Performance Monitoring Nike Shoes ? Is It True?

Now as we all know, Nike is the largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. Throughout its beginning years, Nike has been known as an innovative company. Armed with technology and innovation, Nike has been able to produce massive lines of shoes such as Nike Jordans, as well as making positive strives to compete with running shoe companies like New Balance. But in 2012, Nike is taking it a step further Nike announces that they will be launching a Nike Hyperdunk in July of 2012. This will be the first Nike basketball shoe that Nike has launched and it is highly anticipated. It is stated that this shoes will be able to measure how high you can jump, how fast you are running, as well as other features. Not only will the shoes measure this information but it will also provide you the feedback and results via your smartphone! Now thats simply amazing! It also announced the Lebron James will be the first player to wear and endorse the shoes. Also, Nike is releasing improved shoes for running as well as track and field. With one of the latest technology, "FlyKnit" shoes, Nike is still continuing to improve it as well. They are releasing a FlyKnit Racer trainer that only weighs 5.6 ounces as well as a Nike FlyKnit running shoe that only weighs 7.7 ounces! Now that should help anyone run fastest. Both these lines are also scheduled to be released on July 2012. Nike's slogan for the new technology," Nike FlyKnit, Ultra Light. Best Fit.". And with numbers like that I find it hard to argue with them. Nike is also making great efforts to Go Green. They are also producing jerseys for the Olympics that are made out of recycled plastic water bottle! Now, how they were able to pull that off, I have no idea but it appears that Nike is making a lot of things possible that 10 years ago would have definitely been impossible. All in all, I believe Nike will continue to remain the top supplier of athletic shoes and apparel. I am a big Nike Jordan fan but over the past couple of years, I have researched and tried other lines that Nike provides. And I am proud to say that all of Nike shoes and apparel are awesome. From golf shirts to exercise bags, from running shoes to Winter Coat; Nike stands behind their motto firmly and they continue to "JUST DO IT!"

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Why Do You People Freak Out Over My Plastic Water Bottle?
Do not depends where you live. Different cities have different water1. Can you microwave a frozen plastic water bottle?I have a rule in my house: no plastic in the nuker. A bowl of warm water will melt it speedy quick2. Is it okaii to let a dog drink from a plastic water bottle?As safe as you drinking from it3. Please help! My husky puppy puked a piece of plastic water bottle yesterday and he is constipated?If you supervised and puppy proofed your home and yard you would not be asking. We are not vets and if you can not afford a vet you should not have a dog. The dog needs to see vet asap. Otherwise turn him in to a shelter where he will get the care he needs and possibly a home that Really Cares.4. How long can a plastic water bottle be reused before the plastic starts seeping into the water?u mean just plastic water bottle ,sure different types were been ,the companies chose the best can still long to seep5. ive been smoking with a plastic water bottle since for about 4 months. Can i get cancer?You are so paranoid. Cancer comes from everywhere and nowhere, just relax6. what happens when sunlight hits plastic of water bottle?the heat excites the h20 molecules speeding them up, releasion sediment that would normally be attached to the plastic7. Is it safe to drink out of my plastic water bottle if it recently started smelling like dirt?if its smelly, just throw it away and but a new one. I dont think you can save them after so long. believe me ive tried8. Stainless steel/alluminum or military plastic water bottle?I would with a wide-mouth stainless steel water bottle. It is unbreakable and can be used to boil and purify water if nothing else was available9. How do you reseal a plastic water bottle seal?Doing so is a crime... my advice is NOT to do so10. Have you ditched your plastic water bottle in lieu of stainless steel?I use a stainless steel coffee mug. Plastic always made coffee taste awful11. What is a good plastic water bottle I can use for Soccer?top I basically finished up 3 weeks of band camp(Marching band. Out on the soccer field for 2 and a million/2 hours lol). I had certainly one of those smart Water bottles, it consistently melted by potential of the time our first harm have been given here traveling. yet then I particularly have been given a solid thermos and located some water in it, and enable it freeze over night, and it will stay frozen all day :) wish I helped12. Is It Safe To reuse Plastic water bottle?It's ok for the day when you first open the bottle, Just buy a water bottle it's cheaper, a lot of the bottle water out there is just treated tap water, Make sure it says natural spring water13. Is it a bad idea to freeze the water in a plastic water bottle and why?The only problem is the air space in the bottle is too small and the ice can split the water bottle, they are fairly thin plastic. We use soda bottles to freeze water to take on picnics etc.Just leave three inches of air space at the top to allow for expansion as the water freezes.14. is pouring liquor/spirits into a plastic water bottle dangerous?i dont understand what jimmy is saying but no its fine. water bottles tend to make things warm faster than cups so that nice cold drink you had at one time may be warm and nasty in 10 minutes in a water bottle. you can put alcohol anywhere long as youre gunna drink it in a timely fashion.15. How to cleanse/wash a reusable plastic water bottle?The expiry era of the puppy form of bottles is longer than than the expiry era of the consumer. those have not any leachable components, nor do they biodegrade. in the event that they do no longer cave in through publicity to direct solar(UV radiation), and not punctured possible circulate on utilising them. Hygiene is considerable because of the fact plastics are services to slime enhance. Periodic cleansing in warm water will decrease this
How to Cleanse/wash a Reusable Plastic Water Bottle?
Probably just the chemicals in it. Try filling it with half vineger and half water and letting it set for a day or two. You could even put baking soda in it close the lid and just let it sit. (no water)1. ive been smoking with a plastic water bottle since for about 4 months. Can i get cancer?There is no proof that you can get cancer from weed but I will link you to a website were you can get good bongs :-)2. Plastic water bottle recycling?Chickadees and nuthatches love peanutbutter and suet. I tried using the bottle caps as containers for them, but the chipmunks ran off with them. I am considering drilling holes in opposite sides of the caps and connecting them in a string fashion so that I can hang them from a tree limb or a roof. Has anyone tried this? How did it work?3. is there a way to freeze a plastic water bottle without it cracking?The water medicine the place you reside ought to be making you in unfavorable well being. try doing bottled water for some turns to study if that's the predicament. A filter out pitcher wo not cost you lots, yet while ailment is the impediment that could sparkling up it. or you need to only be doing too plenty too speedy. the common guy or woman desires a a million/2 gallon an afternoon, which is not extremely that plenty in case you only shelter a tumbler or bottle next to you and sip on it by making use of way of the day. (A straw seems to assist for some challenge reason) do no longer think of such as you need to drink plenty at a time that it stretches your abdomen. only shop it around you and you would be waiting to to finally end up taking it such as you are able to popcorn4. What happens if i put a beer in a plastic water bottle?yes but first of all, do not shake the beer in the bottle then immediately open it and transfer it to the plastic bottle. That would cause the bottle to burn into flames. just kiddin. then, there's beer inside a plastic bottle. Fin.5. is pouring liquor/spirits into a plastic water bottle dangerous?it depends on the proof, but most spirits will be fine. I've watched everclear eat right through a plastic bottle in it's undiluted form, the solvent properties of high (more than 90) proof alcohol will dissolve a lot of plastics6. keep a plastic water bottle? (eg. mount franklin, evian etc)?well when you think about how long it takes to produces the bottles and ship them to the stores and how long some of the bottles stay on the shelves. If they dont all get bought they could start restocking and bottles get pushed to the back.. The bottle of water you buy could be there for a year by the time you buy her. These companies would have to take all this into consideration i think7. can vodka thats been in a plastic water bottle for 3 months still be goodMany brands ship vodka in plastic bottles. It has zero affect on taste8. Plastic Water bottle re-use?I think that you should be using gallon plastic bottles for not more than a fortnight(15 Days). It's so as Nancy mentioned that plastic material starts leaving a material after some time. Water bottles made of materials like PET or PVC, like the ones made by SBanik & so on can be much more safer to use for longer periods of time like for months or years. Such bottles can store any type of liquids like your mentioned Turkey Hill Iced Tea in a much hygienic manner9. Using a 5 gallon plastic water bottle as beer fermentor?5 Gallon Better Bottle10. How do I clean a plastic water bottle?To clean the bottle, use the bottle brush as recommened by others. Remember to use some dish soap as well. To sanitize the bottle, consider using a small amount of chlorine bleach mixed with water. The concentration will vary with the size the bottle (1 part bleach to 5 parts water will be MORE than strong enough to kill anything). Let the diluted bleach solution sit for several minutes (at least ten) and then drain and rinse very well two or three times. Trace amounts of bleach in the water wo not hurt you but if might not taste good and you want to be certain to get all the bleach rinsed from where you will be putting your mouth on the bottle.
Is It Safe to Reuse the Same Plastic Water Bottle Over and Over and Over Again?
It's not fatal if that's what you mean, nor will you get sick from it. The government is great at instilling paranoia where it does not belong1. How can I get a bleachy taste out of my plastic water bottle?My advice. Do not use the plastic for tea or coffee. Use glass or stainless steel to instead. I did the same thing you just did although I had always been told by a coworker never to wash out my plastic coffee thermal cup with anything but water. There was no way I could enjoy a good cup of coffee in it again because of a dishwashing detergent perfume which lingered and tainted my coffee2. Where can I find a 2 liter refillable (plastic) water bottle for daily use?Just buy a soda bottle and refill it everyday3. Your last good ping-pong ball fell down into a narrow metal pipe. How can you get it out undamaged, if all the tools you have are your tennis paddle and your plastic water bottle, which does not fit into the pipe?A few solutions:The obvious answer: if the radius of the pipe is slightly larger than the radius of the ball and the bottom of the pipe is sealed by something and there is water in your bottle or you can find some water, then pour water into the pipe and the ball will rise to the top.If the ball stopped not-too-far down the pipe and the radius of the ball is large enough that water can not get between the pipe and the ball, then this solution will work: empty your water bottle and squeeze as much air out of it as you can without damaging its structure. Then put the open end of the bottle into/onto the pipe and let the bottle expand to it's natural size. The low air pressure in the bottle will cause the air in the pipe to rush upwards, bringing the ball with it. Just be sure to remove the bottle before the ball hits it.Your paddle has some rubber on each side. Scrape that off in a long strip. Put part of that strip into the water bottle and leave it in the sun for a while. Eventually it will melt a bit. Lower the melted end down the pipe while holding the other end until the melted rubber rests on the ball. Let it cool for a while and it should stick to the ball. You can then pull it out.If the ball is only a short distance down the pipe and the seal between the ball and the pipe is air-tight and the pipe is in the sun, then this method will work: use the paddle to block the sun and cast a shadow on the top of the pipe down to just below where the ball is. The air in the bottom of the pipe will heat up and expand, eventually forcing the ball out.nThat's all I've got for now. I will edit it later if I think of something else.Your last good ping-pong ball fell down into a narrow metal pipe. How can you get it out undamaged, if all the tools you have are your tennis paddle and your plastic water bottle, which does not fit into the pipe?4. i hit someone's truck with a plastic water bottle, is it possible i made a dent?Yes, it is quite possible. People think that because it is metal, it is very difficult to dent. However, the manufacturers all use soft steel so that they can form it into difficult shapes without buckling the body parts. It is very easy to put a dent in a car door or fender just by bumping it with another car door. Your half empty water bottle could easily put a dent in the Ford. I have a couple of small dents in my RAM from car doors, my neighbour has a brand new F-150 with a dent from a car door in a shopping centre, and my G/F wants to park in close to the grocery store in the shopping centre, so her Subaru is full of little dents (a few not so little) from other inconsiderate people who should know better.
Are Plastic Water Bottle Bongs Unsafe to Use? Will the Plastic Poison My Lungs?
As long as when you light the product, you are not lighting the plastic. To be 100% safe, if you burn holes in the water bottle, be sure that the smoke created from the plastic has exited the bottle completely. Have fun and dont get caught!1. Is it okaii to let a dog drink from a plastic water bottle?Sure is. No problems with that at all2. What happens if you drop a frozen plastic water bottle?well as per my experience it shatters like glass.. I normally keep a small bottle of frozen water in my freezer to use when I walk too much and the bottoms of my feet hurt.. I roll my soles of my feet on the frozen bottle and it sooths them.. sometimes when I try to remove the bottle from the freezer it falls on the floor and shatters..3. Why is drinking plastic water bottle bad for your health?bottled water is only bad for your wallet, they say that the flouride found in tap water makes it better to drink and it's cheaper than bottled4. How much energy is used to make one 8oz plastic water bottle?The journal article below estimates that a 1 liter PET water bottle requires 4 MJ of energy to produce. Therefore, an 8 oz bottle would require about 1 MJ. Also, it is estimated that 17 million barrels of oil are directly used to produce plastic water bottles every year. So it is definitely energy efficient to go with stainless steel bottles5. ive been smoking with a plastic water bottle since for about 4 months. Can i get cancer?Calm down buddy. You are not gonna get cancer from weed and you wo not get cancer from smoking out of a plastic bottle. I do suggest that you get a nice bong, as plastic is harmful to your lungs. There is a site called "everyonedoesit. com" where you can get anything and everything weed related. They have pipes, papers, $1000 bongs or $10 bongs, grinders, stash boxes, pretty much anything you need. Hope this helped!6. Is it o.k. to give my dogs an empty plastic water bottle to chew on?Our yellow lab LOVES to chew and water bottles are one of his favorites. Like everyone's saying, it's fine as long as he/she does not swallow the cap or any bits or pieces! Just do not leave them unattended with the water bottles and you should be fine7. How can I remove sticker remnants from a plastic water bottle?WD40 or Goo Gone. Both work wonders8. Does refilling plastic water bottle's release chemicals?yes, becausewhen you refill the water, the air got push by the chemical and creat evaporation9. What happens to a half-full plastic water bottle in an airplane when flying from low into high altitude?I hike and climb mountains a lot with my water bottle. On the way up, it will expand, maybe even pop open and leak depending on your stopper. The reasoning is air, like water in a lake, stacks up on top itself and creates pressure depending on how much air or water is above it. Air on earth stacks up to about 12 miles high at sea level. A column of air 12 miles tall weighs 15 pounds per square inch. It is not weightless as it feels to us. Of course, air is compressible. So the air at the bottom of the 12 mile tall column is squished and takes up less space than air six miles up in an airplane that is only under about 6 pounds per square inch of pressure from a 6 mile tall column of air above it. As the air pressure in the bottle is at 15 psi and the air pressure outside is at 6 psi or so, the air inside the bottle pushes out an expands the bottle or pushes the top open. Of course this assumes an open cockpit airplane. In pressurized passenger planes, they only allow the cabin pressure to drop to the equivalent of flying at about one mile up altitude. That's why if you break a window higher up, all the air rushes out the broken window until the air pressure is equalized inside and outside the plane.
Get Rid of the Glue From the Price Label on a Plastic Water Bottle?
Use Zippo lighter fluid. I find it's safer than using nail polish remover. Especially on plastics. Polish remover contains Acetone, a very potent chemical that can "take paint off a battleship" -- a bit of overkill for a sticker. Some solvents are made of chemicals that will also slightly dissolve the softer plastics, so you have to be careful to not leave it on too long. Lighter fluid is more similar to the kind of chemical used for dry cleaning clothes. (so it's also a good spot remover for tough clothes stains, esp oily ones) Squirt lighter fluid directly on the gummy spot, not on a cloth first. Rub the spot with your fingers so you can feel if you are getting it all. then rub off till dry with paper towel. reapply til all residue is gone.1. Looking for a way to clean the inside bottom of my plastic water bottle?a small amount of bleach diluted with water will clean it, just let it soak in it for a while then rinse it really well.Do not get it on your clothes2. How do you remove printed ink from a plastic water bottle?lighter fluid, it really helps3. Can I keep vodka in a plastic water bottle?try it put some in water bottle now and wait until the next day4. dis advantage of plastic water bottle?Plastic waste comprises 60% to 80% of marine debris litter accumulated in ocean shores According to a 2001 report of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), roughly 1.5 million tons of plastic are expended in the bottling of 89 billion liters of water each year. Besides the sheer number of plastic bottles produced each year, the energy required to manufacture and transport these bottles to market severely drains limited fossil fuels. Bottled water companies, due to their unregulated use of valuable resources and their production of billions of plastic bottles have presented a significant strain on the environment. the production of plastics release chemicals such as ethylene oxide, benzene, and exylene into the air and water supply, which can cause cancer, birth defects, and damage to the nervous system, blood, kidneys, and immune system producing the bottles required to meet the demand for bottled water in the United States alone uses over 17 million barrels of oil yearly, which is enough to fuel over one million cars in a year The Pacific Institute estimates that for every one-litre bottle of water, three litres were used to produce the bottle5. Vodka in plastic water bottle?in many circumstances no longer, yet it relies upon on the plastic of the water bottle. If that is puppy, then you definately are ok (verify the backside the place the recycling triangle is, that's going to be categorized there). HDPE (intense density polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene) will leach solvents and frequently a plastic style to the vodka. puppy is one in each and every of those plastic that liquor bottles are produced from...they communicate the smallest quantity of plastic style to the liquor. despite the fact that, you will word that not one of the intense high quality spirits are bottled in plastic subsequently. no longer risky, only tastes plastic-y.6. Which is safer to drink out of... a PLASTIC water bottle or a CAN of soda?Have you ever taken a drink from an expired plastic bottle of water? It actually tastes like the container7. Can the school suspend me for drinking from a a (plastic) water bottle?Well it looks like you answered your own question. Can they suspend you? They DID suspend you. Nobody ever said life was fair. The rule says no plastic bottles, you had a plastic bottle, you broke the rule, and you got suspended for breaking the rules. Just because somebody else did not get suspended does not change one single thing for you. What are you going to complain about? Are you going to say I broke a rule and suspended, but other people did not ? Big Whup. Like I said, life is not fair. By the way, being suspended in Canada is no different from being suspended in the US, or UK or Thailand, dude. Suspended is suspended.
How Much Does a Plastic Water Bottle (0.5 L) Cost in Your Country?
about 0.3 cent1. How can I make a media filter just out of like a plastic water bottle or something??Try this out Cut the top of the bottle (use a knife but be very careful) Fip the botlle top up side down Put some peices of cloth, or cotton, or something let water out but not the sand. Make sure you cover the whole bottle top Fill sand in, pack it tight Pour water in It may fail if you can not hold the sand. (depend on the sand 's quality, you will have good/bad water)2. Does burning plastic, such as a water bottle, emit toxic fumes?yes it does .. if you inhale enough burnt plastic you will die3. What's more toxic having left out in the heat: a plastic water bottle or a glass water bottle?plastic and glass are both stable and do not contaminate your water , Plastic will contaminate only if it melts which is quite rare4. Have you ditched your plastic water bottle in lieu of stainless steel?I rarely use a portable bottle, we have pretty decent water in my area. I usually use a glass and filtered tap water, even in the car. I have however purchased a few Sigg water bottles for my family when we are out of the house, no one seems to taste a difference.5. is refilling and reusing a plastic water bottle over and over again with distilled or tap water bad?No, but every so often you should clean it. You do not want to get a cold, and then get better, just to use something that has germs in/on it do you?6. ive been smoking with a plastic water bottle since for about 4 months. Can i get cancer?This Site Might Help You. RE: ive been smoking with a plastic water bottle since for about 4 months. Can i get cancer? Yeaaaa. not everyday tho.. but now.. everytime i smoke out of it.. or if i inhale a lot of weed, i cough. alot..... am i sick already? or i just need to stop and buy a bong lol7. How can I remove sticker remnants from a plastic water bottle?Goo Gone, WD 40, and it is not too bad sometimes rubbing alcohol Will work wonders8. I need to put an image on a plastic water bottle, how?You would have to have a special kind of printer to do that. Unless it was a simple print then use stencil and paint specially made for plastic9. Can the school suspend me for drinking from a a (plastic) water bottle?No. Rules made in a school or workplace are legally to be followed. One way when you have a job, you will see many silly rules imposed. You can fight authority and have a miserable life or ........................... You are not suspended for drinking water, you are suspended for being defiant.10. Are plastic water bottle bongs unsafe to use? Will the plastic poison my lungs?If you are worried about your health, why the hell are you smoking to begin with?11. How to cleanse/wash a reusable plastic water bottle?Rinse with rubbing alcohol and let it sit and sanatize for a few min. Then rinse very well with water and then wash as usual with dish soap and hot water12. will alcohol evaporate if kept in a plastic water bottle?it will start to taste like plastic after a while, but it wo not evaporate as long as the lid's on tight and the bottle is not cracked13. How do you reseal a plastic water bottle seal?It's impossible. Its called a tamper proof seal for a reason14. Safe non-plastic water bottle?I was on a similar search and I was told that you can identify the "good" plastic by looking on the bottom of the bottle at the small triangle they imprint there. If the number in the triangle is a 1 or 2 it's good, If it's a 6 or 7 it's the bad plastic. But you can find non-plastic bottles at Whole Foods. Thats where i found mine. I have both "good" plastic ones and non-plastic ones. They are a little pricey, but i would rather pay a little extra to ensure my safety!
Can You Store Red Wine in Plastic Water Bottles?
It can be stored in the plastic bottles, but if you do that i would make sure you drink it pretty quickly. The reason why alcohol is normally in glass and aluminum is because of the properties of these materials and the properties of alcohol. Most glass bottles are either green or brown and this is b/c light effects alcohol. Also some plastic containers are designed to (breath) alow air to pass through it, which can oxidize the contents of the bottle, therefore degrading the wine/alcohol even more. Your best bet, if your are making your own wine is to put it in old beer bottles, or wine bottles, not in plastic bottles1. Why aren't environmentalist concerned about plastic water bottles?Because people are idiots that just like to follow trends and not think for themselves. Kinda like the people that are on a diet so they drink diet soda2. is it true you shouldnt reuse plastic water bottles?If the plastic in the bottle were to 'leach out' then the bottlers would be leaving themselves open for stacks of lawsuits. They have no control over their use after the original fluid is emptied, so they would make sure the plastics will hold up...Talk about urban legend heaven here....Really.... What you should NOT do is drink directly from the bottle then refill, if you intend to store them for a time. This can lead to formation of bacteria from your own germs. If you are going to use them immediately after filling, no problem. What you can do IF you are going to store them for a later use is clean them thoroughly or as I do pour the contents in a glass then refill as many ties as you like...3. Is it true that plastic water bottles are not recycleable?That is not true. Most plastic is made with a type of Polyethylene with can be remelted and use again in new material. The problem is not all communities recycle and this leads to increase waste in landfills4. what can i make out of plastic water bottles instead of throwing them away?creative juice? me too and we have our project already if you want to compete do it by yourself do not try and get the people who will not benefit from it to give you their ideas. for those of you who do not know what creative juice is it is a scholarship competition that some colleges are participating in.5. i have a two year old dog and ever since he was a baby he would take plastic water bottles and chew them up.?have a 12 year old dog that has been doing the same thing since she was a pup that is her favorite toy6. Where can I find cheap plastic water bottles and fda approved tamper proof tops for the bottles?Thomas Register, maybe7. Are aluminum cans less harmful to the environment than plastic water bottles?Yes....aluminum is less harmful to the environment.. The answer is very simple. Aluminum is found in a natural state on earth, but is plastic? Aluminum biodegrades if it corrodes and breaks down into a compsite of aluminum which is an element. Plastic would take thousands of years to degrade into some unnatural pieces of plastic compound. Recycling plastic bottles costs 30 times more, than it takes to create it! Plastic in our garbage dumpis is something we in the 21st century have no idea what future generations are going to be contaminated by. Most plastic composits should be banned from manufacture8. When recycling plastic water bottles are we supposed to separate the cap from the bottle?No matter what, it's always best to check with the company that handles your recyclables. I am quite sure that a lot of the newer machines can handle the caps and the rings and whatnot (and sort them if needed) but the older machinery can not and therefore, they trash what they cannot easily recycle. If you have curbside pick up, your city/township website should have the information spelled out for you. I would also advise you to check it often, as in my area it seems like everybody is upgrading their equipment and accepting more and more. Thanks for doing your part!
Is It Safe to Make an Aquarium Out of Plastic Water Bottles?
Dear! sounds new idea i have never come through my mind. i dont think it will harm your fish, you have to wash it properly or make out of its contents it was filled with1. If thery have canned sodas, why don't they have canned water, that would eliminate plastic water bottles?Rendering aluminum creates fluoride, which is a toxic substance (to get rid of it, they put it in toothpaste! Yikes!). Both are recyclable, so plastic may be the better choice2. Can you bring empty plastic water bottles to the airport?are you trying to recycle in another state or what?3. Can I get sick if I reuse plastic water bottles?The plastic is not the problem. When water bottles are refilled, bacteria has a tendency to reproduce. If you want to reuse them, you need to wash them out with soap before filling them again.4. Is it safe to refill and reuse plastic water bottles?A lot of people think it's not safe. You can tell by looking underneath the bottle at the little triangle if it has 1 in it, that means you should only use it once and dispose! If it has like 2 or 3, that means you can use it over and over again. Only the sad thing is, I reuse my bottles. No side effects, at least not yet anyway =) hope this helps!5. Get paid for Plastic Water bottles & milk gallon plastic cans disposal?Most recycling companies like to deal in tons of stuff at a time, not a single household. If you are talking about getting $ back on things that require a deposit, take them back to the store that sold them to you. They are usually required to return your deposit. If you must deal with the recycler on your own, then look in the telephone 'yellow pages' under recycling.6. no more plastic water bottles, all florescent bulbs in lamps; Please one more idea for environmental home?Several things: 1. More insulation. 2. Shrink Foil (which is actually plastic) for your windows. 3. Ceiling fans 4. Plant trees in on south and west side of home. 5. Front-loading washer 6. And perhaps the second biggest money/energy saver (behind more insulation) - solar hot-water heating, which works even in rather cool climates.7. What do you use to clean those 5 gallon plastic water bottles?use 2 tablespoons of bleach and fill with water, let sit over night. The next morning rinse with water and baking soda, repeat. use about a tablespoon per gallon of water. bleach is not dangerous in small amounts8. Since some people are so against plastic water bottles what could be a viable substitute?well how about getting a water bottle and start refilling your own water. that would be a lot better and cheaper too9. Are the caps on plastic water bottles recyclable?In my house we recycle bottles and we leave the caps on, we have had no complaints so I would guess it's fine. Also, the caps are plastic too so I do not see why there should be a problem. I do think that it's just the rules of your recycling place that does not allow the caps. Hope this helps ;)10. Is it safe to reuse plastic water bottles? ?i dont know where you heard this but your obviously overthinking it. The whole world stores water in plastic bottles, theres no crisis going on. Its definately safe, unless your talking like storage for a year or something.11. Harmful plastic water bottles?Things that are ten times greater in the harmful department Things that will kill you before you even get harmed by drinking out of a leaking chemical bottle Drinking too much alcohol Smoking anything Breathing(the air is polluted, you breathe in harmful toxins each day) Plastic bottles are NOT harmful unless you fill them with scalding water or leave them in the sun for a LONG time. It is even okay to freeze them now, because freezing them retards the chemicals.12. Is it dangerous to put hot drinks in plastic water bottles?yes--do not do it--buy an insulated hot drink container---similar to putting styrofoam in microwave---the heat causes particles to seperate from container
Where Can I Recycle My Plastic Water Bottles in Cypress Texas 77429?
Why do not you glue them all together using silicon caulking and create a green house for plants.....lay them all on their sides and stack them higher and higher1. To what extent are plastic water bottles toxic if used again for drinking water?Hahahah cool question I think never thought of this but I would say: "if you actually try to eat them"2. Is it dangerous to put hot drinks in plastic water bottles?Nope, I think my mom saw somewhere that it's bad to re-use the bottles, and if you do, you have to wash them out with soap like regular dirty dishes3. Is it true that plastic water bottles are not recycleable?They are wrong about that. The bottles are recycleable4. What are the physical and chemical properties of plastic water bottles?Most plastic water bottles are made out of low density polyethylene. You can look that up to find the physical and chemical properties5. Need reasons why you shouldn't use plastic water bottles?Help to increase the costs of oil and other petroleum based products. Have essentially infinite lifetimes which is awful for single use objects Full of various petro chemicals which are bad for human health (more than just BPA) Result in the great garbage patch among other things. Can be found in large quantities in the corpses of fish and birds in the pacific ocean. Ca not easily b recycled into viable products, typically have to be downcycled in less usable forms (park benches) I would say those are some good ones too go off of.6. Do plastic water bottles release chemicals into the water over time or in the sun?yes, they do. Specially the cheap plastic used for hold water that is sold in bottles. Use of this product is very bad for the environment, and for you, so there is no reason to ever buy these. Get a high quality water bottle, and fill it from filtered water, such as from a Britta Pitcher. .7. Did you know that recycling plastic water bottles wastes more resources and energy?I guess that's why the UK has been recycling their bottles over the last "x" amount of years, where have you been, living in a bush?8. What are ways that we can re-use, reduce, and recycle plastic water bottles?Do not use them, they are a waste of money. Research has shown that a good deal of bottled water is tap water anyway. Furthermore, bottled water falls under the laws of the FDA and is no longer protected under the Safe Drinking Water Act, like your tap water. Blind water tasting tests have shown that most tap water is often perceived as tasting better anyway. If you want, you can always buy a Brita filter to further filtrate your water at home and then just buy a stainless steel bottle9. Why do these reasons apply for plastic water bottles: poor people canu2019t afford other containers, banning plastic bottles can force people to drink more unhealthy drinks, and itu2019s very convenient?Apparently, you are not poor enough. I have had a drink handed to me in a 'cup' made from a condensed milk can. It was quite good looking, not a spot of rust on it. I was visiting a fellow student at his home on Sum Sum Hill, 41 years ago. They were not actually really poor as they had a proper house and a car. Frugal may be the best applicable term. In those days, unhealthy drinks and healthy beer both came in returnable glass bottles. Bottled water was not a thing in those days. Why do these reasons apply for plastic water bottles: poor people can't afford other containers, banning plastic bottles can force people to drink more unhealthy drinks, and it's very convenient?10. What should I do about reusing plastic water bottles PLEASE ANSWER?Um... pack your own lunch? If you are old enough to be posting on YA, you are old enough to pack your own lunch. OR - check your lunch before you leave home. Take out the water bottle with the broken seal and take one of the sealed ones from the pack. Leave the broken-seal bottle on the kitchen counter. Take the label off if you want to be really obvious about it. Better yet, get yourself a Nalgene water bottle that's made for refilling. They can go in the dishwasher (or be washed out by hand). Be responsible for your own water usage.
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