Please Help, I Need to Find a Specific Water Filter?

Britta makes a stand alone water pitcher. An easy search if you knew the manufacturer

1. Is it ok to drink water from your tap or faucet if you have a water filter on it to purify the water?

Why would it be coming from the tap if it is not safe to drink?

2. just bought a 2 1/2 gallon fish tank, gravel stones, water filter, and drops to kill chlorene. what else !?!?

you have to cycle the tank. Also, you need a test kit, a heater, and really id suggest you simply get a bigger tank, because honestly that is not really suitable for even a betta. it would make a good planted nano tank, but those tanks dont have fish in them

3. Do you have a water filter? What kind?

kinda it's the one on my fridge edit i do not know the brand

4. should i drink from a water filter if im in canada?

Bacterias? Impossible! Then the water must be contaminated somewhere, because all bacterias are killed with ozone (O3) during the cleaning process. First it goes through filters, activated carbon, then the ozone, so it's hard for many bacterias to survive. But which bacterias are they? Fecal? Then it's a problem. Environmental? Then it's safe. You know what, you are already breathing air contaminated with bacterias. Fecal bacterias will float in the air from your bathroom and all over your house and outside into the city. You are breathing these bacterias right now. The only reason they do not infect you is because of the concentrations. It's the dose that matters. Are bacteria concentrations dangerous in that water? If not, do not worry. There's already thousands of chemicals in the water that are too hard to remove, but because the concentrations are so low, they wo not harm your health. Most filters wo not even remove everything. You need to buy those very expensive filters.

5. Bought a generic water filter for my Brita pitcher in Walmart, water keeps having carbon particles. What to do?

ask for a refund at Walmart?

6. My fish tank's water filter is bubbling over? Help!?

If you can remove the filter and take apart the pieces and re read the instructions to make sure everything is there most likely your power is not strong enough to push and or your suction is too strong read instruction Good luck!, Future Captain

7. where can i find the water filter on a kenmore side-by-side refrigerator?

bottom left in the front. sis if the water does not does not smell or taste bad i would suggest that the filter does not need to be changed. filter changes will vary wildly by locale and water quality. i suggest you just reset the filter and go again. those filters are expensive, at least for me and the filter change light is on a timer not a water quality monitoring system, so what you have is a light that says hey, MIGHT be time

8. What's the best brand of water filter for a 10 gallon aquarium?

Aqua clear 20 sounds like what your looking for. Also purchase a ro/di system for your water that your gonna put in. (The ro system will keep your tank low of nitrates thus reducing the amount of water changes) Do 50% water change once a month ( I would advise you to do small 10% weekly ones since its easier than changing half of the tanks water in one day.

9. What's better, Brita Faucet-Mount Water Filter or the Pitcher Water Filter or do thy work the same?

I would definitely say the faucet mount water systems work better, but I would not go with Brita. They simply do not stay on the faucet & do not operate very good. I have a cheap DuPont filter on my faucet and it works great and filters the water just fine. The pitchers are kinda crappy, as they are more expensive and really, IMO, do not work as well.

10. Do you use a water filter for your sink????

yes we have one

11. I am looking for a water filter to install before the fridge to block the hard water from getting into lines?

Why not install a regular filter like a PURE and Britta

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