Real World: Steel Or Aluminum for Heat?

Aluminum conducts heat much better than steel. That is great for keeping valves and pistons cool but it is not great for keeping heat out of the inlet air. Aluminum is much lighter than steel so it makes lighter engines.

1. Is it worth repairing this spigot?

I have rarely found a faucet I can not repair. Yours needs a new valve stem packing no problem even if you cannot get the handle off. Move the nut as far as you can to the handle. I use expanded goretex rope for valve stem packing, some has graphite and is easy to install. 1/2 a dozen wraps of this will solve most valve stem leaks. I replace the washer when I do this screw the valve back on then tighten the jamb nut, if it still leaks you can loosen the jamb nut and put more wraps of packing, in a pinch I haven used the Teflon tape quite a few more wraps are needed but it will seal. Tighten the jamb nut and turn the water on again. I have repaired valves that were over 100 years old doing this 5 minute repair procedure.

2. How much does it cost to fit a drip irrigation system on 2 acre of land in Nigeria?

If you opt for Israeli pipes, which are of very high quality it would be around USD 2000 per acre.This is including your drip irrigation pipes, cPvc pipes, valves, pipe fittings and maybe a main pump as well. If it's a flat land you can opt for a cheaper pump. A regulated drip line costs roughly USD 0.51 per meter.You can opt for drip tapes which are about USD 0.1 per meter. But you will have to be very precise about pressure fluctuations and also rats. Both can severely damage your pipes. If you opt for these pipes your cost per acre will me much less.Not sure how much your customs importation charge would be. Add this amount and you will have your cost per acre of drip irrigation. How much does it cost to fit a drip irrigation system on 2 acre of land in Nigeria?

3. 1992 Cadillac Deville Intake Part Help???

attempt utilising the proper type each third fillup and if the engine does not ping, knock or sound in a special way and it nevertheless has the performance your used to, then i might want to do not have any undertaking utilising it myself anyhow. also, i suggestions Chevron's gas and centred gas gadget additive available at vehicle factors shops because it incorporates "Techron" which has been validated to sparkling your injectors, valves and intake gadget so that you do not advance the carbon deposits that contribute to pinging and different engine performance issues. finally, if utilising commonly used gas each of the time motives some engine performance undertaking by using that is decrease octane, in basic terms commence blending in additional beneficial proper type fillups with it. also, you should purchase octane boosters, yet they are extreme priced too same to proper type gas. you should upload a bottle of Techron another oil substitute except your utilising Chevron gas each of the time. All Chevron gas incorporates an same quantity of Techron in accordance to Chevron.

4. what's this fluffy object on the SAOCOM 1A mission's upper stage? [duplicate]

It is insulation that covers some of the engine, like Mylar. Mostly to control the temperature. They had early issues on restarts of the upper stage engine where the cold froze the lines or valves

5. what do the brake lines hook into on 1988 olds toronado, before the master cylinder?

they are like valves i can not think of the name never seen them go bad unless they got stripped from someone trying to put the lines in wrong try your local wrecking yard

6. Water line sizing to shower/tub

There is no benefit to "downsizing" the supply size; however, with tub fillers it usually is not a deal breaker because it just takes a bit longer to fill up the tub. If you look at the size of the tub filler spout, it may be no more of a restriction than you already have.Both the stop valves and the threaded adapters that are screwed into your cast brass tub valve arms are available for 1/2" O. D. tubing (1/2" compression). Stop valves for 1/2" compression may be difficult (not impossible) to find in a "straight" configuration (as opposed to an angled 90 configuration), I would suggest that is the reason the plumber used 3/8" tubing and fittings. How will an aesthetically pleasing shower mixer arrangement be created for this? I recommend that you consider changing the filler valve to a faucet set that has a shower diverter incorporated, there are many available styles:

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