Since Joining the Army, Have You Found It Difficult to Pursue Hobbies and Other Activities?

The Army is my Hobbie

1. ideas for hobbies for 7th grader?

Is she artsy? Then she could enjoy making clay figurines, painting ceiling tiles, making bracelets, decorating and designing clothing, making masks, etc. And if she likes listening to music/watching TV, she could consider playing an instrument or singing, or writing music. She could also consider making her own videos (music videos, movies, commericials, etc.) and posting them on youtube. Sports? She could take up soccer, lacrosse, basketball, volleyball... She could also try cooking/baking... especially baking, since it's so awesome to eat the treats after you are done! Also, she could try to start a collection. Personally, I have sticker collection, pin collection, and stuffed animal collection, and they are pretty fun to add to. Dancing is also a ton of fun. Joining clubs at school can also be very helpful. Sometimes nothing may sound interesting, but once you join, you have a blast! (And if you do not like it, then you can quit). Have fun =] *********************************************************

2. What kind of hobbies do you have?

Jewelry!! But its not just a hobby, its my life, its a hobby to my workplace though!

3. what are some of your hobbies or things you like to do when you have nothing better to do?

I usually draw, play the violin, something artistic....if i get tired of that, well....i just sleep ^_^

4. what are single guys opinions of girls who have hobbies like...?

Girls of your kind or rare in this generation. You may have to wait to find a guy with your wave length. Try visiting libraries, games like chess etc. You may find some one.

5. What are your hobbies/talents/stuff you enjoy?

Piano Photography Reading Baking Eating Shopping Listening to music

6. Teens: What are your hobbies?

anything that involves fire and/or various things that go boom :) im considered hazardous material

7. How do I deal with my boyfriend telling me outright that he loves his hobbies and football more than me and would pick them over me?

Leave him , without even giving it a second thought, let him just himself !!!

8. Looking for hobbies for my husband to do while healing?

Build a model airplane (wooden stick model), should find a nice one for under $25.00 He will need many straight pins, glue and a cardboard surface to work on (big box)

9. Interesting hobbies for a 13 year old girl? ?

Join a youth group if you are religious, or join a sport [ie cheer leading or football]. This will come in handy in high school trust me. Plus you make many friends

10. What are some cool hobbies to start?

Yo-yoing is a great hobby! I did it for almost 3 years until i stopped. You can start cheap with yo-yos that cost just $15 but once you get really good you can start to buy more expensive yo-yos and even start to invent your own tricks! As you can see the results are endless. I loved it! The results are very pleasing too! Seeing yourself catch a yo-yo on a string to doing some very complicated tricks! I love yo-yoing.

11. What are some good hobbies to get into?

Here are some ideas : 1. Fishing 2.Painting ( you could paint each other lol ) 3. Card Games 4. Swimming 5.Cooking 6. Knitting ( you could knit each other something ! ) 7.Tennis 8. Golf 9.Calligraphy 10. Dancing 11.Story Writing 12. Writing poetry 13. Making pottery Well thats all I can think of ! Good Luck :)

12. What are some hobbies for my terminally ill daddy to up?

your not going to get serious answers in this section

13. Should we force our slightly-autistic son to have hobbies (other than "computer usage”) which will allow him to socialize more?

Just a short answer to make an additional suggestion to the ones already given, which I am kind of surprised has not come up already: board, dice, card or other tabletop games.Games of this kind often go down well with people on the Autism spectrum because they offer an activity with clearly-defined, easily understood boundaries. And it's obviously a pretty short step from computer games. The big difference is that they are necessarily social: the majority cannot be played without at least one other person, and many really need more than one. Hobby games are a world away from well-known family games like Monopoly: they are sleek, well designed products, often with compact rules and easily accommodated play times and yet are full of thematic colour and challenging strategy.There are board gaming clubs in most major cities, and you will probably find them to be entirely welcoming of people on the autism spectrum.

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