Rejuvenate with Food

Inactivity, along with poor diet, are largely responsible for premature aging of our bodies. Hormonal production during puberty, and for half a dozen years after, is almost unaffected by poor food choices or inactivity. That is why we cannot see the correlation of inactivity with poor diet as major contributors to aging. Not until we approach our forties do these truths begin to convince us that exercise and diet are so crucial to health and well being.

Overeating causes our bodies to respond negatively, producing hormones that are responsible for fat storage and negating production of rejuvenating hormones like growth hormones or testosterone. The interplay between exercise and diet is a critical union that needs to be choreographed.

What do we know for sure?

We eat too much - excessive calories.

We eat too large a meal at most sittings - binging, 2nd helpings.

We eat poor quality, fast, saturated fat foods - fried fast foods.

We eat for taste and emotional comfort - pleasure and emotion dictate our appetite.

We do not see the link between health and diet or performance with food - nutrient content is ignored when making food choices.

What is the easiest way to start the change to a healthy, performance enhancing, rejuvenating, hormone producing diet?

Eat less calories-smaller portions, baked vs. fried foods, less saturated fat.

Eat more often-nutritious snacks every 3 hours can replace some meals. Planned meals with lean meat, raw vegetables, and low glycemic carbohydrates.

Eat more fresh fruit & vegetables-put on your grocery list fresh berries, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus spears etc... Eat your strawberries, blueberries, raspberries raw and your vegetables raw. When you cook your fruits and veggies you lose a lot of vital nutrients. Instead of salad dressing, use lemon juice on your salads.

Eat more intelligently by planning your meals from the grocery store to the dinner plate. Have at least the next 2 nutritious meals planned before hand. Balance lean protein with fibrous carbohydrates (vegetables) along with a small portion of starchy carbs. Reduce the use of fats like butter, sour cream and creamed sauces.

Train your taste buds to enjoy, even relish good food. Try to recognize the subtle flavors' of a variety of vegetables devoid of creamy sauces and fats that mask everything into a gravy of artery clogging, fat laden stew. Every meal can be a discovery of nutritious foods.

The short course on a quasi-nutritious meal.

Take one fast food "meal".

Add one apple for desert.

Replace the over sugared, caffeinated drink with mineral water.

Save some of the frozen, deep fried French fries for your dog. (don't let the Humane Society know!) Take half of the bun to scrape off the condiments (discard this discreetly) and eat the patty and the other half of the bun.

There it is, limited bodily damage plus hydration, fiber and vitamins.

What most people need to do to for a nutritious healthy diet!

Do your own grocery shopping.

Do some cooking.

Read product labels (sodium content, calories, fat, sugar, preservatives, expiration dates etc...) Avoid any food that makes you hit the couch within an hour of eating it.

Not eating while watching television! You need to think on what, why and how much you are eating.

What most people should not do for a nutritious diet!

Buy diet food or drinks.

Buy a diet program or book.

Buy meal replacement shakes.

Buy meal replacement bars.

Buy any packaged food that could be used for Halloween treats for kids.

The golden rule of good food-"If you do not have to peel it, wash it, refrigerate it or throw it out within a week of bringing it is not likely good food" These are just some basic thoughts of food that can rejuvenate, rather than degenerate our bodies.


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How Can I Setup My Mineral Water Business in Pune City?
Get The License and Business PermitNext step is to obtain the necessary license to start your bottled water plant. Getting a license for this business depends upon the country you reside. You will have to follow the rules and regulations of the locality to decide the type of mineral water you intend to produce. Apply for the vendors' license from the officials of the local administration. You will have to obtain the business permit from your state health department also.Get a Bottle SupplierNext important step is to find a suitable bottle water plant, which supplies the required number of plastic bottles. However, see that the company, which supplies the bottles, is a member of International bottled water association. Then be a member with them.Select A Perfect Location For Your PlantGetting a suitable building in your locality is another very important step to start the mineral water plant. There must be separate provisions for office area and production area. While selecting an area in your locality see that the market is near and water is available in abundance. You should also consider road accessibility and continuous power supply.Machinery And Other AccessoriesNext is the necessity of machinery and accessories. You can get them on hire or on long term lease if you do not have sufficient stock. Here are few items that you can considerGenerator setStorage tanksWater filling machinesWater treatment machines and filtersConveyors, sealers and bottle loadersWater sterilizers and dispensersEnough number of trucks for distribution of purified water.Hiring EmployeesThe business of bottling water is somewhat complex and cannot be done by a single person. So, you will have to hire persons from your locality and train them to have sufficient output and success in your mineral water plant.How Can You Earn From Selling Mineral Water In Your Locality?Selling mineral water in your locality will be the easiest way to grab more revenue from it, rather than competing with the big brands like Kingfisher, Bisleri, Coco Cola etc and expand your market to all over India. This can be your later step. However, initially it is always ideal to get a brand image and goodwill by selling in your locality and then expand later. Contact hotels, small restaurants, hospitals, small shops and convince them to use your packaged drinking water.You can start with small and large bottles like 1 litre, 10 litres, 20 litres, 2-litre containers etc based on the need of the customers in your area. Also, see to it that who else is distributing mineral water in the same area. Try to provide the facilities that your competitor is not giving to the local customers. It can be a lower rate per bottle than your competitor can. To begin with, a lowered pricing strategy can be a good selling strategy. Once you make a mark in the locality with a good brand image, slowly you can increase the rates. Also, try to find the nearby places where the local competitor is not distributing and start distributing there.Refer at wazzeer . com for any guidamce or knowledge. You will definitely be happy with our services!!Thanks. • Related QuestionsWhat is the difference between a PLC and an embedded system?Not a whole lot, really! It's a good question. These days embedded systems do withstand harsh environments, infact some embedded devices are millitary grade or even rad hardened. So that argument fails right there.To make a generalization... All PLCs are embedded systems, but not all embedded systems are PLCs. A PLC is a readymade embedded system that can be deployed "in situ" meaning in to an end application with very little engineering overheads. The application design engineer(s) don't have to worry about the power requirement, or yes withstanding industrial conditions such as extended temperature ranges or EMI RFI noise. They can straight away concentrate on meeting the requirements of the end application. The I/O points on a PLC are already protected. The PLC takes a microcontroller ... builds a set of peripherals around it and then offers all of it to the outside world ... with the appropriate protection circuitry for the I/o pins in place of course. It does this by having a special type of high level programming language that lets you build applications quickly without having to be bothered about nitty gritty of microcontroller programming such as how the microcontroller communicates with its peripherals or how it manages memory. In a sense it adds a layer of abstraction in the same way for example as a PC allows you to create programs without having to bother about the low level bios calls or managing access to storage media such as hard drives.An embedded systems design engineer, on the other hand, is dealing directly with the hardware and all the issues that go with it....such as for example managing power requirements, managing the current sourcing / sinking capacity of i/o pins, what bus to use for peripherals communication, or how much non-volatile memory to allocate and so on. So there is a price trade-off for the extra features you get with PLCs, making them more expensive than the embedded counterparts. Initial cost of deploying an embedded system would be very high compared to a PLC, going down as quantities increase and vise versa for PLCs. So clearly a PLC cannot be a solution in a price sensitive application... automobiles for exampleLikewise an embedded system would not be a good solution where a quick turnaround time is a criterion .... . such as a proof of concept for automation of a material handling applicationTypical examples where PLCs make them a good choice:Car wash automationMaterial handling over conveyor belts in a plantRobotic arms handling radioactive wasteLaser cutting machinesWashing machinesElevatorsPouch filling machinesMail sorting system in a postal department.Gravimetric batching control systemAll of the above can indeed be realized with embedded systems. Typical examples where it makes more sense to use them would be:Automotive electronics such as Engine control units, Anti lock braking, cabin climate control etc. Pouch filling machinesUPS or power management systemsData loggers for physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level etc in chemical plants.Protection equipment for HV transformersStatic and dynamic weighing applications.Solar invertersFuel dispensersCommunication equipment such as gateways, routers and converterIn conclusion, I should mention one major difference between these two. The application program of an embedded system cannot be reprogrammed or modified in a short time in the same way it can be done for a PLC.I have done the best I could to answer this question. Hope it helpsWhat is the difference between a PLC and an embedded system?.------How is the antibiotic Keflex manufactured? What ingredients are used, and what is the process involved?Keflex comes in a form of capsule which is relatively stable shell enclosing medicine(s) in this case active ingredient - cefalexine, an antibiotic which kills bacteria by disrupting their cell wall.All capsules can be divided in two main groups: soft and hard capsules. First ones are usually for active ingredients which dissolves in lipids and oils. The second ones are suitable for dry powder ingredients and are requesting usage of manual, semi automatic or automatic capsule filling machines. Hard capsules consists from two parts. Smaller one is called the body and holds the active ingredient(s) and the other one is called the cap which seals the body.Both types of capsules are made of aqueous solution of gelatin (animal protein, made in the process of prolonged boiling animal connecting tissue, skin or bones) or polysaccharides, cellulose or starch (plant based gelling agents). Gelatin is non toxic material used widely in food and many other industries. It is used in capsule making process because it is soluble in the organism at body temperature and has many properties that suits capsule production and usage. It can be found as type A gelatin and type B gelatin. In pharmaceutical industry, mixture of these two is used the most. Other ingredients which affect colour of the capsule (coloring agents), microorganism (preservatives - sulfur dioxide, methyl propyl estrs of para hydroxy-benzoic acid, benzoic and propionic acid), disintegration process (disintegrants) and lubricants are added to gelatin solution in the capsule manufacturing process. Capsule shell is tasteless which is great because in this way a patient can take medicines that taste badly or are unpleasant. It is disintegrated in the stomach by HCl (stomach acid) in about 10 to 20 minutes and the active ingredient is released and absorbed in an hour or two.So, both types of capsules have active ingredient which is medicine intended to treat the condition, excipient which are all those other (inactive) ingredients and a capsule shell.Keflex capsule contain cephalexine monohydrate equivalent to 250 mg and 500 mg cephalexine as active ingredient and excipients or inactive ingredients which are: dimethicone 350 (type of silicone oil which in is there to prevent formation of gas in the intestine or to facilitate its expulsion); magnesium stearate (substance used to prevent ingredients from sticking to manufacturing equipment); avicel 591 rc (microcrystalline cellulose and carboxymethylcellulose sodium for stability). Shell contains gelatin as gelling agent, colors: patent blue V and quinoline yellow, titanium dioxide (white) and colorcon S-1-8144 HV black ink.Capsule manufacturing process, in simple words goes like this... First you have to have manual, semi automatic or automatic filling machine. You get your capsules from pharmaceutical companies that make those, like Eli Lilly etc. You insert those empty capsules in the filling machine load tray which is placed over 200-300 beds (where the empty capsules are). Next after only one move of a handle on machine, loading tray will open capsules and it will be removed with capsule caps leaving capsule beds in the position. The powder plate with active ingredients is placed just above the beds and it fills the bodies of the capsules. After that comes pin plate which will press the powder in the capsule bodies. Put back tray with caps, seal the capsules and eject them. There you have capsules ready for further packaging, labeling and distribution.
Can You Really Stick Your Computer in Mineral Water?
Your friend is an idiot. Mineral water contains ions that will short out your computer instantly. In theory, 100% pure water wo not short out your computer, but in practice it always shorts out since even minerals in the air will disolve in the water and create ions in the water that will conduct electricity. You can dunk your computer in cooking oil though. That theoretically can keep your computer cool, but I would not recommend it1. Can ions exist freely in a solution? If so, why?Well, yes, of course, that's how it normally works... If you pour pure hydrochloric acid into water, it will dissolve itself into mostly H3O and Cl-. If you pour sodium hydroxide into water, it dissolves into OH- and Na. Hell, even in regular water you'll find small amounts of OH- and H3O. The reason for this is that those substances react with water, by taking or giving a hydrogen atom, and produce highly reactive ions from what's left.Can ions exist freely in a solution? If so, why?2. Is the rainwater that falls on the Earth actually distilled water or could ions be dissolved in the water when it falls?As a person who has planted large areas for crops I loved nothing more than a warm summer shower on the fields. Crops would suddenly grow15cms in a day, Rain water is full of nitrogen3. How can samples of water be tested for the presence of chloride ions(Cl-)sulfate ions(SO42- )& iron ions(Fe3)?by trying each of them4. me again about the concere fond ions (how deep) my home is near glasgow?I presume you mean "Concrete Foundations" The depth required will depend on exactly what you are building and what your local building regulations say and what the underground conditions are in your locality. If you are doing that level of construction work to your house then you must submit building applications to your local council which will ensure you are working to local building regulations and ensure that you are preparing foundations of the correct depth for the structure you intend to put on them - if you do not comply with planning and building regulations the local council can force you to take the structure down again. best bet is to talk to the planning office in your local council - most of them are quite helpful in ensuring that you know what is required. Note that the building inspector will also want to see the 'hole' before you pour concrete to ensure you have complied with the regulations. It is illegal to carry out major construction work to a house without at least having building regulation approval - even if the structure does not need planning approval. ..5. chemistry question.. has me stumped why when you have chromium(II) nitrite which the ions are Cr^-2 and NO2^-?Chromium Ii Nitrite6. Determine the concentration of each of the individual ions in a0.200 M NiCl3 solution?0.200 M means that in 1 L of the solution, there are 0.200 moles of NiCl3. from stoichiometry you know that each mole of NiCl3 has 1 mole of Nickel and 3 moles of chlorine. so, you have (0.200 moles NiCl3 / 1 litre of solution)*(1 moles Ni / 1 mole NiCl3) = 0.200 moles Ni/ 1L solution and (0.200 moles NiCl3/L)*(3moles Cl / moles NiCl3) = 0.600 moles Cl / L solution (notice how units cancel out, this is the key to understanding what was done here) the solution is 0.200 M Ni solution 0.600 M Cl solution 0.200 M NiCl3 solution you will see that in chemistry, especially involving stoichiometry (ie the 1 beside Nickel and the 3 beside Chlorine) UNITS ARE VERY IMPORTANT. by inspecting the units you often realize how to solve the problem7. How do [H] ions exit in water?There is a lone pair of electrons on the oxygen giving it this shape. ... As Hions are formed, they bond with H2O molecules in the solution to form H3O (the hydronium ion). This is because hydrogen ions do not exist in aqueous solutions, but take the form of water H2O.8. Bioceramics & Coating | CSIR-Central Glass & Ceramic Research InstituteOur tribological testing system is equipped with rotating and pseudo linear reciprocating type wear testing modules. The test setup also contains accessories to carry out tests in physiological fluid with precise temperature control to represent biological environment in the body. Ball-on-disc or pin-on-disc wear testing can be performed using tribometer with 3 mm and/or 6 mm diameter ball/pins rubbing against test samples. Normal loads up to 40N can be used for tests. Our tribometer instrument has been recently upgraded with tribocorrosion test accessories, which enable isolation of contribution from mechanical wear and corrosion. Electrochemical testing setup has potentiostat, galvanostat, electrometer and frequency response analyzer (FRA) designed to perform several electrochemical research experiments. We extensively use this instrument for electrochemical performance evaluation, such potentiodynamic, electrochemical impedance analysis, of variety of materials and coatings we develop for biomedical applications. Recently, the instrument has been upgraded with tribocorrosion test accessories, which enable isolation of contribution from mechanical wear and corrosion Electrospinning is a technique used for preparing polymer/ceramic/composites fibers (both nano and micro fibrous patches) using precursor polymer/ceramic solution subjected to high DC electric field. Typical potential difference is applied in the range of 5-25 kV and the distance between needle tip to collector is typically kept at 10-20 cm to obtain electrospunfibers. Specifically designed for long term and stable continuous operation ideal for pharmaceutical or biotechnology research for storage, incubation or release studies. Incubators to provide condition for optimal growth of microbiological cultures. It consists of speed and temperature controller which is required for the individual experimental protocol. The Maximum speed of the rotator is 200 rpm within a temperature range in the region of 25-60C. Ion chromatography is a chromatographic process that separates ions and polar molecules based on their affinity to the ion exchanger. Typically Metrosep Organic Acids250 (6.1005.200), Metrohm, Switzerland, separation column comprising polystyrene divinyl benzene copolymer with sulfonic acid groups as carrier material (column dimension: 250 7.8 mm). A thermostated conductivity detector, attached to the IC having a cell volume of 1.5 mL, measuring alternating current in the conductivity range 01000 mS cm1 at 1 kHz for detection of the trace level ions in the analyte viz., Arsenite and arsenate, borate, organic acid etc. Further, Metrosep A Supp 5 - 250/4.0 separation column comprising Polyvinyl alcohol with quarternary ammonium groups having column dimension of 250 x 4.0 mm with a maximum pressure of 15MPa. This column is used for the detection of nitrite, bromide, nitrate, and iodide, chloride, sulphate etc in trace amount. There is a growing trend towards the use of modified surfaces for improved performance and life of components. Modifications are invariably in the form of coatings on base material. They are deposited by electroplating, vapor phase deposition, diffusion, thermal spray or welding. Coatings need to be characterized for parameters like scratch resistance, critical load, adhesion and nature of damage under high stress. The Scratch Tester by Ducom facilitates these measurements over a wide range of parameters. Start load in the range of 1 to 200N with a loading rate of 0-20N/sec. Maximum stroke length is 50 mm. Scratch speed in the range of 0.1-2 mm/sec and offset is in between 0.1-2 mm. Stability chambers are widely used in pharmaceutical laboratory, clinical trials, material testing and stability studies as per ICH guidelines. Test chamber is designed to create extremely stable temperature and humidity environments inside closed cabinet, a prerequisite condition to analyze the effects of pre-specified conditions w.r.t. temperature, humidity or both on life saving drugs and medicines, biological samples, electronic components and even industrial machine parts etc. This is suitable for stability studies including Long Term: 2-8C, 25C/60% RH, 25C/40% RH, 30C/35% RH or 30C/65% RH, Intermediate: 30C/65% RH and Accelerated: 40C/75% RH, 25C/60% RH.
Drinking too Much Tea and Fruit Juice Raises Your Risk of Kidney Disease'
DRINKING too much tea and fruit juice could raise your risk of developing kidney disease, a study has found.Sweetened drinks have always been culprits for bad health, but now even a cuppa and a pint could be a danger.A study by scientists at Johns Hopkins University has made the claims, while looking into why African-Americans are more likely to have kidney disease than Caucasians.It noted that sweetened tea and reduced-fat milk adds to sugar intake, which can cause problems.Too much sugar can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure, which puts stress on the kidneys.This can then accelerate the loss of the organ's vital function, the experts think.According to the NHS there are about 40,000 to 45,000 premature deaths in the UK due to kidney disease.The study looked at 3,003 African-American men and women.After following the people with previously healthy kidneys for about eight years, six per cent had developed kidney disease.The experts concluded that those with a liking for sweet drinks appeared to have encountered more problems.Researchers identified more of a link between people who preferred to drink fizzy drinks, sweetened fruit juices and water and kidney disease.The team was "surprised" the results included water, published inthe Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology , but acknowledged participants may have meant flavoured water.Dr Holly Kramer of Loyola University Chicago told Reuters: "Multiple studies have shown that high consumption of sugar sweetened beverages is associated with increased risk of developing obesity, type 2 diabetes and gout."High sugar of any kind can lead to weight gain and insulin resistance and elevated blood pressure."These factors then put stress on the kidney and can accelerate loss of kidney function over time." As part of a new year health kick, Meghan Markle has reportedly banned Prince Harry from drinking tea and booze.The Duchess of Sussex has persuaded hubby Harry to replace alcohol and caffeine with still mineral water.
Insight - Chinese Investors Target Hotels, Wineries, Mineral Water in British Columbia
VANCOUVER (Reuters) - When Liu Chuang landed in Vancouver in 2013, he noticed that most of the Chinese immigrants he met were heavily invested in residential real estate and hungry to diversify.Flipping houses didn't appeal to the 39-year-old entrepreneur, who is launching a Vancouver-based tech incubator to help his Chinese-born friends invest in local start-ups."The Chinese I know ... they've already bought quite a few houses, they really don't want to buy any more," said Liu, who was also born in China and co-founded venture capital firm Nextplay Ventures. "Now they want to invest in technology or other industries that can give a good return on investment." Liu represents what real estate agents, lawyers and immigration consultants say is a transformative shift in where wealthy Asian individuals and families, primarily from mainland China, place their money in British Columbia, the West Coast province.Vancouver has been a top destination for Asian immigrants for decades, helping make it Canada's most expensive housing market and one consistently ranked as North America's least affordable. Houses and luxury condos in the Vancouver area have been the investment of choice for both well-heeled new arrivals and China-based investors putting money abroad.But with the Vancouver market looking pricey, many of these investors are seeking other opportunities. They range from hotels and golf courses targeting Chinese tourists to berry farms, mineral water sources, and wineries that export to Asia."The days of parking capital in five houses in Vancouver have passed," said Richard Kurland, a local immigration lawyer.While provincial agencies and industry associations contacted by Reuters do not collect figures for foreign investment in commercial property, there are threads of data that support the anecdotal evidence.Hotel sales to buyers with ties to China increased to four in 2014 from just one in 2011, according to sales information provided to Reuters by global hotel consulting firm HVS. And reports of rising demand for wineries and farms has coincided with a 60 percent jump in the value of British Columbiawine exports to China from 2010 through 2013, and a doubling in the value of agricultural food exports to China in that same period.Those servicing the new wave says Chinese investors are also looking to put down roots and build a local business for their children, with British Columbia's mild climate and clean air increasingly seen as more desirable than China's pollution-hit cities.This marks a shift from a tradition among many wealthy families who had lived in Canada just long enough to secure citizenship, and to put their kids through school, before returning to Asia.The recent rise in demand for commercial land, tourism properties, and even entire villages has coincided with China President Xi Jinping's "Operation Fox Hunt," which aims to nab allegedly corrupt officials who have moved abroad and to seize their assets.The corruption crackdown has even legitimate business people concerned about the future and looking to diversify their holdings, say those serving this community "It has to do with the perceived political climate in China," said Alice Chen, managing director at SKY Capital Group, which advises wealthy Chinese on acquisition opportunities."Economic and political policies can change at any minute, which affects their businesses, so they see Canada as the more stable environment." The recent hotel deals were mostly in the C$15 million to C$30 million range, said Carrie Russell, managing director for Canada with HVS. Chinese buyers are also seeking to acquire expensive luxury hotels, though they have not been as successful in winning the bidding for those, she said.Chinese groups are also looking to crack into property development, seeking land to build condos or major mixed-use projects, said David Goodman, a real estate agent with HQ Commercial."Over the last three or four years, they were dipping their feet in. Now they are really setting up shop," he said.These investors are also looking outside of coastal Vancouver to agribusiness and tourism opportunities in British Columbia's interior and remote north, such as the ghost town of Bradian, which sold to a group of Chinese investors in December. They plan to turn it into a mini Whistler-style resort for everything from skiing to snowmobiling and fishing.Among the most popular investments are wineries, which appeal to buyers looking for a lifestyle business that can be passed on to the next generation, said Christa Frosch, an agent with Sotheby's International Realty Canada.In 2009 there was just one Chinese-owned winery in British Columbia, said Frosch. But now she estimates about 10 percent of the province's 230 licensed wineries are owned by people with ties to mainland China.Chinese ownership has risen in tandem with trade, and now roughly 90 percent of the province's wine exports go to China.Some investors are eyeing another luxury export - spring water.Immigration consultant Alex Liao said he has clients looking to spend at least C$20 million to buy a well and set up a bottling plant to export mountain water to China, where the economic boom has also meant higher pollution."One of my clients is exporting - I cannot believe it - 200 container loads of mineral water from B.C. to China every single month," said Liao. "Lots of people, right now, are buying wells." Julie Wei, a residential agent with Macdonald Realty who now also helps clients find commercial opportunities, says the desire to buy a Canadian business is motivated in some cases by children who have spent years in Vancouver and no longer want to return to China.That's what happened to Ben Bi, who came to Canada for university and ended up staying. Backed by his family's real estate business in China, Bi has bought a tract of land and is designing a high-end multi-home development.The project is the first of many the 34-year-old hopes to tackle, as he looks to shift more of the focus of the family business to Canada from China. His parents first resisted the plan, but changed their minds after learning more about Vancouver."They actually want to see the next generation, and even the generation after me, have a better life," he said.
A Natural Therapy for Pancreatic Health
A Brief History of Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water Karlovy Vary water, made from the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt, is a safe and powerful natural remedy for chronic pancreatitis.Most Americans, including medical professionals, may be surprised to learn that for centuries European doctors have used a simple complementary alternative therapy for treating chronic disorders such as pancreatitis - Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water. This special "magical" water is not just a pleasant beverage that Europeans drink when they are thirsty. Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water is widely used throughout Europe to heal a range of chronic disorders, as well as for maintaining good health.One hundred years ago, before the advent of modern medicine, Karlovy Vary Water was a primary European method used to treat gout, diabetes, obesity, stomach ulcers, liver problems and pancreatic disease. Moreover, today the mineral water continues to serve an important niche in European alternative medicine. This health-giving mineral water is naturally produced from hot springs in the town of Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic.Scientists and scholars began to research the unusual mineral content of Karlovy Vary water over 500 years ago. Hundreds of articles and clinical texts have been written which describe the curative nature of the spring's waters on both humans and animals. In essence, Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water is the ultimate unique mineral supplement.In the past, the European upper classes were able to have barrels of the Karlovy Vary Water shipped to them at great expense. It wasn't until 1764, when an inexpensive evaporative method was perfected, that the therapeutic benefits of the mineral waters could be shipped virtually anywhere in the world in the form of a mineral salt. Czech doctors tested the Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Salt against the original Karlovy Vary mineral waters and determined that they had the same healing properties.What is the Pancreas?To understand how Karlovy Vary water helps heal the pancreas, it is important to be familiar with the form and function of the pancreas.The pancreas is a tube-shaped gland that is necessary for proper digestion. It is located behind the stomach and stretches across the back of the abdomen, where it lies looped within the duodenum. The duodenum is the first small part of the small intestine.The pancreas secretes hormones, such as insulin, into the bloodstream. It also aids in digestion by producing digestive enzymes. The digestive enzymes move through the pancreas via a network of small ducts. These small ducts eventually meet up to form the main pancreatic duct. The main pancreatic duct merges with the common bile duct, which carries bile from the liver and the gallbladder.The two ducts, plus the digestive enzymes and bile that they carry, meet at a small cavity which controls the flow of digestive juices into the duodenum. This small cavity uses a muscle valve called the Sphincter of Oddi, which opens and closes to regulate the amount of digestive juices that can go through it at one time.What is Pancreatitis?If the Sphincter of Oddi muscle valve has a spasm or a blockage then the flow of digestive juices to the duodenum and small intestine slows or stops completely. Enzymatic fluid becomes trapped and starts to back up in the small cavity. Pressure increases as the fluid builds up, forcing the powerful mixture of enzymes and bile to move backwards through the pancreatic duct and into the pancreas.Trapped inside the pancreas, the enzymes begin to digest their own pancreatic cells. This process, called pancreatitis, causes pain, inflammation, congestion, cysts, and the eventual death of the affected pancreatic tissue.Pancreatitis begins as an acute disease, or a disease that lasts for a short time. However, if the conditions that caused the original attack of acute pancreatitis are not resolved, then the pancreatitis symptoms can become chronic, or ongoing.There are many reasons that the Sphincter of Oddi may malfunction and give rise to pancreatitis. The flow of fluid may be blocked by small or large gallbladder stones or the valve may become blocked by abnormal bile which is too thick to move through the opening. Trauma to the bile ducts from surgery or general inflammation can also cause blockage of the Sphincter of Oddi. The Sphincter of Oddi is also prone to spasms, which can be caused by alcohol consumption, smoking, fatty meals, and stress.How does Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt heal the Pancreas?The pH of pancreatic fluid is alkaline because digestive enzymes can only become active in an alkaline setting. To maintain proper alkaline conditions, the pancreas must use a lot of minerals and bicarbonates. Therefore, the pancreas normally stockpiles a large amount of these trace minerals and bicarbonates. But both the pancreas and its pancreatic fluids lose their alkalinity when the whole body is getting too acidic. The loss of alkalinity can cause valve blockages and spasms in the Sphincter of Oddi.Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water contains a complex and beneficial composition of minerals and bicarbonates, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, sulfates, chlorides, bicarbonates. It also contains necessary trace minerals, including cobalt, zinc, selenium, copper, lithium, and more. Necessary components of pancreatic fluids, these minerals and bicarbonates enhance the flow and production of the pancreatic fluids, digestive pancreatic enzymes and decrease the pressure inside the pancreas by opening the Sphincter of Oddi. The healing mineral water prepared from the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt can naturally increase the production end release of digestive pancreatic enzymes in healthy and sick people. It is very difficult to do all these above by the conventional medicine.Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water also helps the duodenum to manufacture and release digestive hormones, as well as regulates digestion in the liver and gastrointestinal tract. These digestive hormones let the pancreas know the amount of bicarbonates and enzymes that will be needed for digesting starches, sugars, lipids, and proteins that will be arriving in the duodenum en route from the stomach.Karlovy Vary water made from the Genuine Karlovy Vary Thermal Spring Salt has been used for centuries by generations of Europeans as a natural, non-drug approach to treating chronic pancreatitis.The information on this article is presented for educational, informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment and advice of a qualified licensed professional.
In Morocco Even Bottled Water Can Be Dangerous
Faucet and sometimes bottled water in Morocco is not of high quality. The water is the reason of many intestinal diarrheas, from which not only tourists suffer but also natives. There are no cities in Morocco, where you can drink pure faucet water: sewage of big cities of the country and industrial flowing are thrown down to the area of rivers and to the sea without preliminary purifying.The Morocco authorities are worried about the ecological condition of basins and, as a result, low quality of faucet water. By 2008 building of new purifying constructions and 35 km of a sewerage drain in the city of Tetouan is planned in Morocco.We remind that this year the World Bank loaned to the Morocco authorities US$ 100 million for water sector development. The close date of this program is the 31st of December 2007. The program is designed to provide annual budget support and sustain the incremental implementation of a broad program of reforms in Morocco's water sector towards more efficient and sustainable water management and service delivery. Guided by principles of integrated resources management, demand management and performance management, the program tackles central sector governance and financing issues while supporting sub-sectoral reforms in resource management, irrigation, and water supply and sanitation.Till that time guests of Morocco are recommended categorically not to drink water from basins and water-pipes without preliminary boiling. You should better buy bottled water of factory packing, at the same time paying attention to impermeability and safety of bottles. You should remember that Morocco natives practice swindling with water: they can pour faucet water in a used bottle and put it for sale. Usually small stores and street shops sin with it.Besides you should not order drinks with ice at bars: nobody guarantees that the ice is not frozen faucet water. Juices with ice, which are offered everywhere, you should also drink with big prudence: many bartenders add to juices either not very pure ice or faucet water.Travelers recommend the following local sorts of mineral water: "Sidi All", "Sidi Harazem", "Ulmes", the main thing is safety of packing!At many hotels faucet water is quite safe because of water filters, but it has an unusual for European or American stomachs composition of micro elements, so it can also cause digestive disorders.
Pack These 11 Long-haul Flight Essentials
As an avid traveller and travel writer, I've become a whiz at packing, breezing through airport security and finding the best deals. I can honestly say that I love airports (ok, fine, I love airport lounges) and at 6' 4", have few issues when flying coach. However, like most travellers, I find long-haul flights burdensome. Over the years, I've tried numerous things to break the oppressive yoke of long flights in order to make them enjoyable. No traveller should board a plane without a neck pillow, sleep mask, sweater/scarf, and earphones and earplugs so I'll be skipping those. But here are 11 products/tips that are essential for you to have an comfortable experience while aboard a long-haul flight.Once you've stowed your carry-on luggage away in the overhead compartment, change the time on your watch and smartphone to that of your arrival destination and abide by that time zone. What I mean is, if it's bedtime where you're heading, pull on that eye mask, pop in those ear plugs and get some sleep. Setting your body clock to that of your arrival city will reduce, and in some cases, eliminate jet lag.This should be a no-brainer, as turbulence can result in bits of your in-flight meal or drops of red wine ending up on clothing. If you're travelling with kids, you'll definitely need and a few wet wipes.Celebrities have created a run on Japanese and Korean beauty products, resulting in sweeping popularity in the West. One such cult fave is the sheet mask. Chrissy Teigen swears by it, and even Guardians of the Galaxy actor has given it a whirl. The practice of 'masking' on airplanes is not just an Instagrammable , the hydrating sheets prevent the skin from dehydrating due to dry cabin air.Game changer! If you didn't know about , now you do! Similar to the widely popular , Avène offers a moisturizing and refreshing spray that's suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. Fun fact: the practice of spraying mineral water on the face has roots in the ancient Greek dermatological practice of balneotherapy aka bathing in mineral water.Yes, there's a hydration theme here. Did you know that at 30,000 feet cabin pressure creates air that's as dry as a desert which affects the skin, eyes, lips and cuticles? I spend a lot of lotions and creams, however, whenever I travel comes to my rescue. The bamboo leaf extract makes this moisturizer intensely hydrating and corrects dryness, uneven texture, fine lines and dullness. A good moisturizer will have your skin looking like you flew private.You're going to need something to keep you occupied, especially if the in-flight entertainment isn't your speed, or in my (repeated) experience, the screen in the back of the headrest is out of service.Because no one should move around the cabin barefoot or just in socks. Ew. allow you to get comfy, and remain stylish and respectful of your fellow passenger. They also relieve your feet from swelling caused by high altitudes. Which brings me to the next tip...During long flights, travellers can develop gravitational edema - the swelling of the feet and ankles. This is due to the blood sinking to the feet after sitting for long periods. This can be alleviated by wearing looser clothing (say "ta-ta" to skinny jeans and leggings), staying hydrated, and walking around the cabin two to three times every five hours.Read above to see the many benefits of remaining hydrated during long flights. However, in this quest, you don't want to be a nuisance to the crew by incessantly pressing the call button for someone to refill the thimble of a cup that they use on flights. Foldable/collapsible , which take up very little space in your carry-on, can be filled in the galley and you won't have to wait when thirst strikes.You don't want your laptop to run out of juice while working on board, or land with five percent battery life. Ensure that you travel with portable laptop and cellphone and the proper cables to keep your devices fully charged without having to gamble with whether your flight has USB chargers on board.Yes, you'll need some to freshen your breath quickly, but chewing gum also allows you to pop your ears safely. Changing altitude can result in - the sometimes painful sensation that the ears are clogged. Chewing helps to open the eustachian tubes which regulate the pressure in the middle ear.
Know About These Seven Types of Water | the Times of India
01/8Know about these seven types of waterHas sparkling water something to do with sparkling wine? Is RO water same as distilled water? What is mineral water? Is flavoured water healthy? There are so many questions that accost us when we come across these various types of water in our day today life. Here is an attempt to clear some of the doubts around the water we drink on various occasions.02/8Infused waterAlso known as detox water, it is one of the most popular drinks these days. Chopped fruits, vegetables and herbs are placed in a jar to which chilled water is added. It not only tastes delicious but is also super healthy and is said to detoxify the body and aid weight loss.03/8Tonic waterOften used as a drink mixer for cocktails, tonic water has a bitter flavor that comes from the quinine added to it. Initially it was used as a medical tonic.04/8Sparkling waterSparkling water is a type of mineral water which has dissolved gases in natural form. But those manufactured artificially are basically carbonated water, but healthier because they do not have added sugar.05/8RO waterReverse Osmosis or RO as it is called uses high pressure to force water through a semi permeable membrane. It removes some dissolved salts, organics, bacteria and pathogens. However as the RO membrane ages in the filter it cannot be relied on removing all types of germs, especially viruses.06/8Flavoured waterFlavoured water can be both DIY and artificially manufactured. To make it at home, place herbs and fruits in a jar and muddle with spoon. Add water and drink. It will have an amazing flavor. The ones manufactured have added artificial flavours.07/8Mineral waterNatural water from springs and fountains that are rich in minerals, salts and sulphor compounds is known as mineral water. In older days, people visited these 'springs' for a cure, but now these waters are mostly bottled and sold.08/8Distilled WaterIt is the purest form of water (99.9%) and is obtained by the process of distillation i.e evaporating water to leave the contaminants behind. It is free from germs but also has no healthy dissolved salts.
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