Temporarily Using 240v Electric Hot Water Heater with 120v From Generator

You are indeed spot on that your heater will draw 9.375A when connected across a 120V supply.You are indeed correct that the two water heater hots should be connected to hot and neutral of the 120V supply, and the supply ground should ground the water heater.You have the wrong plug and socket configuration for your 240V wiring though. While it's not unsafe currently if it was wired directly back to the main panel as your appliance is 240V only and thus needs no neutral, the NEMA 10 was intended for 120/240V apps, not 240V-only apps like yours. The correct plug and socket is a NEMA 6-30, which is "hot-hot-ground" instead of the "hot-hot-neutral" of the NEMA 10 series.I would replace the NEMA 10 with a NEMA 6 and then either:use an adapter cord wired as you describe (with 14AWG wire) to plug the NEMA 6-30 into a 5-15 (regular) receptacle. Make sure to label the cord as "FOR WATER HEATER ONLY" so someone does not use it on an appliance that will pull 30A at 120V -- a 15A/250V fuse in the adapter assembly would be a wise thing to have, even, as protection against such oopses.change cords when making the generator connection, as your water heater has a terminal box on it that can be used -- a 14AWG power cord with screw leads at one end and a normal 5-15P at the other can be used, wired as you describe. Make sure to wire up the water heater end first, and not to leave the unused cord connected at either end!If you want to configure this as a hard-wired sort of thing (for instance, if you already have a transfer switch or generator interlocked subpanel installed), it's not impossible (or particularly expensive), it just requires a bit of unconventional (but still Code insofar that putting a 240V water heater on a 120V supply can be considered Code to begin with) wiring.You will need for this:First off, make sure that existing breaker for the water heater is off, and that your water heater is a conventional electric tank heater with an electromechanical thermostat and no existing connection to the mains neutral (putting 120VAC on a heat pump or hybrid water heater will lead to severe compressor damage, while tankless electric heaters are simply too beastly for any reasonably sized residential generator to have a hope). You will also need to torque all the lugs you are fitting wires to the manufacturer's specification -- this is a very good reliability measure in addition to being a new requirement (110.14(D)) in the 2017 NEC.Pick a spot where you can cut the water heater branch circuit and run a cable conveniently to the existing transfer means, then cut into the water heater circuit and install the new transfer switch there. Land the existing hot wires from the breaker on the lugs of the new transfer switch's "utility" breaker, and land the hot wires going out to the water heater on the main lugs inside the transfer switch (they are the two large lugs attached directly to the busbars). Land the ground wires on the ground bar.Now, run that new length of /2 cable from the existing transfer means to the new transfer switch. At the existing transfer means, splice into one hot leg with a THHN pigtail and a wirenut -- the pigtail routes to the terminal the hot leg in question once landed, and the black wire from the new cable goes into this splice as well. Do likewise with a matching pigtail and the generator's neutral wire, this time hooking the white wire from the new cable into the splice, and land the new ground on a ground bar. The result is a generator-only 120V feed to the new transfer switch.Now, install the BRWH220 into the new transfer switch, preferably on the same side as the generator breaker. This breaker is special in that it has a pair of isolated line lugs instead of taking its line-in from the busbar stabs, thus allowing it to be hooked to a circuit of different characteristics than what the loadcenter it is in is connected to (say one on a separate meter, which is the originally intended application for this oddity of a breaker). Take one of the outside lugs (either one works, they are both line lugs) and land the black wire from the new cable on it. The white wire from the new cable goes to one lug on the "generator" breaker already installed into the new transfer switch, and the new cable's ground wire goes into the new transfer switch's grounding bar. Last but not least, use another piece of that THHN from earlier to connect the inside lug on the same side of the BRWH220 that you already wired to (that's the matching load lug) to the remaining lug on the "generator" breaker in the new transfer switch.Button everything back up, turn the water heater's breaker back on, and make sure the water heater runs both off mains and off the generator, with correct voltage (240V for utility power, 120V for generator power) at the terminals of the water heater. Now, when the power goes out, you will be able to transfer the water heater to generator power and have it run at half-voltage (quarter power) without fussing with cords or the likes.

1. why does water heater beaker trip?

Tighten the wires to the thermostat. They have worked loose and are causing the breaker to trip

2. Replacing a Gas Tank Water Heater for a Gas Tankless?

I have installed several and I would suggest a brand name unit like Bosch , Rheem , State as many of the new names go out of business we had one that was a very good unit (the control was a bit of a problem but a good unit overall , they just went out of business and no replacement parts to be found, and now Home Depot and Lowe's is not warrantying their products anymore so be awear of that situation. The gas line needs to be updated to a 3/4 inch and the exhaust vent must be up-sized to usually 6 inch . and a large fresh air intake Any pro can handle it easily . if you want to relocate it naturally you would have to replace some piping. the pro can help steer you to what brand has good repair parts availability

3. What size water heater do I need?

a 50 isnt that much more,go with that and dont look back mack

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What Is the Difference Between a Water Heater and an Electric Kettle?
a thermostat1. Does water actually boil in an electric kettle?When it hits 212F or 100C it is boiling no matter what kettle it's in. It's a matter of time, the longer water is in a heat source the hotter it gets. Unless you are on Mount Kilamanjaro than the temperature will be less because you are so high up. In that case you need to use a pressure cooker to get to 212F or 100C2. is it possible to make your own electric kettle?"Real world" engineers always take advantage of prior art. If you can buy a kettle commercially that will do the job, buy it. Then, you can give your full attention to the unique parts of your project. It's not cheating. You should avoid "re-inventing the wheel" whenever you can. That's not what you asked. But it's the best advice I can give.3. How many watts does my 1000 watt electric kettle peak at?As you say above that you have 1000 watt electric kettle and need transformer for it . As every appliance have it's electricity consuming capacity or voltage power . You have to buy more than 1000 watt transformer or 1500 watt transformer for better result .4. Is it environmentally unfriendly to boil water in an electric kettle before adding it to a pot?You are probably wasting less energy boiling it in a kettle than boiling it in a saucepan on the stove. All the heat from the kettle element goes into the water, whereas a lot of the heat from the gas flares out around the saucepan and is wasted5. how to fix my electric kettle?Most probably needs a new heating element, so it is cheaper to buy a new one6. Can we boil cooking oil in an electric kettle?God help you, son. Turn up the brain cells for this one. Look at the label of the tea kettle. Somewhere in the Warning Section the words: "Use product as intended" probably will display prominently. Do not be silly and do it...or you will catch your house on fire.7. My plastic electric kettle has boiled dry by accident. Is it still safe to use? It smelled plastiky/metallic?no .. polyurethane is toxic, especially when burning .. (sorry if my spelling is wrong) but there is this new study too, that you might want to look up.. they are saying there is some thing like eb2.. o( i know i am wrong, but it's something like that.. ) that is supposed to be horribly wrong for all humans, and they think it's linked to some health problems now :( .. it's on the web.. goodluck.. I am sorry about your kettle, but it's best to keep you safe!8. Should I keep water in my electric kettle?i think of you have an electric undertaking including your kettle ,no longer a scent undertaking !!! Now provide up using it your gonna burn the dam residing house down !!! positioned a mug of water and tea bag in microwave like truthfully everyone else interior the international .or you may brew in simple terms water on your coffee pot while you are gonna choose extra effective than one cup so it's going to already be warm whilst yor waiting for it9. is it true it costs more (uses more electric) to boil a electric kettle than it does to run your computer?the second answerer sounded like they knew what they were talking about but i still cant see how that would work!! i boil my kettle about 10 times a day so according to them i could run my computer for 80 hours, that cant be right!!10. What is water temperature after electric kettle switches off?Basic electric tea kettles primarily work by turning off when a bimetallic switch in the handle (probably at the bottom, where it will require some steam pressure to have steam travel down to) of the kettle is sufficiently heated to deform one of the metals, turning off the kettle. This switch is heated by steam, and the element itself is typically turned off well below 100C (closer to 85, perhaps) to ensure it does not go on heating indefinitely, particularly well above sea level. This ensures it is boiling, as the steam pressure required to move the steam to heat the element does not exist until the water is at a full boil.As such, you can not assume any specific temperature from the kettle without knowing your altitude, and most accurately taking the temperature yourself. It does not heat to a specific temperature independent of altitude/pressure and stop, if you are using one of the cheaper models; if you have a model that has digital temperature control, then of course you can simply set that.Now, the temperature it stops at is quite stable, for your altitude; so if you determine that temperature (either with an accurate thermometer, or by searching the internet and/or doing the math to find out what temperature water boils at where you live) it's likely very consistent. So if you are looking for 96C, and where you live water boils at 98C, you can work out how to drop it those two degrees pretty easily.Example information: UK Museum of Science and Industry article about KettlesJohn Taylor, one of the early inventors of this kind of switchRussell Hobbs, another UK company that pioneered this process, and includes some information as to how it works on the page:(I can not source that actual statement, as does not go to a page that uses this language, but it's within reason compared to other similar pages.)
Gas Water Heater Hissing and Water Dripping From Flue?
ummmmmmm consider yourself lucky to have it last that long IT's gone GET a new one before tank burst and you have 30 gals or more of water to mop up !1. Can someone pls help me troubleshoot problems with my gas water heater?the pilot light dont come on ??2. Just installed a new gas water heater - smelled natural gas for a minute or two?If you shut off the gas, removed a line to the old heater, and smelled gas for a couple of minutes, it could just be the gas that was in the line between the shut off and the old heater. As long as you test any fittings you moved, and any other fittings in the line going back a segment or two, you are probably okay. Use soapy water on the fittings to check for bubbles.3. I am building a new home in Cleveland, OH. Should I opt for an Electric or Gas Water Heater?electric, that way you can turn it off at night to save $$$$4. Our State Select Gas Water Heater won't stay lit. Is this a thermostat issue?change the thermocouple..it is the thin line that comes of the aquastat and goes to the main burner. if it is still under warranty the parts are sent out by state w/ htrs. but the fastest way is to purchase one and install it. ...inexpensive part. ..plumber is going to charge $250. 00 ;-].5. My gas water heater thermostat is malfunctioning..?thats what pipe dope and soapy water is for.dont use pipe dope on any flared fittings, but on the thermostat itself use soft set recto seal.im not positive if you can change it out, but im guessing you can. my experience lies in lpg and electric. and lpg runs like twice the pressure, and its still not major pressure6. can you use propane on a natural gas water heater?No. On most appliances you can purchase a conversion kit to convert the appliance from one fuel to another. however water heaters are the one exception to that. Most water heaters are not convertible. Call them and ask if there is a conversion kit available. But I doubt you will get one. You will need to change the appliance if you are changing fuels. Some will say you only need to change or drill out the orifices etc. This is untrue and unwise. If you do this and the appliance is involved in a fire or anyone is injured by it the manufacturer will take no responsibility because you have "altered" the appliance and are using it "in a manner other than which it was intended". Insurance claims will be denied for the same reason. Do not do it. I know it's not the answer you were hoping for, but that's the truth!7. What energy saving methods can I use for a new gas water heater?A blanket is unnecessary and some manufacturers of tank WHs state that a blanket should not be added.The temperature set point of a tank should not be below 130 F and some say not below 140 F. This high temperature is necessary to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria. For the same reason a timer is not recommended and I do not think a gas tank can be controlled by a timer.Research the proper temperature setting and just use the heater as it is equipped. If you have a shower with a thermostatic anti-scald valve it would be OK to use 140 F, but if you do not , then you might want to use the lowest recommended temperature setting. A lot depends on how many people in your house want to shower at the same time or in quick succession8. Very Old Gas Water Heater - Two Flames! Help!?Without actually seeing it it's hard to say. It might be a leak on the tubing or a hole in the burner. Is the flame blue or yellow? Blue flames are good, yellow not so good. Wish I could tell you more.9. Where would an on-demand tankless gas water heater be mounted?A tankless heater should be mounted as close to the point of use as feasible. Most tankless water heaters can actually be mounted under a kitchen sink.
Is It Possible for a Hot Water Heater to Leak Internally?
'Nope, as there's no place for an "internal leak" to go to. Unless the water heater itself is reheating constantly, it's not hot water leaking anyway. Dash is gettin' after it. I will go for a leaky toilet, a cracked irrigation pipe under pressure, a mechanical-timer water softener that's out of whack, a neglected furnace-mounted humidifier, etc. Turn off one thing at a time, if you will. Your water bill is insane, so just do it, and be thorough. 'Love to know how this turns out, so please update later.1. Problem with my hot water heater?Well, that's weird. What happens if you leave the door to the utility room open?2. Is a water heater neccesary for tropical water tanks?Walmart has heaters for 10 gallon fish tanks for $13.49. They temperature adjust to 78 degrees3. Are these charges too much for a hot water heater replacement?That looks right in line to me. And yes, most people are a little shocked. They did a LOT of work and it appears all was needed. The pressure regulator is needed because high pressure can damage a tank but that is an entirely separate issue not related to a normal tank installation. And that protects all the plumbing in the house. So the pressure valve is a house pressure problem and was "extra". The expansion tanks are now required as is flexible lines for the gas piping because of earthquake considerations. I do not see the price of the expansion tank listed. The old gas shutoffs can leak a little if not serviced at times by repacking and you moving them at least annually. Your old water shutoff probably would not seal or was rusted up. If you add the word "custom" I am sure the price goes up. I have no idea why they had to custom make waterlines but that is likely not their fault. Except for the expensive "dielectric unions" the rest looks not only reasonable but more than fair. Sorry.4. Our home has an oil hot water heater should we keep it or switch to an electric water heater?Whatever you do, get away from oil heat!!!5. Fizzy water from new water heater?Any time plumbing work is done to the supply water you should flush the system as much as possible before drinking. Not sure why there is still air in the cold water lines unless he really had to drain them good before replacing the heater, because filling the new heater should have resolved it. Just try running it for a while anyway. Good luck Chris6. Indirect Hot Water heater - Any recommendations?9 years is fairly soon for the indirect water heater to go bad. Those type units are usually some of the longest lived options for water heaters. Weil-McLain estimates they should have about a 30-year life span. Before you spend a lot of money to replace the current system you may want to have our water tested to determine if minerals or acidity may be corroding your plumbing, which would lead to premature failure of anything you install. You can see a life-cycle cost comparison of different water heating choices at the link provided. The indirect water heater with a high efficiency boiler can be one of the most cost effective solutions you can get. Why do not you want to stay with that and repair or replace the leaky unit? Since you have a gas boiler then the next best option with regards to life-cycle cost is a high efficiency on-demand pilotless gas unit. Gas prices are going up so it might be more cost effective to install an electric on-demand unit, but you would probably have to run a higher current circuit for it. The standard gas and electric tank water heaters are relatively inexpensive to install, but they are very inefficient and would be more costly over time.7. why is the alarm on the water heater going off?This Site Might Help You. RE: why is the alarm on the water heater going off?8. Unable to turn thermostat knob for water heater?You can still light the pilot light, it is not controlled by the thermostat. Besides , what do you want us to do?Maybe you just have to call a service company
The New Retail Landscape Part 2 - Selfgrowth.com
In my last article, I elaborated on how our new economic market will actually be a good thing for the smaller retailer and consumer of the long run. We'll see these benefits around 2010. That means that we need to take action so that we can survive through the next 16 months.In a moment, I'll give you a handful of ideas on how to cut your energy costs. I recently predicted the downturn of the U.S. dollar and explained why speculators needed to buy U.S.dollars to pay off their bad margins. The dollar is actually falling faster than even I predicted! My other prediction was that in spite of a $2.20 gallon of gas by then end of the year, energy costs will skyrocket in 2009.Oil will go way up in a recession and not as a result of supply and demand. The bankers who scooped all those buckets of money from the American Taxpayer to supposedly reinvest and stimulate the economy had done just as I had predicted. They're NOT creating jobs or lending out much money. They say credit is tight. So where is the $1.4 trillion dollars going? Foreign investments, primarily in oil, that will drive the prices up to levels that will boggle the mind in 2009. If you think it can't happen, it already has. Earlier this year, when oil hit $140 a barrel and more ( and U.S. gas was almost $4 a gallon...), it wasn't driven my supply and demand.Speculators artificially drove the price up, and they'll do it again with the money they were supposed to plow back into the U.S. economy. The government is already grumbling about how the banks have not kept their word and have not used the funds to benefit the economy, but are making investments out of the USA to their benefit and self interest. Now you know why in simple terms, how oil will go back to $140 a barrel and actually much higher in 2009.The smaller retailer needs to take steps now in order to reduce energy costs. Here are a number of things you can do, that can cut your energy costs by as much as 30 percent. The higher energy costs go, the more you can save.1) Adjust heating down to 67 or 68 degrees and air conditioning to 78 in the summer. Every degree either in heating or air condtioning can reduce your costs by as much as 5%, depending on weather conditions. Employees and customers won't even feel the difference. Overheating or overcooling costs a fortune.2) Replace lighting with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFL's). These units are far more efficient and direct much more of the energy they consume into actual light instead of heat. In the summer, expensive air conditioning will work less. You'll save energy on lighting as well as cooling. Recently, studies have discovered that replacing incandescent bulbs in enclosed housings tends to burn out CFL's faster than their expected life term. It's best to use these in open fixtures where their small amount of heat can dissipate.3) Unplug all parastic loads in your store. Go through the premises and unplug that TV and DVD player in the staff room unless you're using it. Even though they're off, they will consumer about a hundred watts apiece day in and day out, 24 hours a day. Do you have an extra desk top computer running in the manager's office? It's drawing a minimum of 500 watts every hour, likely more with the printer plugged in and on as well. These parasitic loads can cost hundreds of dollars a year.At 16 cents a kilowatt hour (This rate will double soon), the desktop computer and its peripherals is costing you about $2 a day in hydro. That's 16 cents times (500/1000) times 24 hours in a day. Running a computer like that is about $730 a year in hydro. 4) Reduce your water heater to 120 to 130 degrees. Most stores have a water heater for a washroom for employees and customers. Most water heaters are set to 160 degrees and then forgotten. Unless you run a restaurant and need that temperature for washing dishes, 120 degrees will save you a bundle and is warm enough for washing hands and other things. While you're at it, put in a low flush toilet.You're paying a fortune for water and that will be also going up soon as well.5) Replace store lighting with energy efficient fluorescent tubes. Ask your electrician (while he's turning down your water heater) about the most efficient lighting units for your store signs. Most are illuminated with 40 watt tubes, that are largely replaced now with more energy efficient 32 watt units. That's 20% less in consumption.6) Examine your vehicular patterns. Do you have a van for stock deliveries to stores or between stores? Can you consolidate shipments and reduce the frequency of trips?As we enter these challenging times, retailers can save costs and enhance profits through more efficient and frugal use of energy without compromising the customer experience. TAKE ACTION TODAY 1) Review this list of tactics with your team and get started on reducing one of your major expenses. Every bit you reduce as energy costs go up will enhance your profits during these challenging times.2) Ask your team for ideas on how to reduce energy as well!HANG IN THERE!
If a 14 Amp Dishwasher Is on a 20 Amp 12-2 Line, Can a 6.5 Am Quick&Hot Hot Water Heater Be Put on a
1) The National Electrical Code states that you are ONLY allowed 80 % of the breaker's rated ampacity. 80% of 20 amps is 16 amps. 2) 12 gauge wire is only rated to be in use of a 20 amp circuit. This is a fire and safety hazard. Not to mention a DIRECT violation of the NEC. 3) 10 gauge wire is for 30 amps.1. can i connect a 8gauge wire to a 12 gauge wire?direct battery hook-up requires 8 gauge be safe put a fusable link in or go all 82. adding new romex that has red black and white other romex has black white and green?I do not have the foggiest what you are trying to do. i would not use 14 gauge wire for anything concerning AC current. if you insist, i suppose you could use the red as a ground, but mark it at all connections with green tape. If you are doing wiring in Europe or elsewhere where they use 220 V rather than 110 we use here in the states, you are going to have problems with it, and it will be a fire hazard. the smallest i ever use is 12 gauge wire, mostly i like ten or bigger. Stranded is better than solid, it carries more current for it's size, and stays cooler.3. Can I replace two 15 amp fuses with 10 and 20 amp fuses?Each fuse has to meet three requirements to be SAFE:Harper's answer made me think of one more thing. The "label" says Kitchen, Room Sockets. In addition to the refrigerator or other items that you know are on the circuit, there may be other receptacles and/or lights in other rooms on the same circuit. If the microwave pulls 1500 Amps and you have a few hundred watts of lighting (which is just a few incandescent bulbs if you are still using those), TV or other stuff then that could easily get you over the 15 Amp limit even if the refrigerator itself, when the compressor is not running, uses very little power. So you may want to turn off "everything you can find" - e.g., all lights, fans, TV, computer, etc. - everything except the refrigerator and the microwave. Then run the microwave for a couple of minutes and see if the breaker trips. Or alternatively, the next time it trips go around the house and see what else is not working - maybe some lights that you did not realize were connected to the same circuit. You might just find some additional load that can be turned off when you use the microwave and then have it work without tripping the breaker every time.Alternatively, unless you are lucky enough to have 12 gauge wire on the circuit, getting a lower power microwave may be the easiest solution.4. what is the max watts 12 awg wire can handle?it probably could, however i do not reccommend it at all considering that the amp wiring kit I bought a couple months ago came with 10 gauge wire and its only rated to handle about 350watts. If you have enough wire to run two 12 gauge wires on the same thing (like doubling it up) then that would work just fine. My guess of the max watts of 12 gauge wire (depending on the length of the wire) is about 200 watts, any more than this will probably work a little while but after some time your gonna be smellin that fried wire. Hope this helps5. what is the amperage limit of 12 gauge wire at 12vdc?This Site Might Help You. RE: what is the amperage limit of 12 gauge wire at 12vdc? it is stranded copperwire. the insulation jacket says that it can take 600v so I would assume that is a high quality wire. it is currently suppling power directly from my car battery to an ac-to-dc inverter. it spans about 10 feet, and it is a 350 watt inverter so it will be drawing about 30 amps...6. Building a PC - PSU information [closed]If you populate all 7 x1 slots each one has a max of 225w according to the website I found. That is 1575w just for the graphics cards.You will need at least 2, possible 3, PSU to power this rig depending on if each GPU maxes out. 1000w and above start getting into the crazy expensive price range. Probably better with 3 PSU at 600w or 700w(to be safe).In addition, you will need a dedicated outlet preferably 20 amp. Technically the 15A outlet has 1800w, but due to power supply inefficiencies it may exceed that number. So either a 20A circuit or 2 15 amp circuits otherwise you will trip the circuit breaker. You can not just change breakers, 20A need 12 gauge wire, not just 14 like 15 amps.
When Pursuing a Consumer Complaint, Be Vigorous and Varied
Resolving consumer problems can be tricky. Communication is a big issue.Here are two stories of customers frustrated by attempts to reach companies with complaints. One is about Bell Canada's decision to eliminate an email address for customers in favour of a restrictive website form. The other is about a series of billing errors by Enercare and its predecessor, Direct Energy.Parminder Singh Sekhon: This B.C. customer bought a Huawei Mate 20 Pro phone at a Boxing Day sale. He was interested in getting the Huawei Watch 2 that Bell was giving away with the phone "while supply lasts." The same ad was displayed at the Bell store.But he didn't get his free watch. The store said Bell hadn't sent any watches. Bell said the watches were under the store's control."I tried to email Bell, but there was no email address that I could write to," Sekhon said. "I asked Bell customer service to give me the email address, but they said talk to us or have a live chat. These are the only two options. They can't talk through email."Every time I called customer service, a new agent picked up my call. Each time I told my story, the answer was we'll look into it and give you a call back. After more than two months, I'm still waiting for the answer."Finally, he pursued the problem at the store level and got an email address for the store manager. After he sent several emails, giving a deadline for reply, the store found him a Huawei Watch 2."No one listened to me when I was requesting help in the store, but their tone changed when I started to email them," he said. "Can you please ask Bell to put an email address on their website so that no one has to go through what I did?" Spokesperson Nathan Gibson said the company offers several convenient ways to get in touch about purchases, technical support, account inquiries or to address concerns."Call us at 310-BELL, have a live online chat with one of our reps or reach us through our email form," he said."Both our live chat and email options are designed to address a customer's inquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible by immediately directing the inquiry to the most appropriate department for response."As for the customer's experience with the Huawei Watch 2 promotion, Gibson said the ads and signage indicated the offer was available in-store only and while quantities lasted."It was a popular promotion and the location Mr. Sekhon visited had already run out of supply. Unfortunately, our rep in the store mistakenly provided Mr. Sekhon with incorrect information about calling in to customer service to get the watch."We're sorry about the subsequent miscommunication between our call centre and the store, but we're pleased the situation has been resolved."Beverley and Bruce Preston: Their water heater, rented from Direct Energy, stopped working in December 2010. The water heater was replaced, but the billing was not adjusted."From that date on, we were charged for two water heaters every month. I didn't notice at the time because my mother passed away and I was dealing with her estate," Beverley said."It wasn't until November 2017 that I saw it while going through some bills. We had been overcharged every month for seven years."By that time, they were dealing with Enercare, an affiliated company that took over certain assets of Direct Energy's home services business in October 2014.After reporting the billing error, Preston was caught in a communications loop for more than a year, she said:Only in March 2019, after I forwarded their email to Enercare, did everything get straightened out."We have provided the customer with a credit as a result of what looks like a combination of a system and human error. Thanks for bringing this to our attention," said spokesperson Perry Schwartz.In addition to the $1,642.60 credit (including HST), Enercare gave them five months' free rent for their water heater."We plan to buy our own water heater once the credit is used up, so we won't have to deal with Enercare any more," Preston said.My advice: Be persistent. Use as many types of communication as possible to reach corporate decision makers. And if it takes a long time to resolve your complaint, ask for something more than a refund to recognize your patience.
Adami: Ottawa Man Says 'it's the Principle', Wants City to Pay Him $3.17 (with Video)
A $1.56 interest charge for what eventually turned out to be a water-bill overpayment isn't much, but Centretown resident Albert Galpin wants that money back, with compounded interest.Even the compounded amount is piddly - only $3.17 -and hardly seems worth pursuing.But Galpin says it's not about the money. What has his blood boiling is the reason behind the city'srefusal to give him thecredit.Though the city cancharge interest for overdue bills, there is no provision under water or revenue bylaws to reimburse interest on credit adjustments such as the $46.83 he received for his overpayment - which tracesback to acity-owned, faulty water meter in his home."It's the principle," says Galpin, who questionshow much the city has stiffed water users with unwarranted interest charges it won't repay.The retired public servant and former deputy director of investment for Foreign Affairs says the trouble startedafter he hadanew water heater installed at his Frank Streethome last January. Apipe leading from the meter developed a leak.So he contacted the city, which carried out the necessary repairs. He was charged $168 as the city had to turn the water main outside the house off and on.Had Galpin taken a close look at his next two bimonthly water bills, hewould have realized something was amiss. The first, which included three or four weeks of readings after the meter was repaired, had consumption at less than half of the previous two months. The next invoice, for late February to late April, showed zero consumption. But thelate-April-to-late-June bill, based on a city estimate and not an actual reading, showed consumption at a usual level again.Thencame a call from the city. It was July.The city explained hismeter wasn't working and needed to be replaced.Galpin says he was told water consumption would be monitored on the new meter to enable the city to estimate what it was owed for the previous five months. He got a surprise in late August, in the form of a$340 bill.Though he found out $84 was for half of the water main charge relating to the meter repair in January, Galpin thought the amountfor water consumption and related sewer surcharges was still too high.He was told in an email that the city's estimate was based on the household's consumption for two weeks in July, which, he says, would have presented an inaccurate accountfor a couple of reasons. For one thing, water consumption for his family in July would have been higher than the winter and spring months. Secondly, there were five people in the house from July 14 to 28. From late February to the end of March - part of the time frame for the estimate - there were only four people because Galpinwasvacationing in Europe.While Galpin disputed the bill with the city, he held off paying it. The city eventually agreed to base a newestimate on the family'swater consumptionfrom July to December 2014.The city also agreed to reverse a $6.40 charge for a late-payment remindernotice and about $8 for when he was on vacation. Galpin paid his overdue bill in October after he was told he would be credited with any overpayment. On Jan. 7, he receiveda credit of $46.83. He asked about the $1.56interest he paid on the $46.83, figuring the city now owed him a total of $3.17 with the compounded interest. The reply came in26 minutes. He wasn't getting it because the city could not find any requirement to do so.In an email response to The Public Citizen, Wendy Stephanson, deputy city treasurer (revenue), says the city "acts promptly to calculate and revise any billing adjustments and does not pay interest on these credit adjustments. City staff are unaware of any such provision in other municipalities/utilities as it would place this burden on all ratepayers of the system that inevitably would finance such provision through the water and sewer rate setting."To avoid interest charges, customers are always encouraged to pay balances by the due date, even if they dispute the amount."Is something bothering you Please contact:
Are You Using Your Thermostat Wrongly? Five Home Heating Errors Pushing Up Energy Bills
The vast majority of the British public think they know how to use their home heating controls - yet new research shows that more than 60 per cent are making at least one basic error that could be costing them dearly.Simply setting your thermostat to 22 C, not 21 C, could add £75 a year to your annual energy bill.According to the Energy Saving Trust, here are five common myths - busted.Myth 1: Turn the thermostat up when it's cold outside (52 per cent of people do this) This shouldn't be necessary, because the very purpose of the thermostat is to maintain the desired temperature, whatever the weather.Hand over power to your energy company - and cut your bills Heat only your living room, elderly advised Downing Street: People faced with rising energy bills should consider wearing jumpers Axe green tax or energy bills will go up every year for a decade, says energy chief Didcot: 'We feared it was going to go bang' EDF Energy cuts gas prices by just 1.3pc Greg Shreeve, energy expert at the Energy Saving Trust, says if you do turn your thermostat up even higher, you'll probably simply "find it's a bit too hot" - and you'll have wasted energy and cash in the process.Myth 2 Turn up the thermostat to heat the room more quickly (35 per cent of people do this) If you come home to a chilly house it may seem tempting to turn the thermostat up to maximum - but it won't get you back up to a comfortable temperature any sooner."People think it's like pressing your foot down on the accelerator in a car, and the further you press your foot down, the faster you get to the speed you want," Mr Shreeve explains."But actually, a thermostat doesn't control the speed at which your house heats up - it just controls the final temperatures." So you won't get to the temperature you want any sooner - but you will end up with an overly-warm house, unless you turn it back down in time.Myth 3: Leaving the heating on low constantly is more efficient than turning it on and off (38 per cent of people think this) According to the Energy Saving Trust, this simply means "these homes are heated when no-one is there to benefit and then the home is too cold when people are in the home".Much better to use a thermostat programmer to control the timing of your heating - keeping you warmer when you are at home, and saving you money when you're not.Do you do any of these basic heating errors?Myth 4: You need to keep your water heater on all day to make sure hot water doesn't run out (31 per cent of people do this) A lot of people seem to think their hot water will run out easily, so leave their water heater on all day. This "could be costing far more on their energy bills than necessary", the Energy Saving Trust says."You want to make sure your hot water tank is properly insulated. If you've heated water in the morning and your tank is well insulated that should remain warm until midday," Mr Shreeve advises.Set your hot water to come on roughly half an hour before you want to get up and start showering in the morning. You might then want it to come on again for a bit later in the day if you're likely to be doing things like washing up - but leaving it on all day will simply waste money.Myth 5: Keep electric storage heaters on all the time (only 38 per cent of people with storage heaters fully understand how they work) "Households with electric heating could be paying through the nose by not taking advantage of cheaper night rate electricity," the Energy Saving Trust says.Electric storage heaters are designed to work by using cheaper, off-peak electricity to "charge up" overnight and then releasing the heat during the day.But many people don't really understand how they work.Mr Shreeve says many storage heaters also have in-built electric panel heaters. Leaving the heaters on all the time with incorrect settings could result in them using the panel heaters not the storage ones - costing you far more.Here's the Trust's advice on how you should use a storage heater:"A standard electric storage heater has two controls, an Output setting and an Input setting. The Output setting will control how much heat the heater gives out (as long as there is stored heat available). The Input control determines how much electricity the heater will take from the grid during the coming night, and hence how much stored heat will be available the following day."So you need to set the Output dial according to how much heat you want now, and the Input dial according to how much heat you think you will need tomorrow."If a heater runs out of heat in the evening while you still need it, or if the weather gets colder, you may need to turn the Input dial up. If the weather gets warmer, or the heater never runs out of heat in the evening, you can probably save money without getting cold by turning the Input dial down."Turn the Output dial to zero before you go to bed or go out, so you're not wasting energy overheating empty rooms. You can probably do this quite early, maybe an hour before you go to bed, as it will take a while for the heater and the room to cool down."And when summer comes and you don't need the heaters any more, turn them off at the wall, not just by turning the dials to zero. Remember you will need to turn them on again the day before you need the heating to come back on."
Water Heater Repair Dallas Tx
Gas Water Heater Dallas TX installation carrier is some other famous alternative for customers. Do you have a couple of housemates or a lot of kids that will need hot waters? If so, this should be a top notch healthy for your needs. These gadgets are a little on the hefty side, but they are very powerful. You will by no means have to worry about restart or refresh instances due to the fact you will never run out of hot water with this terrible boy in your attic.Water Heater Dallas TX 2820 Anode Ln , Dallas TX 75220 (972) 559-4113 - www.waterheaterdallastx.com Store Hours: Mon to Fri from 8AM to 7PM - Sat to Sun from 9AM to 6PM.• You May Also Want to Knowwhy aren't you supposed to use a space heater with a power strip/surge protector?Never ever use anything that is even close to being an extension cord on a space heater. More fires are started that way. Space heaters or anything that has a large amp draw should be plugged directly in to the wall out let. We almost had a fire in my building. I got a call that a burning smell was coming from the air conditioner. (It always got blamed for any smells) In checking, I found a clerk had a space heater under her desk to keep her feet warm. And where was it plug in to ? The power strip for her pc, screen and calculator. Fortunately it was just getting very warm and I removed the space heater and had a memo sent around that space heaters were not allowed.Which uses less electricity, a space heater or your house's heater?Check on your utility providers website. Ours has a handy cost estimator for most electric appliances room by room and household. We pay one of the highest rates per kilowatt hour in the country and it is 3 times more expensive to run a whole house heater than it is to run a space heater"how long before the water 'evaporates' if you turn the gas off on a gas water heater?".?It wo not evaporate... it's enclosed. Also, it wo not burn up, either - hot water is stored until someone opens the hot water faucet or tap, so with no one taking baths, showers or doing laundry it should be a moot point. Please be careful with natural gas appliances, especially hot water heaters. A gas hot water heater changed my life about two decades ago... it leaked carbon monoxide (CO) and the gas got into the ventilation system return duct, on which the hot water heater was situated, going straight to my bedroom. After a prolonged three month exposure, I nearly died, got brain damage and get headaches constantly to this day from it. Natural gas is very dangerous when used indoors... make sure you have a CO detector (something they did not have when my accident occurred) installed near any indoor gas appliance you have. CO gas is odorless/colorless. CO Detector Alarms only cost about thirty bucks and could very well save your life or at least keep you from having to let go of your career and rebuild your entire life and personality.Our propane gas heater isnt working, help!?Most commonly that symptom is caused by a bad thermocouple. You did not say what type of heater this is. Water heater? Wall furnace or free standing heater? Furnace? A failed thermocouple is rather common. It is suppose to heat up, which generates a voltage that holds a coil open that keeps the gas valve open. This is a safety so if the flame goes out the gas shuts off. But it is also possible the gas valve itself is bad but that is much more rare. And at times it is as simple as the connection, the fitting, where the thermocouple screws in to the gas valve is loose. There are a number of places online that describe, with photos, replacement of the part. Find something similar to the type of item you are working on. The couplers are cheap, and generic except for length, but too long is not a problem. They often cost less than $10. But a service call to replace it could cost ya $150 or more.Car heater only works when pressing gas?Many people forget about that the heater core is indeed part of the cooling / heating systems. Your heater core may ether need flushing or replacing , changing your coolant every two years can prevent your heater core from corroding in the future.My water heater is leaking from the bottom where it's seal at but from both sides should I replace it?Replace it. The heater will get worse over time due to rust. Never wait or you run the risk of not only water damage from water leaking, but steam will start to build up in the basement or where ever you have the heater installed. I have had some bad experiences with people ignoring their hot water heaters and having to pay more for repairs.How would having crossed hot/cold inputs on my electric water heater affect my bill. Has an on/off peak timer.?I consider you, the chilly climate outdoors could actual make your water heater run longer. From adventure, i comprehend that protecting the water heater with a specifically designed blanket will enable it maintain extra warmth and run much less even interior the iciness. The blanket is fiberglass coated with a foil outdoors. you may get them at any ironmongery shop... Ace Hardware, domicile Depot, Lowes, and so on. i do not understand if it fairly is windy the place you are , yet construction a small shed around the water heater will help, too if wind is stealing away a number of the warmth.Help! Think we need to replace electric water heater - tankless vs. regular? Brands you recommend?Forget the electric tankless water heater unless you like keeping your blood pressure up. Install a Rheem Marathon water heater. It has a plastic tank and a lifetime warranty. Costs a little more but well worth it. Also, the most effecient heater you can buy. Best of luck.Does heat pump water heater save money over natural gas water heater in colder climates?A heat pump only uses energy to move hear. The refrigerator moves heat from inside to outside. An Air Source Heat Pump moves heat from a 40° F outside to the inside just like a refrigerator does. Actually uses a lot less energy than gas.Where do you intend to locate your HPWH? It the basement with the furnace? In the garage? On an open back porch. What is the weather outside? What is the ambient temperature where you will install it?I've seen several installed in cellars, and they work great. In warmer climates in the unheated garage or even the back porch is a good choice. Colder climates put it inside.Does heat pump water heater save money over natural gas water heater in colder climates?just got a new wall heater installed will my gas bill sky rocket from using it?When you say wall heater, I assume you mean a space heater that hangs on the wall, and not a gas furnace that is installed in the wall. Your gas bill will depend on several variables. How cold it is outside, how warm you keep the apt inside, what rate the gas company in your area charges, etc. Modern gas space heaters are very energy efficient, so I would not expect the bill to increase dramatically. In my area, N.E. Texas, the weather in winter time can vary from 60 degrees to the mid teens. Most gas bills for winter months run from $40-$100 per month, depending on the house, the person, and the heating equipment. Modern gas space heaters are usually at the lower end.220v hot water heater 21 years old reset was popped reset it and works should I be concerned for another issue?Have you regularly changed drained the water to remove rust from the tank. It popped circuit is likely the heating rod which wears out, This would be noticeable in taking longer to reheat a water heater after a lot of use. These rods are replaceable, but if you have not been draining the rust away it may not be worth repairing. If it pops again you should reset and then look for a new heater. The new heaters are also more energy efficient so you will save money with lower heating cost. Mine lasted 25 years and I notices about a $10 a month electric saving with a new heater.What causes a bathtub to become backed up when a water heater is replaced?omg there could be many reasons why this happened yet sooo many odd answers. First off water heater replacement should have NOTHING to do with you tub drain, unless your heater is IN the tub! cold water goes into the heater and hot comes out. nothing from the heater would possibly connect to your tub. your tub drains usually into your basement into the main stack which goes out to your sewer. unless your plumbing is very home made, yours is this way. Being said, you simply have a coincidence and your tub is clogged.. If the stack was clogged all your sinks would be clogged alsoWhy douuble pole switch must be used for water heater? [closed]Most water heaters are 240v, this voltage is created by using 2 hot legs, for a local disconnect or breaker both hots need to be disconnected. If a single pole was used as the local disconnect the water heater would not heat but there would still be 120v at the control to the elements and this creates a hazard to someone working on the water heater (like when time to change the elements). If it is a 120v water heater a single pole is acceptable (these are usually smaller under sink type where only a small amount of water is needed at a remote location from the main water heater).Is there a portable heater that runs on regular batteries as its power source?There is a new heating technology in which a rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.5 V, 10 AH) can be used to power a new-type electrical heater for warmth creation. The heater itself is 250 g in weight, 120 cm2 in total surface area, and 1800 cm3 in volume. When powered by the Li-ion battery, the device starts to generate heat, and a surface temperature up to 60 Degree Celsius is achievable. When the heater is immerged in 150 g water of 20 Degree Celsius, the water can be heated to 45 Degree Celsius. Not sure what the applications of the new electric heating technology would be...... My email address is:Is it bad if my kitten goes under the water heater?She will be fine. She will probably like hiding underneath it. I know that water heater has 'heater' in the name, but do not worry. The heater itself is insulated and is not hot to the touch. I have a cat that likes to go behind my water heater, and it will stay there from a few minutes to an hour. It depends on what model it is and how it was set up. It might have some pipes underneath it. That's about it. You might check to make sure there are not any wires coming out of it that she can reach. If there is, just elevate it high enough to where she can not mess with it. Good luck!My Pressure Relief valve on my gas hot water heater drips very slowly is there a problem?I agree with Jeff. It is a watts pressure relief valve. You can get one at Lowes or Home Depot. Procedure: 1. Shut off the water supply 2. Shut off the wate heater. 3. drain the water heater to a level below the Watts Valve (usually 1/3 down from the top) 4. Unscrew the valve with a plumbers wrench 5. Install Teflon tape or pipe compound on the threads of the new valve. 6. Install new valve. 7. Turn on the water and check for leaks 8. If no leaks turn on the hot water heater 9. Done.... Estimated Time. 30 minutes with proper tools and access to shutoffs. I hope this helps
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