally (as opposed to what we usually think of as a "ceiling" fan).I would say that the choice of ceiling vs. wall mount is primarily going to be driven by the exact location you think the fan will be most useful, and the convenience of installation (e.g. where you already have existing wiring). It will have more to do with what's the best location to mount the fan, rather than any particular aspect of operation.Also, I assume oscillating is "better" than fixed (again, the price is only marginally more)? Is just "better airflow"? Are there any downsides?Oscillation is a question of how you want to use the fan. An oscillating fan does a couple of things that a stationary fan does not:Bottom line on those two points: there's a reason the fans are offered in different configurations, and the reason is mainly because different users have different needs. You'll have to think about how the space is to be used, how you expect to use the fan, and what would be involved in installing the fan, and use that information to drive your decision. Within the four-option matrix (i.e. the four combinations of oscillating or not and wall or ceiling mount), there is no best option overall. It just depends.As far as locating the fan, again that will depend on your specific need. If you want a stationary fan to blow on a particular spot, then a location at the right distance from that spot where the fan can be properly positioned would be best. If you just want to mix the air in the room, an oscillating fan positioned near a wall, or maybe up to 1/3rd of the width of the room (depending on how large the space actually is), might be better.At the end of the day, you might find that practical considerations related to where you have power and structure available for mounting are the primary factor.I note that in one comment, you mention that there is living space above. That could also be a consideration. It might be easier to control noise infiltrating the living space if you mount the fan on the wall rather than the ceiling. Assuming that's a concern, of course.Last gotcha - I have a door to an air conditioned house. Would keeping that door open while working (in a further attempt to cool the garage) be useful? If so, would it change the placement choice?Unless you plan to hang the fan directly in the doorway, and preferably on the cold side of the doorway, it's unlikely that the fan would help much with mixing the air conditioned air with the warm garage air.On a broader note: it's important keep in mind what a fan can and cannot do. The fan is not going to change the temperature of the room. In fact, running the electric motor is going to increase the average temperature a hair.What the fan can do is even out the hot spots in the room, if any (e.g. you are using welding equipment, or doing something else that generates heat, or maybe there's a spot in the room that gets a lot more sunlight), and can provide a breeze to aid in cooling a person's body, taking advantage of the body's own mechanisms for dealing with heat (i.e. sweating and dilating blood vessels).Even with a fan, if you're working and the room is hot, you're going to feel hot. Staying hydrated will be at least as important as any other consideration. If you really want to cool the room, you need something else that will actually change the temperature, rather than just your perception of it.For somewhere between the same price as the fan you're looking at and less than double that price, you could get a window-mount or portable A/C unit. At the higher end of that range, you could even get a dual-mode (i.e. heat pump) model that will heat the space in the winter if needed.At the lower of the scale, you also have the option of exhaust fans. Depending on the climate in your area and why the garage gets hot in the first place and whether you can provide an effective source of make-up air for one, an exhaust fan could be used to keep the space cool enough that a fan to actually move air in the space isn't needed, or at least would be a lot more effective.Don't get me wrong: fans that just move air around have their use. I find them especially useful for spaces where conditioning isn't even possible (e.g. the space isn't even fully enclosed), as well as an accessory to be used in combination with conditioning methods (because it's always still helpful to mix the air in the room, conditioned or not). But if your primary complaint is just that the space is hot, a fan might not be the most cost-effective solution from a price/performance perspective, even taking into account the significantly reduced operating costs as compared to A/CI would like to put a fan in a 2 car garage woodshop (it's getting awfully hot to work in in the summer). I was thinking something like this: The prices seem marginally more expensive for the bigger motor and the bigger blades, so perhaps a 1/3 HP 30" variety.However, I have no idea how to select a placement. Why would I choose ceiling mount vs wall mount? Like is there an "ideal" place to mount the fan? If wall mounted - high or low on the wall? Near a corner or in the middle of the wall? If ceiling mounted, near the center of the room? Corners? Wall centers?Also, I assume oscillating is "better" than fixed (again, the price is only marginally more)? Is just "better airflow"? Are there any downsides?Last gotcha - I have a door to an air conditioned house. Would keeping that door open while working (in a further attempt to cool the garage) be useful? If so, would it change the placement choice?Any tips would be appreciated!·OTHER ANSWER:I would like to put a fan in a 2 car garage woodshop (it's getting awfully hot to work in in the summer). I was thinking something like this: The prices seem marginally more expensive for the bigger motor and the bigger blades, so perhaps a 1/3 HP 30" variety.However, I have no idea how to select a placement. Why would I choose ceiling mount vs wall mount? Like is there an "ideal" place to mount the fan? If wall mounted - high or low on the wall? Near a corner or in the middle of the wall? If ceiling mounted, near the center of the room? Corners? Wall centers?Also, I assume oscillating is "better" than fixed (again, the price is only marginally more)? Is just "better airflow"? Are there any downsides?Last gotcha - I have a door to an air conditioned house. Would keeping that door open while working (in a further attempt to cool the garage) be useful? If so, would it change the placement choice?Any tips would be appreciated!
Poll When You Are at Home Do You Ever Wear Socks,slippers Or Flip Flops?
If I am cold socks but if I am not then nothing1. Hospital bag for labor n such....?hairbrush, soap toothpaste toothbrush shampoo...socks, slippers2. Can someone help me decide what to buy?Dad: Falcons jersey, keychain, coffee mug with favorite coffee in it Red slippers or PJs Shower stuff Giftcard to his favorite store or restaurant Mom: Candles Perfumes/Lotions/etc. Slippers/PJs For both: scrapbook picture frame with a pic of each of you in it a basket filled with a fuzzy blanket, slippers, popcorn, and their favorite DVDs. Set up a night that they can stay home and watch the movies with eachother while you babysit your little siblings, cook dinner, or do the household chores. :)3. Balenciaga's Heeled Hotel Slippers Are Next Season's Ultimate WFH TreatIf comfort is key and staying in is the new going out, how can we still delight in shoes? Good news courtesy of Demna Gvasalia: debuting at Balenciaga's spring/summer 2021 show was none other than a pair of heeled hotel slippers. Yes, the (usually complimentary) white towelling sensations that we slip on upon entering any good hotel room - cue a harmonious sigh of relief - have been given a fashion twist by Balenciaga before. But for spring, Gvasalia went one step further (in the process creating a shoe that will inevitably divide opinion) by adding a one inch kitten heel to his padded satin exemplars. Also extra: Balenciaga logo detailing and a sturdy, black sole, making them the ultimate work-from-home buy for spring/summer 2021. Joining the roster of ugly-cool shoes Gvasalia has created in his time at the brand - platform Crocs and toe sneakers very much included in this list - the heeled hotel slipper is the simplest and easiest way to get dressed up each day, without having to suffer discomfort at the hands of a seven-inch heel. And for that, we are thankful. We would go further, and add that the furry mules are surprisingly versatile. As the spring music video -which debuted on 4 October, and saw models mouthing along to a remake of Corey Hart's '80s banger "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night" - and accompanying lookbook proved, they can be worn both with the spangliest of party dresses for that Zoom wedding you are soon to attend or, more importantly, a go-to pair of tracksuit bottoms. The Parisian fashion house respun a number of at-home essentials - from bathrobes to pyjamas - in a similar manner, "re-contextualising" them for the fashion fan. Whether they are as comfortable as their hotel-based counterparts is anyone's guess - but one thing's for sure: the heeled hotel slipper is here to shake up your working-from-home world.4. Will my stick get messed up?If your floor is painted as in garage paint/ epoxy and very smooth. You should be good to go for puck handling, but for shooting throw down a tile or plastic. If its what I have (epoxy painted concrete) as long as your stick is taped you are good. I literally use it 6 days a week for 40 minutes a day. OK for light passing too. When shooting you need a pad or need to switch to a outdoor wooden stick with abs (fiberglass blade). Its like 20 dollars? In this case you may damage the blade from high in pact scraping. If you are going to shoot you need a tarp or net, pucks bouncing off of walls can hit you and hurt as in broken fingers or toes. I broke my toe when I wore slippers instead of real shoes (another tip), just the little toe but it really hurt for a couple of weeks getting my skates on. you can use a smart ball a green basket or in line puck for stick handling. A regular puck is good for shooting but the rubber is sticky and will make the puck roll instead of slide. I like the in line puck the best because its super fast on smooth surfaces. Remember safety. For ideas on how to train they are all over the internet, my favorite for off ice training is 247hockey academy. On ice training, Skinner hockey, Canada hockey dvd or usa hockey dvd or look at multiple u tube sites. Of course the local hockey coach is also a good idea if you can afford it.
Bluetooth Headset Student Party What Brand Is Good, Cost-effective Semi in Ear Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth headset student party what brand is good, cost-effective semi in ear Bluetooth headsetFor contemporary people, headphones have become an indispensable item. Whether it's working, commuting, listening to songs, brushing dramas and playing games, it's inseparable from an easy-to-use TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset. What brand of Bluetooth headset does the student party use? It is recommended to use semi in ear Bluetooth headset with high cost performance.Xisem West Saint ASN semi in ear Bluetooth headsetXisem Xisheng Bluetooth headset is the latest super popular Bluetooth headset. In order to ensure sound quality and comfort, xisem Xisheng headset has gone through more than 30 processes from material selection, cutting, shaping and grinding to create a unique boutique. And the cost performance is very high. It is evaluated as the best sound quality brand in the thousand yuan Bluetooth headset.Xisem Xisheng Bluetooth headset is known as the "king of 2020 cost performance". In terms of configuration, xisem Xisheng ASN can definitely be regarded as a benchmark at the same price. It is a top chip and has good optimization and analysis for multi format lossless sound sources. I prefer to listen to the electric sound and attach great importance to the high frequency of the earphone. The advantage of the moving iron unit is that the high frequency analysis is exquisite and the analysis is sufficient. Recently, I have been addicted to a way back. It is very good to listen to the female voice with this earphone. The voice is very clear, and the unique high pitch of the female voice surrounds the ear with lingering sound, The ear structure of full 10mm large-size moving coil composite diaphragm ensures the clear and stable performance of sound source output. I feel no worse than those thousands of oceans of Bluetooth headsets before me.Vivo TWS Neo semi in ear Bluetooth headsetVivo TWS Neo true wireless headset is the second true wireless headset product launched by vivo. Compared with the first product, vivo TWS Neo true wireless headset has been comprehensively evolved, especially in sound quality and delay. In terms of sound quality, vivo TWS Neo true wireless headset adopts a 14.2mm sound unit configured with biological fiber composite diaphragm and Japan daikoku pure copper coil. This headset has good sound performance in high, medium and low frequency. In addition, vivo TWS Neo true wireless headset is also equipped with deepx vertical sound effect, The sound effect has been professionally adjusted according to the sound characteristics of different frequency bands to improve the listening feeling of three frequency bands.Enke ew13 semi in ear Bluetooth headsetThis is basically Apple's airpods. If you want the shape of airpods and don't require so high sound quality and stability, you can start this. This earphone works fairly well. It can be taken indoors and outdoors. It is also convenient to use and operate. It won't feel uncomfortable in your ears. It can be used for listening to songs and playing games.Qcy T3 semi in ear Bluetooth headsetQcy T3 is not a complete half in ear Bluetooth headset, because it is equipped with two kinds of earmuffs, which can be switched between half in ear and full in ear. However, if it is used as a semi in ear, the advantage is not great, because the sound generating unit is 6mm moving coil. If it is worn in an open way, the sound may be a little small. However, it cannot be denied that qcy T3 is very comfortable to wear because of its small moving coil size and small earphone cavity, which is recognized and favored by users.
If LSU Looses, Do They Deserve to Be in the Championship?
If LSU looses, do they deserve to be in the Championship?If lsu loses and Va Tech wins then Tech has to be in the big dance— — — — — —Is wwe championship belt or other championship belts made of gold?No, They are Gold plated. They are actually made of silver, and plated with Gold. Eric Bischoff said on the Monday Night Wars DVD that the old WCW title (the current World Heavyweight Title was made by a silversmith, and then dipped in gold plating)— — — — — —What Does a Championship Mean To You?You are totally right. the tag team division is at one of the worst lows it has been. They do need better talent and especially Charisma in the tag teams. The best there is right now is Cryme Tyme and they are not doing enough with their "storyline". I did like that they were selling Regals stuff Monday ( I hope you already saw that). They need to build the tag team division up, because that can be one of the most entertaining divisions there are. Remeber the classic fueds with Edge/Christian v. Hardy Boyz v. Dudleys?.— — — — — —Which Championship match was better?Dude, that's too much question in one. No one ever gonna read that— — — — — —Will Kidare win the Leinster Championship this year?i will raid it with you— — — — — —Season tickets for AFC Championship game?better seats on the couch— — — — — —Championship standingsPoints are awarded as follows:Drivers' Championship— — — — — —Who will win championship this year?yea i know artest looks like he's seriously on the downswing of his career. pau will be healthy come playoffs, bynum still needs to wake the f up. lamar, if he EVER played up to his full ability would be one of the best players in the association. seems now the lakers are doing what the spurs do, make it to the playoffs then dom everyone— — — — — —Which would mean more to los angeles a world series championship or a lakers nba championship?Your in a basketball pool so I am going to go w/ NBA, they need something— — — — — —Who will win the 2009 Basketball championship?Detroit Pistons!!!!! JK but they will in a couple of years when we got Lebron James. I think the lakers will beat cleveland in the finals in 6 or 7 games. I wish that the pistons would vs the nuggets in the finals then i would be happy either way.— — — — — —Who won the NBA Championship?The L.A. Lakers won it easily in 5 games. Game 1 at L.A 100-75 Lakers Game 2 at L.A. 101-96 Lakers Game 3 at Orlando 108-104 Magic Game 4 at Orlando 99- 81 Lakers Game 5 at Orlando 99- 86 Lakers— — — — — —Is WWE picky about who they will let hold the WWE championship but not the World Heavyweight championship?it is not important if uncooked is seen the flag deliver instruct of the WWE. important element i am gonna make is the WWE call exchange into created in 1963, on a similar time as the international Heavyweight exchange into created in 1901. So the international Heavyweight call has been around for 107 years despite if it was not continually accepted as in simple terms the WHT because of the fact its been in NWA, WCW, WWWF/WWF/WWE and extra. on a similar time as the WWE call has been around for 40 5 years. So there's a sixty two year distinction between the two— — — — — —Championship and accomplishmentsAmerica World Wrestling AWW Women's Championship (1 time) Defiant Pro Wrestling DPW Women's Championship (1 time) Pro Wrestling Illustrated Ranked No. 17 of the best 50 female singles wrestlers in the PWI Female 50 in 2014 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Worst Worked Match of the Year (2013) with Brie Bella, Eva Marie, JoJo, Naomi, Natalya, and Nikki Bella vs. AJ Lee, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, and Tamina Snuka on November 24 WWE Slammy Award for Best Dance Moves of the Year (2013) - with Naomi as The Funkadactyls— — — — — —Who will win the NBA Championship? Why?not the suns— — — — — —British ChampionshipIn 2007, Michael Laverty and Ian Lowry rode for the Relentless Suzuki team in the British Supersport Championship. Laverty came out on top of a Relentless 1-2 in the championship, taking 6 wins to Lowry's 1. For 2008 the team stepped up to the full British Superbike Championship for the first time, with Laverty the sole rider. He finished 9th in a consistent season, just failing to make the podium on several occasions. Lowry continued in Supersport, taking 2 wins and 3 further podiums on his way to third in the series. Laverty departed for the AMA in 2009, allowing Lowry to move onto the superbike alongside Atsushi Watanabe. Lowry had a strong year, finishing fifth overall and narrowly missing out on the team's maiden podium a few times. Watanabe struggled for much of the year, amassing only 14 points and never breaking into the top ten. The team did not enter a Supersport bike for this year, but instead fielded a Superstock GSXR1000 for roads rider Alastair Seeley, who won the championship in dominant fashion. Seeley won the first 9 rounds, and took 3rd in the tenth before stepping up to the BSB class for the final 2 rounds. Seeley will be joined by the returning Laverty in BSB for 2010. In 2010, Laverty finished strongly, always finishing inside the top 10, including a maiden win for the team in a damp and difficult race 2 at Oulton Park. After Oulton Park, Laverty was fourth in the standings with 65 points after 3 rounds. Alastair Seeley has also been strong, only dropping out of the top 6 once, also getting a podium (3rd) and only narrowly missing out on another 3rd in Oulton Park. Alastair Seeley is currently fifth in the standings. Both are currently on to qualify for the 'Showdown'.
Why Designers Hate Most Medicine Cabinets ( Some Genius Alternative Bathroom Storage Solutions)
Well, I will be honest and say that we do not need the storage at the mountain house like we do in LA because we have so much less stuff, PLUS our vanities have GREAT storage. In the master, we wanted a huge mirror to reflect light and trees from the opposite windows. In the powder, we did not see the need for more storage since it's a powder room. And the guest bathrooms, well, they are just for temporary guests and they have tons of vanity storage so we opted out. If you do not need storage (ha, who are you?), then do not suffer through the pain of figuring out how to integrate it in a stylish way. Full stop.• RELATED QUESTIONBathroom theme ideas for a 4 year old boys bathroom?How about cars that's not to childish. Does he have a favorite cartoon character? You can try thatBathroom stalls in Python 3 (Google Code Jam 2017)This:has a few problems:Do one better by calling setdefault:Do even better by using a defaultdict:The last two options you might not be able to meaningfully use if you really need the if left stuff to execute only on the addition of a new key. So this might work:This:should probably drop the brackets, so that you return an implicit 2-tuple:Probably better off to have the user input two numbers on separate lines than one line with space separation; and avoid map in this case because it's a little clunky:can becomeBathroom fixture ... fan runs but light doesn't work! Any ideas?Replace the ceiling fan, the wiring to one side is shotEco Friendly Bathroom & Shower Cleaner | Earth ChoiceFormulated with naturally powerful plant based cleaning agents to combat grime and soap scum, leaving your bathroom sparkling clean and fresh. This brilliantly effective product is ideal for tiles, shower screens, shower curtains, baths, basins, spas, bench tops, stainless steel, chrome, taps and acrylic surfaces. DO NOT USE on stone, porous, cracked, unsealed and/or acid sensitive surfaces. Do not use with or immediately after any other chemical or bleach. Spot test all surfaces before use. The duration of a spot test should reflect the same amount of time the product is intended to be used in order to get an accurate result.Bathroom Etiquette Question?Good question! You flush a second time and with more tissue in hand, as the water is flushed out, quickly wipe the edge of the bowl. You only have seconds to do this before water flows into the bowl again. Another solution that works well. Before passing a stool, lay a long strip of toilet paper down the inside of the toilet bowl. The stool will drop on the toilet paper and be swished away with the first flush.Bathroom stall writing?I almost always read what is in the bathroom stall writing. I find it really funny**Interior Decorators!!! Ideas for Decorating a Lavendar Bathroom**?How about a selection of small or one large print of the plant lavender, silver coloured frame would look nice with lavender, you should find these online easy enough Perhaps add a large plant pot with real lavender if there is some light or fake if not And maybe add something of a shell theme either a bowl filled with pebbles or pebbles piled on the floor somewhere Buy lavender hand wash gel as a finishing little touchTeenage Boy gives Counselling Sessions in the Bathroom [closed]This sounds like Charlie Bartlett.Let's look at the trailer... I do not what else it could be!Bedroom/Bathroom Rewiring DesignWith bathrooms, Code now gives you two forks in the road. Rewire time is a great time to address problems like, as Jim Stewart says, breakers tripping when Mom and daughter try to run hair dryers at once. Honestly, I would not even consider it excessive to supply two 20A receptacle circuits, so the occupant of that bathroom can run a curler and hair dryer at once. This could even be done with a single 12/3 cable using our old friend the MWBC. As far as extending the bedroom circuit outside, that is fine. However I learned not to leave expensive electronic things outdoors. That includes GFCIs. I would fit a cheaper indoor-rated GFCIreceptacle inside the bedroom at whichever location you tap for the outside extension. Hang the cable to the outdoor receptacle off the LOAD terminals of that GFCI. Then, fit a plain receptacle outdoors. It wo not deteriorate nearly as fast, and when it does, it's $2.Bathroom Period Kit for guests?You do not know what there flow is so you have to put a variety in this kit. I would recommend: -3 pads- 1 overnight- 1 regular- 1 heavy -10 tampons-2 lights-5 regular-3 heavy -15 liners 1 for each tampon then extrasBathroom outlet wont work?hey that plug in might be weak, it might need replaced. simple job. buy the plug at Menard's. it is cheapBathroom or Toilet? What's the "correct"?Hi, I am in the UK and over here we say "Where are the toilets?" or "Can I go to the toilet please?". It is incredibly posh to say bathroom!do you approve of this?Bathroom manners?I would walk straight out of that bathroom if that is what I saw. I would not "Hover" nor would I even walk into the stallNo Bathroom Help?LMAO why is not there a bathroom around where the hell are you? Sorry I know not funny.What Colors and/or Theme is your BathroomHelp I need new Ideas?My son's bathroom is spongebob, patrick squidward, and sandy squirrel. Pretty cool. Even better than my bathroom. It is colorful and funBathroom toilet has air bubbles when I showerSounds to me like a roof vent is plugged or restricted. Run water from a hose into each roof vent and see if you can clear them. Have someone inside while running water into the vents to insure that if this would cause a water leak inside that you stop before doing damage. Or run a snake down each roof vent. But do not drive the snake into the drain joint where the vent connects to the horizontal runs. You could damage the drain and turn a minor problem into a major oneThis is about Painting my Bathroom and fixing the sheetrock that I ripped while I was taken some Tile off.?Hmm..I bet you could fill it with sheet-rock mud (wall plaster)(spackle)..smooth it down and sand it ..paint it and you are good to go... You can buy those little tubs of it in about a pint size..just for patchesHow To Make Your Own Natural Bathroom CleanersThere are tons of "green" bathroom cleaners on the market, but most of the time it's cheaper and just as effective to make your own. Armed with a few simple non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients, you can keep your bathroom fresh and sparkling. If you've got a little extra time today, grab this shopping list, head to the store and make a few batches of healthy cleaners to keep your bathroom (or any room) healthy!Famous People Who Died In The Bathroom?i died in the bathroom. that's where Spike & Angel got me. oh and i am nearly famous.Remodeling Bathroom...?you ought to use a carbide hollow cutter in an electric drill. Carbide hollow cutters are like elementary hollow saws different than the rim is carbide grit incredibly of enamel. you may get those an countless diverse sizes so which you may desire to have the skill to locate one the the right option length on your purpose. to start the drill, take a nail and hammer a small chip out of the glaze the place you p.c. the middle of the hollow to be, a mild faucet might desire to do it, this might keep the bit from wandering over the exterior and initiate the hollow much less difficult. no remember if that's a wall tile that's in all probability particularly comfortable ceramic, not porcelain (this is many times used for floor tile), and it wo not be too difficult to drill the hollow as quickly as you get during the glaze.Moving.. Need Bedroom/Bathroom ideas?!?go to they have some great bedding choices!Bathroom over sink lighting barThis is a common problem with threaded socket bases. The retention rings and the bases are sometimes out of spec and will stay loose or even slip the threads when tightened. A trick I learned while apprenticing was to use a high temperature(some work up to 650 F) thread locker. You can get it from just about any auto parts store. Remove the light, disassemble the retaining ring and shade, apply the thread lock(follow the directions for install and cure times). Then reassemble and reinstall the light. This should solve the problemDo you read Books in the Bathroom?I do not read books in the bathroom. I think this is a silly thing. I do however leave magazines and books that may interest those using my bathroom in a magazine rack for them. Just because I do not do it, does not give me the right to judge others. There are a lot of idiots writing today, but you can stick to the best sellers list to be safe.Red Fern Type Growth in Bathroom.?sounds like prelude to invasion of the body snachers,check under bathroom for wet spot, if possible. you may need to lower humidity in house if its a type of mold growth. mold needs 70% humidity to grow and a bathroom has it, you may need to install an exhaust fan in there. as for killing growth, try brush-be -gone or round-up herbicide.mold is lethel if enough of it is around. if you have crawl space under house, go look and see.if not sure what to look for, call exterminater ( bug killer) or plumber.Bathroom light/exhaust fan fixture wiringThere is a flapper (back draft damper) in the outlet of the exhaust fan. Make sure that it opens when the fan runs and is not stuck closed by anything including a mounting screw or discharge pipe item. Make sure that all the packing material has been removed from the fan housing. You can remove the fan and motor so you can inspect the vent damper. On the roof, make sure that the discharge damper assembly will open with any air movement. Hope this helpsBasement Bathroom Drywall Behind ToiletYou can slow down condensation on cold water pipes by insulating them. What? Insulate cold pipes???Sure, why not. The insulation does not care. The insulation will act as a vapor barrier to keep humid air away from the pipe, and will greatly slow the warm-up of the pipe. Remember, in condensing conditions, what is warming the pipe is the enthalpy of vaporization as water vapor condenses. The water vapor gives up 2257 joules/gram or 970 BTU/lb. when it transitions from vapor to liquid, and this is what warms the pipe until it equalizes to ambient. The insulation greatly slows this process, reducing condensation greatlyGirls Would You Hold Your Boyfriends... Man-bag While He Goes To The Bathroom:P?he wears a man bag?! D: hell, if he wore a man bag i would be totally honest and tell him straight up if he looked stupid.Bathtub Drain Completely Clogged, Water Will Not Drain Bathroom Sink Slow Draining?I am going to kind of go against the flow and suggest you NOT use Drano or Liquid Plumber or any of those do it yourself chemicals. Plumbers HATE that stuff because it gels in the pipes and makes the plug worse. Also, your bathtub is not draining at all. You do not want a very caustic substance like that sitting in the water that may be trapped in your bathtub. I would suggest trying to clean out your main line in the basement like dragon suggested. If that does not work call a plumber.Weed Smell in Bathroom?Mummy will be pleased. The vent should go outside, however I am sure the bathroom will stink for quite a while after. I would suggest buying a cheap bottle of cider and having a few spliffs on the street, then you really can be one of the boys. Assuming of course that you are allowed out this time of night ;-)
Test Standard for LED Light Converter From China to South Korea Finalized
South Korea announced last month that it would revise the safety standards and application essentials of electronic products, including the requirements for LED lighting appliances. This change will affect the export of Chinese led enterprises mainly in Dongguan and Zhongshan.Recently, 10 experts inside and outside the province and relevant principals of 10 led leading enterprises gathered in the Municipal Science and Technology Museum to participate in the "notification and evaluation meeting No. g / TBT / N / Kor / 234 and 235". The evaluation meeting was hosted by China's WTO / TBT national notification information center, and undertaken by the WTO / TBT notification consulting and research center of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision and the Municipal Institute of quality and technical supervision standards and codes.On October 1, South Korea issued circulars g / TBT / N / Kor / 234 and 235 on electronic safety standards. These two circulars intend to revise relevant domestic standards along with the changes of the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) on electromagnetic compatibility of lighting electrical, and list LED lighting appliances separately to clarify their specific requirements. According to experts, the previous relevant standards did not list LEDs separately for strict regulations.Guangdong Province is the main province of LED products in China, of which Dongguan and Zhongshan have considerable LED industry clusters. According to incomplete statistics, the annual export volume of Dongguan enterprises has reached 1 billion yuan, accounting for about 20% of the national total. Qinshang optoelectronics, 100% technology and other leading led enterprises have successively set up sales offices in South Korea.In accordance with the principle of transparency in the agreement on technical barriers to trade (TBT Agreement) under the framework of WTO, members can put forward opinions on the proposed technical measures through the notification advisory body, and the time limit is 60 days.Therefore, experts and representatives of enterprises put forward opinions and suggestions on the technical standards to be revised in South Korea through the review meeting. Many members believe that although the standard sets technical requirements for the converter for new LED lamps, there is no corresponding detection method, which may be a big loophole. The organizer said that it would summarize these opinions and submit them to South Korea to maximize the convenience of LED export enterprises.
When Calcium Chloride Dissolves in Water, Will the Solution Be an Electrolyte Or Nonelectrolyte Solu
3. gasoline (specifically octane contained with in the gasoline) 7. phenolphaline 11. any Salt (NaCl) 16. salt 17. rubbing alcohol (eveporates) 12. Sand 13. a 9volt battery 19. anything that floats in water has a density below that # ex. wood 22. water 18. any soap 25. any over the counter antacid (peptobismal. ...the pink stuff) 42. a Rolaid or Tums they are just calciumbicarbonate 49. Ice1. is it safe to spray diluted clorox and water solution on dishes to sanitize them? our?The proper way to wash dishes for commercial use is to wash them thoroughly with dishwashing liquid. Then dip them in a bath of about half a sinkful of water with a capful or two of bleach, no more. Important tip: the water MUST be warm for it to sanitize properly.2. What is your dog food/water solution?We keep our dog/cat food bowls in the basement3. Will a vinegar and water solution hurt the paint job on my car?You need a good car "polish" first. Then wax.4. explain the difference between the boiling points of pure water and a water solution?Ok the best way to think of this is to pretend to be a molecule of water. When you "evaporate" what you are really doing is gaining enough energy so that you can overcome atmospheric pressure, which weighs you down. Now what is the fastest way to do this? Well, if you are in "pure" water, you have few things standing (or moving around) in your way. But say you are in unpure water, like salt water. There are many ions (Na and Cl-) that also shift around, and what they do is just hamper you, like buggy bumpers. So the boiling point goes up when water is not pure because you need "that" much more energy just to overcome these pesky impurities. This is a very simple way to understand this difference5. How do you tell if something is a salt?A salt is an ionic compound. Most ionic compounds contain metallic ions. The only compound listed above that contains a metal is d. KC2H3O2. This is the formula for potassium acetate, an ionic compound. The rest of the compounds are molecular compounds (a. methanol, b. glucose, c. oxalic acid). Only oxalic acid does ionize in water solution, but without water it is made up of molecules, not ions6. Is a mild vinegar-water solution safe for hard wood floors?I only damp mop with cold water and my hardwood floors are still shining after two yrs7. Small gold flakes are removed from a water solution by filtering the solution. This is an example of a:?D. Physical change change of form is like... well... same as physical change. chemical change is like one chemical/element reacting with another change of state is like a drop of water freezing or evaporating. physical change is like hitting a piece of wood with a hammer and putting a dent in it.8. How do you make the salt water solution to clean belly ring?1/4 tsp of non iodized sea salt, per cup of water. If you want to use a shot glass or a dixie cup, only use a tiny pinch of salt. The solution should be about as salty as tears.9. Specific Heat of Water SolutionFrom this website:It would mean that a solute in water would change the specific heat from plain water.My guess is that if the density is greater than water, then the specific heat would be greater (because you are heating the water and the solute). To be certain, you would need to determine it for yourself.10. pH of a salt and water solution??Highly basic! pH is a measurement of the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. Because of its mathematical formulation, low pH values are associated with solutions with high concentrations of hydrogen ions, while high pH values occur for solutions with low concentrations of hydrogen ions. Pure water has a pH of 7.0, and other solutions are usually described with reference to this value. Acids are defined as those solutions that have a pH less than 7 (i.e. more hydrogen ions than water); while bases are defined as those solutions that have a pH greater than 7 (i.e. less hydrogen ions than water). The definitions of weak and strong acids, and weak and strong bases do not refer to pH, but instead describe whether an acid or base ionizes in solution.
UV Light and Flood Light Similar?
A flood light is differnet to a UV light. A flood light dose not produce the correct wavelinght of light and will be no good for your turtle or plants. A UV light will produce shortwave light as well as the longer wavelength require for good plant and animal health. A flood light will only produce longer wavelenghts. Thats why they look a little orange when compaired to the UV light which will look blue/violet in comparison. Your dad went cheap on you dude1. what size halogen or flood light bulb for bearded dragon?Pretty much all bulbs give heat. The watts are what is important. The size dosent matter. Maybe try a 100 watt. That's what I use on my 40 breeder. You can buy the bulb at Walmart. Usually petstores over price their heat bulbs2. CFL flood light connect through extension cord?I am sorry, but the answer from 'roni' is not only wrong, it is downright dangerous. The first problem is that extension cords are NEVER approved to be used as permanent wiring. They are intended for temporary use only. If it is less than 14 gauge (as most are), it is not even large enough for the smallest household circuit (15 amps). This means that there could be a failure and the breaker may not even trip in time to save it. The second problem is that all wiring connections must be made in approved junction boxes with appropriate covers. In case of a catastrophic failure with the connections, the J-box is designed to contain the burning wire until either the wire burns itself apart or the breaker senses a fault and interrupts the circuit. This is a very good way to meet your local firefighters and see them in action, up close and personal.3. Can I replace a standard base flood light bulb with a medium base one?This Site Might Help You. RE: Can I replace a standard base flood light bulb with a medium base one? I'd like to replace an old 120W, 120V soft light indoor flood light bulb. The closest thing I've found to it on line, is a 120W, 130 V medium base bulb. (I'm guessing mine has a standard base, since the bulb was fairly large and wide. Can I replace it with a medium base one?4. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?I was always told that for a broken light bulb still in the socket, to use a potato. make sure the power is off. Cut the potato in half and push onto the broken bulb and twist it off like a normal buld that should do the trick. ;)5. What wattage of a T-Rex Light & Hallogen Flood light, do Baby Bearded Dragons require?Halogen floodlights are fine for the basking spot. That's what I use. The wattage is going to depend on the size of the enclosure and the temperature of the room you have him in. You need a biulb that will provide a basking area directly beneath it between 100F - 105F. Typically something between a 60 watt and a 100 watt. As for the UVB, I've never used anything T-Rex makes, most of what I've heard is they loose strength quickly. I would recommend a zoo med reptisun 10.0 fluorescent tube, I've had far less problems with those than any other bulbs, and have heard and read the same from countless others. The only other bulb I've had as good of experiences with or heard as good reviews is the Acadia 12% D3, but you rarely can find as good of deals on those in the states, so I stick to the reptisuns most of the time.6. I installed an outdoor motion sensor flood light and it will not shut off?on some of the lights you have to turn on than off than on to set the light on timer read the instructions7. Can you call the cops on a neighbor who has a flood light that shines directly at your house and not tilted?It depends on where you live. You can probably do something about it being a nuisance or whatever, but it may take taking them to civil court or something
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