Never Smoked Weed, Whats the Process of It...the Whole Water Pipe Thing ?

Its nothing like cigarettes. unless they are rolling joints or smoking blunts(cigar with weed).. The water pipe has a tube that leads from outside the glass into the water.. they fill the bowl on the tube with weed, and light it as they inhale from the larger hole in the top of the pipe. The smoke is pulled through the water and bubbles up. Then the pull the tube out and inhale the smoke. and yes, I have smoked weed before

1. Do joints wear out from exercise?

This is a tough question to answer and requires a lot more information about body mechanics than I have.But as for my experience, it's the impact that destroys joints, not merely the motion.This is why low-impact trainers such as elliptical, rowers, and exercise bikes are so popular. If you are having hip pain consider sleeping with a pillow between your legs

2. Why do our knees and elbows and hands get arthritis but not our jaws?

arthritis affects mainly joints that bear a lot of weight (not just heavy things, but also your upper body). The knees, hips and hands are joints that especially bear weight (or lift heavy things, as in the case of hands). The jaw is used a lot, but is not used to lift heavy things (unless your one of those guys that can lift stuff with your teeth lol), so that's why it does not eventually get arthritis.

3. Car problem question? Axle, Ball joints, suspension?

sound like a bad ball joint and tire rods but once you do them you better get a alignment after

4. Railroad tracks and sections joints?

Steel rails tend to be made in short sections for two reasons:- a. ease of manufacture - they are rolled from billets of steel which have to be handled in a rolling mill, so can not be unmanageable, and b. ease of transportation possible by road. They then had to be joined together with small gaps between to take account of expansion due to temperature changes. Nowadays they are welded end-to-end to make very long lengths, which have to be laid carefully to take into account such things as expansion due to temperature rise ; on a very hot day you can get sometimes get buckled rails, which could derail trains if not noticed.

5. How to Choose the Correct Basement Wall Repair Method

Basements often suffer from leakage and seepage problems in the springtime when snow and ice begin to melt, and throughout the year after heavy rains. Seepage is when groundwater comes slowly through the wall's pores, appearing as a damp spot or spots. Leakage is when groundwater comes through joints and cracks in the wall quickly because the water is pressurized. These problems only occur when the foundation walls or surrounding soil is wet and the foundation also has a weak spot. After you've found the source of the wetness, you can remedy the problem as follows:

6. Barn Designs?

i like a wide aisles for grooming... and to make it seem "open" (claustrophobia.. haha) also, skylights are nice, once again to keep it open and airy. Big windows and doors are hugely important (as I am sure you know....) for ventilation's.. O, and rubber mats in the stalls and the aisle (or just the grooming area/wash area) are always good for joints during a long grooming session XD Can you tell I've drempt about building my own barn?! I am thoroughly jealous [=

7. how does microstructure affect the quality of joints formed?

You simply need to read your books! 1) In order for the parent materials to fuse correctly, the filler rod's material should be as close to the parent material's. 2) The condition of the parent material, annealed, hardened or even martempered, determines the microstructure. TIG, MIG or even a simple arc welding will definitely create a heat affected zone where the microstructure would play havoc. The higher the temperature, the more the microstructure will defer from the parent material. So how does the industry solve these ???? Heat treatment.

8. Do you have a new way of rolling joints?

wow...your retarted. I smoke weed too, but your clearly just looking for attention. edit* "new ways of rolling"? ok there buddy you cud just ask friends or like how the hell can you roll in differnt ways anyways??? If your talkin bout differnt types of joints then i gueess one way is you could make an "L" joint. I dont know how to explain that in words just google it if you want. an "L" joint is like 2 joints put together.

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