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1. How many pennies fit in a 5 gallon water cooler container?

A penny has a mass of three.a million grams, so 60,000 pennies has a mass of 186,six hundred grams or 186 Kg or 409 pounds. That seems thank you to extreme for a 5 gallon jug full of pennies. the previous solutions' clarification assumes that there's no area between pennies, no longer a sturdy assumption, however the respond is not any the two way.

2. Top 10 Best Water Cooler in 2021– Latest Reviews With Buying Tips

Most people think water coolers are just for providing cold water. If you are also from that particular group, allow us to reveal it's not true, particularly in new water coolers. They can provide cold, hot, and even room temperature water on demand. Unlike before, they are compact in size too and operate with almost no noise. Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser gives you instant access to cold and hot water 24/7. This feature makes it ideal for cool refreshments or toasty beverages. If you have this home, you can relish countless parties; it serves many needs together. This brand is very easy to use because of many other features as well. There is a child-safety lock system in it that prevent accidental scalding. If you have children in your home, you are especially protected. Besides, you can create their food rather quickly too because of its super fast, but safe hot and cold-water button. It is also a top loading dispenser, but we love it particularly for its style. It is contemporary and compliments the most stylish homes. You can fit it in any corner of the room. Most of water coolers of its kind look bulky, but this is not the case with this Avalon product. You can get your desired 'flow' on this water cooler. It is perfect and cost a lot less than many other similar products in the market. This is my personal choice as well, since I found I drink a lot more H O than other members of my family. For that reason, I was specifically looking for something that is easy on the pocket and nice looking. Luckily, my friend recommended it. It was a quality purchase and just as good as the expensive ones. There are lots of features in it that paralyze you with surprise. For example, it utilizes 550 watts of heating power for hot water and 75 watts for cold water (15C). The Farberware Company have used energy saving thermo-electric cooling mode too that lowers your bill. Before you purchase this cooler, bear in mind it is a top load water cooler that can hold 3 or 5-gallon water tank. If you are busy person and can not wait for the lukewarm water to cool inside the refrigerator, Nutrichef Countertop Water Coolers Dispenser is for you. The key feature of this model is the construction. Developers knew it is an immensely important household equipment which should run in the long term. That's why, in order to keep it sturdy and strong, they used high quality materials that can face almost all the weather conditions and avoid rust too. Furthermore, it has quiet- operation too. There wo not be any noise. You can keep it inside your home, and even in the meeting room of your office. There wo not be any kind of disturbance at all. Because of its compact design it can fit in any corner too. The only con in this product is it is available only in silver color. This is perhaps an issue for some people who want to match it with the contemporary style of their home or office. Want to enjoy icy cold or piping hot water all day long? There is one water cooler dispenser that can fulfill this need efficiently - Primo Stainless Steel 1 Spout Water Cooler Dispenser. The feature that make it different than others in our list is it's bottom-loaded container. You do not have to life heavy water bottles again and again; just slide them in the compartment. It is particularly helpful for senior and easy on their back. They can replace the empty bottles rather easily. There is another unique feature in Primo Dispenser that has become the key selling point of it - Harmless Ozone Technology. This technology sanitizes you dispenser by killing the bacteria. You will have clean and safe drinking water for your family all the time. It is also UL Certified and Energy Star Rated. It appears that the Primo Company mainly focused on winning their customers through safety and cleanliness of the water. This product comes with 7 stage pH balance EZ change R/O. The Company has used an innovative technology in it that sanitizes water. The interesting thing is this sanitization process is more advanced and effective than other methods. It uses a state of art ultra fine purification process, which kills harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. My personal experience? Well, I got a chance to drink water of this machine. The water tastes fabulous. You feel a clear difference in its taste. If I say, it delivers the best tasting water in the industry, it would be correct. And, there is one more specific reason behind it too. It has a 7-stage water purification system, which we have mentioned above. However, the thing that makes it different is it is merged with Ultraviolet Light Sterilizer System. The combination of these two protects your water supply with or without electricity. It turns all the dreams into reality. If you want to have hot and cold ice water available all the time, get Avalon Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser. The water will be as fresh as the faucet. Unlike other models, you do not have to spend money on the bottles. It will reduce the cost of constant purchases of water. In other words, you save money in the long term too. However, it does not mean that water wo not be clean. There is one 6-month/1500-gallon sediment filter that cleans water effectively. Besides, the Company has introduced another 1500-gallon filter in it, which also covers 6-month time period. It is known as carbon block filter. These features prevent the accumulation of harmful germs and bacteria. Apart from this, there is a child safety lock too on it that is installed on the hot water faucet. DRINKPOD Bottleless Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser is famous for its innovative design. It is not just modern, but also comes with industrial grade high gloss finish construction. it beautifies your home even more. But, design is not the only thing that attracts the customers, as they perceive the functionality is more significant the appearance when it comes to the water coolers. It gives the best purification system in the market too. For example, there is ultra violet sterilization and ultra 3 filtration. Besides, there are three temperature modes in it as well that are nothing less than a leap forward in drinking technology. The DRINKPOD Company did not just focused on the safety and filtration of the water, but also made sure it safe and secure from the outside too. For that reason, there is anti-bacterial illuminated touch sensitive control panel in it. In addition, you will find a drip tray in it too that captures the drippage. We give Brio Professional Commercial/Residential 500 Series 5-star ratings. And, it is because of several unique reasons. First, you do not need to wait around to fill your water bottles. This is perhaps the best feature in it. Through our tests, it proved that this water dispenser provides more cold water than other models in our list. It has different speed ranges in it as well. You can fill water bottles, jugs, and even containers in a snap, without waiting. Though, it is a great product in the market, but we believe have risked its popularity by not introducing the built-in filtration system in it. They provide it separately, and we guess this thing does not let it be the best-selling product in the market. Since, these days, buyers opt for those products which can provide the safest water for their families. They want a built-in system in their water cooler. Do you know what makes this cooler stand out from the crowd? Well, it is compatible with many beverages type. This feature makes it a valuable product in the market. It brews a cup of coffee in about 20 seconds. After assessing the water cooler market, we would definitely say that it is one of those few products that are 'actually' capable of brewing coffee, because it holds a very accurate temperature. You wo not have any trouble even if you are planning to relish a cup of tea/coffee with your friends. Particularly, tea lovers will fall in love with it. There are of course many other features in it also like removable drip tray, 3 cup size selections and et cetera, but here we would like to associate it more with its tea making ability. According to experts, it brews coffee at the steady rate of 94C or 201F. This temperature is perfect according to the National Coffee Association too. This is another model from the professional manufacturers of Avalon. When it comes to high quality and advanced consumer electronics, they comprehend very well how to amaze their customers and create a machine that can deliver top performance even in the future. Therefore, you can expect the best options from Avalon Electric Countertop Bottleless Water Cooler. It will make you life easier. The look of it makes you fall in love with it. It appears that it is a machine from the future. It has three different dispensing volumes, child safety feature, different temperature settings to customize your drinking experience. Apart from this, it is a self-cleaning device. You do not have to worry regarding the purity of water. Its UV Light feature sanitizes and purifies water, which is safe for children and your entire family. There wo not be any kind of germs, bacteria, and viruses in it. In addition, there is a built-in night light option in it too, which is quite rare in water coolers. It makes the water spouts clearly visible at night. How to Make Choice for The Best Water Cooler How to Keep Your Water Cooler in Top Condition

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Recaps Are the New Water Cooler
Like many people these days, the vast majority of my TV viewing is done on a time-shifted basis. Sometimes I'll binge a series long after it's off the air, other times I'll catch up with a show that's in-season, only I'll do so intermittently, in bursts. But however I'm doing it, the one thing I miss is that water cooler conversation, the ability to trade notes with friends and co-workers who've also just seen the same show.That's not happening these days. Particularly when I finish watching at 2 in the morning. But I've found a solution and so, it appears, have many others: Recaps.Recaps, for the uninitiated, are a combination of a review and blow-by-blow recounting of an episode and the best ones are humorous and have a very strong POV. They are a great way to ascertain, for example, who random characters in Game of Thrones actually are and which family they're related to, or get someone else's opinion on which of the Wet Hot American Summer actors have aged the best.What's most surprising about recaps is how many publications actually run them - everyone from The Wall Street Journal and New York Times to Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Wired and the Huffington Post.While all the aforementioned sites (along with Entertainment Weekly) have excellent recaps, my favorite remains the AV Club, a site by and for TV and movie geeks. Their writing is just a little edgier, their insights a little geekier, the tone just a little closer to the late, lamented Television Without Pity, the mother of all recaps.And they give letter grades.While it's interesting to look at recaps from a creative perspective, it's worth looking at them from a business perspective, too.Can we monetize them? While that may initially seem crass, recaps might be the only place you'll be guaranteed to find all of a show's fans, whether they watched the show in 2015 or 2025. That's a pretty broad swath, but chances are good the demographics of the shows fans won't change, just their numbers over the years.Recaps also provide an incredible source of data for networks, studios and showrunners. What scenes did these superfans seem to like? Which ones did they find confusing. Who are these fans? What other recaps do they read? What sites were they referred from? There's just so much data in tracking the recaps that is of great value to networks and showrunners alike.I would also suggest a few ways for networks and showrunners to make use of recaps:Aggregate recaps on the show's site so they're easy for fans to find. Whether it's the show's website or a second screen app, fans will appreciate having the links available. It's also a great way to increase engagement for fans who are coming late to the show - recaps give them an easy way to begin to understand the show and its culture. They also reinforce the notion that your show is popular and lots of people are also watching it.Promote recaps on social so that your fans can find them there. Not every recap will be 100% positive, so you need to be able to bear that. But fans will ultimately reward you for promoting deeper involvement with the show. And the people who write the recaps will certainly be happy that you're promoting their work.Consider writing your own recaps. Ideally someone on the show's writing staff can be in charge of this one. They can provide insights that other media sources can't and can clear up some mysteries once and for all. The flip side, of course, is that they are the voice of the show rather than that of the viewer, but "official" recaps can be a useful companion piece to third party recaps.As the way we watch television changes, the way we keep up with television will continue to change as well. Recaps are just one part of the equation, but an important one nonetheless. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know.Originally published at on August 6, 2015.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the best LED TV under 30k in India?'Look for the latest affordable LED TV models online by top brands with latest technology and Experience High definition picture quality with multimedia features'.With lots of televisions to choose from, their wide array of specifications and features, finalizing the right one isn't quite straightforward. So before you decide, check outTop LED Televisions under Rs 30000you can buy Here is a shortlist of televisions which also has ratings on important aspects you should look at before making your purchase decisions.1.Vu 124 cm (49 inch) Full HD LED TVSummaryVu 124 cm (49 inch) Full HD LED TV is a 50 inch LED Television with an overall user rating of 4.3 out of 5. It is rated highly for "Excellent value for money", "Excellent video and audio quality" and "Classy product". You can buy it on Flipkart for Rupees29999.I would recommend you to go for this television which is the highest rated among all televisions by599reviewers.Highlights:Size In Inches:50 inchDisplay Type:LEDNo Of Hdmi Ports:3Screen Resolution:full HDGet at the best price of₹29999.Here is the summary of reviews forVu 124 cm (49 inch) Full HD LED TVValue For Money- Positive Percentage94%Negative Percentage5%It is 'Excellent value for money'Excellentvalue for money. It is comparable to the best brands.It is a 'Really niceproduct within budget'Sound Quality- Positive Percentage 90% Negative Percentage 9%It has an 'Excellent video and audio quality'Picture quality is great sound is ok! Overall its good.It has an 'Amazing picture quality and audio quality'Value for money and quality product with awesome picture and sound quality. .Design- Positive Percentage 100% Negative Percentage 0%It is a 'Classy product'Good quality with very attractive price. The picture quality is as good as any high branded led televisions.It 'Looks beautiful'The tv looks like premium tv It was 4 star rating of energy.Customer Service- Positive Percentage 62% Negative Percentage 37%It has 'awesome price and awesome service'About Flipkart...provide good service..It is 'totally happy with overall services'Excellent service.Reliability- Positive Percentage 82% Negative Percentage 17%Its 'connection works really fine'Working fine until now .It is 'Working well'Working fine until now .2.Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TVSummarySony Bravia 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV is a 32 inch LED Television with an overall user rating of 4.2 out of 5. It is rated highly for "Brilliant sound and picture clarity", "Worth your money" and "Very sleek design with narrow bezel". You can buy it on Flipkart for Rupees 29000.Overall Rating:4.2 / 5based on488reviews.Highlights:Size In Inches:32 inchDisplay Type:LEDNo Of Hdmi Ports:2Features:Wifi, Surround Sound, Smart TVScreen Resolution:HD ReadyFor product details and user reviews,Grab this television at the best price of₹29000.Here is the summary of reviews forSony Bravia 80 cm (32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TVSound Quality- Positive Percentage98%Negative Percentage1%It has a 'Brilliant sound and picture clarity'Picture quality is amazing and sound is also too good. Screen mirroring is too good.Value For Money- Positive Percentage94%Negative Percentage5%It is 'Worth your money'The product is value buying. Have same specifications as shown.It is 'Worth every penny'Worth every penny . Writting the reveiw after almost 10 days...this is the best TV at this budget..Design- Positive Percentage95%Negative Percentage4%It has a 'Very sleek design with narrow bezel'Classy product . No 1 tv but only flipkart .It is a 'Classy product'Classy product . I ordered this TV on 12th june next day morning it was delivered.Reliability- Positive Percentage75%Negative Percentage25%It 'works flawlessly'Internet features work nicely. YoutubeIt 'Works just fine'Installation work process are good. So thanks to Sony & Flipkart team.Ease Of Installation- Positive Percentage64%Negative Percentage35%Screen is excellent in HD setupInstallation was not done till 29th September. Be careful as Amazon supports like a formality party & Sony is pathetic unlike of it's brand perception.3.Vu 109 cm (43 inch) Full HD LED TVSummaryVu 109 cm (43 inch) Full HD LED TV is a 44 inch LED Television with an overall user rating of 4.2 out of 5. It is rated highly for "Worth the money", "Excellent Picture quality and Good sound" and "Classy product". You can buy it on Flipkart for Rupees 23999.Overall Rating:4.2 / 5based on1345reviews.Highlights:Size In Inches:44 inchDisplay Type:LEDNo Of Hdmi Ports:2Screen Resolution:full HDFor product details and user reviews,Grab it at the best price of₹23999hereVu 109 cm (43 inch) Full HD LED TVHere is the summary of reviews forVu 109 cm (43 inch) Full HD LED TVValue For Money- Positive Percentage94%Negative Percentage5%It is 'Worth the money'Best value for money.It is 'worth of money'Best value for money.Sound Quality- Positive Percentage74%Negative Percentage25%It has an 'Excellent Picture quality and Good sound'Excellent tv in this price picture and sound quality is also warranty service is also very prompt. .It has a 'Good picture quality and sound effect'Sound Quality is good .Design- Positive Percentage98%Negative Percentage1%It is a 'Classy product'Sound and design good .It 'Looks good'Design - 7/10 UI of the TV - 7/10Reliability- Positive Percentage64%Negative Percentage35%It 'works flawlessly'Tv working fine with normal DTH connection (can't afford HD ) PICTURE QUALITY IS GOODIt is a 'Reliable product'Reliable product .Ease Of Installation- Positive Percentage75%Negative Percentage25%Its 'Excellent Tv Delayed Installation'Installation not done till now . .You should also consider more options on BuzzOpinion -Helping you take better decisionswith insights from millions of unbiased reviews written by certified people on various shopping portalsBuzzOpinion, enables you to go through thousands of reviews in a few minutes and removes fake reviews to help you make better shopping decisions.Data Source:BuzzOpinion.comand Image Sourced
The Social Water Cooler 
There continues to be innovative and interesting developments in the social landscape. I've been an observer and analyzer of how people behave on social for 7 years now, both from a personal perspective and in my professional work.What first intrigued me about social in the beginning (by beginning I mean Xanga and Myspace) and continues to interest me today is HOW people communicate on social platforms and how it EVOLVES our real life communication.Beyond just allowing us to share photos and update what we're doing, social platforms are forever changing the way we dialogue with one another.This change of dialogue is something that shouldn't be taken what we share on digital...changes how we share in person.Ponder this:When was the last time you talked to a friend about the TV show that was on last night?andWhen was the last time you talked to a friend about a photo your mutual friend posted on Instagram?In the olden days we used to gather around the "water cooler" at the office to talk about our favorite TV show or current events. The water cooler represented a central conversational gather place for small groups of people.Today however, over and over again I find my wife and our mutual friends breaking out into full conversations about what our friends post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. These types of dialogues happen offline when we're together and we are having similar conversation in the digital space on platforms through group messaging - usually this conversation is dominated by visuals (screen shots of other photos, etc)Our mutual friend's social content has replaced traditional media in our daily conversations with our group of friends.The challenge is - we need a "social" water cooler to gather around to have this dialogue.We need a social platform that encourages and allows this type of intimate and private group conversation.The race to group conversation/messaging is the most important innovation in social in 2013.Every single social channel is trying to get there and at an increasingly rapid rate. Consider what's happened in the past year around group and private messagingFacebook introduces and updates a stand alone messaging appSnapchat comes to the forefront as one of the most popular messaging appsLine is exploding overseasFacebook tried to unsuccessfully acquire SnapchatTwitter announced the ability to DM anyone and this week the ability to send photos over DMToday, Instagram introduced the ability send photos directly to friends rather than share with everyone (which is Facebook's direct response to Snapchat denying their acquisition)There has been a massive shift in the past 18 months about how we communicate with one another on social media...The future isn't conversation with everyone, it's conversation with the people we care about.The future is a gathering place, or a "social water cooler" for us to communicate around. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc are desperately trying to be that destination, to be THE social messaging platform.In many cases, most of this group, water cooler style dialogue is occurring via text messaging. However texting costs money for users and as messaging app features continue to enhance and outpace what texting offers, I have no doubt that people will shift usage into social messaging apps for private and group conversations.What's unpredictable at this moment is: what platform will win the messaging game? For the one that does win, how will they monetize it without alienating users? What role does a brand (or advertiser) have in private messaging between users?What is predictable is that it's sure to be an exciting ride and that nothing, absolutely nothing will stay the same.The platforms and brands that evolve the quickest to customers ever changing communication behavior will survive.·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is the best 40 inch 4K LED gaming TV for Xbox One X?The gaming experience may be enhanced by a lot of things, but having the best TV is definitely at the top of the priority list. I'm recommending two products that will work amazingly for the Xbox One X.The first is Samsung Electronics UN40MU7000 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This baby comes packed with awesome features to turn your Xbox One into an immersive gaming system. This Smart TV from Samsung has 4K Color Drive Pro that shows a wider spectrum of colors than other TVs. Its built-in Motion Rate 120 also ensures smooth display of fast-moving videos and games.(If you're having trouble using the Samsung Electronics UN40MU7000 for Xbox One X, go to TV Settings > General > External Device Manager > Game Mode.)Another product that I recommend - this time on the cheaper side of the spectrum - is Vizio D40-D1 LED Smart TV. This TV is designed with 5 HDMI ports, which means you can hook up multiple devices at once (such as PlayStation, Xbox, and an external media player). It also has a user-friendly interface to make TV watching convenient.The products that I mentioned above also appear in the following review, which I highly recommend that you read:Best 40 inch TV Review (June 2018)Whichever product you choose, ask the salesperson or refer to the product manual if it's compatible with your gaming console
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Join host Brit Hume and FOX's Team Washington weekdays at 6 p.m. ET for "Special Report" - Find out what's happening inside the Beltway and on the world stage on tonight's show. Legal maneuverings have ratcheted up in the case of Jose Padilla, the so-called dirty bomber who has been held as an enemy combatant in a military brig for nearly four years. Padilla's attorneys want the Supreme Court to resolve whether or not the president's war powers justify the administration's decision to hold Padilla without charges for so long. Wendell Goler has a report. Then, government wiretaps and the legal concerns over them are nothing new. It is an issue that Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito weighed in on in 1984 when he was working in the Solicitor General's office. What should we make of Alito's thoughts on the Nixon's administration's wiretaps? Megyn Kendall breaks down the debate. And as Congress wrapped up their business for the year last week, at the eleventh hour they added liability protection for U.S. vaccine manufacturers. The idea is to promote production of the needed flu vaccine in the United States so the country doesn't have to rely on foreign manufacturers. Democrats are complaining that the law will prevent those harmed by the vaccine from suing. Major Garrett has the details. Plus, Greg Burke looks at the falling attendance at Christian churches in Spain. Also, could baby boomers bust the economy when they retire? We'll ask the director of the Congressional Budget Office, Douglas Holtz-Eakin.Real journalism: fair and balanced. That's why we're No. 1 - FOX News Channel.About the ShowAnchored by Washington news veteran Brit Hume, "Special Report with Brit Hume" provides an in-depth look at the day's news and offers a daily topical discussion of political issues impacting the nation.Hume serves as host to key newsmakers, political pundits and FOX News contributors exchanging views about political matters from taxes and Social Security to international affairs and the political scandal of the day.Hume brings a historical perspective to the political scene that is rarely rivaled. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., he has covered the policies, procedures and players in the national game called politics for more than 30 years. The Baltimore Sun referred to him as "the very personification of the political establishment."Each program features a two-minute segment called The Grapevine, which reels off the latest outrageous news nuggets, political poll results and in-the-Beltway gossip that viewers will not see on any other news program. The New York Daily News describes The Grapevine as a must see that, "will make you sound smart around the water cooler... the next day."FOX News' Team Washington provides live reports from the White House, Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court and key federal agencies. Seasoned correspondents explore political hot spots, races and legislative battles being waged around the nation and abroad.Hume wraps up each program with a lively roundtable discussion featuring Mara Liasson of National Public Radio, Fred Barnes of The Weekly Standard and Mort Kondracke of Roll Call.And more people watch FNC's Primetime than all of the cable news competition combined!- Guests and topics are subject to change
3 Kinds of People the Internet Accidentally Invented
The Internet is responsible for many, many jobs, and by virtue of the fact that one of these jobs is , I think we can all agree that it's a thing.Still, for every awesome job like mine that gets borne out of the Internet, there are a few other jobs, roles or positions that spring up as natural (?) side effects of the Internet's ... Internet-ness. The Internet thrusts these new roles upon us, and, well ... they're not all winners.3Monday Morning TV Executives (And Everything Else, Really)"Monday Morning Quarterback" is the name given to the man or woman who watches football on Sunday and then shows up at work Monday morning pointing out all of the mistakes the quarterback (and usually the coach) made in the previous day's game. They casually toss out all of the reasons why would have handled that game much better than the professionals. They do this because they have hindsight. They already know what worked and what didn't work in the game, so it all seems obvious to them (it's also easier to make decisions in a football game around a water cooler, instead of in front of thousands of screaming fans while a bunch of angry men are running at you). I've also heard this sort of person described as an "Armchair Expert." It's someone who has no real experience in anything, but likes to sit around the house (in an armchair, I guess) and criticize and judge the decisions made by experts.Because of how spreadable and available information is today, the Internet has turned us into Armchair That's why the comments section of every article and video ever posted is full of people arguing its merits from a place of affected authority. We're all experts in everything -- but let's talk about Armchair TV Executives, because they're more relevant.If you're on this site, there's a good chance that you're a fan of Dan Harmon's a rarely seen (but very beloved) NBC comedy about misfits who bond over being stuck in the same community college (that's the worst and most misleading description of that show ever written). Due to its low ratings, lack of awards and general weirdness, has always been right on the verge of possible cancellation, every single week. It's managed to stay on for three seasons and recently got picked up for a fourth, but its creator and showrunner, Dan Harmon, was unceremoniously fired. The news of his firing was revealed late on a Friday night in a . A few days later, Harmon shared side of the story on his . According to Harmon, he wasn't even about his firing; he read about it the same way we all did.It's an unfortunate and complicated situation, so naturally, the portion of the Internet that cares about television took to their keyboards and immediately went off like the Monday Morning TV Executives they all are. Some folks , saying that the networks are to cut Harmon out of the show he birthed, as he is a creative genius, while others pointed out that Harmon couldn't have been completely innocent, as . Few people were saying, "Hey, I'm a fan of that show. I wonder if it'll still be good next year ..." Instead, everyone was saying "NBC is IDIOTIC, they're handling this all wrong" or "Harmon brought this on himself, that's just the way he is."Even in our very own here at Cracked, we talked about the situation in great detail, all of us behaving like we knew Harmon and we knew what motivated NBC's decision.I know, because I'm one of the Armchair TV Executives in that thread pretending he knows what he's talking about when, really, what the hell do I know? What do of us know? The Internet is so full of information that we're encouraged to comment on business decisions in ways that make us feel like participants instead of viewers, but really, we know jack s**t. A showrunner getting replaced isn't new; it happens all the time. The Internet, however, and all of the instant news that goes along with it, new, which is why we all get to hear about this business decision. And since we can hear about it, we must all suddenly be experts on the inner workings of networks and TV studios, and we've all got loads of opinions that demand to be heard.Sixteen years ago, if they'd gotten rid of Larry David, the showrunner for , no one would be sitting around the water cooler talking about how foolish NBC was acting, or how Larry David brought it on himself by being so uncooperative, because no one would have even the creator was fired. I know this, because years ago, they get rid of Larry David, and . It happened without fanfare, but because this is the future, everyone's an expert on , which is how idiots like me can run around the Web pretending he knows what he's talking about.(Refresher Course: I do not.)2The Absolute Worst Self-PromotersSocial media has been great for a lot of people in the entertainment industry. Using Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other things, probably, you can find and interact with your own audience and completely control your online image. Cracked's own has managed to amass an enormous audience and jump-start her comedy career based on the . to engage with my many wonderful followers with deep and insightful tweets.But as kind as she's been to me, Sweet Lady Internet hasn't been quite so generous with some other folks. Before the Internet invaded my life, I found new bands the same way everyone else did: by going to various clubs and s****y bars and following the acts I liked. The bands would get up on a stage and play music I enjoyed, and then I'd go home and they'd go home, and everything was wonderful, because I never had to hear that band talk about itself.Today, we have the Internet, and if you've got a band and you want to be the biggest band in the world, you would be stupid to have a website. An unfortunate side effect is that every band that has a website invariably has an "About the Band" section, and I have never read a single "About the Band" section that didn't make me immediately cringe with douchechills. The problem is that these bands want to sell people on how great they are and how unique their sound is, and there's not really an elegant and non-pretentious way to do that. Let's take a look at some samples.That's the bio of an unsigned band that I caught one of their shows several months ago and tracked down their website, but immediately stopped reading their bio, because I wanted to continue liking the band. "Ragged band of untrustables"? Come on, guys. It's hard to like a group that uses words like "sizzling," "sputtering" and "grace" to describe their sound (their sound is "f*****g pop music," by the way).Hey, this other band I like included a "more cowbell" reference in their music bio. When I first heard that band, I thought, "I'd like these guys a lot more if I knew they had the same sense of humor that I had in 2001." So it's nice to see that they do. It's not a coincidence that, when bands get famous, they drop these horrible "About Us" descriptions and replace them with either a series of reviews from music magazines or just nothing. Instead of an "About the Band" section, they've got "Buy Our Music" and "See Us on Tour" sections. As soon as the Black Keys were famous enough that they didn't need to describe their sound to anyone, they took that bio right the hell out.You'll find the same kind of uncomfortable bios for struggling actors. Since the Internet DEMANDS that you make a website with a bio to complement your resume and reel, actors are forced to write about themselves in a way that makes them sound different, and interesting, so people will hire them. Unfortunately, the part of the brain that makes you good at acting has nothing to do with the part of the brain responsible for not sounding like an idiot when describing yourself.Go to any unknown actor's website. They're all "high energy" and "enthusiastic" and "destined to be on stage since they were a little [whatever]!" mixed with a few terrible jokes.The best bio for an actor is a headshot, resume and reel. The best bio for any band is "There are four people in our band, these are the instruments we play and this is what we sound like," with an immediate link to their music. The Internet has turned artists and creative people into de facto self-promoters, and that's simply not a skill that everyone has. It takes a special kind of person to know how to effectively use social media to their advantage.1Artists in Bizarrely Specific Genres of MusicYouTube has been pretty great when I'm looking around for new and interesting music. Anyone, from anywhere, can upload absolutely any piece of music they want. I've found I likely had it not been for .I've also noticed some weird, bizarrely specific musical trends thanks to YouTube. For example, based on the sheer amount of videos on YouTube that are just covers of the theme played on different instruments, one would assume that you legally have to upload a cover if you want to have an account on YouTube.It's all there. The theme on . Or . Or . Or . Or one by . What were all of these people doing before YouTube?Still, the fact that there are more covers of the theme than I ever care to count isn't my favorite hyper-narrow music trend from the Internet. other in sentence to different girl a performing cover some , popular . (Also, there's , who actually wrote a song making fun of this bizarre trend, appropriately titled "Cute Girl With a Ukulele.") Covers of rap songs, rock songs, whatever. Everything. And it's happening all over the world. Some of these people can't even speak English, but you better believe they know how to sing and play "We Are Young" on ukulele.I'm not saying there's anything with this -- hell, if YouTube hadn't invented the Cute Girl With Bangs Who Plays Hip-Hop on a Ukulele, I never would have known how I am -- I'm just confused. I studied music in college, and I can't say I remember meeting a lot of uke-trained women who wanted to show me their . (Mostly, the women played flute, and the thing they wanted to show me was, like ... flute stuff, I guess.)It's just one of those things that flourished on the Internet, and as far as I can tell, absolutely nowhere else. When the first webcam was invented, some woman with a ukulele decided to stare directly at the camera and record herself playing a random song, and then every woman between the ages of 14 and 23 decided to join her, and that's why, when the sun explodes and we all die and the aliens come to take a look at all of our historical records, they're going to assume that humanity was like 80 percent big-eyed cute chicks who played ukulele versions of pop songs.
5 Best Water Bottles - June 2021
It's no secret that drinking water benefits your health, but how do you ensure that you consume enough to stay properly hydrated? People who carry a water bottle often find themselves drinking more than enough water during the day. But shelling out several dollars per day for bottled water quickly adds up, and the constant flow of plastic to the landfill harms the environment. That's why you see people sipping H2O from reusable water bottles. And fortunately, water bottles have progressed aesthetically and stylistically since that Power Rangers flask you carried around in third grade. The question is, which one is right for you? At BestReviews, we strive to present you with the finest products on the market. We combed independent reviews and studied consumer feedback in order to bring you the very best water bottle selection in our product list, above. To avoid bias, we never accept free products from manufacturers - we buy them ourselves, just like you would. In this way, you can be sure our reviews are fair and honest. If you would like to learn more about water bottles and how to choose the right one, please continue reading this shopping guide. Denise has a background in healthcare and physical therapy. She also has the unique experience of raising three boys. Through the years, she has coached her sons and many of their friends through their share of childhood health problems and accidents. When not helping others recover from their injuries, you may find Denise working in her garden or reading. Let's shed light on some of the many benefits of reusable water bottles: You are likely to drink more of the clear stuff when you carry a water bottle with you. Reusable water bottles are better for the environment, as they decrease the demand for plastic. A reusable water bottle saves you money in the long run. For example, a $25 water bottle, when used daily, pays for itself in less than a month. You can buy reusable water bottles in all sorts of cool designs and colors. These accessories look far more stylish than a throwaway bottle. Drinking plenty of water is good for your kidney function, makes your skin look healthy, helps maintain healthy bowel function, and - let's not forget - keeps you alive! What is the best water bottle material? Here's a look at some of the most common materials you will find for sale: Many excellent water bottles are made from plastic, even if it's not everyone's top choice. Plastic water bottles are lightweight and easy to carry in a purse, bag, or large pocket. Many plastic water bottles are advertised as BPA-free. BPA is the abbreviation for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical used in the manufacture of some plastics. If you are looking for an affordable choice, plastic water bottles are a great option. Plastic can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade. It's not ideal for the environment. Some plastic water bottles contain BPA. This chemical could leach into your water and potentially damage your health. Did you know? The full effects of BPA on our health are not yet clear. If you buy a plastic water bottle, we recommend that you opt for a BPA-free model to be on the safe side. Metal water bottles tend to be made out of stainless steel or aluminum. Consumers who want to limit their use of plastic appreciate this material. A metal water bottle tends to keep water cooler for longer - as long as it's not left out in the sun. Since they are typically made from one piece of metal, metal water bottles are usually quite durable. Both stainless steel and aluminum are non-reactive, food-grade materials. Metal is naturally free of BPA, so you need not worry about bisphenol A leaching into your beverage. Metal water bottles are more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts. Metal water bottles can scratch and dent when dropped or handled roughly. Metal water bottles tend to cost more than plastic bottles. On hot days, some metal water bottles can "sweat," leaving moisture on the outside of the bottle. Keep this in mind if you store your metal water bottle in a bag or briefcase with items you do not want to get wet. "Some metal water bottles are specially designed so they do not sweat on hot days." Glass water bottles are a stylish, eco-friendly alternative to plastic. However, they are not always the most practical option. Glass water bottles do not have sealants or linings which could contain unwanted chemicals. Glass is simple to clean and does not scratch easily. As a non-porous, non-reactive material, glass wo not absorb flavor from beverages. This appeals to those who plan to use their bottle to drink beverages beyond water, such as fruit juice or tea. Glass is fragile, and your bottle could crack or shatter if not treated gently. Glass water bottles tend to be heavier and more cumbersome. If you are on the go, this could pose a slight inconvenience. How do you make sure you are picking the right vessel to hold your H2O? Keep the following factors in mind when shopping for a water bottle: Consider both the external size and the internal capacity of your potential new water bottle. "If you would also like to put hot drinks in your water bottle, look for an insulated variety that will keep your drink warm for several hours." External size Do you want your new water bottle to fit inside a standard cup holder? Will you be carrying it around in a small bag or purse? Check the exterior dimensions to make sure it will fit where you want it to. Some manufacturers provide information about size and fit right on the packaging. But not all water bottles are marketed this way; you may need to perform some calculations yourself to figure this out. Did you know? If you really want a water bottle that's safe for the dishwasher, check the specs before buying it. Placing a non-safe water bottle in the dishwasher could warp and ruin it. As for capacity, you can find water bottles that hold various amounts of liquid, from compact 8- or 9-oz varieties that hold a little over a standard glass of water to 32-oz behemoths that hold almost half the total water you need to drink each day. A larger water bottle means you will have to refill it less often. In exchange, however, you will be toting around a heavier, bulkier bottle. Most of our top water bottles come in a range of colors and designs. You can choose anything from basic black to a funky psychedelic pattern. "Some water bottles have ingenious extra features that may appeal to some users. For example, some bottles have built-in fruit infusers that allows you to integrate fresh fruit with your beverage." Insulated water bottles are designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. While insulation is not necessary in a water bottle, it's a nice feature to have, especially if you live in a hot climate. After all, who wants a "refreshing" sip of tepid water on a sweltering day? If you plan to sip while exercising, you will probably want a model with an easy-open mechanism that you can operate with one hand. However, if you plan to drink your H2O at home or at your desk, the standard screw top variety should suit you just fine. While they are designed for sport or on-the-go use, water bottles that open with the press of a button are also excellent for people with poor grip or a limited range of motion in their hands. You need not spend a lot to get a quality water bottle. Price generally depends on the bottle's size and material, as well as any extra features it offers. You could pick up a decent BPA-free plastic water bottle - even a name brand like the Thermos Intak - for around $10. If you would prefer a metal water bottle, you will probably pay just a little more. An eight-ounce quality metal bottle might cost around $15, whereas a 24-oz version would probably hover closer to the $20 mark. Q. Should I get a water bottle with a wide or narrow mouth? A. Whether you prefer a wide or narrow mouth comes down to personal preference. Wide-mouth bottles fill faster, and the water comes out faster, too. Occasionally, it might come out too fast, causing you to spill it while you are drinking. A. Many, but not all, water bottles are dishwasher safe. Always check the manufacturer's specs before throwing your water bottle in the dishwasher. Q. Do I need an insulated water bottle? A. Not everybody cares if their water bottle is insulated or not. But some owners swear by the insulated models. An insulated water bottle will keep your cold drinks cool and your hot drinks warm. If you were to take a chilled water bottle on a hike or run on a hot day, an insulated variety would keep your H2O cool. Some people find this benefit to be invaluable.1. will a cpu opt power my water cooler?yes it will; or you can get a 3 pin extender cable. how to check the CPU temperature - get OHM "The Open Hardware Monitor is a free open source software that monitors temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load and clock speeds of a computer."2. Replacement drain plug for water cooler?be sure and take the old one with you and modle number!it will take some time of searching but in the end you will emerge in victory!!!!!!!!3. Don't Indian people use Chinese products?Large scale use was there. You have Chinese Mobile, TV, Refrigerator, water cooler and the like at most of your home. All these have to be reduced over a period of time
Water Cooler Dispenser Types - Which Water Dispensers Are Best?
Water coolers typically fall into one of two categories; bottled and bottle less. The look of the typical water cooler dispenser has changed drastically in recent years, from bulky eyesores to sleek and stylish fixtures that blend into the decor of any type of home or office. These exciting new designs are featured in a wide variety of colors including natural wood finish, gold and stainless steel. They are an attractive and functional addition to any home or office.Bottled Water Cooler Dispensers In offices where a permanent alteration such as a plumbed-in water cooler is not permitted, a bottled water dispenser is the suitable choice. Because this type of water cooler dispenser is impermanent and portable, it can be placed in direct proximity to any work area, far from any water supply. This is especially convenient in temporary offices such as those found on construction sites.Having a supply of bottled water to drink is particularly beneficial in areas where the tap water is unpleasant tasting or of questionable quality. In the home, a bottled water cooler dispenser is ideal in situations where permanent alterations to the premises are not permitted, such as in rental units.Pros:Cons:A bottleless water dispenser is generally more compact than the bottled variety because it lacks the bulky bottle. It is conveniently attached to existing plumbing for an unlimited free source of water. The water is filtered and then cooled before it is dispensed, converting even unpalatable tap water into great tasting fresh, clean water.Although the installation of this type of water cooler is slightly more complicated because it is connected to a water source, it is virtually maintenance-free except for regular filter changes.Pros:Cons:A water cooler dispenser can be obtained from a variety of places. Most home supply stores carry them in one form or another, and water delivery companies such as Culligan also offer the units for lease or purchase. A host of online dealers such as Aquaverve offer both bottled and bottleless water coolers in a wide selection of exciting new designs and colors. Browsing the sites of many online dealers gives you the opportunity to view a large number of different designs prior to making a purchase.
Can You Wash Bed Bugs Out of Clothes? | HowStuffWorks
Bed bug infestations are on the rise in the U.S., and coming up with effective ways to deal with these nocturnal pests has become a big topic around the water cooler. Although bed bugs can hitch a ride on just about anything, including shoes, handbags and luggage, clothing is a common target. It's possible to eradicate bed bugs from laundered clothing, bedding and household textiles like drapes and area rugs, but it takes heat to do it.A sustained temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill all stages of the bed bug's lifecycle. Some experts suggest maintaining the heat for at least 20 minutes while others recommend continuing high temperatures for an hour. That's good news if you're trying to get bed bugs out of your clothes: Washing your clothes in hot water will probably kill them, and spinning your clothes in a hot dryer will certainly kill them. In fact, just stuffing your bug infested clothes in a trash bag, sealing it and putting it out in the sun on a hot day will kill any critters inside. Just make sure the interior of the bag reaches a sustained 120 degrees Fahrenheit by checking the temperature with an instant read thermometer.If you're dealing with dry-clean-only garments, the dry-cleaning process kills bed bugs, too, but it's probably a good idea to let the dry cleaner know there may be bed bugs in the clothing you're leaving at his facility. He may want to quarantine your clothes before treating them.If there will be a delay in cleaning your garments or dropping them off at the dry cleaner, keep them in a sealed trash bag in your garage to make sure you don't spread them to multiple areas in your home.These tips don't just work for clothing, either. Washing and drying with hot water, dry cleaning and heat treating will kill bed bugs in bedding, draperies, pillows, cushions, area rugs and other household textiles, too. Just make sure that the heat penetrates all the layers of the items you're cleaning.
What Are Your Employees Saying at the Water Cooler?
I don't know if people actually stand around the water cooler and talk... I don't think I've ever done that. So I'm not sure where that phrase came from, but I get what it means.Do you know what your employees are saying to each other when they go out for drinks? Or taking a break in someone's office with the door closed? When they're talking in hush tones by the printer?As the founder of a small business that grew to 40 employees, I remember hearing some of the things people talked about behind closed doors. I eventually built a system that allowed people to share a few data-points about how they were feeling about the company along with offering recognition to their peers on a weekly basis.Knowing my team and what they were thinking allowed me to get a better understanding of what I needed to do to keep them happy. Ultimately, this resulted in unusually high retention and people often went well beyond their job description to bring the company closer to our vision.I encourage you to ask your team for feedback.Do they understand the vision of the company?Do they feel like their values are aligned with the company values?How are they feeling about their work these days?How are they feeling about their peers?And most definitely, give them a way to regularly offer their peers positive feedback and recognition. Don't rely on your managers or yourself to be the only one giving recognition.Check out to see how we've taken our experiences and built a platform to support a great culture through feedback and recognition·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is difference between smart led TV and normal led TV display?Smart LED TVs come with an operating system built-in because of which you are able to do a number of things such as surf the internet, cast your mobile phone, video-conference with someone, watch movies and videos online. All these things are not possible using a regular LED TVbecause of which you are just able to view the regular channels which your cable operator provides.It is because of this added functionality that smart LED TVs cost a bit more as compared to normal LED TVs. However, due to the multi-faceted nature of the smart TVs, most people go for it as any kind of TV requires a considerable amount of money and it is not changed as frequently as something like a mobile phone.If you are having a troubled time choosing between these two TV types, then I would suggest that you for smart LED TVs as you get the best of both TVs in the price of one.However, if you find that the cost is a bit on the higher side, then you can consider opting for finance facilities such as the EMI Network Card which allows you to make purchases of up to Rs. 4 lakhs. This card is accepted at more than 60000 stores, both online and offline and at more than 1,300 cities
How to Clean a Water Cooler?
1. Why does my toilet keeps blocking and then spill out of the drain outside?It might be useful to rent a fiber optic pipe camera. I've actually seen them at the local home store, but at several hundred dollars, they aren't super affordable. Try snaking this camera in at the toilet, or at the drain.------2. How important is it to close the lid of the toilet before flushing it?Closing the toilet lid before flushing is advisable. In addition to Jims reply, droplets of water can splash out of some toilets when flushing. Closing the lid keeps it in the bowl and wont come in contact with your skin.------3. What does it mean when they say your hotel room is Accessible?For the best answers, search on this site Wheelchair bound or other handicap people can easily use this room. Usually these rooms have extra bars around the bath/shower and toilet for people, bigger bathroom entrance and area, and bigger room space all around.------4. Dropped Retainer in Toilet Brush!?Aww, that sucks D: i comprehend it sounds disgusting yet washing the retainer with a disinfecting mouthwash, will sparkling it. in case you are able to mentally recover from the thought-approximately a pee-coated retainer, you will be great XD good success *-*------5. Was Obama war in Libya all about oil? because I noticed that Syria has no Oil and it rebels arnt being aided?i watch military matters pretty close having been a former officer, but funny, can you tell me which US Army division fought in Libya? i missed that entirely. Best i could come up with was WWII and Patton where we cleaned their clocks------6. Why are toilets not equipped with exhaust air vents?They do sometimes. Look up long drop toilet. They're used sometimes at Western campsites. The vent is usually painted black. It heats up with solar radiation and causes a strong convection current that really sucks on the cheeks. They're surprising ly effective------7. I am replacing toilet shut off valve - it leaks where it connects to the pipe.?close water off, decrease a million/2 in percentline into close to the steel valve.Unscrew the top that maintains to be on percentline.Screw new valve back on .replace the percentfitting on the different end and then glue it back to the unique line.------8. Toilet not always flushing fully, what could be wrong?It could be something to do with your OFV. The water is not filling up right to the touch point of it. This is why your water is not filling up the cistern and not got enough to flush your toilet.------9. Where to buy automatic squat toilets?i admire your purpose, yet in no way have even heard one suggested everywhere different than on the internet. in case you will purchase one, Lillipad makes a wonderful looking one. additionally they have plans obtainable for a marginally ordinary version. good success.------10. Teaching my 10 year old son appropriate bathroom mannersWhen my Son was about 5 yrs old and asked why put the lid down, I replied "to keep the snakes from getting out". "Really Dad?" "No Son, but it is fun to think of that way". Lid has been closed ever since------11. How can I cycle in winter while not being able to change work clothes?Make sure you get a good set of mudguards fitted as these really do make a difference to whether you get covered in grime or not. I've considered a cycling poncho for the wettest weather but have not bought one yet------12. Toilet repeatedly clogs - is putting toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet's tank causing the problem?If you are getting repeat clogs, and this is an apartment. Most likely something was put down the toilet and its jammed in there. Last apartment I pulled out a toy army man out of the toilet with my automotive claw tool:.------13. How can I make my macbook pro liquid proof? duplicateNo, Apple do not sell any MacBooks that are liquid-proof.You can buy various waterproof bags, even ones that are specifically designed for laptops such as the Aqua Quest waterproof sleeve:however you can't use your MacBook at the same time though!------14. Any experience installing wall-hung toilets?We replaced all three toilets in our house about four years ago - two with Duravit/Geberit wall-mounted toilets, and one with an American Standard low-flow. I would whole-heartedly recommend the wall-mounted toilets, but there are a few considerations:Cons:Pros:------15. Water leaking from bottom of toilet, plus toilet water backing into tub?You definitely have a partial clog in the sewer drain pipe farther downstream from where the tub and toilet join. A new wax ring on the toilet may be needed, but it will not fix the problem until the drain pipe is cleared------16. What is a really good april fools joke I can play on my mum?a good bathroom prank. get a hotsauce or ketchup little packet like what you get from fast food restaurants and fold them in half and put it under the seat. when someone sits on it they will explode all over their legs.its hilarious------17. How is this toilet flange attached?Yep, you've got to cut it and should then use a Fernco coupling to plumb a modern PVC flange into the system. In the past I've tried unscrewing cast iron but it always breaks, sometimes shattering past a convenient cut point!------18. Looking for an idiom to describe a misunderstanding closedbe another/a different kettle of fish is a useful idiom:if you say that something or someone is a different kettle of fish, you mean that they are completely different from something or someone else that has been talked about------19. Toilet paper orientation closedSoviet ergonomic school has proof for my theses. I mean the toilet paper issue was not the main point of the field. Partly because the toilet paper itself was a scarce product, as I remember from those times. I'm not joking.------20. How to tell if worming medication was effective?Only laboratory test can tell you 100% truth. Take her/his dirty to a vet.Test will shoow whether there are worms or their eggs or not. Some kinds of worms are too small so you are not able to see it.------21. Is it safe to pour bleach into your toilet bowl?Yes bleach is safe. You can just let it drip down or if you are okay with sticking your hands in the toilet you can rub it with a cloth or rag. I hate germs so I would never do that haha------22. Does anyone know where I can buy a toilet bowl brush at a low price in Montana?your not shopping for the family station wagon here, go to your local wally world and compare the prices of the two or three available and make a selection. I cant imagine the price would differ more than a buck or two------23. What to do about a 4.5-year-old soiling underwear shortly before bedtime when he usually uses the toilet?@Meg is onto the right idea. Don't worry about the cause; see if you can intercept the symptom.We got an Amazon Alexa robot for the house, and we use Alexa for daily timed reminders like brushing teeth, taking medicine, etc------24. Public Toilets?No, I only pass behind a progression. LOL. definite i take advantage of public lavatories yet I wash my palms before and after and carry onto a papertowl to open the lavatory door. Public lavatories are gross and some extra gross than others------25. Can you really breathe through a submerged toilet?As depicted in the movie it's possible but complicated. The drains serving the toilets would have to be blocked and the vents serving those drains also blocked and pressurized to maintain the water level on the outlet side of the trap------26. Inserting Capacitor into CIrcuit causes LED to fade - Why?Your capacitor is connected in series with the LED instead of in parallel with the anode. The "fading" is the AC coupled impulse from connecting the battery to the capacitor. Capacitors block DC current, so you are starving the LED for current.------27. Repairable vs. reparable vs. irreparable vs. unrepairableunrepairable means things which beyond repair(eg cycle, radio, ...etc)but irreparable means generally using for good human being when departed from the world,they used to say,'his loss is irreparable' that means no substitute for the man.*strong text*------28. Toilet flange issue. Any hope?I would get a repair flange (screws to the old one) then fire your plumber because he should know how to install this 10$ repair kit. Added there are compression flanges closer to 40$ that will also work but I would choose the
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