Question About My Central Air Conditioner?!?

ok the filter should be changed every 30 days,and you should have it checked and cleaned at least once a year,just be sure not to fall for any scams and gimmicks that service companies try to put on you,if you know someone who either has such a company or knows someone that owns or works for one then get them to check it out,,i will be glad to tell you what to look for when having the system cleaned and checked just either you or your husband e-mail me through yahoo,but you can change the filter and if you have not i would suggest doing that asap

1. Does central air conditioner work less efficiently when it's hot outside?

you are proably setting the temp to low at start up.If it's already hot you need to gradually lower the temp to keep the unit from freezing up.And yes it is harder to cool the hotter it gets outside. you could be getting "stored heat" through the windows etc,,that are exposed to the sun and also in the attic

2. Central air conditioner is not working properly, the fan outside is not spinning, making no noise. Help?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Central air conditioner is not working properly, the fan outside is not spinning, making no noise. Help? I own a Goodman Air Conditioning unit. When I turned on the air conditioning today (first time this year), I noticed the air from the vents wasn't as cold as it should be. I went outside to check the unit and noticed that the fan wasn't spinning. Not only was the fan not spinning, but the...

3. My central air conditioner is pouring water out the bottom when the unit is on and cooling...?

All i will tell you is that it's a 3 1/2 ton unit. Unless it's high efficiency the amp draw on the compressor and condenser fan motor should be practically all different 3 1/2 ton models

4. Central Air Conditioner or A Heat Pump? Which is best for Me?

I would not have a heat pump in my home. We use gas only. We had a townhome in NC while waiting for our home to be built that had a heat pump. It was horribly inefficient and ridiculously expensive. The thing seized in the winter which cost even more to fix. Gas is inexpensive and highly efficient. It's the ony way to go

5. What is the average temperature a central air conditioner should be blowing out of the vent?

Take the temp at the supply at the top of unit. Should be around 42. This will also tell you if unit is working properly. Then take a reading at the vent(supply) to room aprox 17-20 difference. Also check temp at return (where your filter is at unit

6. central air conditioner keeps tripping breaker?

If the compressor and the condenser fan come on when the unit starts then it is not a capacitor problem-they kick-start the compressor motor and condenser fan motor by giving a BRIEF burst of higher voltage to get these 2 motors turning. Make sure the fan on top of the condenser turns on when the unit turns on. and the fan keeps running. If the condenser fan cuts off while the compressor is running, the compressor goes into "thermal overload" -overheats, then shuts off to prevent damage. You might check the circuit breakers if you are experienced in doing so. Possibly the breakers have arced and sustained damage that causes them to trip. If you are not experienced at this have someone who is check them for damage.

7. How long should a central air conditioner/heater last?

I do apartment maintenance. We have some old (1972) lennox A/C condensers that still cool well But are not real energy efficient. We also have some units that lasted 6-10 years and failed. It all depends on make. usage and maintance of the unit. If you opt for a new A/C system, the installation company will try and sell you a system based on the new and expensive R410 refrigerant. I would suggest installing a new outside unit based on the old R-22 refrigerant and have the A coil in the furnace checked for leaks. It will be cheaper than installing the ENTIRE A/C system, ( condenser, line set, evaporator and a furnace). You can purchase a condenser (outside unit) without the R-22 charge and add refrigerant when finished with the installation. The guy who said he put 2 cans of freon in the system was BS ing you. I've only seen R-22 in 30# tanks.

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