Out of No Where, There Is No Water in the Tank of My Toilet.?

If your not getting water into your tank then you need to replace the fill valve,and possible the supply line if its cloged.Also there should be a shut off hooked up to your supply line that will dictate whether or not your fill valve is getting water.....Replacing the fill valve is very simple..first you would turn off your shut off valve . ..then flush the toilet to let the water out...under your toilet there is a cap for the water line to screw onto ,you unscrew that and then there will be a locking nut right above that you unscrew that and just pull the fill vavle straight up.Directions should come with the new fill valve shouldnt cost no more than $13 and you might need some teflon tape to wrap around the pipe thread when you screw your supply line on. Good luck.

1. Why do I have pressure on the hot side with no hot water tank in a house?

Sounds like the cold water is bleeding over to the hot side somewhere. In new construction often times they will tie the hot and cold together at the future water heater location, also i would check the tub valve like the first guy recommended. Check all fixtures for a bleed over somewhere.


a) sponges are not necessary to keep a tank humid. because of their great surface area and the fact they are always moist, they are just huge breeding areas for bacteria. b) you should not keep a crab in a cage, unless you live in the tropical islands. cages do not hold enough humidity for the crabs to breathe properly. you need to keep them in a tank with a good, closed top (no open screens). the humidity MUST stay at about 75-85 on a hygrometer (you can get one in the reptile section of a pet store or in the garden section of walmart). c) you also must keep more than one crab, as they are social animals and will get lonely by themselves. they live in large colonies in the wild. by extension, you have to keep a larger tank, at least 10 gallons for 3-4 small to medium crabs, with enough sand (regular, not calcium) to burrow and molt in. d) you must dechlorinate the water. chlorine and heavy metals will blister the crab's gills and eventually kill it. this will seriously contribute to crab mortality. you also need to provide marine saltwater (so no, you can not just add kitchen or sea salt for cooking in water). e) okay, here's your answer: the slimy water is probably shellwater. hermit crabs keep water in their shells to keep their soft abdomens moist. the water's usually at least slightly salty (which is why you need to give them saltwater, so they can regulate the salinity of their shellwater) and may leak out when you hold them - they pass tiny amounts of uric acid, they do not urinate. what probably has happened is that, if she has not moved in some time, the "thick water" is bacteria-infested shellwater from being soaked in dead crab. depended on how large the crab is, they can hold about half a shell's worth of water (so maybe another tablespoon at most). please, please, PLEASE research hermit crabs before purchasing another one. they can be wonderfully entertaining, sociable pets, but more often than not they are treated as badly as goldfish - stuffed into a tiny area that does not fill their needs and left to die.

3. Is it steam coming out of the hot water overflow on a hot water tank?

There could be something wrong with the valve. If you do not think the water coming out of the closest hot tap is over 120 deg. fahrenheit or so try replacing the temperature pressure valve. If it is over 120 have the water heater serviced and replace the temperature pressure valve. If someone has been opening the valve using its lever it will fail... Oh, and it is water coming from the valve. Water does not boil until about 300 degrees at 75 psi

4. best way to remove a big fish from a salt water tank?

If one fish has ich then they will all have it, the best thing to do is turn the temperature up to about 85 degrees for 2-4 weeks then the ich will be dead

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