Oliver Cromwell Led an English Invasion of Ireland Primarily To?

Neither. Itv was to stop an invasiion by Hitlers son to take ober the British Isles

1. what is the difference between an led lcd tv and just plain led?? which is better ?

Also, there is more than one kind of LED backlighting. Edge LED backlighting just has LEDs around the edge of the picture, sometimes leading to a brighter band around the perimeter of the picture. The second type, much preferred, is full LED backlighting, not just around the edge. Also more expensive. Edge LED lit TVs are often inferior to the older fluorescent backlighting

2. What was the biggest factor that led to The Beatles eventual split?

John Lennon was burned out and ready for something new

3. Has a Democrat ever led America into war?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. - World War 2Abraham Lincoln (debatable whether you count Republicans before the switch as Democrats) - Civil War.Woodrow Wilson - World War 1

4. Is forgiveness really as important as we are led to believe?

Holding on to past hurt is only going to ruin your life. No one else.The people you are mad at move on in the end. They live life while you are still stuck in the past justifying anger by pointing fingers. I get it being hurt sucks bad. . we all go through it though. That is life you will be hurt and you will hurt. There is no way around it.Forgiveness is up to you my friend and if it is important is also up to you. But trust me.. it is a very heavy feeling.All hurts carry life lessons, you will miss those precious lessons if you keep pain in your heart.

5. Are you content with the performance of the Modi led BJP government so far?

I am more than happy and will definitely vouch for BJP in the upcoming electionsI do not want to bore you all with the macroeconomic statistics of how India performed better under the NDA government.I will explain using my personal experiences.My personal benifits from NDA government will give u a better idea . I am content with the working of the present central government for the following reasonsIIT SEAT - with the opening of new IITS in 2015 my brother was able to get the prestigious tag ofan IITIAN and save embarassment from my relatives.Demonetisation - while I was waiting in a big line outside an ATM I Happened to bump into a old friend of mine with whom I had not been in touch since 6 years. ( Now we chat almost every day ) and I do not have to be constantly worried of forgetting my wallet whenever I go out because many shops/restaurants accept payment via paytm. GST - My father is a wholesaler so we had to pay vat , Sales tax etc etc .we had to hire a tax professional to audit all the accounts and bills and my mother used spend whole nights sitting late up in the night crossverfiying the hand written Bills. After GST due to evething becoming so simple we installed softwares (GST N and tally ) and made everything online so we stopped to hire tax professionals and my mother now happily watches her favourite TV serials . WATER TO MY SMALL TOWN - Thanks to the alliance between my state's government ruled by TDP and BJP. The central government sanctioned funds to complete interlinking of Krishna river and Godavari river . This project is first of its kind in India and brings water to my doorstep via a canal. (Handrineeva canal)REASECH FELLOWSHIP - Students from IITS and IISC are eligible to recieve around 70000 per month if they continue their PHD in India under the prime minister fellowship programme.I have a decent CGPA that makes me eligible for this scholarship so this secures my future if I have plans to continue my higher education in India.Cheap flight connectivity between Patna and Bangalore. Initially there were no direct flights to Bangalore and I had to shell out 8000 bucks for a flight that takes me to Bangalore in 6 hours . After the launch of UDAN SCHEME by the NDA government that incentivises flight operaters to operate flights at a subsidized cost I can happily reach Bangalore within two hours from Patna by shelling out just 2000 bucks only .I am more than happy and will vouch for BJP in the 2019 general electionsTHANKS FOR A2A.

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Multiple Buttons Activating Different Methods for an LED Strip
Inside each inner loop, just test the switches and return if they are pressed.eg.If that does not help please explain the nature of this "trouble".You may need to debounce the switch presses. And you may need to wait for them to release the switch, eg1. Push button to make a LED strip pulse?NO ! Unless to design one2. what does a transformer actually do for a LED strip light?Provides the correct voltage3. RGB LED strip, powered by an ATX PSU and controlled by PWM, makes my speakers buzz with Arduino connected by USBPlease use an opto-isolated device to trigger or replace the FETs and share your results.This will isolate the (ATX1 FET LED) circuit from the (ATX2 Arduino speakers) circuit.Edit: The power supplies are SMPS operating at different frequencies. You have tied their grounds together and are grounding signals from one through the other. The speakers' V- (ATX1 ATX2) is fluctuating at a different frequency than its V (ATX2 only) so, you hear noise. You may have overlooked that the monitor is grounded through it's own power cable and ATX2 (via the video cable).4. 24V supply run 12V 3014 LED strip in series; help with resistors for seriesSorry, but it is too hard to read your very long text. Using resistors to regulate current for a strip is a waste of time and power and will generate a lot of heat.If you have 12 V LEDs then use a 12 V power supply. If you have a 24 V DC supply then you need a voltage regulator to drop the voltage to 12 V. A buck converter would be the most efficient way5. Why constant current led strip can be 20meters?it have constant currecnt ic,so,can keep the current do not change,so,same brightness from start to the end? i know Starwire can make 10 20 30 50 meters/roll,Michael Chan who send the constant current information with facebook.Why constant current led strip can be 20meters?6. How to use a digital RGB LED Strip?As far as I understand the DAT (Green wire) is a digital data wire. Try the following: 1. VCC to 5V pin 2. GND to GND pin 3. DAT to 2 Digital pin.Then try to change the state of the 2 digital pin from high to low and see if anything happens... That's what I would start out with.7. Am I using the right resistors with these MOSFETs for an ESP8266 controlled LED strip?If you are using mosfets you can get rid of those 220ohm resistors. And if you are sure that your ESP outputs always are going to have a determinated logic state (0 or 1) even you can delete the 10k pulldown resistors. Remember that fet transistors does not require current but voltage.8. How to secure flimsy wires from RGB LED strip in Arduino Uno breadboard?If you really want to avoid soldering, you can use terminal blocks like these to connect stranded wires to a breadboard...They are cheap and widely available. Alternately, you also just get some 22 gauge solid (non-stranded) wire or breadboard jumper wire, strip one end and twist the stranded lead onto it. Cover the joint with some electrical tape, and you now have something with a nice end to stick into the breadboard.9. Help choosing a transistor to drive an LED strip from a Raspberry PiYou can go for any Logic Level Mosfets (I usually go for N-channel) to control such high-powered loads such as the LED strip that you were stating.Google any Logic Level N-Channel Mosfets that are available in your place. They usually have "L" in them e.g. IRL540, IRL2203N, etc. Check their datasheet to know how much current they can handle and parallel them accordingly. Note: the L in the circuit I posted is connected to your RPi or any microcontroller10. question about led strip to home power?LED strips use 12 V, which means you need a step-down transformer and a DC supply. I suggest showing to an electrician, before use. He/she will easily check and let you know. *it is also possibly designed for the mains, but that is not recommended for a fish tank at that high voltage, directly.
Which Is Safer to Drink, Tap Water Or Bottled Water?
Which is safer to drink, tap water or bottled water?It depends on the tap. If it is a public tap, or the water is off-colour, go with bottled water. If you are worried about tap water in your own house, go to your chemist and see if they sell a "universal indicator", which will tell you if your water is safe to drink or not— — — — — —What is your favorite bottled water brand?nah they are not SUPPOSED to taste the same or else there would be no competition, they use different methods of filtrations, sources, etc etc... h20 = h20 but human = human, ya dig? and for people who say bottled water is a waste, continue drinking the crappy water utility companies provide for you which has been tested to have so many different chemicals in it from people flushing their pharms down the toilet among many many many many other things... now, in my long experience of drinking bottled water i always thought dasani was kinda awkward tasting, someone mentioned voss is okay, fiji is okay, aquafina meh, smart water actually is good and seems to make me pee quick (which i take to mean it is hydrating me quicker) but the best tasting water i have found honestly... evian...good shiznit. also perrier with lime is fun.— — — — — —Consumer culture - Bottled water?Consumer culture is extremely wastefull. The plastic, bottling and transport, all requires energy. If the water is safe to drink out of a tap, do it.— — — — — —Water Poll: Is drinking bottled water a healthy alternative to tap water?i drink bottled water because my tap water has an awful after-taste— — — — — —what's the deal with bottled water specifically for baby? what makes it different?Nothing. It is filtered water with vitamins and minerals such as flouride (for baby's teeth) added. Unless your water is well water, the faucet pours out the same stuff. I did not buy bottled water for my daughter and would not when my new babe comes either. (waste of money)— — — — — —What happens to bottled water that grocery stores leave outside in the sun?Nothing, really.I suppose that animals, insects and birds could contaminate the outside of the bottles more.But as far as the purity of the water, there should be no problem. Iu2019ve assumed that you are talking days not years. Bottle manufacturers would be more knowledgeable about long term exterior storage of their bottles.What happens to bottled water that grocery stores leave outside in the sun?.— — — — — —Water filtration devices. Do they save money in the long run over bottled water?neither placed tap water in a pitcher jug or bottle interior the refrigerator. drink interior of a few days. the concern about bottled water is that chemical substances interior the plastic get into the water. at the same time as they say such issues as "an perfect factor", I initiate to pressure about who comes to a decision what factor of toxins is optimal for me to drink.— — — — — —Is it okay to give a cat bottled water?Yes - but why go to the expense! My cat is happy with tap water, and also drinks from my little garden pond— — — — — —Do you drink bottled water or tap?bottled water.... most of the time..... and tap water .....rarely— — — — — —Bottled water vs filtered tap water?filtered water is way better. stay away from bottled water my doctor even told me to stay away from it it is not good at all for your health. if you can always drink filtered water idk why water taste so differently i guess its the way the clean the water or what solvents they use— — — — — —Can Bottled Water Go Bad?Yes the plastic can begin to break down— — — — — —is tap water REALLY that bad for you in comparison to bottled water?I drink only tap water, filtered (I have no idea whether the filter does any good or not). I keep bottled water in the refrigerator for visiting family & friends who swear by it. That way everybody's happy. One daughter in law only drinks Perrier. OK Perrier in the refrigerator when I know she is coming— — — — — —New Puppy! Bottled Water??????no it is not weird i give my dog only bottle water— — — — — —Does our increasing demand for bottled water also drive up the cost of oil?Of course it does. And why is there such a demand for bottled water? Talk about bogus marketing
What Factors Does LED Colour Depend On?
It depends on the material which is used as a semiconducting element of LEDs. Mostly alloys are used and a small change in its composition can also change the color emitted• Other QuestionsHow on earth was Hitler able to take over most of Europe and literally half of Russia? Did he have an ultra advanced and super superior military?No. He did it all one by one, expanding Germanys resources during the process.When the task became to heavy for Germany, it was all over.Ive written it before: the main problem was his ill strategy.------Why is Trump so adamant about not removing Confederate names from Army bases, even though the Senate Armed Services Committee, led by a Republican, voted to do so? Do you agree with Trump or the Senate?I imagine the real reason is just that it's something the far left wants, so by refusing to do it he annoys them without really having to do anything. If it were JUST a Republican Senate committee asking for this he'd probably just sign off on the name change and forget about it------What makes quantum mechanics so interesting?Somethings make it interesting, because these are very different from classical physics -Uncertainty principleWave particle DualityExtremely hard (non) determinismThen there is non-locality, which makes it just hyped and weird and non-sense, almost a hoax------Is it right to divide Jammu Kashmir in two parts?Yes it is much needed. Though i am feeling bad for Jammu. It should have been declared as Union Territory.Just because few districts of Kashmir Valley both Jammu and Ladakh are suffering economically------If a soldier used a huge LED light in an attempt to blind the enemy, will it make a difference?Well if there's only one of the enemy you may have gained the upper hand.However if there are many of the enemy, you just lit yourself up as a big target------Can I use 0.5 led on a 0.7 mechanical pencil?No, you cant.Since the 0.7 mm pencil was designed for a 0.7 mm lead, the 0.5 mm lead would slip through the tip. The lead wouldnt stay in place if you tried to write anything, and it might even fall out of the pencil------Masood Azhar is declared a global terrorist. Is it India's diplomatic victory?Indisputably its a diplomatic victory for India. But the benefit must be shared with the countries like France , the UK and the US, who devised a way to take on China, the lone dissenting veto holder against the UNs resolution on masood Azhar------What's a chain restaurant you'd like to try but there are none by you?None really. Over the years Ive been interested in trying places like 5 guys, Shake Shack, and In-N-Out. Theyre all fine, but none have ever rocked my world, so I dont spend much time anticipating new chains coming in------If the voltage across a diode reads 5v when the voltage source is 5v, is the circuit open or close?It is reversed biased with no current flow and open.If it is forward biased then there would be a .6V - .7V drop on the diode, current will flow and the circuit will be closed.------How true is Arun Jaitley's latest claim that demonetization led to the formalization of the Indian economy & expanded India's tax base? Are the numbers hiding the costs associated with the gains?Without mincing words, let me state that the worst finance minister the planet has seen is this worthyHe would have done justice to the law ministry perhapsIt speaks volumes for the PM of this countryMere verbose will not serve the purpose------Should the utility company that shut off a woman's power, which led to her death, be charged with manslaughter?It would be more beneficial for the family to file a wrongful death suit. If they did that they would get the money upon success. If the state filed criminal charges, since a company cant serve time in jail, they could only pay a fine. The fine would go to the state.------Have the Romans ever tried to take revenge on the Parthians for Crassus' death after the battle of Carrhae?Beyond the excellent warlike explanations, during the Principality of Augustus, the Parthians returned the captured insignia to Crassus, as well as the remaining prisoners. They also allowed a Roman puppet king in Armenia. A great diplomatic victory for Augustus, he even allowed himself to mint coins under the title: ARMENIA CAPTA.------How can I connect my Samsung galaxy J7 to my HD TV?You can use a HDMI cable orYou can just cast your j7s screen with T.V. you will find cast screen option in device settings.P.S.- Cast screen and screen mirroring is same.------Who was Galactus' most powerful herald?There are a Lot of Powerful Characters that became Galactuss Heralds: King Thor, Tyrant, Worty Black Surfer (or Infinity Black Surfer), even SupermanBut the Strongest Heralds that Galactus ever obtained areAunt May and Uncle Ben------Why isn't the Liberal Democrat Party effective in the UK?The leader was a liability Paddy Ashdown was their only asset.He is to busy now digesting his own hat.Clegg has reduced the party to a nowhere party.Nowhere to go the show is over now.------Why do people give their children weird names like Shanequessa?2 words: Civil RightsAnd they are parents, its their child.Someone even named their child the symbol @ in Africa. AmazingAnd a full name of Batman Bin Suparman i. India. Very funny that was.------Will Robert Mueller get Donald Trump impeached?Robert Mueller isnt trying to get Trump impeached. His charge is to investigate certain alleged acts, and issue a report. What Congress dos with that report is within their purview, not his. They are the interpreters and enforcers of the Constitution, not him------What was there in the universe before the Big Bang? If nothing, then where did all this matter come from?Before Big Bang was the Big Crunch, before which the universes contraction, before which universes expansion, before which universes Big Bang and so on until infinity.Only thing we have to understand, universe is not a specific body, but a holistic reference of all without exception, taken together------Whom would you rate as a fitter cricketer between the current Virat Kohli and Kapil Dev at his peak?virat kholi why past is past kapildev records over but the worl best batsman some recorden done in our kholi so kholi is in top and most of matches internationaland local india won only failure captain rcb bangalore ipl match the team is not good selected people------What will be the death of fortnite?Definately a new game that would offer something better than Fortnite is giving. Maybe a better engine, like it happened for ARMA2:DAYZ->h1z1->pubg or a new concept that makes the game unique in some way, like Fortnite did with their free to play------What are the differences between the current world order led by the USA, and the old world order that was led by Great Britain? If you had to choose, which one would you like to live in?Pre World War II world order was led by Britain and Germany and the Post - World War II was led by US and Russia presently it is US and China. Present day is better with ease of travel, ease of work and advances in the medical field------Was the fate of Valyria avoidable in Game of Thrones?Sure. It seems all they had to have done was not cause untold horrific misery for likely millions of people via mass enslavement and endless aggressive warfare. In the end they reaped what they sowed and earned every bit of it - their own greed and cruelty led them there------How much money do quantum physicists make?Most physicists can expect benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, health insurance, and a retirement plan.In Minnesota, the median wage for physicists is $36.88 per hour, or $6,391 per month for a full-time worker. Half of all physicists earn between $31.78 and $49.10 per hour, or between $5,507 and $8,509 per month.follow to get quick answer------Do you expect there to be more or less protests and rioting in the streets depending on who wins the next election?More if Trump wins, the same if Biden wins. These riots really arent tied to a Presidential administration. Rioting before having any facts has been in vogue for around 5 years or so. Once the facts come in, we find that the rioters jumped the gun------Why is there no Prime Minister from Maharashtra even after 7 decades?We Indians are obsessed with regionalism , caste ism, and are always looking things from these narrow angles. How does it matter from where is the P.M.? M.Ps. are there to see the development of the region. State govts. and chief minister is there to govern the state. Morarji Desai was half Maharashtrian.------What was the connection between Socrates and Plato?Plato was a student of Socrates whose work is largely based on the Socratic method of questioning. Nothing would be known of Socrates as he did not write anything down, but through Plato and other students his method, and the manner of his execution is known------How does an LED display produce a "black color"?Black is an absence of light. So, black means completely off. the LEDs are mounted on top of a very absorbent (or black) background, so little ambient light is reflected from the background------What is the meaning of Black Panther's call in Avengers: Infinity War? He says something that sounds like "ebomback" to the Wakandan Army before they battle with the aliens.Yibambe, that's the battle cry T'challa chants before the outriders are led inside the shield.Yibambe in Xhosa, a language which originated in South Africa, means hold Fast, it has also been said to roughly mean hold Strong------How do I blink an LED 120 times per second?The other answers while they will work are far from simple. The simplest way is to full wave rectify the 60 Hz line and use an appropriate resistance in series with it. Total 5 components no programming and it. Is accurate.------What caused the Ghana Empire to fall?Ghana was combined in the kingdom of Mali in 1240 marking the end of the Ghana Empire. A tradition in historiography maintains that Ghana fell when it was sacked by the Almoravid movement in 107677, although Ghanaians resisted attack for a decade. but this interpretation has been questioned.------Do Brits like Nigel Farage? Was he the one who led the Brexit movement?Thats him, yes. he is front of all the other lemmings as they leap off the cliffs of Dover. We love a strong leader here. It means we can ignore our own stupidity. Sorry, must dash, lemmings all round me------Are LED Christmas lights better?Not sure better than what, but they do cost less to run, are brighter, which may not be a bonus. They tend to come with higher end sets that have a lot of programs, if this interests you. So they arent blinding, stick with less than 3000 kelvins.------Can I turn a normal LED TV to a smart LED TV by adding any circuit/gadget?No, each of the smart TVs has an operating system in addition to a tuner. Roko, Apple, Google Chromcast and soon YouTube will be added to Google Android OS. But who knows, today's no can be a yes tomorrow.------What was the saddest Star Trek episode (any series)?The episode where Jean-Luc was taken over by an alien beam and experienced a new life with a wife/kids/grandkids on a dying planet. He woke up after 20 minutes when the people he met on the planet told him they knew their planet was doomed and wanted Picard to carry on their memory------Will the GOP led Senate's abandonment of the filibuster for judicial nominations haunt them in 2020 or 2022?I agree with other answers here who point out that it was Democrat Harry Reid who, while he was majority leader in the Senate, abandoned the 60% cloture rule on judicial nominees. The questioner is therefore under the delusion that it started with the Trump administration when it really started when Democrats last controlled the Senate------Girls in India these days are focused a lot on sexual gratification. It wasn't like this during the 1990s (my teenage years). Girls then were totally different and focused on love and romance. Only the guys wanted sex. What has led to this change?I would like add here that easy availability of contraceptives allowed women to express their supressed sexual urges without the fear of pregnancy and it's social effects . Men never had to face the pregnancy scare that all women encounter in such situation------What evidence led to the assumption that SARS-Cov-2 is a new virus?Sequence data is what it takes to determine that it is a new virus. Initial testing showed that it was either SARS or closely related to SARS and only genetic sequence can prove or disprove that------What were the main problems with the Articles of Confederation that led to the Constitutional Convention of 1787?The Articles of Confederation created little more than an alliance between 13 different states. Our people were more united than that, and petty differences were threatening to spin our small states into conflicts that lacked anything but very local substance.The Constitution was created by the people to create one nation and resolve these petty differences.------If you were going to open a theme restaurant based on a Led Zeppelin song, what would you name the restaurant and what would you have on the menu?Whole Lotta Love & it would serve good old fashioned home cooked style food, with plenty on the plate so customers dont leave hungry. Maybe a different themed menu every day, like American comfort food, Piles of Pasta Italian food, Southern recipe items, etc, etc, etc------The Big Bang could very well have happened within an area which was already occupied by matter. Has anyone hypothesised on this?I just cant imagine the Universe at one cubic light year after the Big-Bang, even if it was expanding faster than the speed of light. Too much in there for me------What was the deadliest event in WW2?The deadliest events in WWII was the battle of Stalingrad with combined military and civilian casualties of nearly 2 million, and the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings that killed 90,000146,000 people in Hiroshima and 39,00080,000 in Nagasaki------Donald Trump says I.S. leader Abu Al-Baghdadi "died like a dog" and a "coward". Is it appropriate for an American president to say this?Killing people is a solemn business even with creeps like Al-Baghdadi.To cheer about it like a five-year-old who just got on base in his first T-ball game is disgusting and so far beneath the President of the United States that I have no other words to describe it------What is the Led Zep song 'Custard Pie' about?Custard Pie is about ing. Pussy. Licking pussy. Plain and simple. At the Kennedy Center Honors Jack Black said that Zep wrote songs about Vikings and sex and vikings having sex. Zep songs that aren't about Hobbits and plundering are about ing and pussy. Straight up------Is America slowly turning into an oligarchy?Originally Answered: Is the US becoming an oligarchy? If so, what has led to this?Two part question:Answer to first question is yes, with Trump as Oligarch-in-Chief.Answer to second question is Trump has led us to this brink of dictatorship. Its closer than you might think------
P10 Outdoor Sport Stadium Football Perimeter LED Display with Magnesium Alloy Cabinet
P10 Outdoor Sport Stadium Football Perimeter LED Display with Magnesium Alloy CabinetOutdoor P10 SMD LED DisplayFor sport stadium project, it will request outdoor or indoor led screen to show led billboard under it's sport match. For our P10 outdoor fence perimeter led display, it's popular for football match and basketball match to show many company's logo or name. We here now have P10 outdoor with magnesium alloy cabinet, aluminum cabinet and iron cabinet for your choice. Features of our Football Stadium LED Wall:1. From the top of the perimeter cabinet, it covers with rubber foam, which can protect the athlete from hurting.2. For the cabinet, it can be supply with different raw material, including Iron & aluminum cabinet with 1280x1280mm or 1280x960mm or 960x960mm cabinet size, magnesium alloy aluminum cabinet with 960x960mm to meet the customers' budget and led display working environment. 3. For the front side of the led modules, it covers with soft mask, which can protect the led lamp not to broke and the athlete not to get hurt.4. For the bottom of the back side, it has stand brackets to support the cabinets with different angle adjustable to show the led billboard to the audiences and fans.5. High contrast, high refresh rate without scanning lines, good for the HD Camera to do the live broadcasting. 6. High waterproof with IP65 and high brightness up to 6500nits-7000nits to ensure the clear pictures even under the sunshine day.7. Supper light weight with about 35kg/sqm for a cabinet, both function for a cabinet for sport perimeter led events and for a rental stage events sometimes.8. Meet the EUFA/FIFA standard, we are Outdoor Fence LED Display Supplier. Specification of Stadium Fence LED Wall:Parameter Technical of IP65 Waterproof P10 Outdoor Perimeter LED AdvertisingItemModelParameterLED Module Info.Pixel PitchP10 Outdoor Rental or Fixed InstallLED LampSMD3535IC DriverMBI5124/MBI5051BLED Module Size320*160mmLED Module Resolution32*16dotsColor Temperature3000-9000KDrive Mode1/2 scanMaskSoft MaskLED Cabinet Info.Cabinet Size960*960*120mmCabinet Resolution96*96dotsCabinet MaterialMagnesium Alloy Aluminum CabinetLED Module Quantities3*6=18pcsCabinet Net Weight35kg/pcIP GradeWaterproof IP65Rubber FoamYesLED Display Info. Best Viewing Distance10m-100mViewing AngleH: 140°/ V:120°Pixel Density10000dots/㎡Brightness6500nitsMax.Power Consumption956W/㎡Ave.Power Consumption430W/㎡Refresh Rate1920Hz-3840H, can be adjustedControl System Info.Operating SystemWIN98/2000/NT/XPControl MethodSynchronous display with control PC by DVI or Asynchronous with Wifi/4G/USBControl SystemLinsn, Nova-star, Colorlight or as you requiredDisplay ContentVideo, DVD, VCD, TV, picture, cartoon, graphics, texts. etc. Frame Frequency50Hz or 60HzTransmission DistanceMulti mode fiber Which stand would you suggest for the best view of the IPL at the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore?Thanks for A2A.Any Stadium it is, the best view would always be the one which is straight over the bowler. In Chinnaswamy it is N stand, P1, P2, P3, P Terrace but unfortunately they are way too costly, price starts from 4k(N stand) and goes till 37k(P2)This does not mean that all other stands have bad view they are equally good. I would prefer these stands only during test matches because this is where you get to see closer view of ball swings, wides with tickets being cheaper. If you can not afford such cost next best ones are C LOWER, B UPPER, B LOWER stands which are next to N stand, These are Mid-off and Mid-on here you can expect most of the sixes.If it's limited overs game go with any stand you will get to see everything perfectly no disappointment, after all its about the Ambience in Chinnaswamy nothing can beat Chinnaswamy's electrifying crowd especially during IPL it's a Festival. - Jai Hind Jai Karnataka Maathe.do yankee bleacher seats get full access to rest of the stadium?Nope. If you are sitting in the bleachers you are stuck out there. If I were you I would wear a flak jacket and pith helmet because the bleacher creatures are animalsBook/Movie where criminal is punished in a stadium by focused thoughtsYou are looking for the short story "The Public Hating" by Steve Allen, published in his 1955 short story collection "Fourteen for Tonight". And it was his right armDevils/Rangers at Yankee Stadium...what do you think?I could not care about the winter classics, but Devils/Rangers is too regional anyway. The Devils fanbase it as good as can be expected. Generally fans are loyal and NJ was split between the Rangers/Flyers with some Islander fans as they were dominant when the Devils were arriving. It was worse than dropping a franchise in Phoenix for capturing an instant base. Wait another generation.
Why Do LEDs Generate Heat? I Want a Technical Answer Not "because They're Inefficient". and Will We
There are some laboratory LEDs cooled to cryogenic temperatures that are claimed to be 100% efficient.However, in an LED, electrons need just enough voltage to jump across the band gap without any left over.The pn junction has some resistance just as the leads do. To push enough current through this resistance to make the LED bright, there will be I^2R losses that become heat in the process.To avoid these losses, you have to reduce the resistance and the current. So far, that has only been done under special laboratory conditions.• Related QuestionsIf the Iraq war was wrong, why didn't the world stop America?The USA was part of a coalition of 67 Nations from all over the globe who joined forces to liberate Kuwait and throw out the Iraqis. Why do you, like so many, think it was just the USA? With such overwhelming global support the world was powerless to do anything. A vote in the General Assembly of the UN would have been defeated by the coalition members and other supporting nations, so there would never have been any mandate for anyone to take action. Also who from the rest of the world had the military power to interfere?------Why do some creationists say that Communism and Nazism are based on the theory of evolution?Quite simple, its because (some) creationists will stop at NOTHING to disparage evolution. If they can imagine some connection between evolution and something bad (no matter how tangential or flat-out illogical that connection might be), they will proclaim said connection to be an immutable truth.Its actually rather strange, considering that the pope himself (who I understand to be something of an expert in Christianity) accepts evolution and sees no conflict between religion and evolution. But thats not good enough - creationists would rather stand in opposition to the pope himself than accept the self-evident fact of evolution------What would you say to communists who defend the actions of Mao?I think Mao is not perfect, but sill is a great leader, his achievements are comparable with that great ancient emperor in China history, such as, Qinshihuang, Emperor Wu of Han, Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang.the motivation of Cultural Revolution is right, it's not diffcilut to understand: some people win a war, get more money, get big power, then they became more and more self-inflated.but at that time, Mao, do not have enough energy to control and manage overall situation because of bad health.some bad officials steal and utilize power to attack others.However, it lead to unjust case happend, also slow the solidification of social hierarchical system------As an atheist, what was your religious upbringing, and what was the process that led to your current beliefs?I was brought up as a Christian Sciences, my parents didn't take me my grandmother did. I can still remember being in Sunday school class and saying to myself that none of this makes any sense. Needless to say none of that stuck with me and it wasn't until my young adult years that I started experimenting with religion again and that primarily was to meet girls. After a few years of that I again strayed until my mid 50s when I began experimenting with Baptist, Methodist, Unity Church and Budisum. After all of that I decided I was an Aganostic, Atheist, Humanist and I couldn't be any happier------Which pop/rock bands can you think of where changing the lead singer has led to great things and/or failure?In my opinion, Iron Maiden but not the change everyone else here is talking about.Im talking about the change of Bruce Dickinson to Blaze Bayley, Im a Maiden fan who actually doesnt mind Bayley as the vocalist but with many other Maiden fans they think of it as a failure, after all Virtual XI and X Factor are 2 of the most hated Maiden albums but I think they are both unnecessarily hated because while Bayley may not have had the same vocal strength as Dickinson he left his mark and definitely had his own good songs during his time with the band------If Camilla were not in the picture, would Prince Charles and Diana's marriage have lasted? Were there other factors that led to their divorce?No..little is mentioned of Dianas flirtatious behaviours and even the suspicion that she was the first to straythere is certainly talk of her security detail having to be extra vigilant in her attempts to sneak out from Kensington Palace without their knowledge to go party.However, if Camilla had not been around, the marriage was doomedDiana, while young and naive, became very controlling and demandingdid she marry for love??? Did she marry for the title, the position, the money? Her fathers estate was in financial difficulty - that was resolved upon her marriage into the Royal family.we will ultimately never know------History of Great Britain:There was a lot more native population in India than there was in North America and Australia. In fact there was a lot more people in India than in Great Britain and as a conseqeunce it wasn't a place for poor British to emigrate to with the opportunity of amassing cheap land. The British already had Canada and Australia and New Zealand for that. What India represented for Britain, as later did Hong Kong, was a source of cheap labor and a market where they could dump unsold merchandise. So India's labor, more than its land, became the precious colonial commodity------What's your reaction to Mike Pence saying that under Trump, "America is respected in the world again"?Im on a number of international chat rooms for multi-player games and other (non-political) interest groups. We have partipants from 2090 different countries usually, and the most frequent comment/question I see is a question like: how did you Americans get sandbagged with a dangerous clown like Trump? What happened to you guys? I would expect this from Russia or Syria. Did IQs drop a lot since I was in the States?Whatever you may like or not like about Trump, it certainly does not suggest to me that respect in the world has risen for us.------Did Drogon burn the throne because he knew it was what caused Daenerys to go mad?I believe the answer is yes.Drogon spares Jons life because 1) He is a Targaryen and holds some level of respect and bond with him and 2) Because I believe Drogon understood that it wasnt Jon that killed Dani as much as it was her pursuit of the Iron Throne.He burned down the very object that led his mother to bring him and his siblings to Westeros the very thing that ultimately led to their deaths.I then believe he picks Dani up and flies off towards Essos, to go home.leaving Westeros and the place that caused so much pain behind------What's the craziest thing you have ever done in Minecraft?I chose my major(Computer Engineering) because of my minecraft inventions.I have made many things using vanilla redstone of my most note-ableThis video was featured by a daughter channel of Vsauce (yeap thats right, Vsauce) called WeSauce. Original:WeSauce :Since then I have made quite a few other cool things.I made a 512 byte Ram cell with a buddy:Ive created Paint in minecraft and have 2 different versions. My most recent is super compact and has a map download.I have made a full 8 bit CPU with a functional screen!Ive made a huge Word processor:Then of course I have this CPU which is one of my most recent builds.------How do you explain homosexuality to a young child?No one becomes gay, or straight, or bisexual because they've been "encouraged" to. For men the evidence indicates that about half the variance in sexual orientation is attributable to genes (on the mother's side) and most of the rest to the intrauterine environment.If by "explain homosexuality" you mean giving a definition because your child has heard it and wants to know what it means, your children presumably have had some exposure to romantic love (e.g., the affection they see between you and your spouse if you're married). So a simple answer would be, "Homosexuality means two people of the same sex loving each other the way your mother and father do."------What caliber of tragedy would have to take place for gun advocates to change their mind about gun control?There is no caliber of tragedy that would change my mind about gun control, because, to my way of thinking, the true issue is people control. Without a person to fire it, a gun is simply an inert, mechanical tool. Without a gun, those with nefarious intent will always find some other means with which to accomplish their purposes (witness Timothy McVeigh), and those who might need a weapon with which to protect themselves against the McVeighs of the world will be pretty much helpless. I prefer not to be helpless, and I support the right of others also not to be helpless------What would you do if you ran into Barack Obama?I think I offered him my seat at Medici Bakery in Hyde Park, Chicago as I was finishing my breakfast. I think he was my Senator at the time, but I did not recognize him.I recall a tall, thin, elegantly dressed black man, who exuded grace and confidence. I was confident he had some position of importance at the University of Chicago. He was very gracious about me offering him my seat as well. I was very struck and impressed by him at the time, though we interacted for about five seconds at most.I have since learned that we were both regular customers at Medici so this reinforces my belief that I met him------Did Alexander the Great really punish his army for their mutiny, or did he just not know any better?The questioner presents a false dichotomy.Its not necessarily A or B. It could be a mix or something quite other.Big Al was heavy duty cruel when he thought he had to be.The majority of his choices had been right, such that he was still the big guy.You dont become such a leader by making bad moves.What he said to the troops, after the execution of the apparent disgruntled, was powerful. He wanted them to understand fully what was going on.No wonder he was called great.------Is PM Narendra Modi's comment on Manmohan Singh that he "...knew the art of taking bath with a raincoat on" civil and does it meet parliamentary ethics?I have answered the question earlier, you can find it out on Quora.The remaining or the balance of it follows:Only M. M. Singh knew the art of bathing wearing a raincoat.The above statement is neither way wrong.If we say it simply a joke, it is nothing wrong.If Dr. M. M. Singh declare Mr. Modi, the man who wants to increase corruption or one who wants to make money by demonetization; it is again correct that those who live in glass houses must not throw stones on others. It is equal to wearing a raincoat and taking bath.------What does the Chinese government think about Syria? If it led to a bigger war, would China join in?The Chinese are cozying up to Russia now that the yuan is challenging the petrodollar, and thus, the Chinese are going to back Assad's govt in Syria as an ally of Russia. If China did get involved, they would likely side with Assad, but then again China has made surprising geopolitical moves before, like when they backed Trump against Kim Jong Un, although it was seemingly shortlived. I don't see China getting involved in the Syrian conflict, since they are typically content with sitting back and closely watching events unfold from the sidelines. The Chinese make no secret of their self-interest being first and foremost------What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard from a creationist?What is the goal of attempting to rationally disprove something that cannot be disproven? Although the science can explain beliefs as false does not prove that they are false. Degrading someone about their belief and faith is not a respectful position and demonstrates no sensitivity to ones individual freedom of conscious. The problem cannot be resolved no matter how strong the argument of either side. When a believer and non believer die neither one can tell the other "I told you so". Maybe this will now be listed as one of the stupid statements that creationist make------Why did a country like Germany with so many Nobel Prize winners still start two World Wars that they could not win?First of all, the wars weren't started as world wars. Second, when started they thought they could win them - just like nobody who robs a bank PLANS to get caught. Third, the persons in charge at the time weren't Nobel winners.And a minor fourth point... World War 1 was started by Austria (Germany was tied to Austria by an alliance and had to attack Russia to support Austrias war in the Balkans, and France for strategic reasons). World War 2 was started by Germany which at the time was led by an Austrian painter... so you'd have to count the Austrian Nobel winners, not the German ones ;-).
Samsung LED TV (model #: UA46C7000WR).?
I've been comfortable with several Samsung HDTV's.. I did have a 32 inch, however went for the 37 inch later..! A excellent product.. As for reliability, they blow Sony out of the water.1. Connecting 46" samsung LED TV Audio to DVD player of Philips Home Theater system?Connect red & white cables from cable box to Home Theater system if you have one2. How do I install the stand in the 40 inch samsung led TV series 6 ?That should be easily found in the setup guide that came with the TV, and also in the owner's manual. If you do not have the manual, you can probably find it on-line. The link below may help. Or you can Google for other options3. Is the new samsung LED tv the better new generation tv over plasma and LCD?I would say Yes,pictures quality of samsung LED tv are excellent4. Can you help me with this problem with samsung LED tv?The resolution you see displayed on the screen shows the incoming signal, your tv upconverts all signals to it's native 200hz, so that's what you are watching. The modem/router is called a set top box. Call your provider and ask how to set the box to 16:9, 1080i, that will give you the best picture.5. Pixelation around fast-moving objects on new samsung LED TV?I have the same issue, but on an LG 55UH7700, a 55" UHD TV with HDR. I really love the picture, but the halo effect is driving me nuts sometimes. I have tried to reduce sharpness with little result. Any suggestions?.6. Which brand of TV is the best?42 inc and above big screen , Plasma TV prefect in performance and prices. new Plasma with out burn in issue also low power consumption.60,000 hour life time. none of any LCD TV reached Plasma performance. Panasonic is King of Plasma TV. LED TV ( LCD -LED back light ) closed to Plasma quality also much better than LCD TV in colour display / smooth pictures for sports movies - gaming. but cost much more. Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp LED TV are great . those local house brand LED is " cheap " but really not up to real LED TV quality. LCD TV with 3 difference range . you budget master the " best ". 720P 60 HZ refresh rate entry level models. 1080P 60 HZ refresh rate mid end models. 1080 P 120HZ / 240 HZ refresh rate high end models. 1080P models always better display quality than 720 P models even 26 inc small screen . unless below 24 inc 720P okay / enough to our eye. 60 HZ refresh rate not so go for sports movies-gaming , motion blur cause uncomfortable to our eye. 120HZ / 240 HZ make more smooth pictures to fast action moving image . if you watch sports movies, play games you better go for 120 HZ refresh models. Samsung / LG / Sony / Sharp / Panasonic / Toshiba LCD TV is quality and reliable. local house brand LCD TV is ' cheap ' , subject to reliable after 1 to 2 year. you paid for what you get. quality and reliability always well balance. you can never paid less for entry level models and get hi end models quality. LED TV cost more but better than LCD . except you paid less for Panasonic Plasma and get excellence Quality and reliable. you paid less for local house brand , at the end paid much more after 2 year. ( keep on repair TV after warranty )7. Samsung LED TV (UN55C6300SF) GHOSTING?This set has a one year warranty. Use it. Ghosting or lines around the scenes usually means the panel is bad. Have Samsung send out a service center with a digital main board and tcon. If that does not fix it, it's the panel. Which it probably is. You have 9 months left on your warranty.8. Which Samsung LED TV should I choose?To be honest, I think the 120Hz on a 40" is absolutely fine. The 240Hz is more for the bigger screens. I think you should take a look at the Samsung UN40EH6000. it is only 120 Hz but it's got a CMR of 240. Samsung state: Clear Motion Rate 240 - Clear Motion Rate (CMR) was developed to accurately measure how well a LCD or LED TV can depict fast-moving images. LED TVs with a CMR of 240 can display action-packed movement with sharp detail and deeper levels of contrast while eliminating image distortion. Amazon always seem to have the best price at just under $700 and Samsung do fantastic displays. You would certainly future proof yourself with this TV. The below link may help you:
Optical Communication Module Using LED and Photodiode Or Sensors [closed]
The major challenge with communicating with light is interference from the SUN or 60Hz room lighting or 80,000Hz electronic-ballast fluorescent lights.Sending a coded optical tone ----- 38KHz ----- is the simple and robust method.You can recovery these tones using NE567 tone decoder, which provides a logic output upon arrival of a "strong tone".1. I need help luring a roach out of its hiding place.?cock roaches are sensitive to light. they roam around freely in the roam when the sun is down and all the lights are turned off. they run at the speeds of upto 45km/hr. when the air-pressure changes around them, they automatically start to run as a survival instinct. i do not know a way to lure it out but dim your room lights at the night and ready newspaper to smack it2. Maximize Natural Light in Your Kitchen In 2019What does summer mean to you? Many of us associate vacation time, the beach or swimming pool, and barbecues with summer. It also means light! Summer brings longer days with more sunlight, and less time switching on the lights inside the house. What a great feeling to come home from work when it is still light, or to sit outside on Saturday evening with friends soaking up the last of the sunshine. You might even notice at this time of year that you hardly need to switch on lights while you are preparing dinner in the kitchen. Natural light brings many benefits, as it boosts your mood, provides vitamin D, and keeps down the electric bills. You need a well-lit kitchen for many reasons. Food preparation, eating, studying, and the many other activities that take place in a kitchen require ample lighting. Get inspired by the summer sun, and consider all the ways you can maximize natural light all year round in your kitchen design. First, think about your sources of natural light. None Windows are an obvious place to start, and if you are considering a kitchen remodel, you could look at installing larger windows or adding new ones. Keep in mind that you must balance the wall space taken up by windows with the area left for wall cabinets like the kitchen design in New Hope, PA below left. If you are changing the layout of your space as part of a kitchen remodel, consider the direction your windows face, and how effective they will be at picking up sunlight. None Skylights may be an option too, if this fits in with the style and architecture of your home and kitchen design. None If you want to maximize the impact of natural light, select a door style that includes more glass like large sliding doors like this kitchen remodel in Richboro, PA below right. These external doors open the kitchen to the outside and serve as an excellent source of natural light. None Do not forget about light from adjacent rooms. Creating an open plan kitchen remodel allows the kitchen to benefit from light sources from an adjacent dining or living space.3. why spectrophotometer is set at certain range for measuring the absorbance of the pigment solution?If the pigment is chlorophyll it will reflect green wavelengths of light (that's why chlorophyll appears green to our eyes) so you set the spectrophotometer to a wavelength that will be transmitted (like 540nm). Remember saying "wavelength" of light" is like saying "color of light". When light strikes an optical medium it can only be reflected, absorbed and changed to heat, or pass through (transmitted).4. Coors Light or Bud Light?coors light is 5x better bud sucks drink water if your gunna drink bud at-least coors has some flavor5. Changing the Color Temperature of Light [closed]Is there lumen loss when doing so & is there a formula to calculate it?Yes. A filter can only absorb light, not increase it.The formula is unfortunately not simple. It would relate the absorbtion spectrum of the filtter with the emission spectrum of the lamp, weighted by the (standardized) sensitivity spectrum of the human eye. From a scientific perspective if light is simply electromagnetic waves vibrating at a specific wavelengths how is it possible to transform light from one wavelength to the otherA lamp does not just produce one wavelength. It produces a wide range of wavelengths with different amounts of power in each one (characterized by a spectrum). For an incandescent lamp, the spectrum will span the entire human visible range, and well into the infrared (and a bit into the ultraviolet). This will more-or-less approximate the emission of a black-body radiator with a certain temperature. The color temperature tells us what temperature black-body this lamp most closely approximates.Your color-temperature conversion filters will reduce the power in some wavelengths while passing power at others to try to make the output approximate the spectrum of some other temperature of black-body. It wo not be able to create power at wavelengths where the lamp did not produce it, and it wo not be able take power in at one wavelength and output it at another. There are devices that can do this, but they do not act equally on wide ranges of wavelengths, so they are not much use for this kind of application.If your lamp is a fluorescent bulb or an RGB LED system, things get more complicated, and a temperature conversion filter that is meant for incandescent bulbs might not give good results when used with these source, or vice versa. That said, temperature conversion filters are likely to be available for common cases like trying to make fluorescent light look more like sunlight. This is (or was before digital photography became the norm) a very common filter available for photographers
LED High Bay for LED Home Lighting
Most of us know that the light bulb is the most common source of energy in a home. But every bulb has its own specific characteristics. You can't just buy any LED bulb and expect to work with it.There are three main categories of LED bulbs:Low-pressure sodium, which uses a low-pressure sodium gas, which is flammable and reacts very violently when it comes into contact with air. The result is a rather bright light and if you touch something like a lampshade or an electrical appliance in proximity, you will get burnt. You need to take care that you don't get shocked too much if you use this type of bulb for extended periods.Proton LED Lyons GA asks - How can i program a universal remote for 4 different products?Instructions for the specific steps of programming should be provided with the universal remote. Generally, there will be buttons or a switch to select the type of device (TV, VCR, DVD player, cable box, etc.) to be programmed, and they are used to put the universal remote into the corresponding mode before the programming sequence is initiated. After one type of device is programmed, the universal remote can be switched to a different mode to program a different type of deviceIs there a "Game mode" on a Coby 32in LED?properly for me i will unquestionably say that I desire music it is slightly "catchy" and includes components that i will carry close unto. i do no longer mean catchy as in a hook or a looping refrain yet somewhat a definite sound or type-particular component that my concepts can latch unto and groove to.Sludge steel to illustrate has the "heaviness" ingredient and slow, crunchy sound that i stumbled on I somewhat have loved ever on account that my first few listens to Black Sabbath. i am no longer merely going to hearken to a music because of the fact i admire the lyrics or the drums sections is prolific or different motives that folk have listed as to why they hear to a definite music. different than that my flavor is particularly different yet i am merely 19 so it continues to be very plenty arising and progressing. spectacular now, i am open to very almost something. i am no longer in all risk set on any particular ideology or something of that variety. in spite of sounds stable i am going to bump it. BQ: Black Sabbath gadget of a Down Bone Thugs n unity Parokya ni Edgar Eraserheads.I wish to buy best LED HD TV. Would you please tell me which is the best?Samsung or Sony120hz vs 60hz for 26" LED?120hz is only good for 30-60" TVs that are ( 1080p ) and do not get a 720p tv. (higher resolution the better.)New computer, LED HDTV, and receiver compatible?Definitely dude. Just go output from your computer to input on the receiver, then output from the receiver to input on your TV. All your speakers are then obviously plugged into the receiver. If you want a receiver that will do HDMI upscaling, it will cost you around $600. So to answer your question, yes, it is possible and quite simple. It's also good at have the receiver to plug all your other stuff into (xbox, ps3, dvd player etc.)How do I change the default LED pin for displaying uploadingFollowing on from Juraj's answer:The blinking while uploading makes the bootloader. Arduino Mini uses Optiboot. The source codes are on GitHub. You would need to change the pin in pin_defs.h and make the bootloader. Then flash it to the 328p with a programmer over ICSP.The line that you need to change in pin_defs.h is line number 27:As you can see it is currently set to B5. This is the fifth bit in port B which corresponds to pin 13Pin 4 corresponds to PORTD bit 4, so the line would becomeThe Arduino digital pins are connected to three different banks of 8 bits, known as ports (PORTD, PORTB and PORTC). To see their relation, refer to this table from Arduino Playground - PinsHP Pavilion ZE45xx laptop. Won't boot and battery LED blinking. There is no battery in machine either.?No damage as long as the charger is plugged in. Replace the battery
Knowledge About Sandstone - Phillips County Carnegie Library of Sandstone
Phillips County Carnegie Library of sandstonePhillips County Carnegie Library is a Carnegie library on the National Register of Historic Places located in Malta, Montana. It was added to the Register on August 27, 1980. For a time, it was used as a museum interpreting local history.It was built of tan brick on a stone foundation in 1917. It is 34 by 62 feet (10m 19m) in plan, and has the words "Carnegie Library" carved in sandstone above its doorway.The public library moved to a new location in May 1978, and the local historical society then planned to use this building as a museum.------Acacia gnidium of sandstoneAcacia gnidium is a shrub belonging to the genus Acacia and the subgenus Phyllodineae that is native to parts of north eastern Australia.The shrub typically grows to a height of up to 4m (13ft) and has a dense and spreading habit.The shrub is found in Central Queensland from around Kroombit Tops National Park in the south east to around Springsure in the south west and up to around the White Mountains in the north where it is found on rugged rocky sandstone country as a part of scrub or Eucalyptus woodland communities.------Poet's Seat Tower of sandstoneCoordinates: 423541N 723511W / 42.5946N 72.5865W / 42.5946; -72.5865Poet's Seat Tower is a 1912 sandstone observation tower, located in Greenfield, Massachusetts. It was so named to honor a long tradition of poets being drawn to the spot, in particular, the local poet Frederick Goddard Tuckerman. By 1850, the location was referred to as "Poet's Seat" by Tuckerman in a surviving herbarium entry for November 10 of that year.An earlier wooden tower was erected at the site on June 3, 1879. This first structure was built, along with a public drinking fountain and a road accessing the site, under the auspices of The Greenfield Rural Club.------Hall Cliff of sandstoneHall Cliff (7159S 6837W / 71.983S 68.617W / -71.983; -68.617Coordinates: 7159S 6837W / 71.983S 68.617W / -71.983; -68.617) is a sandstone cliff 1 nautical mile (2km) long, located along the south side of Saturn Glacier and 1 nautical mile west of Citadel Bastion in eastern Alexander Island, Antarctica. The feature was mapped from trimetrogon air photography taken by the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition, 194748, and from survey by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, 194850. It was named by the UK Antarctic Place-Names Committee from association with Saturn Glacier after Asaph Hall, the American astronomer who contributed toward the study of Saturn and also discovered the satellites of the planet Mars..------Buffalo Public School No. 24 of sandstoneBuffalo Public School No. 24, also known as Public School 59, is a historic school building located in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood of Buffalo, Erie County, New York. The original section was built in 1901, and is a three-story, seven bay, "I"-shaped, red brick building over a raised basement with Renaissance Revival detailing. The building incorporates sandstone, terra cotta, and pressed metal details. It was the first school to offer special education within the City of Buffalo school system. The school has been redeveloped as an apartment building.It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016.------Mynydd Meio of sandstoneMynydd Meio is a 322-metre-high hill in the county borough of Caerphilly in South Wales. Parts of its western slopes fall within Rhondda Cynon Taf county borough. Its eastern slopes drop away to Cwm yr Aber between Caerphilly and Abertridwr and its western slopes to the valley of the Taf. The high point is just over 200 m north of the trig point which sits at 322 metres (1,056ft) above sea-level.The hill is crossed by the Senghenydd Dyke, an ancient earthwork considered to date from the 13th century and associated with nearby Caerphilly Castle.------Searight's Fulling Mill of sandstoneSearight's Fulling Mill is a historic fulling mill located at Perryopolis, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA. It was built about 1810 and is a 2 1/2-story, sandstone building with a gable roof. It measures approximately 20 by 30 feet (6.1 by 9.1m). The mill closed in the 1820s and was converted to a dwelling.It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.The mill is named after William Searight, who built the mill on a farm previously owned by George Washington. Searight is credited for realizing that small fulling mills could not compete with city based factories served by railroads, and left the fulling business before his mills became unprofitable.------Jacob Spori Building of sandstoneThe Jacob Spori Building was a historic building located in Rexburg, Idaho listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the first building built at the permanent location of Ricks College, a college founded in 1888 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.It was built during 1900 to 1903. Its external walls were faced with ashlar, and were 51 inches (1.3m) at the foundation, 32 inches (0.81m) at the first floor windows, 28 inches (0.71m) at the second floor windows, and 24 inches (0.61m) at the third floor windows. Lighter colored sandstone was used for string courses encircling the building.The building was destroyed by a fire in 2000. A new Spori Building was built on the same site and in a similar style.------Old Greeley County Courthouse (Kansas) of sandstoneThe Old Greeley County Courthouse in Tribune, Kansas, is the former courthouse of Greeley County, Kansas. Built from 1889 to 1890, the courthouse was the first in Greeley County. Construction started only a year after the county was formed in 1888. William T. Heaps, who also designed Hamilton County's courthouse, designed the building. The sandstone courthouse has a plain design with an iron cornice. It was constructed by Allen and Oleson of Ness City, Kansas and William Ruff.In 1975, Greeley County replaced the courthouse with a new building adjacent to the old one. The old courthouse became the Greeley County Historical Society Museum.The courthouse was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.------Ghoufi of sandstoneGhoufi, also known as the Rhoufi, Balconies of Ghoufi and Ghoufi Canyon, is a historic settlement in the village of T'kout in Batna Province, Algeria. These ruins are located in the Aures Mountains and Abiod Valley. The Balconies of Ghoufi overlook an oasis.The Ghoufi balcony ruins include troglodyte homes or domesticated cave dwellings. The homes are carved out of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, including sandstone. The home are four centuries old and were inhabited until the 1970s. The ruins preserve traditional and indigenous construction methods.Ghoufi is included as part of the Parc des Aurs on UNESCO's Tentative List of World Heritage Sites.------Brindley Mountain of sandstoneBrindlee Mountain (or "Brindley Mountain") is an isolated portion of the Appalachian Plateau in northern Alabama. It occupies significant portions of Cullman, Morgan, and Marshall Counties and extends into Winston and Lawrence counties. The plateau is formed by a sandstone cap-rock overlying limestone. The main mountain sits south of Lacey's Spring and houses communities such as Union Hill and Morgan City as well as parts of Union Grove and spans into Arab also. U.S. Route 231 runs over Brindlee Mountain. The highest point of Brindlee Mountain rests in Morgan City.Several radio stations have broadcast towers located on Brindley Mountain. Those include, WRSA, WTAK, WZZN, WAFN, WRJL, & WRAB------Access of sandstoneMinor roads ascend the slopes of the hill from Ferndale, Ynysybwl and Pontypridd converging at the elevated hamlet of Llanwonno. Various other public rights of way cross the hill though none reaches its summit. Route 47 of the National Cycle Network runs the length of the hill on its eastern side ascending via the minor road from Pontypridd to Llanwonno and then continuing northwest on forest tracks to join the A4233 above Maerdy. Those areas of forestry in the ownership of Natural Resources Wales (successor to Forestry Commission Wales in 2013) are open to public access, as are some areas of open moorland by virtue of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000.------Calytrix glutinosa of sandstoneCalytrix glutinosa is a species of plant in the myrtle family Myrtaceae that is endemic to Western Australia.The shrub typically grows to a height of 0.2 to 1 metre (1 to 3ft). It usually blooms between August and December producing white-pink-purple star-shaped flowers.Found on hillsides and among granite outcrops in the Mid West and Wheatbelt regions extending into the Swan Coastal Plain of Western Australia where it grows on sandy or clay soils over granite, laterite and sandstone.The species was first formally described by the botanist John Lindley in 1839 in the work A Sketch of the Vegetation of the Swan River Colony. The only synonym is Calycothrix glutinosa, described in 1843 by Johannes Conrad Schauer in the work Monographia Myrtacearum Xerocarpicarum.------Steinsfjorden of sandstoneSteinsfjorden is a branch of the lake Tyrifjorden located in Buskerud, Norway. It has a length of about eight kilometers, stretching from the sound Kroksund at Sundvollen northwards to sa, in the municipalities of Ringerike and Hole. At the eastern side are steep cliffs towards Krokskogen.At the western side of Steinsfjorden is Stein Grd, the largest farm in Buskerud. The ruins of Stein Church (Stein kirkeruin) are located on Stein Grd. The church was constructed during the latter half of the 1100s of sandstone and limestone from the area. By the second half of the 1500s, the church was no longer actively used.------Arkansas Valley National Bank of sandstoneThe Arkansas Valley National Bank, constructed in 1902, is a two-story, 30 feet x 90 feet sandstone structure located in Pawnee, Oklahoma. Constructed in a Late Victorian architectural style, it was Pawnee's original bank. When the building opened, the bank occupied the first floor, while a doctor, photographer, and local telephone office occupied the second floor. The bank closed around 1918, and the building has served as various storefronts since.Originally the bank was to be called the Pawnee County Bank, and this name is engraved on the east wall; however it was chartered as the Arkansas Valley National Bank. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.The building's facade was heavily damaged in a 5.8-magnitude earthquake on September 3, 2016.------Description of sandstoneThe glabrous and resinous shrub typically grows to a height of up to 3m (9.8ft) and has a spreading habit. It has slender, prominently ribbed branchlets. Like most species of Acacia it has phyllodes rather than true leaves. The flat, thick and evergreen phyllodes have a linear shape and are 6 to 22mm (0.24 to 0.87in) in length and 0.7 to 1.1mm (0.028 to 0.043in) wide and are straight or slightly decurved at the apex with one prominent vein on each face. When it blooms it produced simple inflorescences occur singly in the axils and have spherical flower-heads containing 30 to 35 yellow coloured flowers..------Rich Mountain (ArkansasOklahoma) of sandstoneRich Mountain is the second highest point of the U.S. Interior Highlands and Ouachita Mountains, and in the U.S. state of Arkansas; it is also the site of Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Rich Mountain is a long, generally eastwest-trending ridge composed of hard sandstone. It is located just outside of Mena, Arkansas and is intersected by the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. Atop its summit is the Rich Mountain Lookout Tower, which is approximately 2.4mi (3.9km) east-southeast of the Queen Wilhelmina Lodge.Arkansas State Highway 88 and Oklahoma State Highway 1, collectively known as the Talimena Scenic Drive, traverse the entire top of Rich Mountain and provide excellent vistas of the surrounding Ouachita Mountains.------Sulphur Creek (Utah) of sandstoneSulphur Creek is a slot canyon canyoneering route found in Capitol Reef National Park in the state of Utah. It is a 6.25 mile hike one way and has been categorized by the state of Utah as an easy hiking trail. The canyon contains waterfalls, pools, overhangs and red sandstone, and a shallow stream that runs through it year-round. The route begins from the Chimney Rock trailhead and ends at the Visitor Center. The rocks at Sulphur Creek are some of the oldest exposed rocks in Capitol Reef.Sulphur Creek confluences with the Fremont River at the town of Fruita, Utah, located within Capitol Reef National Park.
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