The Reign of Terror Was Led by What Person?

The Reign of Terror is not so cut and dry as suggested. Incredibly complex and many moving pieces. Divide the French Revolution into two-parts: French Revolution and the Counter-Revolution. The Reign of Terror is associated with the Counter Revolution. However, Robespierre led the Jacobin's. It was one of several prominent ideological based groups within France pulling France in different directions. Because of the reign of terror, his group was the most prominent but...Robespierre did not have any intentions of bringing out the guillotine as a means of creating equality through death. The whole process of the revolution took on an entire life of its own in the counter revolution. Like a runaway train, little could be done. Chuck the 16th was either at the point of signing a new constitution of or contemplating signing the new constitution, when-by perception- the masses thought he was hesitating too long...and it became the Counter Revolution. A lot of this is driven by the perception that the Catholic Church had amassed great wealth at the expense of people too. So, they confiscated lots of property and land (selling it to the even fewer people who gained more control ironically) Some of the nobility helped fan the flames too. Charles was a Divine-Right Monarch...meaning both God and Man had 'selected him.' They wanted power too. Interesting, but Charles really did not want to be King. ..very reluctant. While the counter-revolution was underway, some countries tried to keep the flames of "liberty' from scorching their kingdoms...and some tried to fan the flames (England)...just to politically-watch France burn. There were fears of bread/wheat not being available for food. Wives marched in protest of the King's inability to control prices of bread. At the same time, harvest of bread across Europe was down.So, when the structure of government fell. ...there was rapid ascension into utter chaos. Groups were fighting to gain control and provide the answer. Robbie was for the people...during the Revolution and Counter Revolution. ..he never intended to see the train runaway

1. Which event led to the formation of the Abrahamic religion?

Abraham discovered that there was only one God.It was a very simple idea, of course and it caught on widely in the world, over the next few millenia.But the idea was unheard of in Ur, the city he came from, and, in most of the rest of the world. All the rest is history - monotheism swept the world in a big way. Abraham started a cascade of thought that changed the world, like it or not

2. Hp laptop problem , power on but no screen , no led hard drive?

hey i been experencing same problem too....da laptop worked for me for 2 years but giving me troblem now... i am gonna take it to shop soon too nd let see wat dey gonna say

3. Poll: Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Queen, The Doors, Van Halen, The Stones?

All the bands you listed are awesome. I think The Beatles are the best rock/pop band,and Iron Maiden is the best metal band.

4. How should I handle situation with ex who led me on?

Fantastic answer American Man...i second that wholeheartedly

5. What is this component marked "ZW1” on a LED doorbell button PCB?

Its a zener diode. It will have a voltage rating which may be marked on the diode body

6. figuring out what is displaying on four digits led seven segment display

You could do it the modern way, as Jan Panteltje did: see 7s_parser(Webcam Rpi)

7. What led to the fall of the Mongol Empire?

As soon as the Mongol Empire has fallen into parts, its military force split into four smaller armies fighting against each other. These armies had the same armors and same tactics, none of them would be able to re-unify the broken empire because of the military equilibrium. These successor Khanates continued splitting, e. g. the Golden Horde to Crimea, Kazan and Astrakhan.Really, these still powerful states threatened the neighboring Christian states by the repeated robbing campaigns. Russia was fighting for five centuries until it can annihilate them one by one. Mr. John J. Luo has correctly described the economical cause of the fall. Just like in Spain where Moriscos and Jews had been exiled, no home industry remained in the Mongolian states. :-) I had a geography teacher who told the following joke about Mongolia: "Mongolia produces transport machinery: Making saddles. Agriculture was disdained job, too. The sacking of neighboring states became the single honorable job.The discipline of Genghis Khan's army disappeared, too. The sacking troops were small go-as-you-please hordes. The attacked people leaned how to could fight against them. When and where could a few peasants win such troops? At gorges when they are loaded with chained slaves and plunder

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