The Best (and Smartest) Window Air Conditioners on the Market

It doesn't matter if it's an apartment, bedroom, office, garage or classroom - sometimes you have a space that you really, really need to cool down, and that old desk fan just isn't cutting it anymore. It's time to upgrade to a window air conditioner...but what kind? Luckily, today's window-based AC units are smarter and more efficient than ever, and we've collected the best of the best for you to choose between.Note on BTUs: BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. If your chemistry lessons are a little hazy, BTUs are used as shorthand for describing how much heat energy is being moved around. For reference, one BTU is roughly the same energy as lighting a single match. The higher the number of BTUs on an air conditioner rating, the more easily it can cool a space by moving that heat elsewhere...and as a result, higher BTU units can cool larger spaces. However, moving a lot of BTUs requires a lot of electrical energy as well, so higher BTU numbers mean higher AC bills.AC manufacturers skip the science lesson and just recommend square feet of a room, but this is only a guess. If you really want to know how many BTUs to look for, you can find your cubic space and learn the required rating with this handy calculator.The rise of the digital home and Internet of Things has given us plenty of options for smart thermostats (looking at you, Nest), but what happens if you want a less-central air conditioning option for your window? You can turn to the GE Aros, which in fact does act a bit like the Nest thermostat. It can track your habits and automatically adjust to cool the room based on the day of the week so you end up saving more money. It also includes an ability to track your location via your phone's GPS and turn on or off when get to/leave your home. And, of course, you can control it remotely with the app. Retractable wings and touch-button controls are included -this also model includes three cooling modes as well as three fan speeds for its upward-facing vents. Those vents are the only major downside, since they don't really allow for any airflow direction control.Buy one now from:AmazonThis powerful LG model has a 12.1 efficiency ratio according to the Energy Star guidelines, a rating that should guarantee you some energy savings if you are switching from an older model. This window unit is rated for up to 340 square feet, and includes three cooling modes and three fan speeds. It can also provide two directional air currents, and allows you to set a time or use a remote control - not exactly smart tech, but still nice when it comes to programming. The unit requires a 115-volt outlet...a common requirement for window units, which means that any average North America wall outlet will work fine. This isn't an issue for any of our chosen units, just make sure there's an outlet near the window you want to use.Buy one now from:AmazonTarget WalmartThis is a less powerful air conditioner designed for smaller rooms: It's able to cool around 150 square effectively, which makes it an ideal bedroom unit. There's an energy saving feature that makes sure the fan is only running when the unit is actively cooling, as well as a 24 hour timer for programming. You can choose to customize the 4-way airflow in the direction you want it most, as well as choose between operating modes for cooling, dehumidifying, and more.Buy one now from:AmazonNoria is a unique case when it comes to window air conditioners. This model made the rounds on crowdfunding sites and immediately earned a ton of money thanks to its unique, extra-small design that can fit on normal windows or smaller windows with less room. It has plenty of smart tech that allows you to control and schedule the unit from your phone, and a fresh air mode that you can turn on to bring cool air from outside during the evening. This innovative little device is rated for up to 160 square feet and only weighs around 30 pounds. The MSRP is $400 but you can still get it for $300.Buy one now from:IndiegogoThis very popular window air conditioner hits a sweet spot when it comes to price and usability. It's rated for a 150 square foot space, and has a fairly high energy efficiency ratio of 11.1 to help you save some money. There aren't quite as many customization features as some of our other models, but you still get two cooling speeds and two fan speeds, as well as 2-way directional airflow. It's a solid set of features in a compact package that can work great in many "I need to get this room cooler now" situations.Buy one now from:AmazonWalmartThis is one of the more expensive AC units on our list, and not just because it can cool an area up to 250 square feet. It also includes more modes than most units - four different settings for 1)cooling, 2)using only the fan, 3)saving as much energy as possible, and 4)dehumidification. There a dual motor and cross flow design for more accurate air control, and a timer for schedules throughout the day. If noise bothers you a lot when trying to sleep, consider this model: It's been rated as one of the quietest AC units around.Buy one now from:Amazon Home DepotFinally we come to the big option - this unit can handle up to 450 square feet of space, making it ideal if you don't so much want to cool down a room as you want to drop the temperature in an entire apartment or loft (the size also makes this a great unit for dehumidifying at a rate of three pints per hour). In addition to a temperature-sensing remote and 8-direction airflow control, the unit contains an air ionizer to help remove particles (as long as you remember to clean the ionizer fins regularly!). There are three fan speeds and several modes to choose from, too. Just...make sure you have some help when trying to install this one.Buy one now from:Amazon Home Depot Walmart

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Portable Air Conditioner Leaks. No Manual?
well untill you figure out where the water tank is or that is missing you need to catch the water. they make water as you know . so just get a big plastic tub and set the AC in the tub to hold the water. you may be missing the drain tray.1. Is heating feature in an air conditioner bad?The biggest difference between them is that reversible AC has an extra 4-way valve to reverse the flow. That's not a very fragile component. The seller might be either talking from his personal experience that's particular to one make or series, or he might be simply employing FUD in order to convince you into purchasing item with higher profit margin for him (most likely imho). On the other hand, it's quite easy to ruin the unit by keeping it on as outside temp falls too low. The heating is designed to be only an accessory method ran occasionally on chilly summer days and not to replace a furnace in the winter (that's what big heat pumps are for). He might be simply trying to avoid future problems with careless customers who fail to adhere to manual2. Air conditioner leaking water?It is normal and supposed to. It is condensation which drips from the condenser into a tray under it which then drains from a hole in the corner of the tray. Make sure it stays clear of sediment so that it will not clog it up! ,' )3. Why is my window air conditioner?set the temperature away from "auto"4. Would it be possible to create an air conditioner that is powered by heat?Technically yes: if you can generate electricity using your heat source (or rather, heat differential), then you can use that electricity to power a refrigeration unit. Just make sure that your heat-to-power conversion is happening outside the thing you want to refrigerate.Practically, on a large scale, this is no different from a power station converting heat from fuel into electricity. On a small scale, you would use a small Sterling engine or TEC to generate the electricity. The system would likely be 5. Return air for a 5 ton air conditioner unit?first why are you installing a five ton unit....after doing a heat calucation you will find it equals to one ton for every 750 sq ft .unless you have a lot of windows or glass doors facing southwest. then you would reduce this to 700 sq ft per if you have a 3000 sq ft house you would only need four tons of air conditioning. or four and a half if you have a lot of southwesterly facing windows and glass doors. measure duct work by sq ft . you would only have half of what you need ..for round duct you figure sq ft by multiplying the radius or half of the diameter squared times pi. this will give you square feet..then add all of the sq ft from each duct for total sq ft. .if you dont need 5 tons get a smaller unit6. Air Conditioner now with new furnace - Later - Or Not at all?might desire to you be a touch extra imprecise? swap the thermostat to relax, pull the temperature set element to a element under the ambient temperature, and viola! -if the interior fan is working, and the outdoors condenser unit & compressor is working, then if the clear out is sparkling, the evaporator & condenser coils are sparkling, there is adequate refrigerant in the gadget, and your shape is a minimum of a few insulated and potential effective, then your gadget might desire to do its interest. If none of those situations are met, call a qualified, useful tech. BTW: aircon is not lots the cooling,.... its working the air during the evaporator and confident, pulling some warmth, the foremost purpose of a gadget is to tug the moisture out of it. (cooling the air to under its dew element) Dry air is delicate air....the cooling is an advantage
Air Conditioning Efficiency - Is Higher Efficiency Worth the Extra Cost?
Air conditioning is not just a luxury item for many houses anymore. When building a new house it is often included without question. There are so many options when it comes to central air in a house. The air conditioner BTU is a big thing to consider. The efficiency of the air conditioner is also a big factor to look at. Many new home builders will include a builder model AC unit in the price of the house. If the homeowner wants to have a better, higher efficiency unit, they have to pay extra for that. How much extra should they pay and still come out with a good deal?There are a few things to check out when upgrading the air conditioning unit. When buying the higher efficiency model it will usually include things like high and low pressure cutout switches in the outdoor condenser unit. This can be very valuable and save the compressor from going bad if there is a problem.That could be worth the extra cost right there. Also with a higher efficiency unit, the indoor air handler will include a higher efficiency blower motor. The ECM motors will run much more efficient then a regular motor. The efficiency is even greater if the motor is run at low speeds much of the time.The most confusing issue with any air conditioning is the SEER rating that the US Government uses to rate air conditioning units. The simplest formula I can use to explain this is that the SEER rating compares the cooling BTU's that are made by the unit per unit (KW) of electricity used. Usually expressed as BTU's/Kilowatt of electric. Of course the more BTU's produce per kilowatt of electric consumed the better off you are.To arrive at a usage number you would have to figure up the number of hours per year that you may be running the air conditioning unit. That can be done by taking the degree day information provided by the weather service for your area and through some fairly complex formula's coming up with usage for your house. I suggest that it may be much easier to just figure how many days you will be running the air conditioner and how many hours a day it might actually run. The specifications provided by the manufacturer of the unit you will use show the electrical usage of the unit. Take the watts per hour consumed by the unit, times the hours run time, divide by 1000 and you will have the kilowatt hour of electric that the unit will consume. Now take that and times it by the number of days a year the unit will run. Then figure that times the cost of the electric per kilowatt hour from your electric company.If with these numbers you find that your pay back will be five years or less than I would for sure go with the higher efficiency unit. Keep in mind also that in some states the electricity costs are going to go up by 50% or more in the next few years. You may want to run the numbers at those higher electricity costs. The farther south you live, the more days you will use your air conditioning unit. Therefore it will be more beneficial to get a higher efficiency unit the farther south you live.Heat Pump units often are rated much higher in efficiency that straight air conditioning units. Especially in the mid to southern climates in may pay to look at a heat pump unit. I will try to address that in the future. Heat Pumps will be a whole separate subject.So to wrap up the thoughts on air conditioning efficiency. As electric prices rise the cost of the higher efficiency units will be much more practical. Higher efficiency air conditioners have more safety controls built into them. You can do some figuring and find out how much more you can spend for a higher efficiency unit and still get your money back in saved electricity. There are many good, better, best options out there. Ask your contractor to quote the prices for the different efficiency units available. If you do not ask usually the prices will be the down and dirty lowest price he can find unit. That rarely is a good thing. If your contractor does not want to quote prices on higher efficiency units, then find one that will. You will not regret it.
Exhausted Uber Driver Left Baby Girl to Die in Roasting Car After 24-hour Shift
An Uber driver left his five-month-old daughter to die in a roasting car after he finished a 24-hour shift.Michael Thigpen, 34, was sentenced to ten years in prison in Logan County, Kentucky on Thursday after he made, what the judge called, 'probably the saddest guilty plea I've ever taken.'Thigpen's infant daughter, Emma, died of hyperthermia on June 10, 2016 after she and her two young siblings were left in a van parked outside their father's house.Prosecutors said Thigpen had been awake for 24 hours while driving a shift for Uber in his van. Afterwards, he took his wife to work before driving home and falling asleep with his children still in the vehicle.Authorities responded to the trailer park where Thigpen lived and found the three children unresponsive in the trailer, the reported.Thigpen originally told police that his kids had been sleeping in a room in the trailer when the air conditioner lost power, causing the room's temperature to increase to a dangerous level, which prosecutors later found to be a lie.In a second interview, Thigpen confessed to leaving the children in the van.'The worst aspect of it is that Mr. Thigpen did not tell the truth immediately when he found he left the children in the car,' said Judge Tyler Gill during the sentencing hearing.'This is a perplexing situation and probably the saddest guilty plea I've ever taken.'A man who said he was Thigpen's father at the sentencing hearing said that it has been 'a few rough years' for the family, according to the Bowling Green Daily News.Thigpen pleaded guilty to a count of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of first-degree assault.'The nature of this offense call out for this sentence,' Gill said.We've got to protect our children, you can't live by accident....(Thigpen) shouldn't have been left with these kids after being up for 24 hours. This was just a tragedy waiting to happen.;
8 Spring Home Maintenance Projects That Will Save You Money
When we talk about money-saving home maintenance projects, we often focus on winter. After all, heating a home is expensive, and we'll do whatever we can to reduce the winter bills.But many projects better suited for warmer weather can save you money, too. Here are eight projects to tackle this spring:1. Clean the refrigerator and air conditioner coils. Your fridge and air conditioner work in nearly the same way -- by exchanging heat through a system of coils. When those coils are dirty and dusty, they can't exchange heat as efficiently, so the system has to run harder and longer to have the same cooling effect.Luckily, cleaning these coils is simple. Just take a vacuum hose to the coils on the back of your fridge. For an outside air conditioner unit, you'll need to disassemble the casing (making sure the power to the unit is off first), and clean using canned air and/or a stiff brush and spray bottle.2. Schedule routine heating, ventilation and air conditioning maintenance. Yes, it costs money to get an HVAC professional to look over your system. But routine maintenance costs much less than major fixes down the road. So call and schedule your HVAC maintenance now. To save even more, check websites such as Groupon, Amazon Local and Angie's List for deals with local HVAC companies.3. Inspect and repair your roof. Spring is the time to get out on the roof to check for ice, hail or water damage from winter. Repairing minor damage can be a quick do-it-yourself fix, and staying on top of your roof's condition (no pun intended) can save you money by avoiding water damage later on.4. Clean gutters. This can be a Saturday-long spring chore for many, but it's important, especially if you live in an area with April showers.Water doesn't properly pass through clogged gutters. And that means more water gets near the foundation of your home. This may not cause immediate problems, but over time, too much water near the foundation can cause damage and weakening, which are expensive problems to fix later.5. Clean the dryer vent. Just like your refrigerator doesn't work properly with dusty coils, your dryer is less efficient with a lint-filled vent. Even if you clean the lint trap before every load of laundry, you'll still get some lint in the vent hose, which builds up over time.To clean the vent, just remove the vent hose from the back of the dryer and vacuum it well. Then, remove the vent cover on the outside of your home, and vacuum it from that side, too.6. Check the washing machine hoses. Over time, washing machine hoses can crack, which can cause leaks. Sometimes, these inconspicuous leaks go on for weeks or months unnoticed, usually because the washer is pushed back into a corner. This can cause mold problems, water damage and more.So while you've got the dryer pulled out to clean the vent, pull out the washer, too. Check that the hoses are still flexible, and they show no signs of cracking. If they do look worn or cracked, just replace them. It's an easy fix!7. Re-caulk windows and doors. You might have caulked your doors and windows before the winter chill set in. Unfortunately, even the best caulk can harden, crack and shrink when it's cold outside.So check your windows and doors, and replace as needed. Keeping the hot air out during the summer is just as important as keeping it in during the winter.8. Plant trees in strategic locations. As you think about landscaping this spring, consider planting a new tree or two. Mother Nature will certainly thank you, and your heating and cooling bills might, too.If your house gets hit with a lot of sun during the day -- which causes the inside to heat up -- plant a fast-growing deciduous tree or two on the west, east or northwest side of your home for cooling shade.And if you noticed wind whistling through the cracks of your home over the winter, an evergreen windbreak on the windiest side of your home might do the trick and block the wind.Before you plant, make sure you understand how large a tree will grow when it reaches maturity, so you avoid potential costly issues from a tree planted too close to your home. Abby Hayes is a freelance blogger and journalist who writes for personal finance blog The Dough Roller and contributes to Dough Roller's weekly newsletter.
How to Save Money on a Portable Air Conditioning Unit
Before we go into any detail about saving money on a portable air conditioning unit, you need to ask yourself whether you need a portable air conditioner in the first place. If you are not always in your room or office and are always moving around, then a portable air conditioner will be useful to you.If you really need to get a portable air conditioner, then there are many ways to save money on it. Now let us discuss them in more details:1.Choose the right brand. There are many brands offering portable air conditioners. Portable conditioners from premium brands will definitely cost more than the other brands. It is just like buying a Mercedes car. So if you find a lesser known brand which is offering 30% cheaper, do not be discouraged to buy it.2.Do not be influenced by the sales pitch. Once you have done your research and decided on which brand to buy, don't change your mind. Do not be influenced by what the salesman says. Do your research and make sure that you get the right deal.3.Choose the right type of unit. Portable air conditioners have different specifications. A unit with higher specs will cost more than the others. Therefore, it is important to find out what you really need and ignore all the advanced specifications.4.Shop at the right place. This is important as shopping at the right place will prevent you from paying unnecessary fees. Some shops have items that cost a lot more than the others. Larger chain stores sell more expensive items because they need to cover their employment cost, rental and maintenance cost. You can get the same item at a much cheaper rate if you take your time to visit other stores. So do your research to make sure that you know what you are paying for. Internet is a great place to do your research. Visit forums and blogs to read about the best places to buy portable air conditioners.Before you buy from any store, make sure that the store is reputable and is willing to honor returns if the unit is faulty. Most portable units come with a warranty, so remember to check this out with the provider. Also, ask to test the portable unit on the spot so as to ensure that it is working fine before you bring it home.
I Am Trying to Determine What Size Central Air Conditioner I Need for My Home?
answer is very simple, multiply the area with the height of the rooms and divide that by 1000. in your case it will be 3265 * 10 ( assuming 10 feet height of the room ) comes out to 32650 divide this by 1000 it comes out to 32 ton for the whole house not 3 to 3,5 ton. 3 ton ac is suitable for 300 square feet room only. Install AC room wise following the above calculation and you will benefit in this. Read more on calculations in the following link1. Central Air conditioner VS window air conditioners.?Window units are good for enclosed spaces where the cold air can be retained. If you have them installed in an open floor plan, the compressors will run almost 24/7 because the thermostat will almost never see the room temperature lowered to its setting. Window units are noisy as the circulating fan and most likely the compressor in your situation will run 24/7. Yes, today's window units are more efficient, but not as efficient as central units. Window units have SEERS around 10. And they may not have the volume of airflow you might need. A 2 ton window unit needs 240vac. So if you are going to rely on 120 vac, you wo not get enough capacity as these units have lower BTU capacity. So they will run 24/7 and you will be seeing a high electric bill. A 2 ton window unit from Frigidaire runs 2.6kw or about 26c per hr at 10c per kw (includes the compressor and fan load). You might do just as good with two units and a fan or two.2. Comfort Maker Central Air Conditioner - what do you think of this brand? Is it Crap or Good?I am not familiar with the name either. There are "assemblers" who look for a good buy on over run production on say, copeland compressors, fasco motors, and so on. They match them all together and make a unit of them. Now consider that Trane or Carrier engineer their units and make their own compressors and coils3. what's wrong with my (central) air conditioner?The bushings interior the motor are drying out.close the ability off,take the panel off and spray wd-40 on the decrease component to the shaft and manually spin it.placed the panel back on and initiate it up and you are able to nicely be waiting to purchase some extra time till finally you replace the motor. good success. incredibly saturate it with wd-40 and it will in all threat paintings4. My central air conditioner is pouring water out the bottom when the unit is on and cooling...?Your AC has a main drain, which usually is plumbed into the drain system of the house, and by code there should be also a pan under the unit, with a pipe from the pan going to the outside of the house. The main drain will clog up with goopy low life like algae or slime mold, and it will stop condensate from being able to go down the drain. Now the unit overflows into the secondary, which is the pan and pipe. You should be able to access the main drain, and you could pour boiling water down it slowly, followed by half a cup of chlorine bleach. This should open it up. If you do not like heat and chemicals, you can likely snake the drain with a piece of flexible wire or a plumber's drain snake5. Central Air Conditioner trips fuse?UT OH.! when you go to trip the breaker you turn it all the way OFF then ON.? If it still trips you have a short somewhere6. Central air conditioner smoking!!?is this electric heat? smokey house defiantly means either something is overheating or something is in where the heat elements are and is burning up. better shut it down and get a service tech in there!!7. Central Air Conditioner?Sounds with your description of the breaker going that the internal fan motor has failed. The interior fan and exterior fan are not linked in any way. The two units are only linked by pipes that carry refrigerant not air. Could also be the thermostat.
I Have No Air Conditioner! How Do I Stay Cool for Cheap?
Install a ceiling fan. They also cost much less to operate than air conditioning. If you have any doubt about your ability to wire the fan, hire a licensed electrician to do the job.1. should the use of civilian nuclear power be allowed or not?Sorry, but I disagree heartily. We are rapidly depleting our worldwide reserves of fossil fuels. We have doomsayers screaming on the street corners about the horrors of hydrocarbon pollution. (Personally I think most of what they spout is pure crap.) There is only one solution to both problems that do not involve a general reduction of the standard of living in Industrialized Societies. That solution is nuclear energy. Are there dangers inherent with the use of nuclear energy? Sure there are, but there are also inherent dangers of living downstream of a hydroelectric dam. Nuclear energy is clean. It does not produce the vast clouds of sulfurous smoke of a coal fired plant (which produces acid rain), and it does not drown thousands of acres of food producing land. Nuclear power plants do not cause acid rain, they do not pollute the atmosphere, or the waters. In the sixty odd years that nuclear electric energy has been available, I can think of only two major would isasters", i.e. Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. There are more lethal accidents than those annually in the US non-nuclear power industry alone. The nuclear power industry has the best safety record of any industry you would care to name/ Look, I enjoy Mother Earth News, and the FoxFire Books as well as the next fellow. But that does not mean i want to trade my Ford pickup for a mule and wagon, or electric lights and air conditioning for kerosene lamps and sweating my A$$ off indoors and outdoors as well. That means we need to get off our a$$es and build more nuclear power plants, and encourage research to make them even safer and less polluting than they are already. Doc Hudson2. can someone please talk me out of wanting a motorcycle?I am 17, I do ride bikes, because I do not have my car licence and its fun. But, i know of so many people who have been seriously injured or killed. Pretty much every biker i know has crashed. I had a friend who was riding sensibly on the highway and he rode over a piece of moss on the ground while taking a corner at 80 kmph maybe about 50miles or so, and it threw him off his bike and threw him into a barbed wire fence and cut him into 5 pieces. Sliced through him like butter. Sure biking has its up points, awesome feeling of acceleration and cornering and freedom. But most of the time youre either way too hot and sweaty or your soo freezing and u wish you were in a car with air conditioning. and Your back gets sore after a while. It is very fun at times but yes it is dangerous. JUst in the last 6 months ive had a few near misses from dickheads on the road. and would have been fine in a car if they did follow through, but not so on a bike. I also have another friend who was dumb one time like u said u might be, went 300kmph up the highway, (190 mph) and his engine seized from him working it too hard, and it though him at a tree at 300kmph. he lived just, but hes in a wheelchair and cannot move his arms or legs and hes brain damaged. cant speak and hes now dumber than a newborn baby. So take that into consideration. Sure if youre a sensible rider like most of us bikers are then your chances of anything happening are reduced, but most accidents are cause by car drivers not seeing us and natural occurances like wet roads or gravel etc3. What country absorbs more CO2 than it gives off?Nations where the trees and other vegetation have not been removed and replaced with industrialized sorts of things (factories, houses, farmland, roads, office buildings, apartment blocks, skyscrapers, cement plants, power plants, mines) and where the people of the nation do not use fuel-powered vehicles, buildings or improvements with air conditioning or lights on any large scale
Importance of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (hvac) Repair Service Contractors in Tampa F
Residents of Tampa are only too familiar with the extremes in the weather condition. The weather can be very cold at times and very hot at other times. The need for air conditioners and heaters or furnaces is therefore very basic. Residential air conditioning and heating can no longer be regarded as mere luxuries. Without heating in very cold weather or air conditioning in very hot weather, people can fall very seriously ill. Immediate home heating and air conditioner repair is needed when these equipment break down. Residents should therefore recognize the importance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repair service contractors in Tampa FL.Because air conditioner repair and heating repair are of equal importance, it is recommended that residents choose one of the reputable full service heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repair service contractors in Tampa FL. This means not having to negotiate with separate heating and air conditioning service contractors. Aside from minimizing efforts and cutting down on time spent on such dealings, this could also result in lower costs. The client could very well negotiate for package discounts from the service provider.The weather in Tampa turns very hot more often than very cold. The air conditioner is therefore used more often as compared to the heater or furnace. It is also more prone to breaking down. Consequently, there is more need for air conditioner repair. If this is not seen to at once, the hot and humid conditions inside the home can result in a medical emergency, especially for very young children and senior citizens whose physical conditions are most vulnerable. Not only will the children and the elderly become very irritable but they could also succumb to heat stroke. Having a reliable heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repair service contractor in Tampa FL is the key.Whether the need is for a new installation of complete air conditioning and heating systems or for maintenance and repair, it is best to stick with one and the same service provider.To find a truly trustworthy heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repair service contractor in Tampa FL, referrals can be sought from relatives and friends. It is best to get testimonials from satisfied clients. If such referrals are not available, online searches can be done. The websites of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repair service contractors in Tampa FL can be perused so that services, guarantees and prices can be compared. Customer testimonials should also be compared. Such customers can even be contacted for further confirmation. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repair service contractors in Tampa FL should also be contacted by email or phone for inquiries. The promptness and thoroughness of their reply can be another effective gauge for their services.Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) repair service contractors are very important for the health and well being of the residents of Tampa FL. They can provide timely A/C repair and furnace repair whenever necessary in order to cope with the fickle weather of Tampa FL.
My Car Air Conditioner Doesnt Work It Has Freon Somethings Wrong with the Switch?
The blower works, so it most probably the resistor pack on the duct next to the blower, usually on the passenger side, under he dash. The coils on this pack drop the voltage so the fan runs at different speeds. Not uncommon. Go buy one at an auto parts store and have them show you where it is. It is usually held in the duct by a screw or two. next to the blower motor. There will be a connector on it with 4 or 5 wires going to it. Have a look see under the dash.1. why my 1996 buick century car air conditioner blows vent air only?CHECK THE LOW SIDE PRESSURE SWITCH THAT IS ON THE ACCUMULATOR2. My car air conditioning turns on when I set it to defrost.?It's supposed to do that. Your air conditioner evaporator core works great as a dehumidifier too. Blowing humid air all over your windshield wo not help de-fog it so the A/C dries the air.3. best car air filters?k&n are the best as a air intake they are so well try them4. How do I prolong the life of my car air conditioner?The single best thing you can do to prolong the life of your car is to follow the scheduled maintenance procedures recommended in your vehicle owner's manual. It's beneficial to run your A/C every few weeks for a few minutes to circulate the oil throughout the system.5. Black helix shaped Formations have appeared im my car air vents.?Wierd. Mold does grow in heater/AC ducts quite often, they even sell product designed to kill it. The fact that it grows in a pattern though is odd. Maybe the plastic has that pattern in it, just not visible to your eye but enough so that dust sticks to the plastic on the back side of the ridges, creating the patterns?.6. My car air bags pop out from being tapped is there someone that could fix it or do i have to get a new car?Yes it will reduce the value of the car, yes you need to inform the insurance company and you will need to let the dealer replace the airbag and the module assembly along with inspecting the front sensors and scanning the vehicles computer.......this is the only way that it can be done so that everyone is protected7. Car air conditioner should be colder. Is there something wrong?On a 1999 model year car, I would do the following: 1) flush and re-fill the radiator; 2) check all radiator hoses for hardening; 3) inspect accessory/serpentine belt, and replace if necessary; 4) if the first three things listed here do not work, you may be out of refrigerant Most service shops should be able to do all of the things I listed above. Good luck!8. After warming up my car, the air blowing is still very cool. What is causing this? Any suggestions to fix this?If the coolant level is good, your thermostat may be stuck open. This will not allow the coolant to heat enough. Another thing to look at is the radiator cooling fans. If they stay on all the time, it's the same thing, engine is not warming up. Hope this helps.9. I am giving away my invention idea-we have car air bags, we need car foam sprinkler system to put out fire??Drag racers already use this exact idea. They are called "fire bottles", and they are a standard safety feature in their vehicles. Check the Internet for a video of Ashley Force's 7/22/07 crash, to see for yourself. So, unfortunately, you will have to think of a different big idea. EDIT--------- new info below:------------ If manufacturers do try to address the problem of vehicle fires, they will probably choose to replace metal fuel tanks with deformable kevlar-shielded fuel cells. The idea there is to prevent fuel spills rather than focus on putting out a fire, and they are already a standard safety feature in race cars.10. Why does my car air conditioner put out this smelly, moldy scent and how can I fix it?My mother had the same problem years ago. It turned out that there were mice living in her car air conditioner! They had died and were rotting inside the vents. I say go have it checked out
Central Air Conditioners: the Good and the Bad
The best thing about central air conditioners is that they can keep your whole house cool, unlike single room conditioners that only provide selective relief. People who live in homes that have experienced more comfortable temperatures throughout every room rather than just in one or two rooms.Central air works by using a condenser, fan, coil and various ducts. The condenser is usually situated outside or in the attic to keep it out of the way. Air is brought into the fan and coil system, properly cooled and then redistributed into the house at a pleasing temperature via the duct systems.Because central brings cooler temperatures to the entire house, a duct system in good condition is essential. Usually central air conditioners use the ductwork that is already set up for the furnace. In cases where there is no existing ductwork, a brand new system has to be installed for central air to be effective.Though useful in many situations, the main downside of it is that initial installation can be costly. When an existing house is upgraded to central air conditioning, the condenser and other air conditioning is often put in the attic since a specific place for it wasn't originally built into the house.The new ductwork that is required if you don't already have furnace ducts is where you are liable to run into high price tags. The ductwork has to be installed brand new because it wasn't part of the original house plan. Since most often ducts go through the floor, this installation can create quite a mess throughout the house and cost a pretty penny, too.If this is what your house needs to increase your comfort, there are plenty of upsides to this more expensive but higher quality cooling system. For instance, once installed a central air unit doesn't need any maintenance! Plus, no maintenance means you won't run into upkeep costs down the road.This can be programmed to meet your specific temperature desire. This customization can help you save big bucks on your utility bill. In fact, in some situations, central air conditioning can actually save you money, even including the cost of installation.Before you decide whether or not to install this, it is a good idea to check with a contractor. He or she will be able to create a heating plan based on the specifics of your home. This will give you the information you need to decide whether it is your best choice.Central air conditioners are used in both residential and commercial buildings to provide a building wide relief to hot summer weather. They make it easy to keep your electricity bill low and your living space cool.
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