Need to Start Up My Evaporative Air Conditioner, However,?

Ace Hardware will have some all purpose motor lubricant you can put into the oil ports found on the end of the fan wheel shaft at the bearings

1. Why is an air conditioner more efficient in a low-thermal-mass house?

Your own (David Cary's) answer is good, but there is one thing you've overlooked, which might make a big difference in some situations. This is simply that there might periods of the day in which you are not in the building, and ideally you would like to turn the air conditioning off during those times.The advantage of a low thermal mass in this case should be fairly obvious. If the house has a low thermal mass then you can leave the air conditioning off all day. When you get home it will be sweltering hot, but you can just put the air-con on and it will be nice and cool in a few minutes. If the thermal mass is a bit larger then you can still do this, but the system will have to do that bit more work to remove the heat that's built up during the day, since the amount of heat the system has to remove is proportional to the thermal mass. If the thermal mass is even larger then it will take ages to cool down once you turn the unit on, and you will be tempted just to leave it running all day. With a very, very large thermal mass, the house's temperature will stay more or less constant regardless of what time of day you have the air conditioning running, and in this case the unit is effectively doing all the work needed to keep the temperature constant 24 hours per day, instead of just when you need it.There is another factor that you overlooked. By itself I think it mostly works against the idea that a low thermal mass is good. This is that the outside temperature typically varies quite a lot over a 24 hour cycle. Let's imagine an example where the outdoor temperature at night is close to the target indoor temperature, but the daytime temperature is much hotter. In the very-high thermal mass case, the air conditioning will run more or less continuously at the same rate, whereas in the low-thermal mass case it wo not run much at all during the night, but will have to run twice as fast during the day. Which of these is more efficient depends on the properties of the air conditioning unit. My intuition is that running all day at a moderate speed is probably more efficient than running half the time at twice the speed, but I am not sure. However, these two effects can also combine. If the nights are cool and you are mostly at home during the night then a low thermal mass definitely seems like a good idea, since then you just do not need to worry about how hot it gets during the day, and you only need to run the system for a short time when you get home in the evening before switching it off for the night. This is obviously a lot more efficient than running it all day in the high thermal mass case.

2. my air conditioner is not dripping outside like it was how can i fix this?

In layman's words, It desires to be tilted backwards to the exterior a hair. in case you are able to, take it out of the window and placed a a million/2 to 3/4 inch thick board under it and permit the decrease back of it leans outwards. GL!

3. The Best Indoor Air Conditioner Covers to Keep Pesky Drafts at Bay

As we head into the dead of winter, one thing is certain - indoor air conditioner covers are a must-have. No one enjoys a drafty environment, and apartment-friendly window air conditioners are one of the leading reasons why your space might be feeling less than cozy this season. The easiest way to stop these pesky drafts is with one of these handy covers. Used to block blustery winter air and debris from entering your home through your air conditioner's vents, AC covers seamlessly wrap around the front of your unit to create the perfect protective layer. Most covers also feature double insulation to ensure proper draft protection, something that can help lower energy costs by 10 to 20 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Below, shop five of our favorite indoor air conditioner covers (as well as two additional products that will help insulate even the draftiest windows). Stay warm, folks!

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How Do I Recharge an Air Conditioner in a 1992 Subaru Legacy??
You do not need to take it to a garage. 1. Go to your local auto parts store and pick up a recharge kit compatable with your model and year vehicle. 2. Pop the hood and find your A/C compressor and follow the lines until you find your "High" and "Low" valves, they will be small, most of the time a light green, caps labled "L" and "H" mounted on the A/C piping. 3. Read the directions on the recharge kit. It's very simple. Or if you do not feel safe doing it, take it to a shop and spend around $150.($100/hour standard shop labor parts)1. My 1996 Honda VFR will not recharge the battery, I have replaced the stator, regulator rectifier, and battery, nothing is working. Any ideas?Inspect the flywheel. Touch a screwdriver to it, to check if it is magnetized. While the cover is off, inspect the inner surface of the flywheel for scuff marks. If any are present, the cover could be misaligned and should be replaced. Remove the flywheel and reinstall it to make sure it is fully seated on the crankshaft. You will need a flywheel puller specifically made for that model (do not use universal substitutes). Torque the flywheel bolt to specs (get the specs from your service manual) The flywheel bolt must be torqued down to assure proper alignment of the flywheel on the crankshaft. Any misalignment and the charging output voltage will be sub-par.2. How come electric cars don't have alternators that just recharge the battery while you drive?I am glad I saw this question. I used to think of stuff like that and it makes me start thinking about it again. I believe there has to be a way to do that and other things like that. But basically it goes back to the same principle as to the reason why you cannot have perpetual motion. Study perpetual motion and related materials and you just may find a way. If you do you will be set for life(financially that is)3. Soul..Create and through body experiences. Body.."machine" that sees, sleeps to "recharge", survival mode...?In this sense you what you say is true. For a car by itself is just a car. But what makes it unique is the one who owns and drives it to wheresoever he will. It's what gives the car life. Just as a disc with nothing on it is useless. Until one burns or records images and sounds or other data on it. To where a message is said that the hearer can understand. What is on the disc is what makes it important. So too the body of man if it has no purpose allows itself to believe he has no meaning. No reason for being here. Only God can unite purpose and meaning to a body that awaits His breath of life. The body does need healing only because our bodies regenerate in time. Rest allows us to recharge hours for the next days activity. But it is our souls that make us unique in the way we behave and think. When our soul leaves our bodies then that is death. We can no longer recharge our bodies. The machine is rusted and the soul that is man is gone to his fate that is in the creator's hands based on the life the man lived on earth. Whether with purpose and meaning or with none. Take care.4. How do I recharge a dead battery?battery is dead... so but a new one then recharge it!!!!111115. So cost to recharge a electric car? Cost to replace battery's and how often?Only at certian times! Between battery changes it is , -- batteries are not cheap! Charging is not really cheap either, and is sometimes inconvenient! Probably if you took expenses for 100K miles, and added them all together it possibly could have cost a little more for the electric one! I have seen stuff on news about some of the "movie stars" who had electric cars (to save the earth). Several have had their houses burn down because of shorted electrical systems or batteries in electric cars! It is also a fact that the electricity must be generated somewhere, and most is still done with "fossil fuel" fired generating plants! The "bird people" complain because the birds fly through the blades of wind generartors and get hurt or killed! So a certian mount of "pollution" of some sort, or "ecoligical impact" is occouring anyway! Unfortunately the only "easy way out",---- is to walk, -- and that is not easy, -- especially where I live, - travel is figured at the # of hours-- figuring 70-80 mph (depending on speed limit, - and what you think you can get away with!) One other thing, about 30% loss of efficiency is the best you can expect for "power"! Gasoline engine 30-35% loss in fuel, -- ----- ---- electric, 30% loss generating electricity,- and about 30% loss charging batteries, (-and comsumption within the electric car itself)! Old time mathamatics says 60% ttl. loss when electric used!
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