Power Out. Furnace and Water Heater Have No Power.?

Breakers must be turned to the full off position before turning them back on. If it does not reset then there is something on the ckt. triping it or it is defective

1. Power out. Furnace and water heater have no power.?

If the breaker continues to trip after flipping then you've got a short somewhere in the circuit. Make sure everything is unplugged and then try again. If it continues tripping then you need to call someone in to look at it unless you are fairly comfortable working with electricity. There may be a loose wire in the box that has the outlet or you may just need to replace the circuit breaker itself, they do occasionally go bad

2. How do I shut off flames in furnace and water heater?

turn off the gas at the meter to the whole house.when your done painting, and the paint is dry, the gas company will re-light your pilots

3. New house, gas furnace and water heater quit working?

You either have a ghost, or you need to relight the pilot light, or your realator failed to say, Welcome to the money pit!

4. Can I build a bedroom in a garage with gas furnace/water heater?

First, to lay your fears to rest, today's gas appliances are nearly 100% safe, if they are installed and maintained correctly. The water heater, if it's a tank type, (not an instant system), will have a pilot light operated system, the furnace may have an electronicly controlled ignition system or the older pilot system like the water heater, depending again, on it's age. If you are considering buying this place, it should certainly be within your rights to get a home inspection by a qualified contractor BEFORE you sign anything. You could have the inspector pay particular attention to the gas appliances to be sure that they are in good condition and that they are properly installed. That would put your mind at ease about the purchase itself and building the bedroom in the garage, which sounds like a great idea to me, especially if you do not need it for another car. I have two customers who have done this and the projects have turned out very nice, for both of them. It sounds like you will have the required two exits in the room, with a window in the rear and the side door, so you are good there. I would bet your son, if he's old enough to really appreciate what you are doing for him, is nearly salivating at the mouth. Do not worry about anything, the gas appliances should be perfectly safe.

5. Installing outlet receptacle in unfinished basement furnace/water heater room

If there's any chance of moisture in the room use weatherproof receptacle boxes and UF-B plastic sheathed cable - more abrasion resistance too, so good in a utility room. You can get moisture resistant clamps for the cable that screw directly into the box.Alternatively you could use EMT and draw separate wires and ground. Again I would see if there are moisture resistant fittings and boxes available if the room tends to have any moisture.Check code requirement for distances of outlets - from any permanent fixtures that dispense water, like faucets. Water heaters do have drain fittings, and piping on top. If the filtration system has a hookup box, you can use a sheathed hookup, typically epoxy coated flexible with (2 or 3 wires & ground) larger gauge wires, such as #10. These are usually used for outdoor appliances like a/c compressors, but I think they are a good choice for many utility appliances, and in some cases are required. They can be purchased at supply houses and possibly at bigbox stores. Another requirement may be a remote switch or way to remove power from the appliance(s) such as a wire you can unplug or if it's hardwired, it should be attached to a box with a builtin cutoff switch. This allows the appliance to be de-energized locally for service

6. What kind of landlord does this? Furnace. water heater question?

I live in any old house to, you did not say if you had radiators, but if you do then the water pumps blown

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How Much Value Does a New Furnace and Water Heater Add to a Home?
I would say the waterheater would add $1500 to $3000 and the furnace $3000 to $6000 depending on the type and efficiency of the equipment1. What kind of landlord does this? Furnace. water heater question?It is not normal, and cheap is about the nicest word I can think of for your landlord. Were your pipes ever repaired? Talk to the housing authority about this guy!2. New house, gas furnace and water heater quit working?Yes you are not thinking, you call the landlord the first thing when something in a rented house stop. There is no go reason for one or two appliances of three on gas to stop working unless they were turn off or on a separate services and one was turn off. Now there may be a blowen out pilot light that was blowen out by a guest of wind. But if you do not know how to light the pilot light be careful as the life you save may be your. But as you said the appliance were not getting any gas, it can not be the polit light3. Basement flooding is affecting my gas furnace and water heater. I am uninsured and don't have funds for a legitimate repairman. Any advice?use fans to help dry everything out. I would do that for at least a day; two would be better. You will have to figure out how to prevent the electricity for the fans from grounding in the damp. You can survive for those time periods by wearing far more clothes than normal this is the ancient way in China and has worked there for over 2,000 years. After than, wearing rubber soled shoes, turn everything back on and see what happens. By then, if something bad happened, it has already happened. My guess is that the furnace will start right up, fan included. If it does not , the likely cause is the fan needs replacing. That part can probably be ordered online at substantial savings over a repair guy.4. Power out. Furnace and water heater have no power.?It sounds like you overloaded the circuit and caused the breaker to trip. If after unplugging the extension cord and having everything just as it was before you ran any electrical device turn the breaker to the off pos. leave it there for about 5 seconds and try turning it back to the on pos. If for some reason it will not stay on the on pos. then call an electrician to have a look at it. Do not keep turning the breaker off and on. They are designed to trip if they are overloaded or have a short. It could even be the breaker is bad but you need someone there to look at it that can test it and find out what the problem is and correct it. Hope this helps5. Why do I have a reduced flame in my natural gas fireplace when the furnace or water heater runs?It sure sounds to me like a problem with the gas pressure or regulator/meter. Since gas can be dangerous if leaking into your house if a pilot blows out etc, I would be on the phone to the gas supplier. They should be able to check the input pressure and assure that the regulator is working properly. Trying to trouble shoot and repair this type of problem is not a job for a DIYer. Here in Maine, only a licensed pro is allowed to work on gas lines. I am a general contractor and if there is a problem, I am on the line to a pro immediately. Good luck.6. What would make my furnace and water heater break simultaneously?There was an interruption in gas service while you were away7. My oil furnace and water heater makes a clicking noice...?the first thing you should expect to see is a licensed technician, someone who understands and can troubleshoot low voltage. if everything was fine until just recently and the equipment was working properly, what i have found is that it is something simple (for the technician) to troubleshoot. however simple does not necessarily go hand in hand with an inexpensive bill when the job is complete. most places charge a flat rate. ..the days of breaking down an invoice for pricing is over. you will be told up front what the charge will be after the diagnostics are complete. if you have service plan with your oil company the cost of the job may be covered and not cost you at all. if you find that the cost to make the repair is pricey you must understand that you are paying for a technician that has invested about $20,000.00 in education and tools. the trucks they drive are supply houses on wheels (not inexpensive to operate today). i know you said your equipment is oil fired but i do not know the manufacturer's name, and it would not do any good as you can not diagnose a heating problem properly on the internet. you have to put your faith in someone. ..check with your consumer protection department and many times they list a history of complaints form other customers. i wish you luck my friend
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