Short Grey Dress, Black Tights and Black Shoes? (high Heels Or Flats)?

definitely flats. especially if its casual. you do not wanna look trashy. and it sounds like a very chic outfit. you should pair it with something with color like a necklace or some earrings. turquoise, plum, or maybe a pink would go well

1. What is your opinion of guys that wear dress shoes in High School?

I never concerned myself with the way people dress

2. for ladies do you like stilettos shoes high heels?

I wear 5" stiletto heels when ever hubby and I go out on date nights together (along with a mini skirt) and most anytime we have sex! He loves to see me in them walking around the house or in our yard!

3. How many ladies wear Converse shoes? Are they high or low top? How do you lace them up?

no converse here!

4. CONVERSE SHOES and HIGH TOPS???????!!!!!!!!!?

in case you propose on donning them basically with long pants then decide for black intense genuine communicate. in case you propose on donning shorts get the flat communicate, the intense tops on ladies look a sprint cheesy. have faith me i've got been made relaxing of for top tops and shorts.

5. Clothes and shoes for a high school freshman girl?

Well i am going to high school to and yes skinny jeans are still in style, but the stores you can go to are, and the type of tops you can wear anykind just the shirts thats tight in the stomach and tight everywhere WETSEAL FOREVER 21 OLD NAVY JCPENNY(FOR BOTH) MACYS(FOR BOTH) BODY SHOP PAYLESS (FOR SHOES) TJ MAXX (FOR BOTH) CONWAY ROSS AEROPOSTALE HOLLISTER CHARLOTTE RUSSE DOTS RAINBOW ABERCOMBIE AND FITCH RACK ROOM SHOES IT'S FASHIONS

6. Do female Mafia bosses wear cement shoes in high heels?

Yes ! Jimmy Choo makes a mean Cement Stiletto !

7. All about shoes for high school? The more advise, the better.?

You should definitely go for toms. :) but TRY THEM ON FIRST, because you might not like how they look on your feet :o Or sperrys :) those are really cute & versatile :D One pair of flats is cute too, And maybe MAYBE maybe some vans. MAYBE. they are kind of old, but comfortable :) I would definitely go for some sperrys. :D

8. Good running shoes for high arches and shin splints?

I am 14 and have been running for about 4 years so I am not all that knowledgeable, but I have a high arch I love neutral saucanys (sorry I cant spell it) But they hold up great for a long time

9. How many ladies wear Converse shoes? Are they high or low top? How do you lace them up?

I do not wear converse shoes or any sorts of tennis shoes unless I am going to the gym. It's all high heels with some flip - flops for me

10. Are these shoes to high of a heal to wear with back problems?

I wear heels all the time w/ no back problems. Now foot aches is another story :)

11. Ok, cute shoes, high heels, do they always give you blisters? all of them?

well maybe you are wearing the wrong size of shoe but it is problly the shoe

12. Any good black shoes for high school guy?

Get black creative recreations they are so sexy!!!

13. short grey dress, black tights and black shoes? (high heels or flats)?

dont care about the height of your friends. Try high heels with it, if you like your look with them, wear them

14. Do you think these shoes (high heels) are nice?

hieeeeeeeeeee they are bad uhh

15. What are cool shoes for a high school girl?

Ones that you can actually walk in would be a start

16. do you think its okay to wear wedge shoes in high school?

wear what you want, but at my school, everyone judged girls for wearing any type of heel

17. should i wear boat shoes to a high school football game?

Uh yeaaah! Boat shoes look pretty preppy and at my school they are pretty popular! People just wear them casually. so heck yeah! WEAR them :)

18. New Shoes For High School?

I wear Etnies and DCs theyre super comfortable

19. Shoes for high school, I need help!?

You should get a pair of Vans because A. they are skate shoes B. they are not poserish and C. they are warm I am a Freshman now too! Yay for being in High School

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