Oil in Water?

the oil that passes out along with the water is unburned fuel residue. 2-cycle engines do not burn 100% of their fuel intake. The exhaust housing is cooled by a double walled water jacket and by a fine spray of water mixing with the exhaust gases. The unburned oil leaves along with the tell tale water jet whose purpose is to indicate a working water pump. The oils slicks that you see on the water are the result of this unburned exhaust. That's why there's been a strong move to 4-cycle outboards.

1. How to Build a Rocket Stove Mass Water Heater

With deforestation still moving ahead apace, dealing with the global demand for fuel wood is critical. Life without heat and hot water would be very unpleasant. Life without trees is impossible and to satiate our hunger for heat, richly biodiverse forests are being replaced with 'sterile' monoculture tree plantations which give rise to tree diseases and other ecological vulnerabilities. The pressure for fuel wood is on in most parts of the world. Removing tree cover from the upper watershed is particularly damaging, but persistent demand can cause too many to shift the goalposts on how much should be allowed to remain.... Along with passive solar building designs, a rocket stove hot water heater can dramatically reduce the amount of wood used to heat a given amount of space, or a given amount of water - down to as little as a fifth as much as a regular fire. In this video, Geoff Lawton takes you through the design of the rocket stove mass hot water heater that very efficiently provides reliable daily showers for the many students we receive at PRI Zaytuna Farm. This particular stove is specifically for heating water, but other designs can produce thermal mass space heaters as well.

2. 2 month old Parvo puppy. No money for treatment. HELP!?

This is going to be a long, hard struggle for you. If you are willing to put in the time and tremendous effort, you might save this puppy. Continue to force feed small amounts of the food, but concentrate on water. WATER! Some people will say Pedialyte or Gatorade, but they are more trouble than they are worth. Get a medicine shooter from the baby aisle of the grocery store. Use it to drip water into the puppy's mouth. You really can not get too much into him. If he's not sleeping, you should be getting as much water as you can into him. It's the dehydration that kills. The more water the better. Expect the sickness to last up to 14 days. Yeah, 2 entire weeks!!! You have to keep up with the water and force feedings every few hours or so. Around the clock. For the first week, he can not go 8 hours without water. Expect a disgusting mess. Parvo is gross. Use cheap shower curtains and newspaper to keep the mess cleaned up and off of carpets. Do not worry about what is coming out. Just keep it going in. Small amounts of food, and large amounts of water. He may seem better on some days, and worse on others, that's normal. Do not quit with the feedings. Good luck. EDIT TO ADD: Taking him to the shelter is a death sentence. They can not afford the treatments, and they can not risk the disease spreading through the shelter. SHELTERS WILL PUT HIM DOWN ON SIGHT!!! Parvo treatment can cost upwards of $1500.00. Good luck finding someone willing to take on that expense. With the economy like it is, and Christmas around the corner, no one is willing to take that on. His best chance is with a devoted owner willing to try. EDIT TO ADD: There are programs to take care of sick kids. No such thing for dogs!

3. HELP! My kitten is panting, im kinda worried, any advice?

A cat is weaned from her mother around two months, so I certainly hope she is at least two months old when you got her. Kittens are naturally turbocharged, and if your place is hot, and she is very energetic, she is probably overheated. Cats do not sweat like people do, so excess heat is eliminated by panting. Kittens usually become lactose intolerant, so giving her cows milk is not a good idea. But the effects of lactose intolerance would show up in the litter box first. But here is a suggestion from a site: If your kitty enjoys milk and is not lactose-intolerant, milk can be given in occasional, small amounts. You will know whether the cat has a problem with it by subsequent diarrhea and stomach problems. Generally, milk is better for kittens than adult cats, but if your adult cat likes the taste of milk, try the milk substitutes that are available at the market. (Whiskas puts out a soy type of kitty milk that my cats enjoy.) Another one is called "Cat Sip." These substitutes are, in the long run, better for your cat's health than regular milk because they contain needed nutrients. Another suggestion is to have water available with ice cubes in it. In hot weather, cats often enjoy drinking cold water. I certainly hope you have water available anyway.

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