Pic Poll: Which Bikini Would You Wear, Girls, and Boys, Which Bikini Would You Rather See Your Gf We

2nd 1 i guess.theyre both pretty simple

1. How To Tell If Your Pregnant Dog Is Having Girls Or Boys?

It's impossible to tell until they are born

2. What theme should i choose for the girls? and the boys?

you reek of troll!! how delusional in one of your answers, you say you love the name Kennedy and are contemplating it for one of your quads. In the next one, you already have a daughter named Kennedy, and you and your husband are doctors. Obsessed with hideous baby names like "Journey" = troll

3. What are some young adult book series that both girls and boys can read?

House of Night Series ...although I think that's more for girls..but anyone can read any book!

4. help please girls or boys?

ok this is a hard question but if you really know her youll know what she likes and well get her that you can also like give her i dont know a ring, roses, write her a letter, chocolate, ill be cool if you take her out somewhere nice, um but i think it dosent matter what you get her its the thought that counts (as long as you dont forget her birth day) and try to apologise before her birthday so things will go better!

5. why are girls and boys rules different for hockey?

Did you ever get the birds and the bees speech?

6. Your top 10 favorite girls and boys names? BQ?

Girls: 1. Kaitlyn Rachel "Katie" 2. Alyssa Mary "Allie" 3. Madison Camille "Maddie" 4. Rachel Grace 5. Cara Hermione 6. Jessica Marie "Jessie" 7. Nicole Clare 8. Sofia Raelyn "Sofie" 9. Hailey Leah 10. Lily Kiera Boys: 1. Lukas Anthony "Luke" 2. Zachary James "Zach" 3. Maxwell Liam "Max" 4. Justin Michael 5. Dylan Noah 6. Nathan Ross "Nate" 7. Andrew Patrick "Drew" 8. Logan Roy 9. Evan Ryan 10. Owen Chase My favorites on your's are Danielle Marie, Samantha Kendall, Blake Michael, and Samuel Cooper.

7. What are some names in the bible for [girls & boys] and what do they mean?

GIRLS: Hannah-- Grace Rebekah-- Snare Esther-- Star Ruth-- Friendship Eve-- Life BOYS: Matthew-- Gift of God Mark-- Warlike Paul-- Small Simon-- To be heard Peter-- Rock

8. Need names for girls and boys?

im having my first baby boy in july and i am also going with Owen :) i Love it! its my favorite name! his full name will be Owen Matthew Richard Law :D and i love the name Sophie!

9. Girls & boys what do all the cool popular kids wear?

What Do Cool Kids Wear

10. What are your top five names for girls and boys?

I am guessing you like A names for girls? ;-) I like your favorites list, it's very cute! Girls: Sophia Eloise Lydia Charlotte Mia Claire Adalyn Ruby Charlotte Alexandra Boys: Cameron Wyatt Julian Chase Rowan Jasper Greyson Reid Jude Alexander :-)

11. which names do you like best? for girls and boys?

girls: rebecca nicole boys: kyle austin i think you should add riley to the list of guys

12. good books for teens[for girls and boys]?

I have always liked fantasy books and I read them when I was a teen so you can always try The Neverending Story, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and then there are always RL Stine's books in his Fear Street collection which are good and an easy read too. Hope those help!

13. Irish names for girls and boys please?

caitriona eileen sean aedan enya aoibhe eibhir

14. What is a unique girls or boys name starting with K?

My name is apparently unique,especially for a girl,that is kobe,can be a boys name or a girls name,others may include,Kian,Kyler, Ken,Kira,Kya,Kirsten,kristen,kristy,kraul,kirk

15. Poll: Quiz About Makeup! Girls and Boys?

Male, 18. A) 5. I wear makeup because it's artistic. B) I use different makeup everyday so keep in mind that this is not what I use all the time it's just things I do use Primer, Foundation, Tinted moisturizer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, gloss, blush, bronzer. C) I can live with out makeup and If I lost it how can I hang on to two items? That does not make any sense. I guess I would keep my lip treatment and eyeshadow.

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