Stronger Water Pressure in Home?

Do your neighbors have the same problem? If so, call the utility supplier. If not, then you probably have a regulator, or pressure reducer. Take a look where the house pipes connect to the mains. For sure, you will find there the main shutoff valve and you probably will find a regulator -- it's sort of a bell-shaped thing with a hex-head that adjusts pressure. You can adjust it yourself. I would suggest getting a simple gauge at a home supply store, the kind that screws onto a hose bib. Adjust your house pressure to 70-75 psi and you are good to go. If it's not the utility and not the regulator, your pipes must be so old they are all clogged up with corrosion (bad news).

1. sudden drop in oil pressure?

its a 1986 dodge ram d250 5.9 liter v8 vin 1 and it has 93907 miles (truck is off in the picture) i was thinking the filter may have been clogged with dirt/sludge from the seafoam, ill see if the pressure changes after the oil and filter are changed

2. water pressure in my caravan?

hi, Your submersible pump on your exterior water container is the sole pump offering warm/chilly water so why you are lacking in tension on the chilly device is a puzzle. The pump is delivered on the two by utilising a micro-change in the faucet or extra frequently by utilising a tension change in the piping. i could advise there may be a blockage or 'kink' in the (blue) versatile piping - merely hint it from sourse to faucets. i am specific it is a few thing basic. wish that helpfull

3. Water pressure lost in shower???

Hydramax Shower Head

4. How exactly does thermodynamic pressure relate to mechanical pressure?

OK. For a Newtonian fluid, the extensive stress tensor is expressed as $$tau_i,j=-pdelta_ijmu(u_i,ju_j,i)delta_ijlambda u_k,k$$where p is the thermodynamic pressure $p=p_therm$. The viscous stress term can be rewritten as follows: $$mu(u_i,ju_j,i)=2mufrac(u_i,ju_j,i)2=2mu left[frac(u_i,ju_j,i)2-fracu_k,k3delta_i,jfracu_k,k3delta_i,j

ight]$$where $u_k,k$ is the divergence of the velocity vector (and also the trace of the rate of deformation tensor), and where $(u_i,ju_j,i))2-fracu_k,k3delta_i,j=epsilon^*_i,j$ is the deviatoric (traceless) rate of deformation tensor. So the equation for the viscous stress then becomes:$$mu(u_i,ju_j,i)=2mu epsilon^*_i,jfrac2mu3u_k,kdelta_i,j$$So the original equation now becomes:$$tau_i,j=-left(p-frac2mu3u_k,k-lambda u_k,k

ight)delta_i,j2mu epsilon^*_i,j$$ The term in brackets is the isotropic part of the stress tensor and the term involving the deviatoric rate of deformation tensor is the anisotropic part. In this equation, the term in parenthesis is called the (isotropic) mechanical pressure $$p_mech=p-frac2mu3u_k,k-lambda u_k,k$$

5. Fuel Pressure Regulator?

Check with a dealer service center, they should be able to tell you. Chrysler Dealer

6. Looking for tire pressure gauge?

Everyone I've ever tried lets some air escape, you just have to push it on quickly and firmly. The digital ones seem pretty pointless to me...

7. How to not give In to peer pressure?

the more you let people have control of your choices in life, the less you will know about yourself. things like smoking weed etc are distractions , maybe fun distractions, but they are things that will turn your eyes away from meaningful things that can actually benefit your life. If you go along with this peer pressure ,you are essentially gonna end up conforming - conforming to their version of who you are/the least unique version of yourself. You will never see the best of who you could be I hope you make the right choices - the ones that are best for you "I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine." Bruce Lee if one blind person guides another, they will both fall into a ditch - Matthew 15:14

8. It is regarding BLOOD PRESSURE...?

if your bp goes suddenly very high you need to call an ambulance as you may have a blocked artery. so use a bp monitor at home, if it suddenly goes towards 200, do it again if its not dropping call for a medic. Always ask a gp for advice rather than on here.

9. atmospheric pressure....?

The site will give you a detailed history of all of the weather parameters (including the barometer readings) for the past 3 days at least. You will have to specify your location, obviosuly

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