Opinion: Fluoridation Should Be City Council's Top Priority

The following is a rebuttal to a column by Licia Corbella,"The science is not settled on water fluoridation," which appeared in the Herald on Oct. 12. The original piece appears below this response.As the newly elected Calgary city councillors take their seats, an important public health issue awaits. Children and other residents are suffering because of the 2011 decision to cease fluoridating the water.Public health officials strongly recommend that Calgary resume this safe and effective practice.Calgarians approved fluoridation twice, in plebiscites in 1989 and 1998. From 1991 to 2011, Calgarians enjoyed fluoridation's benefits until some city councillors and a journalist, apparently animated by a U.S. based anti-fluoridation group, significantly misinformed the public and city councillors.Without having campaigned on the issue, 10 city councillors suddenly removed what 114,105 citizens had approved. This action was anti-democratic.The decision was ill-considered because fluoridation is safe. The decision was harmful because fluoride is 26 to 44 per cent effective in reducing cavities.More than 3,000 peer-reviewed studies demonstrate that fluoridation is effective and support its safety. Fluoridation is recommended by Alberta Health Services, Health Canada, the Canadian Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and the leading national and international dental and medical organizations.How likely is it that public health, dental and medical organizations are all wrong The highly qualified people who staff and support these organizations work independently and have developed their considered conclusions after following rigorous scientific protocols for their studies, including peer review and publication.Those advocating for fluoridation are not in conflict of interest; they are focused on the public interest. By contrast, some bottled water companies encourage the false belief that tap water is unsafe to benefit financially from the fear they create.Fluoridation has been used for 70 years and none of the claimed harms have materialized, despite mischaracterizations of studies irrelevant to North America and conducted in Mexico and in China, where lead and arsenic also occur in their water.The arguments advanced against fluoridation are weak. First, it is false to claim that fluoridation at 0.7 parts per million is unsafe and ineffective. We call upon all journalists to base all fluoridation commentary on the facts: fluoride is safe and effective.A second poor argument is that fluoridation is mass medication. Fluoride is no more a medication than calcium is a medication. Fluoride is a mineral. Fluoride occurs naturally in Calgary water at concentrations of 0.1 to 0.4 parts per million. Fluoridation merely entails topping it up to 0.7 parts per million, which is therapeutic.If fluoride were really so harmful, then why aren't opponents demanding that Calgary eliminate this naturally occurring mineral from our water There is no difference between the fluoride ion that naturally exists in the water and the one that is added. Adjusting fluoride levels in community water is akin to adding iodine to salt, vitamin D to milk and vitamin B to bread andcereal.A third argument accepts that fluoridation is a public good, but claims that Calgary should not pay for it - the province should. But the taxes that fund provinces and cities come from taxpayers. Fluoridation in every North American city is a municipal preventative health measure - just as chlorination, streetlights and crosswalks are preventative health measures.The cost of fluoridation is relatively small - between $5 million and $10 million for equipment and $750,000 for the annual operating costs, which amounts to 60 cents per person per year. Capital costs can be amortized, and several studies have proven that every $1 invested in fluoridation yields approximately $38 to $60 savings in treatment costs. Fluoridation is demonstrated to be cost effective.The real question is: Why do Calgarians let a few unqualified people who misrepresent the scientific evidence, prevent Calgary children, seniors and others from having the same good oral health that people enjoy in Toronto, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami, to name just a few cities Why isn't Calgary like the 87 per cent of NHL home cities that use fluoridationCalgary dentists and orthodontists are distressed by the significant changes they are seeing. Dental cavities did not occur as often or grow with such speed when the water was fluoridated. Now things are much worse. Ask any anaesthesiologist at the Children's Hospital, where a long waiting list now exists for children's dental care under general anaesthetic.The solution is not to build more operating rooms with dental instruments. Calgarians voted twice for fluoridation. It is time to honour democracy and to reduce the avoidable pain and suffering of Calgarians. We call upon city councillors to make the reinstatement of fluoridation their first priority.By Licia CorbellaEdmonton has fluoride in its drinking water. Calgary does not. Take a wild guess which of the two cities'children have more cavities If you said Calgary, you'd be wrong! Chew on that for a while. Despite continuing to have fluoride in their water, kids in Edmonton have more tooth decay than Calgary kids, in their baby teeth and their permanent teeth, says a University of Calgary study. But, how can that be Isn't fluoride the wonder supplement that's supposed to mean little kids will suffer less tooth decay That's what many proponents of adding fluoride to our drinking water would have you believe. They have also urged people to base their position on fluoridated water on scientific data. Finally, something we can agree on! A 2016 U of C study called Measuring the short-term impact of fluoridation cessation on dental caries in Grade 2 children using tooth surface indices shows that fluoride isn't all that it's cracked up to be.You might have guessed by the above title, that this study isn't exactly a page turner. You also might recall news coverage on this report. Pretty much the only thing mentioned in the past about this study was how there was an increase in primary tooth decay in both Edmonton and Calgary but "the magnitude of the increase was greater in Calgary" following the cessation of fluoride. What's curious is why reporting on the study stopped there.What was not widely published is that according to the very same study, the number of cavities in permanent teeth actually decreased in Calgary since fluoridation ended. You read that correctly."For all tooth surfaces among permanent teeth, there was a statistically significant decrease in Calgary ... which was not observed in Edmonton." Interesting, isn't it, that this juicy morsel from the report was never quoted So, let's recap that last paragraph. Since May 2011, when fluoride was removed from Calgary's drinking water but has remained in Edmonton's water since 1967, there has been a "statistically significant decrease in Calgary" for all tooth surfaces among permanent teeth but the same decrease did not occur in Edmonton. Drink that in slowly.Consider the following conclusion: "In permanent teeth, we elsewhere (in unpublished results) reported a decrease in caries over time in both Calgary (fluoride cessation) and Edmonton (fluoride continued), which was larger and more consistent in Calgary." The rate of improvement was better in Calgary than Edmonton.Yet there are those who want Calgarians heading to the polls on Oct. 16 to elect only candidates who will put fluoridation back on tap in Calgary. The group Calgarians for Kids'Health presented anecdotal evidence of kids with tooth decay on Sept. 25, that included presenting a mother who said: "I have a fourand-a-half-year-old here and her teeth are falling out because she didn't get fluoride from the day she was born."There is no reason why a young child's teeth should be falling out unless poor diet, disease, or a lack of dental care exists.The reason fluoride was removed from Calgary's drinking water in 2011 was because council was being asked to upgrade the fluoride-adding equipment at Calgary's Glenmore and Bearspaw water treatment facilities - something that was expected to cost between $3 million to $6 million. In addition, the city spent $750,000 annually in operational costs. The debate ensued and freedom of choice to not be medicated through our water supply was rightly chosen by most of council.Alberta Liberal MLA Dr. David Swann said recently that he's "deeply disappointed by the level of misinformation and fearmongering surrounding fluoridation. It flies in the face of 35 years of research that fluoride water treatment is a safe and effective way to protect our dental health."Swann and other proponents of fluoridation are trying to claim that the science is settled. But if you actually read recent studies about fluoridation, you will see that's not the case. A very recent University of Toronto study is linking fluoride exposure in pregnant women to lower intelligence in their children. Another meta analysis from 2012 shows 27 other reports pointing to the same potential results.If the science has been settled for 35 years, as Swann claims, why did medical experts recommend that fluoride in Calgary's water and across North America be reduced from one part per million to 0.7 ppm in 1998 Why in 2006 did the American Dental Association recommend that parents not prepare baby formula with fluoridated water, something that the Centers for Disease Control still recommendsHow can a scientist insist on medicating people when it's impossible to regulate the dose "Collectively, the literature (including our study) indicates that the impact of fluoridation cessation on dental caries is not uniformly positive or negative, but varies by time and place and sorting out the reasons for different patterns is important," states the U of C study.Ingesting fluoride, rather than having it topically painted or swished around teeth, has been linked to other negative health effects, including impacts to the thyroid, kidneys or bones. It's not fearmongering.I used to be one of those dismissive proponents of fluoride until my position was ripped out by the root when I realized fluoridated water harmed my children.Many Calgarians, including my sons, have evidence of fluorosis on their teeth. It's evident every time they smile and that makes me frown. Those chalky white blotches and streaks on their teeth are not just cosmetic. It means that their bones have been affected after fluoride was literally forced down our throats.

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It has an somewhat destructive co useful of heat, is confusing to lubricate to maintain the meals from sticking and could strengthen a warm spot somewhat. My decision is a good high quality forged iron, it extremely is heavy yet conducts warmth nicely and spreads it flippantly. Stainless with copper bottoms is marginal for boiling water whether it does sparkling somewhat. There are countless alloys on the industry that are usable as cook dinner ware. Aluminum is worse than stainless. Of the organic metals, copper is the suited conductor of heat, forged iron is my decision, spun metallic does artwork. desire this helps. never wash forged iron cookware with cleansing soap and water------What is grey water? (Ten points for most desciptive answer)?Greywater is wastewater generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing which can be recycled on-site for uses such as landscape irrigation, and constructed wetlands. 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Emergency Repairs Cost $1.2 Million
Repairs coming to Greenbrook water treatment plant and Mannheim reservoir By Melissa Murray Kitchener Post staff Repairs to the Greenbrook water treatment plant, after an explosion last spring, will cost an additional $100,000 for a total cost of $800,000, according to region documents.On April 2, a delivery of ammonia was made to the plant and was fed into the chlorine storage tanks. The mixture caused an explosion, resulting in extensive damage to the building; however, there was no effect on the region's drinking water.The money for the repairs will be taken from the region's insurance pool, before compensation can be garnered from the chemical supply company's insurance, said the region's solicitor, Debra Arnold. Before the claim is settled, the project will be put to tender in February.Repairs are expected to last four months."We'll be in discussions with the (insurance) provider with the expectation that they will be coming to the table to pay the costs associated with the rebuild," Coun. Tom Galloway said."That's not known at that point in time, but we obviously have to go forward with the renovations and repairs." Nancy Kodousek, director of water services for the region, said the repairs will be made to the facility this spring, in time for the facility to be back online for the summer when water demand increases.The cost estimate for the cleanup is $350,000, reconstruction is $400,000 and the other supporting work is $50,000.At the same time, the region has estimated another repair at the Mannheim reservoir, to cost $400,000. A pipe, partially encased in concrete, at a depth of about 7 metres, was found following a routine inspection.The amount of water lost from the leak is approximately 35 cubic metres per day, but without immediate action, according to the report, the leak could worsen and undermine the foundation of the reservoir."The facility was constructed in 1988, so things do happen over time and that's why we do our inspections on a regular basis," Kodousek said."We are proceeding with the repair work and we actually have a diver going into the Mannheim reservoir next week to investigate the extent of the leak and to look at the piping." It would normally take region staff about five months to prepare a tender for the project and as result, the repair wouldn't take place until May. Instead, the region has retained Stantec in an effort to expedite the process, with repairs completed in March.The consulting firm has suggested a bypass, to minimize interruptions.Neither of the required repairs were included in the 2015 capital budget; however, the water reserves more than cover the $400,000 cost for the Mannheim project and the full amount for the Greenbrook repairs should be obtained from the chemical supplier's insurance."The only part that might not be covered is if we do any improvements that were not part of the original design, and then there's always an argument about depreciated costs," Galloway said."All the typical arguments will be made to try to negate their responsibility ... If it's not agreeable then it could get to the point where it could be litigated." Galloway said the region has managed without the Greenbrook plant thus far, due to overlaps in capacity, which are vital in situations where there are emergencies or when repairs need to be made."The system has proven to be quite robust to supply the demand, but now that we will be ramping up demand for summer it needs to be fixed." The Greenbrook water treatment plant supplies about five per cent of the region's water to the cities, Elmira and St. Jacobs.
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Knowledge About Water Treatment | Oyster Point Historic District of Water Treatment
Oyster Point Historic District of water treatmentThe Oyster Point Historic District area within the City Point neighborhood was listed as a historic district on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1989. The Oyster Point Historic District includes 130 buildings deemed to contribute to the historic character of its 26-acre (11ha) area, and three other contributing structures. The district boundaries were drawn to include historic buildings and open area, but to exclude modern condominium buildings on the waterfront.:17The district's area was a productive oystering community during 1840 to 1925. Extensive tidal flats used to extend out from the area, but have been reduced by landfill and dredging.The district today is a cohesive neighborhood which includes a number of oystermen's houses, which is a distinct architectural style of the mid-19th century, and several Queen Anne style houses. As of the NRHP listing, the district included 108 single- or multi-family houses built during 1840 to 1925.The district includes the southern portion of a park. Bay View Park was developed in the 1890s and includes a Civil War monument. It was reduced to its current 12-acre (4.9ha) size by I-95's construction through its center. The former Boulevard Sewage Treatment plant was significant for being New Haven's first sewage treatment facility, and also was significant for its Art Deco architecture, but blocked what was formerly a shoreline drive. It was demolished to expand the Sound School's campus.:16------National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities of water treatmentThe National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities is the state collegial body subordinated to the President of Ukraine and accountable to the Parliament of Ukraine. The Commission was created by Presidential Decree 715/2014 on 10 September 2014. The commission was created to combine the previously separate National Commission for State Regulation of Public Utilities and National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities.According to the Decree of the President, the Commission:is involved in the formation and enforcement of a unified state policy in the sphere of functioning of electricity markets, natural gas, petroleum and petroleum products in the areas of heating, centralized water supply and drainage, treatment and disposal of household waste;summarizes the practice of legislation on matters within its competence, submit to the established procedure proposals to improve legislation;submit to the President of Ukraine, the Parliament of Ukraine an annual report on its activities and publishes it on its website;is responsible for licensing of economic activities in the fields of electricity, heating, centralized water supply and drainage in the oil and gas sector in accordance with the applicable legislation;approves different instructions, plans, conditions, algorithms and other documents for the execution of its tasks;sets the prices (tariffs) for electricity, for the supply of natural gas and gas (methane) of coal deposits, other tariffs;makes other actions in accordance with the Presidential Decree.------The hall and estate today of water treatmentOf the hall, only the foundations to ground floor level, and a few sections of wall, now survive. These have been consolidated and are in the care of the Peak Park Authority. On a hilltop a few hundred metres to the west of the hall ruins is the family graveyard, restored by North West Water in the 1980s.To the north of the hall is a small shrine or chapel, erected by the Grimshawe family to the memory of Miss Dolores de Ybarguen, a Spanish aristocrat who was the teacher at the estate school and governess to the Grimshaw family and who died on a visit to Lourdes. The shrine is still regularly used for private acts of devotion, intercession and remembrance.The rhododendrons planted by the Grimshawes have flourished and now have to be strictly managed.Goyt's Bridge and much of the farmland of the estate is now submerged under the waters of the Errwood Reservoir, though the old packhorse bridge after which the hamlet was named was relocated further up the valley.The hall and the surrounding area is one of the most visited parts of the Peak National Park, and is the starting point for many popular walks in the upper Goyt Valley. In recent summers it has also been the venue for a number of unofficial music festivals and rave parties.------Uses of Adrenal Steroids of water treatmentAdrenal Steroids such as glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids are commonly used as treatments in diseases such as Cogenital adrenal hyperplasia. CAH commonly causes overproduction of androgens, glucocorticoid treatment is used to reduce Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and reduce the production of androgens allowing for symptoms of CAH to be managed though treatment is required to be continued regularly for life or symptoms may return.Glucocorticoids are known to cause suppression of osteoblastic activity causing reduction in bone formation during development and cause an increased amount of bone resorption causing the breaking down of bone tissue. This commonly leads to diseases such as Osteopenia and Osteoporosis in developing humans due to reduced bone mineral density and bone volume density. However studies have shown that glucocorticoid treatment of patients that have CAH does not have major detrimental effects to bone mineral density even showing that BMD was higher in CAH patients that have undergone glucocorticoid treatment. Not much is known however about the precise mechanisms that cause glucocorticoid bone reduction.Adrenal androgens are another form of Adrenal steroids that include dehydroepiandrosterone, androstenedione, androstenediol etc. These androgens have little androgenic activity when compared to other steroids of the same name however they are most commonly converted to other androgens such as testosterone and estrogen, however the most common conversion is into estrogen making andrenal androgens very important in a developing human female.------Clark County Water Reclamation District of water treatmentThe Clark County Water Reclamation District (District) is a government wastewater treatment agency in Clark County, Nevada. As a member of the Southern Nevada Water Authority, its mission is to treat millions of gallons of wastewater that is produced every day. The District is the largest water treatment agency in Southern Nevada and is responsible for treating wastewater from unincorporated parts of Clark County within the Las Vegas Valley, including most of the Las Vegas Strip, and the communities of Blue Diamond, Moapa Valley, Indian Springs, Laughlin, and Searchlight.The district was created by judicial decree in August 1954. Prior to that time, the treatment of sewage in unincorporated Clark County was by means of cesspools, septic tanks, and several small treatment plants operated by the hotels along the Las Vegas Strip. The continuing growth of both the tourist and residential portions of the community pointed out the need for more sanitary and efficient means of treating the wastewater.The District collects and reclaims an average of 83million US gallons (310,000m3) per day of wastewater. Current plans call for expansion of the district's facility to allow for up to 110million US gallons (420,000m3) per day of wastewater to be treated, which will be needed as the Las Vegas Valley continues to grow.Other wastewater in the Las Vegas Valley is treated by individual cities that operate their own treatment facilities.------Marcel Colomb First Nation of water treatmentMarcel Colomb First Nation (MCFN), Band #328, is a First Nations Band of approximately 449 Registered Swampy Cree (Makkowak / nhinawak) and Rocky Cree (Asinskwiyiniwak) located in the area of Lynn Lake, Manitoba, Canada. Marcel Colomb First Nation is affiliated with the Swampy Cree Tribal Council.The reserve of the MCFN is called Black Sturgeon Reserve, also referred to as "Mile 21" or "the Promised Land" by its members. The reserve is located on Hughes Lake, approximately 30 kilometres (19mi) east of the town of Lynn Lake. Only 81 band members live on this reserve.The Rock Cree people of the Black Sturgeon Falls Reserve are ancestral descendants of indigenous peoples originally from Pukatawagan and other areas within the Nickel Belt. These Indigenous people have populated the Canadian Shield region of northern and central Canada since the retreat of the glaciers about 10,000 years ago.Located within the reserve is a day care centre, water treatment plant, 14 houses, band office, and many other infrastructure projects under development. Ten additional family homes are under construction at the Black Sturgeon Falls Reserve.MTS Allstream provides local phone service to the Town of Lynn Lake and Black Sturgeon Falls reserve.BCN and Shaw Cable provide TV and Broadband access, to a limited number of homes.Cell or mobile phone services may be available within the LGD of Lynn Lake, however were not present at this time.------The development of activated carbon of Other water treatment materialsThe development of activated carbon Current ecological environment worsening, people to protect the earth, green technology and green products for growing, represented by activated carbon materials application in the field of environmental protection will be further developed, its main performance for wastewater treatment, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and so on various aspects of the application. Activated carbon material production and the development of our country only at the initial stage, along with the further establishing and perfecting the laws and regulations of environmental protection and the advent of the era of green chemistry, ACF of activated carbon fiber has good prospects for development. Magic green environmental protection in order to make the activated carbon adsorption material can be more widely used in waste incineration, indoor air purification, highway tunnel and city traffic management new areas, such as the dense regions of air should be effective to reduce the cost at the same time, targeted for specific occasions and purpose was modified, make its can be better applied in environmental governance. Such as improve the carbonization and activation technology and equipment, through the preprocessing or post-processing improving the surface structure and properties of activated carbon, to make it suitable for application requirements. The above content are from Internet search, if you want to continue to know the other part of the product, please purchase encyclopedia search.------Involvement with the Greek and European Chemical Society of water treatmentWithin the Association of Greek Chemists (AGC) ( ) he holds the position of chair of the scientific department of Environment, Health and Safety at work and he is member of the board of directors of the AGC and Vice President, responsinbe for the local branches, since the elections of November 2018. From November 2015 until November 2018, he was member of the steering committee of the Regional Branch of Central and Western Macedonia of the AGC. Since 2012, he is member of the General Assembly of the Association of Greek Chemists, which meets twice a year in the headquarters of the Association of Greek Chemists in Athens.Since 2015, he is the delegate of the Association of Greek Chemists to the Division of Chemistry and Environment of the European Chemical Society. Since March 2018, he is the chairperson of the Division of Chemistry and Environment of the European Chemical Society and serves as Editor for the journal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research. and member of the editorial board for the journal sustainability (Swityerland). Since 2018, he is member of the selection committee for the historical landmarks of Chemistry, a project organized by EuChemS. He is also member of the editorial board of the EuChemS quarterly publication Chemistry in Europe. In October 2019 he was elected member of the executive board of EuChemS by the EuChemS general assembly held in Bucharest . His term ends on 31 December 2024.
Water Pressure Drop Caused by Power Outage: City
WINNIPEG - The water-service interruption that prevented many Winnipeggers from taking their Monday-morning showers or making coffee was due entirely to a power outage, the city says.The city has three pumping stations that take treated water from city reservoirs and send it into the water distribution system.All three were affected by the power outage, but only two had natural-gas backup power, city water services manager Diane Sacher told reporters this afternoon.Although two pumps switched over to their backup power supplies - one immediately and the other after a manual start-up - two pumps were not enough to meet the water demands of the morning, a peak-use time for water usage.There was low water pressure throughout the city for 20 to 30 minutes, after which time the system returned to normal, Sacher said."To our knowledge, this has never happened before," she said."People were very frustrated this morning. This really demonstrates how critical our water supply is." The city does not plan to make any changes to its water operations, but is nonetheless reviewing the incident.The city's water-treatment plant, which has its own generators, was not affected by the power outage.Wastewater treatment also was not affected, Sacher said.This morning, the outage at Manitoba Hydro's Goulet Street station also knocked out power to about 1,600 houses in old St. Boniface.Power has now been restored and the system is returning to normal.Hydro spokeswomen Anita Mitchell said the cause of the outage is under investigation.During the water outage, the city's 311 telephone line left callers listening to a busy signal as the information system struggled to deal with high call volumes.The lines were clear, with no calls in the queue, by 8:15 a.m., city spokeswoman Michelle Bailey said.
Lujiazui Breakfast: News and Views About China Stocks (Nov. 23)
Investors and traders in China's main financial district are talking about the following before the start of trade today:TIGHTENING UP: Chinese government moves to curb bank lending and inflation will likely continue to weigh on Chinese share prices, in turn dampening commodity markets. The government over the weekend announced higher bank reserve requirements and anti-inflation measures. Among large publicly traded Chinese banks, China Minsheng Banking, which trades in Shanghai and Hong Kong, fell 1.9% yesterday.COST RELIEF: Lower commodity prices this week - cotton, for instance, dropped 4% overnight -- will benefit the shares of downstream customers that have been facing narrower profits due to rising costs. Shenzhen-listed Henan Xinye Textile closed up 0.5% yesterdayCONTAGION ANXIETY: In Europe, worries about contagion beyond Ireland may be overdone. In the short-term, uncertainty may drive investors to the U.S. dollar, which would slow down the appreciation of China's currency and the Australian dollar. However, with the larger impact appearing to be limited, pressure on the renminbi doesn't ultimately seem likely to change much, traders say. U.S. IPOS: Two China companies will likely start trading in the U.S. early this week: China Xiniya, a men's apparel chain loosely compares with Hong Kong-traded China Liliang, which trades at a PE ratio of about 30; the other is Syswin, a primary market real estate brokerage that is smaller in size than U.S.-listed E-House.BILLIONAIRE ALLIANCES: Shenzhen-listed Suzhou Gold Mantis Construction Decoration, whose billionaire chairman Zhu Xingliang ranked no. 116 on the China Rich List this year, said it has forged an agreement with Evergrande Real Estate Group to provide about 3 billion yuan of interior construction materials. Hui Ka Yan, chairman of Evergrande, ranked no. 11 on our list, with $4.2 billion of wealth. Likewise, Shenzhen-listed Zhejiang Yasha Decoration, whose chairman Ding Xinxinranked no.65 with wealth of $1.4 billion on the 2010 Forbes China Rich List, said the company has forged a similar agreement with Evergrande, whose shares trade in Hong Kong.ADVERTISING GAINS: In new among U.S.-traded companies from China, Focus Media said today net income for the third quarter reversed to $112.7 million, compared with a loss of $127.6 million a year earlier. Third-quarter net profit more than quadrupled from $25.3 million for the second quarter of 2010. The third quarter of 2010 includes a non-recurring income of $79.0 million resulting from the sale of our Internet business. Net revenue for the third quarter of 2010 was $137.4 million.RINO WOES: Shares in water treatment equipment supplier RINO remained suspended in the U.S. yesterday. The company said selected financial information in its financial reports in 2008-2010 "should no longer be relied on."TISHMAN SPEYER: Shanghai Chengtou Holding, a Shanghai-listed developer that is 56% owned by the city government, said its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Chengtou Real Estate Group has signed joint venture to developer a project with Tishman Speyer in Shanghai, local reports said. The joint venture will include residential, commercial and office buildings.NEW SHARES: Shenzhen-listed Guangdong Electric Power Development will issue 988 million new shares at 6.11 yuan each to parent company Guangdong Electric Power Group in exchange for its stakes in seven power companies, the company said today. During times of price controls, government-controlled utilities may be limited in their ability to pass on higher costs, hurting shareholders.WATCH OUT, STARBUCKS? Taipei-traded shares in Gourmet Master jumped on their first day of trading yesterday. The company operates in China under the "85C" brand. It has shaken up the Chinese coffee and bakery business with pastry and is popular with young city dwellers, and will use part of its IPO receipts to expand in China.HK IPO: Goodbaby International Holdings, China's large baby carriage retailer, is scheduled to begin trading tomorrow.CHINA LISTINGS: Three companies will begin trading today in China.Three companies will begin trading at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange tomorrow:*Chongqing Fuling Zhacai Group (002507), a producer of pickles. The company sold 40 million of new shares at 13.99 yuan each this month.*Hangzhou Robam Appliances (002508), a manufacturer of kitchen products such as cooker hoods, gas stoves, and cookers. The company sold 40 million new shares offered at 24 yuan each this month.*Fujian Tianguang Fire-Fighting (002509), a supplier of fire-fighting equipment. The company sold 25 million new shares at 20.19 yuan each this month.HEADLINES: Here are today's main headlines from the front page of the Shanghai Securities News:--Hong Kong stock market will begin trading at 9:30 from March 7 next year, the same as in China--China's prices control measures shocks speculators prices of agricultural products fall--China Banking Regulatory Commission: strictly prevent credit funds speculating on agricultural productsFor the Chinese-language edition of Lujiazui Breakfast, please click here.- With reporting by Maggie Chen
Why Is the Boiling Water Treatment Required?
I am not a chemist so I can be super detailed but I worked with boilers a long time and I did work in the water lab on a US ship that used boilers for their plant.First thing it does it put a protective film on the metal of the boiler. The film is created by a reaction between the treatment chemical and the metal. This layer prevents oxygen pitting corrosion by stopping addional free radical Oxygen atoms from attacked the metal. This recation does cause a slight loss in metal but it's very little and does not have to happen again unless the surface is physically disturbed.The second thing it does is help disolved solids precipitate to the bottom in the water. This can make boiler blow downs more effective since there is a higher concentration of solids at the bottom of the boiler .I've seen boilers (civilian industrial) that used chemical treatment and had more scale buildup than those that did not use chemical treatment. Chemical treatment isnt a fix all solution to some problems. Sometimes the water has impurities that can not be economicly removed. Sometimes the boiler is not blown down enough. I do not know if I would say boiler water treatment is always required. Inspections are required and changes are required based on those inspections.Why is the boiling water treatment required?1. 92w - Water treatment specialist?they have to have someone dive with the airborne so when they get on the ground they can have fresh water2. does all water (like tap water n other water) come from its city's water treatment plant?Most water that you drink in the United States, whether tap or bottled, is from a municipal(city) source. The FDA regulates this extremely well! Because of the well-regulated system, many companies simply tap into their city's water and bottle it. They then send it to local stores or around the country.3. kindly suggest a name of company related to water treatment ?Ameriflow in Arizona manufactures some excellent products. Have owned them for years4. wat r all the steps that your drinking water follows as it flows through a water treatment facility.Please ignore the other response. The person is clueless and gave you steps to WASTE WATER treatment. DRINKING water treatment involves taking a surface water (lake, river, etc) or groundwater and removing any potential contaminants that may have adverse health affects as well as aesthetic effects (staining clothes, dishes). Surface water treatment involves: 1) Screening-removal of debris 2) Preoxidation-addition of chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, potassium permanganate to partially or fully disinfect the water and improve the other treatment processes 3) Coagulation/Flocculation/Sedimentation-this process settles out suspended particles in the water to improve filtration 4) Filtration-the most important water treatment process...provides a physical barrier for waterborne pathogens 5) Disinfection-the final addition of a disinfectant followed by chlorine or chloramines to keep the water pathogen free in distribution 6) Distribution-the water is pumped to your home, sometimes additional chemicals are added to the distribution system to protect piping from corrosion Hope this helps.5. Only fish i have left is a algae eating fish so i'm wondering if I can stop using the water treatment stuff?You need something to neutralise any chlorine, so switch to a plain water conditioner like chlorine. You should not need to use any chemicals to control algae. Adjusting light, keeping the water clean etc will reduce algae growth. Ian6. Who or what is affected by water treatment?Think about two kinds of water treatment: 1. For domestic use. Yeah. Water is treated prior to being sent to homes where it is tapwater. So you are affected. 2. Wastewater treatment. Yeah. Water coming in from the sewers is "settled" then treated before its release into the environment. You are affected if you go to the beach (or generally if you swim where the treated effluent is released).7. Waste water treatment plant remove As,Cr and Cu.?complex aspect. research over bing and yahoo. this will help!8. Whats the best way to remove sodium from tap water? I have ppm levels of sodium from the local water treatmentRemoving levels that low will cause other problems such as acidity, bacterial contamination, and of course cost. Many people pay extra for the sodium in bottle spring water
B.C. First Nation Latest to Take Control of Water Problems
A small but growing number of First Nations are finding unique ways to tackle a huge problem.For decades, First Nations have been plagued by a lack of clean drinking water,an issue many blame oncrumbling infrastructure and chronic underfunding.Among more than 600 First Nations across Canada, the federal government said 127 were under drinking water advisories as of December 2016.Some advisories have been in place for over 20 years. Doubt remains in feds' 5-year timeline to bring safe water to First Nations communities Members of the Lytton First Nation can now drink straight from their taps, thanks to a mobile, state-of-the-art water treatment plant that fits on the back of a truck.The First Nation- located around 150kilometres north of Vancouver - installed the plant on one of its reserves in 2016, ending decades of boil-water advisories.The plant was built in alab at the University of British Columbia by RES'EAU-WaterNET, a project working to find breakthroughs in engineeringthat can be applied to clean water development."Now the people can drink their water at will," said Jim Brown, Lytton's recently retired water manager. "It means a lot. The people don't have to go elsewhere to pack water or buy water, and it's good for the kids."Working 'hand-in-hand'Lytton First Nation has more than 2,000 members, around half of which live on small reserves scattered along the Fraser and Thompson rivers.Those reserves are serviced by 10 separate water systems, most of which have been under periodic water advisories for years because of aging infrastructure or contamination from things like rain or spring run-off.In 2010, Brown said Indigenous Affairs turned down a $1.3-million quote from an engineer to upgrade the water plant on the Nickeyeah reserve, which has just six houses.The response from Indigenous Affairs, Brown said, was a partnership between the First Nation and RES'EAU-WaterNET.RES'EAu-WaternNET began community consultations in 2013, backed by funding from the federal government and another group called IC-IMPACTS,an initiativebringingexperts from Canada and India together "to work hand-in-hand to find solutions to the key challenges that affect the quality of life of millions of people," theirwebsitesays.Construction of the plant was was completed in 2015, for less than half of the $1.3-million quoted earlier.Tailored solutionThe treatment system was created with local geography in mind. It draws water from a nearby creek, which was identified and tested in co-operation with community members.It was designed and built in a lab at the University of British Columbia, by RES'EAU-WaterNET engineer Madjid Mohseni. It was funded by IC-IMPACTS and used input garnered from community members and elders during the consultation phase.But it was designed to be smaller - fitting in a shipping container - and easier to use than larger, often more expensive treatment facilities.Taking controlLytton isn't alone in looking for unique solutions to their water problems.The Liberal government has vowed to end drinking water advisories in First Nations communities within five years, but a group of Ontario First Nations isn't waiting for that to happen. Trudeau vows to end First Nations reserve boil-water advisories within 5 years Five northern communities now have access to clean drinking water, thanks to a First Nations-led initiative called the Safe Water Project, which trains and certifies local water operators, provides operational support for water systems and deploys state-of-the-art technology to monitor water quality in real time."We wanted to take control of it."AlternativesThe Safe Water Project is now working with 19 First Nations in northwestern Ontario and has helped lift five boil-water advisories. Several more are expected to be lifted in 2017, including one on North Spirit Lake First Nation that has been in place for over 15 years. Bad water: Innovative solution for remote northern Ontario First Nations Safe drinking water on First Nations gets $4M boost from federal government What the project can't do is fix aging infrastructure, which is up to the federal government. However, certified water operators and real-time monitoring can make new treatment plants last much longer, Burke said."It's too bad that this wasn't rolled out years ago."InLytton, they're encouraging other communities to look at their example."The more people look at alternatives, the better off First Nations will be," Brown said. First Nations teen solves remote community's drinking water problems
What One Process Removes Most of the Cryptosporidium Parasite at a Municipal Water Treatment Plant?
AND CHLORINATED 5-8 MG P/GAL . WASTE WATER IS taken care of by utilising FLUSHING AT A fee OF a minimum of 500 GAL. USABLE WATER to a million GAL. WASTE WATER (WASTE WATER is seen SEWAGE WASTE WATER examined AS NON unsafe cloth content WATER THAT HAS examined AT > 1200 PPM FROM storage TANK IN PRE-FILTRATION technique).1. water treatment?in the adventure that your water tastes good incredible out of the faucet, then that is high quality to brew with. do no longer problem approximately including something till you have some batches decrease than your belt and you are searching for a particular pH or water hardness. till then, nix the campden and use faucet water as long because it tastes stable. the only element you may desire to problem approximately is optimal sanitation, and there are a number of web content that might assist you with that. i've got tried each and every sanitizer available, and the finest and maximum inexpensive continues to be generic bleach. blend a million tsp in 5 gallons of cool water, sanitize each and everything, rapid rinse, then you definitely are stable to circulate. RDWHAHB.2. Does polluting/wasting water result in global warming? How? EASY 10 POINTS!?Does polluting/wasting water result in global warming? a bit How? energy used in water treatment What are some good choices we can make about treat water/ water systems(drinking water, lakes, rivers, agriculture, marine life)??? use less. fix the amount needed by the ecosystem before giving out permits to take water for human use. regulate levels of nutrients and chemicals allowed in water re-released into rivers etc. re-use sewage water ( yes i know eeewwww but not once it has gone through all the sewage treatment and then the water purification - its fine, londoners have been drinking it for years). what are some negative consequences that will arise due to misuse of water systems? google 'murray darling river' (australia - it hasnt been reaching the sea through the latest drought - ecological devastation).3. I have an above ground pool and need to know details about what chemicals to use?!?Take some good advise. Take a sample of water to the nearest pool supply store. Most pool supply stores have plastic bottles just for this purpose. They will test the water and help you with the chemicals you need and how to use them. The chlorine tablets are designed to dissolve slowly, sometimes taking weeks. Use test strips once a week along with having your water tested a couple times a year to help you understand what chlorine adjustments need to be made. Taking care of a pool is rather simple once you understand water treatment. Year two will be even easier. You will fine that more chlorine is needed during the hot parts of summer. You will almost always need to shock the water after a good rain.4. In waste water treatment, after chemical treatment why stagnant semi treated water became black colour?In chemical treatment of wastewater, the pollutants which are chemically oxidizable are reduced by chemical oxidation. However, there are certain other bacterial pollutants which can only be removed by biological treatment. Generally, sewage is termed as 'black water' which is mainly composed of bacterial contamination due to human excreta/urine. Hence, the semi treated wastewater may be subjected to undergo biological treatment to produce acceptable colorless final effluent5. a question on water treatment?HAHAHA... I have the same questions! Although, I think the pH does lower.. according to my notes anyway... and so far.. I am guessing that floc can be formed in distilled water, but should not ! as for the control.. no idea.. that's the one thing my prof said in class that i missed... I have to answer this myself soon anyway.. so if you or I get an answer.. we should post it here!6. What are the benefits of water treatment?800 million people in this world don't have clean water to drink. From that group 1000 children under five years old die every single day. For those that have it, the benefits of water treatment is that literally 2. 5 million children a year don't die of water born illness. That's not even counting the many adults that would die from untreated water.I believe strongly that one of the most important things we can do for the poor is to provide them with a clean source of water. A couple of groups that do good work in this area are Water for People and World Vision. It only costs about $50 to provide clean water for a person for an entire year through these organizations.Water treatment should truly be considered one of the great modern technological achievements, having saved more lives than many medicines or medical procedures. We shouldn't forget though that not everyone has this luxury.What are the benefits of water treatment?
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