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If you are interested in brewing a pour over, French press or other brew methods that require a wider grind setting, generally a built-in grinder will only make a grind consistent for that machine. Take the Breville Barista Express again, for example, the grinder makes a fine grind for espresso shots that would not be coarse enough for French press.

If you love SCRUBS! answer this question.

My Bed Banter And Beyond

Atheists: How can you not love Jesus?

No he died because the Romans considered him to be a trouble maker & they were right he is still causing trouble today

Who do you love the most?

that's way too long to read, but thanks for sharing!

Do you love or hate...?

im sorry but that is the sorriest dance or "dance" ever. that is...pathetic really

Do you love someone far away?

good real good

How can you tell you are in love?

Looks like someone just answered their own question

Atheists, do you love truth?

no i dont think so i wont love a person that died before i was even born,and i love my truth because it puts my mind at ease to know that at least i believe in something that i think is right not something that a guy said and other accepted sooooooo long ago

Don't you love it....?

you mean like lying about their experience? thats just wrong, and mean...people just want your experience and help, no need to lie right?

What are 5 things you love the smell of?

gasoline fumes bar-b-q perfume bonfire clean sheets

Read this question if you love horses!?

the best is to ride bare back and take the bridle off.......for it will cause them injury......its also nicer to ride bare back although it will hurt a bit ta pain you will get use too in time and its more healthy if your horse DOES NOT use the bridle

What is something you love doing but suck at?

Passion is truth. It's really and truly who you are. You feel it, you know it."Sucking at something" or "failing" etc. is a "local" judgment based on one's VERY, VERY limited perception.And because we believe this narrow-minded, extremely limited judgment, we often stop once we fail.Yet, imagine what would have happened if we all stopped trying to walk the first time we tried, just because we fell to the floor a few times!Follow your passion, whatever it appears to be in the moment, because THAT is the whole truth. How you feel, tells you it's the right thing to do.Think of it this way: following your passion is like boarding a plane heading toward a dream island. You've made the right choice!And see "failing" as getting, on that flight, food that you do not like. Big deal!Should you get off the plane just because there was a "failure" in providing you with the food you like?

Which celebrity would you LOVE to meet?

Jessica Alba she is SEXY!!!!!!!!!!! My socks are white

What's the machine that you love most?

My car, coz it savs me a lot of sufferings

If I wrote you a love letter...?

Well it would be a work in progress

if you love yourself, arent you loving God, since youre in his image?

You have it backwards. Gods do not invent people - - - people invent gods

When waiting for the Man you Love?

hahahahaha... I would say you are

Are you in love with your partner?

Completely Head over Heels about her.She's in Pune and i am in Mumbai and currently we are in a long-distance relationship but that really does not change anything.Infact, I think the distance has increased our intimacy over time. We try to spend as much time as we can together when she's in Mumbai and when she's in Pune, we FaceTime extensively. So am I in love with my partner?Hell, yeah.Here we are loving each other on New Year's Eve

Do you love this prom dress?

i am not a huge fan of the color but that's just on me ...but i think if a person had a darker complexion it could look really cute.. i like the cut a lot though

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